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									                                            Keep America Beautiful
                                       Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

                                                      TASK FORCE
Establish a task force of stakeholders who share the goal of reducing local cigarette butt litter. This is the first step in planning
an effective Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. Enlist individuals from the public, private and civic sectors, including
government, business and residents. Collaborators and partners from a cross-section of the community will ensure program

In each category, identify individuals you can invite to help implement a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.

               Categories                                  Name & Title                              Contact Information

 Elected Government Officials
 Mayor or first selectman, county
 executives and commissioners, chief of
 police, council members, local
 magistrates, judges, community or
 environmental court advocates.

 Municipal Department Directors
 public works, parks and recreation,
 sanitation, housing, or other directors
 responsible for community improvement;
 stormwater management directors

 Civic Leaders and Prominent
 Keep America Beautiful affiliate,
 neighborhood organizations, religious
 communities, educational institutions,
 Chambers of Commerce, Downtown
 Association members, Business
 Improvement or Special Services District
 leadership, civic or cultural
 organizations, volunteer groups.

 Media Representatives
 print, radio, broadcast television, cable
 television, outdoor advertising. If your
 municipality has its own cable or radio
 stations, include an individual from
 their management team.

 Business and Property Owners or
 Restaurants, bars/clubs, hotels or
 motels, convention centers, convenience
 stores, tobacco and other retailers,
 corporations and their employees

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