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					Past Tense Questions “Did”
This activity practices the use of “t”, “d”, and “id” endings.

Regular “ed” ending verbs:

Did you learn Chinese or English?
Did he count the chickens or the sheep?
Did he pick up the girl or the boy?
Did they finish the dinner or the dessert?
Did she borrow the money or the keys?
Did she ask for Coca-Cola or beer?
Did they collect stamps or phone cards?
Did she close the window or the door?
Did he expect a boy or a girl?
Did they use the plane or the helicopter?
Did he help his mother or father?
Did they walk to the store or the park?
Did she knit the socks or the mittens?
Did you look for the dog or the cat?
Did he drop the bowl or the cup?
Did he smoke the pipe or the cigar?
Did you practice the guitar or the flute?
Did she play with the fish or the turtle?
Did they wash their hands or their feet?
Past Tense Questions “Did”
This activity practices the use of “t”, “d”, and “id” endings.

Irregular ending verbs:

Did you sit in a car or a truck?
Did you stand beside your uncle or your aunt?
Did you get a TV or CD player for your birthday?
Did you forget to send him a fax or an email?
Did you swim in the lake or the river?
Did you speak to your grandfather or your cousin?
Did you drive your BMW or your scooter?
Did you feel great or did you feel terrible?
Did you hurt your leg or your foot?
Did you have a good or bad time?
Did you think she was a girl or a boy?
Did you sleep well or poorly?
Did you take WestJet or Air Canada to Vancouver?
Did you wear a suit or nothing to school?
Did you write a letter or an email?
Did you steal her heart or her credit card?
Did you shake hands with Victor or Tina?
Did you sing a French or German song?
Did you send your friend a fax or a postcard?
Did you see your girlfriend or your boyfriend at the theater?
Did you run to the 7-11 or to the Sears Department store?
Did you read the story or the poem?
Did you ride a bicycle or scooter to class?
Did you teach English or French?
Did you leave at 2:00 or 3:00 this morning?
Did you fly in a sailplane or a hanglider?
Did you hear the old man or the young girl shouting at you?
Did you feed your cat or our fish?
Did you eat Thai food or English food last night?

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