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Services and Education
Discussion Topics
• ORION Services Offerings

• ORION Services Offering Roadmap

• ORION Education Offerings

• ORION Education Offering Roadmap

• Working with our Partner Community

• ORION Solution Engineering Certification
ORION Services Offerings Structure

• Components
  – Discreet body of work, yielding a specific
    result and providing value
     • Repeatable
     • Predictable
     • Proven
  – Modular – Combined with other Components
    to create an Offering
  – Classified as “Base” or “Bolt-on”
  – A “Bolt-on” Component:
     • Complements existing Service Offerings
     • May not be directly related to HA
ORION Services Components
• BASE                       • BOLT-ON
  – OS/400 Installation        – Downtime Reduction
  – OS/400 Optimization
  – OS/400 Operational HA      – Workload Distribution
  – Windows Installation
  – Windows Optimization       – Role Swap Automation
  – Windows Operational HA
                               – iSeries Performance
  – HA Assessment                Tuning for Mirroring
  – iSeries Performance
  – Services Deliverable
  – Offering Overview
ORION Services Offerings Structure

• Offerings
  – Comprised of single or multiple components
  – Value proposition is defined
      • Repeatable
      • Predictable
      • Proven
  – Defines work to be delivered, with specific scope,
    requirements and limits
  – Can be fixed price or time and materials based
  – Intended for internal and external customers,
      •   Business partners
      •   ISV’s
      •   Solution integrators
      •   End Users
ORION Services Offerings

• OS/400                   • Windows
  – OS/400 Express           – ORION for Windows
  – OS/400 Professional        Professional
  – OS/400 Enterprise        – ORION for Windows
    Availability               Switched Disk
  – OS/400 Advanced
    Enterprise             • Linux
  – OS/400 Migration         – ORION for Linux
  – Data Integration           Switched Disk
  – OS/400 Switched Disk
Services Offering Example #1
OS/400 Express

   OS/400 Installation            Op HA

   Environment Prep             Tuning of Mirrored
   Software Install utilizing     Environment
     ORION Navigator            Simple role swap of
   Database Sync Point            links
                                Operational HA Environment

Offering – “Overlay” (i.e., partial implementation)

                ORION for OS/400 Express
Services Offering Example #2
OS/400 Migration

             Assess     Install   Op HA     Train
 Review of                                             Overview new
   current                                               environment
                   Install ORION Collect mirroring
   environment                                         Product Overview
                     licensed      performance info
 Plan ORION                                              training
                     products    Review manual role
   migration                                           Revised role swap
                   Database Sync    swap procedures
                     Point       Perform simple role
                                                       Updated AOH
                                 Provide recommends

Offering – Existing customers migrating to ORION from
           7.x/3.x or 8.0/4.0

                 ORION for OS/400 Migration
Services Offering Example #3
Bolt-on Example

       OS/400 Installation
      Environment Prep            Review of current environment
      Software Install            Analysis of workload distribution
      Database Sync Point           requirements
      Product Overview Training   Implementation of workload
      Functioning Mirrored          distribution
        Environment               Mentoring
                                  Functioning Workload Distribution

 Offering – Bolt-on (i.e., other than HA)

          ORION for OS/400 Workload Distribution
Services Offering Example #4
Enterprise Availability Implementation

OS/400 Installation         OS/400 Optimization OS/400 Operational HA

Environment Prep            Configuration Review         Role Swap planning
Software Install            Review of Analysis Reports   Review and Customization
Database Sync Point         Tuning Activities              of Role Swap template
Product Overview Training   Adjustment of Mirrored       Execution of manual Role
Functioning Mirrored           Environment                 Swap utilizing template
  Environment               Mentoring                    Overview training and
                            Optimized Environment          knowledge transfer
                                                         Operation of Highly Available
 Offering                                                  Environment

               ORION for OS/400 Enterprise Availability
ORION Services Roadmap
Phase 1 – July through October 2003
• September 3rd
   – Services Offering Handbook
        • Foundation for Building Services Offerings
        • Sales Collateral
   –   OS/400 Installation Component
   –   OS/400 Optimization Component
   –   OS/400 Operational HA Component
   –   OS/400 Migration Offering
• October 1st
   – OS/400 Express & Professional Offerings
   – OS/400 Enterprise Availability Offering
• November 1st
   – OS/400 HA Assessment Offering
  ….Plus ORION for OS/400 Solution Engineering Certification
ORION Services Roadmap
Phase 2 – October through December 2003
• Windows Professional Offering
   – Windows Installation Component
   – Windows Optimization Component
   – Windows Operational HA Component
• Bolt-on Components
   – iSeries Downtime Reduction Bolt-on
   – iSeries Workload Distribution Bolt-on
   – iSeries Role Swap Automation Bolt-on
• iSeries Performance Analysis Component
• Offerings
   – OS/400 Advanced Enterprise Offering
   – ORION for Data Integration
   – OS/400 Benchmark Offering

 ….Plus ORION for Windows Solution Engineering Certification
ORION Services Roadmap
Phase 3 – First Quarter 2004

• Switched Disk Offerings
   – OS/400 Switched Disk Offering
   – Windows Switched Disk Offering
   – Linux Switched Disk Offering

