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									                                             The Claremont Colleges
                                                                                          July 2004
                             COMMUTER CHRONICLE

                                                                        June Winners:
        Los Angeles, March 12, 2004

"Demand for gasoline outstrips supply in California
                                                                Claremont Graduate University
which helps push prices upward," said Carol                             Sam Leon
Thorp, spokesperson for the Automobile Club of
Southern California. "Reducing consumption could                 Claremont McKenna College
eventually result in lower prices. It's a way for                      Norene Black
consumers to exercise some control as prices
Californians currently use 45 million gallons of
gasoline a day, but the state's refiners only                         Harvey Mudd College
produce 43 million gallons, according to State                            Darryl Yong
Energy Commission figures. The remaining
gasoline has to be imported at a higher cost.

                                                                         Pitzer College
"Saving two gallons a week won't solve all of
                                                                         Carol Annis
California's pricing problems," she said, "But it's a
good start to more energy self-sufficiency."                            Pomona College
Using an average of 22 miles to the gallon,                               Alfred Yeck
motorists need to cut 44 miles from their driving
each week. The Auto Club suggests the following
ways to save two gallons a week:
                                                                        Scripps College
                                                                        Carol Carter &
1. Car pool or use public transit. Leaving your                       Susan Castagnetto
vehicle at home one or two days a week is a quick
way to meet the two-gallon goal.
2. Slow down. Research shows that speeding
uses more gasoline if your commute include more
than 20 miles of freeway driving.
3. Combine errands so you can do most of your
shopping in one place.
4. Shop online. Save trips to the store by                                Your ETC
shopping, banking, buying stamps and paying bills
                                                              CGU:          Mary Kelliher    x72461
5. Drive the smaller car. If you have an SUV and a
                                                              CMC:          Jill Nicholas    x18490
fuel efficient sedan, use the smaller car for daily
                                                              CUC:          Claudia Funes    X77894
commutes and even for longer trips.
                                                              HMC:          Kim Rogers       X74096
6. Take a hike or ride a bike. Get some exercise
                                                              PIT:          Kiara Canjura    x18254
and save gas.
                                                              POM:          Donna Pandy      x71689
                                                              SCP:          Blanca Uriarte   x71138

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