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					                                                          CNWL 96A/2006

                   Central & North West London
                     Mental Health NHS Trust

                   Equalities and Diversity Committee

           Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd February 2006

Present:    Hiroo Chothia (Chair), Non-Executive Director
            Harrison Aibangbee, Brent Adults
            David Brettle, Director of Human Resources
            Alison Devlin, Equalities and Diversity Co-ordinator
            Eileen Dickinson, Occupational Therapy
            Andrew Eagle, Psychology
            Paddy Floyd, Substance Misuse Services
            Mary Gould, Westminster Adults
            Carol Harrison-Read, Harrow Adults
            Alex Lewis, Medical Directorate
            Edward Matt, Director of Operations
            Sue McDonnell, K&C Adults
            Gillian Trainor, Nursing Directorate
            Nick Bell (minutes)

1.     Apologies for Absence

1.1    Apologies for absence were received from Fiona Sutcliffe (Older
       Adults), Alicia Etchegoyen (CAMHS), David Truswell (FIS Co-
       ordinator), Richard Bryant-Jefferies (E&D Co-ordinator) and Malcolm
       Alexander (K&C BME Healthcare Forum).

1.2    The Chair welcomed Harrison Aibangbee, who will be representing
       Brent Adult Services in the future.

1.3    Edward Matt advised that he would raise members’ representation with
       the Heads of Services, to ensure cover for absences.
                                                               Action: EM

2.     Minutes of meeting held on 13th September 2005

2.1    The minutes were acknowledged as being a true and accurate record
       of the last meeting.

3.    Matters Arising

3.1    Item 3(a): E&D strategy consultation feedback – Sue McDonnell
       reported that K&C would have liked to have seen some reference to
       the consultation process within the document. This matter has been
       addressed and, as such, it was agreed that the documents should be
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                                                            CNWL 96A/2006

      cross-referenced. Carol Harrison-Read, Mary Gould and Paddy Floyd
      reported there were no responses from Harrow; Westminster; or SMS
      groups.    Harrison Aibangbee agreed to establish whether any
      comments had been received from Brent. It was recommended to
      members that they expand their local contacts database for future use
      and reference.
                                                              Action: ALL

3.2   Item 3(b): Interpreting Contract Update – Alison Devlin advised that the
      service has been awarded to a company called EITI on a 3-year
      contract,effective from 6/3/06. They are in the process of implementing
      their service and are currently taking bookings. There is currently no
      central budget for this service. All members were requested to monitor
      the service and ensure it meets local needs. Quarterly meetings with
      EITI are also being set up to monitor the effectiveness of the service.

3.3   As Harrow’s current interpretation services are provided by the
      Council, a crossover period is being worked on. However, because of
      the small size of the local provider organisation, a number of HR and
      governance issues have been encountered, which will need to be
      resolved over the next few months. Additionally, Brent currently has a
      two-tier system whereby their Social Workers use a service provided
      by the Local Authority. They have been advised to continue using this
      service, which will be monitored.

3.4   It was agreed that a clear policy needed to be developed detailing
      when an interpreter should be used. There are currently guidelines to
      this effect on Trustnet.
                                                          Action: AD /GT

3.5   Item 6: Headline Review of the Race Equality Scheme – Edward Matt
      advised that Richard Bryant Jefferies has undertaken this project. The
      first draft is a well-balanced document suitable for public release, and
      will be finalised within the next fortnight. Members are requested to
      pass on any further comments to Richard, as a matter of urgency. Of
      special interest would be further examples of good practice and
      achievements within the Trust.

3.6   Item 8.4: Impact Assessment – Edward Matt advised that a further
      training and a support schedule had been sent out by Richard Bryant
      Jeffries in the last few days,

3.7   Item 10.3: Good Practice Feedback from Harrow – Carol Harison-
      Read advised that they had now held a study day entitled “Working
      More Effectively with Refugees and Asylum Seekers”. There was a
      good turnout with high-quality speakers. Feedback was positive but
      suggested that in the future it would be worthwhile inviting community

3.8   Item 11: - Mental Health patients with hearing difficulties     – Alison
      Devlin confirmed that the details had been circulated to all.

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                                                               CNWL 96A/2006

4.    Ethnic Monitoring Report

4.1   The group discussed the draft Ethic Monitoring (EM) report. Issues
      raised included:-
          Legislative need to publish workforce data;
          Data collected from HR is robust and reliable, however, it has
           raised issues both of BME over and under-representation within
           Trust services;
          Patient activity data is not reliable, which may have provided
           some skewed results within the report;
          Any EM issues discussed and addressed by the Committee
           previously to be included in RES review.
          Agreed that members would provide commentary against the
           data, wherever possible. Where there was no clear explanation
           for the data or the data raised questions, this would be addressed
           through local action-plans.
          Alison Devlin to provide a paper to accompany the report to the
           Board key issues.
                                                        Action: Alison Devlin

5.    Engaging and Changing

5.1   Gill Trainor tabled a ‘traffic light assessment’ of the recommendations
      within the Engaging And Changing Report. The Committee discussed
      the actions required, focusing on the ‘red/ priority’ actions. These

      a. Recording and monitoring ethnicity-

        -    (Item 5.2.1): Ethnicity recording leaflets for the clinical area – to
             be corporately designed. Agreed action to be forwarded to the
             Communications Steering Group.

