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									Annual Meeting

Date:                Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time:                9:00 A.M.

Location:            Goshen Fire House – Auxiliary Room – Waterford, CT

Purpose;            Annual Meeting – Election of Officers

Attendees:          Board Members Present
                    President, Anthony Niedojadlo
                    Vice President, Dan Tarbell
                    Treasurer, Sue Benzyk
                    Recording Secretary, Barbara Keck
                    Financial Secretary – David A. Lewis, Jr.

President, Tony Niedojadlo called the meeting to order at 9:22 a.m. and approximately 92 members
were present.

A moment of silence was given in memory of all deceased members

A motion was made to accept the July 9. 2011 minutes and was passed.

Recording Secretary’s Report. Barbara Keck, asked if anyone knows of any members who have
deceased. Please inform her so she may send notes and cards of sympathy.

Vice President’s Report. Dan Tarbell reminded the membership of some of our rules for the beach and
that all rules are posted on our website. No Dogs on the beach at any time. No Glass containers!
Badges are to be worn on your person. Dan reminded the membership that David Lewis and the
lifeguards have rubber bracelets for your badges if you do not want to pin it to your bathing suit. Dan
also stated that the oval Pleasure Beach Euro-stickers are vanity stickers only and are NOT required for
parking in the lot. Thanks were given to Tom Sullivan and staff for the installation of the new snow

A tee shirt tye-dyeing event was held on the beach. Judy Sullivan, Sandy Niedojadlo and Paul Trehern
were the involved in this. It was a huge success and great fun for all.

Treasurer’s Report. Sue Benzyk presented a profit & loss statement from the previous year with a
comparison of January 1 through August 19. 2011. See attached. There is a surplus this year. The dollar
amount spent on social events this year is higher than the previous year. Beach maintenance that
needs to be looked into is a new anchor and repair to the parking lot (grading/stone).

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Financial Secretary’s Report. David A. Lewis, Jr. gave his report. See attached. David stated that he
has sent out notices to all delinquent members and they have until Labor Day to respond or lose their
membership. There are 12 assessments that are delinquent.

                             As of 8/19/11           Voting Members     209
                                                     Assessment Holds    15
                                                     Assessments        174
                                                     Extra Badges       381
                                                     New Households       5

President, Tony Niedjalo, made a motion to proceed with the Election of Officers at this time. The
motion was passed. With the help of Jane McCord the nominating committee consisting of Marge
Shenasky & Norma Comins presented the slate of officers. Tony also asked for any nominations from
the floor.
                                          Slate of Officers
                                    Balloted Nomination        Floor Nomination
           President                Dee DePhillips             Karen Murphy
           Vice President           Daniel Tarbell             Marian Fitzpatrick
           Recording Secretary      Barbara Keck               Unopposed
           Treasurer                Susan Benzyk               Ron Baude
           Financial Secretary      David A. Lewis, Jr.        Unopposed

Each nominee spoke briefly of their backgrounds and why they would like to be an officer. Norma
Comins thanked all that came to the meeting.

PBO Golf Tournament – Tom Evans reported for John Shenasky. There were 7 teams with 27 players.
The winning team was made up of Jeff Robbins, Amy Waddington, Steve & Paul Santangelo. The
Putting Contest winner was Chris Bommette & Closest to the Pin winner was Steve Santangelo.

Unfinished Business. David Lewis spoke to Waterford’s First Selectman, Dan Steward about erecting a
gate at the entrance to the parking lot. The town has no interest in proceeding on this matter. David
mentioned the thought of speed bumps. A discussion was held on the pro & cons. Pam Gourlie will
follow through on this with the DEP.

A motion was made by Pam Gourlie to rescind Judy Sullivan’s amendment to the by-laws from the July
9, 2011 meeting dealing with older members and a ‘golden’ badge. The motion was passed. Pam
Gourlie then made a motion to take Judy Sullivan’s amendment and add it as a new rule to the Rules of
the Waterford Association rather than in the by-laws. The motion was seconded and passed. The new
rule is as follows:

A member shall become eligible for “Golden Badge” status if the person has been a member in good
standing of Pleasure Beach/Waterford Association for a period of 40 years and is at least 90 years of
age. This badge entitles the member & the member only to free membership for the rest of their life.
This badge may not be transferred. This badge does not allow voting privileges.

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New Business. A sand castle competition was suggested as a contest for next year.

Ed Hogan would like us to consider equal voting representation from each household. Much discussion
was held on this. It was then suggested to send any thoughts on this idea to the by-law committee.
The Nominating Committee announced the final results of the voting for Election of Officers for the year
2011 – 2012. The results are:

                               President                    Dee DePhillips
                               Vice President               Daniel Tarbell
                               Recording Secretary          Barbara Keck
                               Treasurer                    Susan Benzyk
                               Financial Secretary          David A. Lewis, Jr.

Outgoing President Tony Niedejadlo was presented with a framed picture of all the Pleasure Beach
badges from the inception through this year. He was also presented with a gift certificate to Frank’s
Gourmet Grill in East Lyme. Many kind words were spoken of Tony and his leadership in the last four
years for a job well done. A round of applause was given to the former Presidents that were in
attendance. They are Earle Tarbell, Malcolm Gourlie, Dick King, Kevin Gleason, Pam Gourlie and David
Lewis, Jr.

Marge Shenasky reminded everyone of the Oldies Dance to be held this evening at the Fire House. Bill
Grady puts all the music together and it’s a lot of fun.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Keck,
Recording Secretary

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