• iSeries Performance Tuning for Mirroring Bolt-on

• ORION HyperCluster Offering

….Plus ORION for Linux Solution Engineering Certification
ORION Education Offerings
• ORION Education Constellation
   – Foundation for Orion Education offerings
   – Posted to ORION portal
   – Sales Collateral
• ORION Partner Technical Education (O/PTE)
   – Available NOW!
   – 5 Day Technical Course
      • ORION for OS/400 (3 days)
      • ORION for Windows (2 days)
   – 4 courses scheduled August through November 2003
      •   August 4th to 8th (Irvine - COMPLETE)
      •   September 1st to 5th (EMEA)
      •   October 6th to 10th (Irvine)
      •   November 17th to 21st (EMEA)
ORION Education – Phase 1
• O/TO – ORION Technical Overview (2 Days)
  – High level overview of all aspects of ORION solution set, including
    ORION Navigator
  – Geared towards existing Vision Suite clients migrating to ORION, and
    new clients having interest in ORION
  – Available NOW!!
• OW/PRF – ORION for Windows Professional (2 Days)
  –   Covers all technical aspects of the ORION Windows solution
  –   Configuration of existing Windows cluster environment
  –   Configuration of replication
  –   Available 9/3/03
• O/DI – ORION for Data Integration (2 Days)
  –   Features and functions of Symbiator 4.1 solution
  –   Operating within ORION Navigator environment
  –   Configuring O/DI as a Windows cluster resource
  –   Available 9/3/03
• OO/EA – ORION for OS/400 Enterprise Availability (4 Days)
  –   Covers all technical aspects of the ORION OS/400 solution
  –   Covers ORION Navigator specific functionality
  –   Demos and labs provide hands-on, real-time experience
  –   Available 10/1/03
ORION Education – Phase 2
• OO/PRF – ORION for OS/400 Professional (2 Days)
  – Covers the technical aspects of the ORION for OS/400 solution with
    specific focus on configuration and monitoring through the ORION
  – Available 4Q03
• OL/SD – ORION for Linux Switched Disk (2 Days)
  –   Covers all aspects of ORION for Linux solution
  –   Addresses basics of Vision’s Linux clustering and replication
  –   Configuration and administration of ORION for Linux environment
  –   Migration from non-clustered to clustered environment
  –   Available 1Q04
• OO/AEA – ORION for the Advanced Enterprise
  – Covers all aspects of iSeries Clustering
  – Relates Clustering to ORION for OS/400 including configuration of
    iSeries cluster, discussion of device/IASP clustering and
  – Addresses switchable IASP and application cluster enablement
  – Available 1Q04
ORION Education Programs

• CourseWare Development (VSU)
 –   ORION Basics Course (4Q03)
 –   8.1 / 4.1 Update Course (4Q03)
 –   Symbiator 4.1 Update Course (4Q03)
 –   Operator Workshop Course (1Q04)

• Enterprise Education Program (10/03)

• ORION Partner Education Program
  Management (09/03)

• Train the Trainer Program (4Q03)
Working with Our Partner Community
Engaging Vision’s Professional Services
 • Certification Process
   –   Ensuring consistency
   –   Providing techniques and tools
   –   Mentoring onsite or remote
   –   Ensuring success!
 • Subcontracting
   – Method to address client volume
   – Contract Management developing “reciprocal”
   – Vision can sub, or VIP can sub
 • Education Opportunities
   – Partner hosting
   – O/PTE course
   – Customized courses for clients
ORION Technical Certifications

• ORION for OS/400

• ORION for Windows

• ORION for Linux

• ORION for HyperCluster
ORION Solution Engineering
Certification Process
• Step 1 - Class Attendance
• Step 2 - Technical Test
   – “Testing Out” is an option
   – Successful Passing Results in Waiving the Class

• Step 3 – Field/Practical Experience
   –   Review Methodologies / Processes
   –   Test Results Review
   –   Mentoring through Implementation
   –   Audit of Installation
   –   Reviewing Role Swap Results
   –   Client Satisfaction through Interviews
• Step 4 – Recommendation for SE Certification
ORION Solution Engineering Certification
VIP Options
• Option #1 – VIP Co-Implementation
   – For VIPs new to ORION implementations
   – Onsite mentoring (40% VIP / 60% Vision revenue
     sharing) by Vision certified solutions engineer during

• Option #2 – VIP Mentoring
   – For partner with some implementation experience on
     ORION platforms
   – Remote mentoring (70% VIP / 30% Vision revenue
     sharing) or onsite mentoring (50% VIP / 50% Vision
     revenue sharing)

• Option #3 – Work Experience
   – For partners experienced in ORION implementations
   – Remote auditing by Vision Project Manager of:
       • Implementation methodologies and practices
       • Audit of full implementation
       • Verification with client
Managing Availability
Across the Enterprise

Questions / Discussion
CustomerCare Service Offerings
• Standard
 – Round the Clock Telephone Support (7X24)
 – Access to Online CustomerCare Support Site
 – Software Updates/Service Releases
 – Software Version Releases
• Premier (includes the above, plus)
 – Automatic Shipment of Major Software
 – Priority Access to Advanced CustomerCare
 – High Availability Environmental Review
 – Automatic Priority Call Status
 – Free Educational Class (annually)
ORION CustomerCare Offering Overview

            ORION Solution                                        Standard                             Premier
                                                         20% CLP except as noted below              20%CLP + $15K

            ORION Express for OS/400                            * Starts at $5,000                   Not Available

            ORION Professional for OS/400                        Recommended                         Not Available

            ORION Enterprise for OS/400                          Recommended                           Available

            ORION Advanced Enterprise for OS/400                    Available                       Recommended

            ORION Professional for Windows                      $500 per Engine                      Not Available
                                                              $1,000 per Replicator

            ORION Switched Disk for OS/400                       Recommended

            ORION Switched Disk for Windows                      Recommended

            ORION Switched Disk for Linux                        Recommended

            ORION for Data Integration                  $4,500 for Engine + First Source             Not Available
                                                          $1,000 per Additional Source

                                                   * Starts at $5,000 - Minimum configuration (2 engines, 1 replicator)

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