        -    (Item 5.3.2): Ethnic data training currently not available. Agreed
             that this could be provided through information on Trustnet, or a
             staff leaflet which could be included with the patient leaflet.
             Agreed to be forwarded to the Communications Steering Group.

      b. Dealing with Racial Harassment

        -    (item 6.4.3):Training needs to be made available to recognise
             and challenge racism. Matter to be picked up under the ‘training’
             section of the corporate RES action-plan.

      c. Interpreting Services

        -    (Item 7): Agreed that a policy needed to be developed. Gill
            Trainor to discuss with Alison Devlin.

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                                                              CNWL 96A/2006

       d. Training & delivery of culturally sensitive care

         - (Item 8): To be discussed at the next Committee meeting.

                                                      Action: Gill Trainor / HC

6.    Equalities and Diversity Action Plan

6.1    Edward Matt confirmed that the action-plan needs to be sent out with
       the Race Equality Scheme for consultation in May 2006. Although a
       fairly comprehensive plan, its needs to be further edited and
       streamlined. He advised that he would look at the requirements to see
       how they could be restructured and prioritised and discuss this further
       with the Chair.
                                                       Action: Edward Matt

6.2    Additionally, it was agreed that the Action Plan was too vast and it was
       not reasonable to expect to completion of all actions over the two year
       period: Agreed that Yr 1 actions would be prioritised and forwarded to
       the committee members for inclusion in their local plans.

                                          Action: Alison Devlin / Edward Matt

6.3    The Committee were advised that the Trust Board will wish to agree
       the 2 year priorities and to monitor achievements, against clear
       outcomes and timescales, and, in particular, will wish to measure how
       the actions have affected or been integrated into Trust business. It will
       also want measurable assurances, so that any fulfilled action points
       can be evidenced.

7.    Race Equality Scheme

7.1    Edward Matt advised that the review of the previous Race Equality
       Scheme is now in a position to be finalised and published. The new
       RES (with action plan) will need to be finalised in the coming months,
       in order to be ready for consultation in May 2006.

8.     Impact Assessment

8.1    Edward Matt advised that currently all policies are menat to be
       developed centrally, with protocols developed locally. It was therefore
       agreed that a timetable would be developed for corporate policies, with
       particular priority for those policies affected by Delivery Race Equality
       (DRE). Existing policies would be impact assessed as and when they
       were due to be reviewed or by the deadline set out in the timetable,
       whichever was sooner. It was also suggested that an independent
       person should impact assess a policy, rather than the person
       responsible for the policy formulation. Agreed that whilst this would
       provide added objectivity to the process, it would require much greater

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                                                                CNWL 96A/2006

        resources than are available at present and as such could slow down
        the process.

8.2     The Committee agreed that formation of any new services will also
        have to be impact assessed.

8.3     Edward Matt will ask Richard Bryant-Jefferies to a) develop a protocol
        for the implementation of Impact Assessment b) develop the timetable;
        and c) to lead on Impact Assessment.
                               Action: Edward Matt/ Richard Byrant-Jeffries

9.     Delivering Race Equality FIS Project

9.1     David Truswell advised that the latest FIS update has been posted on
        Trustnet. Committee members would also receive a copy.

10.    Good Practice Feedback

10.1    Sue McDonnell presented information about the K&C Women &
        Mental Health Forum, which took place in November. This was a joint
        venture between K&CPCT and the Trust, with the majority of funding
        from the PCT.

10.2    The purpose of the day was to provide users and carers with the
        opportunity to share their experiences of MH services as well as
        provide a range of complementary therapies on the day. Breakdown
        of the ethnic groups who attended was: White – 50%; Asian / Asian
        Britsh – 2%; Black/ Black British – 17%; Mixed – 2%; Other ethnic
        group – 15%; Not stated – 14%.

10.3    The discussions and the day, in general, were well received; further
        women-only meetings would also be organised, and a men only
        meeting would be held in June. It was also suggested that other
        groups could look into doing something similar.

10.4    Agreed that at the next meeting an example of good practice would be
        provided by Westminster.

11.     Any Other Business

11.1    a) GP mental health project – Malcolm Alexander was not in
        attendance to brief the Committee. If possible a briefing will be sent out
        with the minutes or the pertinent information will be sent by email.

12.     Date of next meeting and agenda items

12.1    The next meeting of the Equalities and Diversity Committee is on the
        23rd May 2005 at 10.30am.

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