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Papua New Guinea


									Papua New Guinea

Land of the Unexpected
   Over 800 distinct languages
• Most students at Fugwa Primary School
  can speak at least 3 languages fluently.

• The average literacy rate for the Fugwa
  area is 30% for males, and 20% for
            School in PNG
• Elementary – Grades K-2, starts in the
  local language and by the end of 2 is
  theoretically all in English

• Primary – Grades 3-8, all in English. All
  grade 8 students are tested and only the
  students in the top percentiles are allowed
  to continue on.
             School in PNG
• High School – Grades 9-10, all in English. For
  Fugwa students this usually means boarding
  school. Students are tested again at the end of
  grade 10 and very few go on.

• National High School – Grades 11-12. Very few
  students from Fugwa will get this far. 12th
  graders are tested again and only the very top
  get accepted into university.
Average Cash Income at Fugwa
• K20 per year
• Less than $7 per year

• School fees for Fugwa primary? K30
• About $10 per year
          How YOU can help
• Norris Middle School has chosen to form a
  partnership with Fugwa Primary School,
  focusing on grades 6-8.

• You can build a back-to-school supply kit for a
  student at Fugwa.

• These kits will be collected by NMS and sent to
  FPS for their next school year, which starts in
  late January of 2010.
    A Back-to-School Supply Kit
•   1 zip-loc style plastic sandwich bag
•   2 pens
•   2 pencils
•   2 erasers – Large pink ones
•   1 glue stick
•   1 small pencil sharpener
•   A 3x5 (or 5x3) spiral bound memo pad
•   A $1 bill (for shipping cost)

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