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London 2012: Mark Cavendish’s coach
criticises other teams’ commitment
Great Britain’s road race manager, Rod Ellingworth, has criticised
the lack of commitment of other teams to support the British team
in chasing the breakaways in the Olympic race Page 2

London 2012: Contrasting views from
equestrian £60m picture postcard
Stephen Moss: The locals do not like the interference but spectators
lap up the dressage as the three-day event starts at Greenwich
Page 2

London 2012 organisers pledge full review
of empty seats problem
‘Olympic family’ areas stand empty as 500 places unoccupied at
Phelps v Lochte swimming heats and over 1,000 at gymnastics
Page 4

Lewis Hamilton                               London 2012: what do                         Ryan Lochte draws               London 2012: USA
storms to pole position                      the spectators think?                       first blood in Olympic          defeat Colombia with
at F1’s Hungarian                            Page 6                                       battle with Michael             record seventh victory
Grand Prix Page 5                                                                        Phelps Page 8                   in a row Page 9
                                             London 2012: Andy
Ye Shiwen sets new                           and Jamie Murray lose                        Jim Troughton and               London 2012: Team
world record at                              in doubles to Austrian                       Chris Woakes put                GB defeat Cameroon
Olympics … aged just                         pair Page 7                                  Warwickshire on top             to seal quarter-final
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                                                                       stopped working. Personally, I would have been horrified if I
                                                                       was the German coach, with their refusal to take it on. Why not
London 2012: Mark Cavendish’s coach                                    get into the bike race? Tactically I thought the Swiss rode well,
criticises other teams’ commitment                                     [Fabian] Cancellara was clearly their card and he took it on.”
                                                                          “Up until the top of the final climb I think it was very
• Rod Ellingworth has no regrets about lack                            positive,” Dave Brailsford, the GB performance director, said.
of plan B                                                              “The lads rode a perfect race really. They got [the break] back to
                                                                       40, 45 seconds at one point and I was thinking: ‘Actually, we’re
• Dave Brailsford: ‘They didn’t want to help
                                                                       too close here,’ – you don’t want to catch them too soon.
us win’                                                                   “We were relatively confident going up the climb the last
William Fotheringham                                                   time, but that’s when the move with Cancellara went and I
                                                                       think that was the defining moment. When that second group
                                                                       went and got across, then the strength of numbers in the front
                                                                       was stronger than the chasing group. We expected the other
                                                                       sprint teams to contribute on the run-in, but that didn’t quite
                                                                       materialise. I’m not sure they wanted to see us lose, but they
                                                                       didn’t want to help us win.”

                                                                       London 2012: Contrasting views from
                                                                       equestrian £60m picture postcard

                                                                       The locals do not like the interference but
                                                                       spectators lap up the dressage as the three-
Great Britain lead the peloton over the climb of Box Hill during
                                                                       day event starts at Greenwich
the London 2012 cycling road race. Photograph: Jamie Squire/
Getty Images                                                           Stephen Moss

Great Britain’s road race manager, Rod Ellingworth, was left
ruing a lack of commitment from other nations with sprinters
after his team rode to the limit of their physical strength in the
road race but were unable to deliver Mark Cavendish to the
finish in a winning position.
    Cavendish, said the coach, finished the race with a slow
puncture in his front wheel which meant the tyre was half-
inflated and he was unable to sprint in his usual style: “It’s not a
given he would have won anyway, but that’s bike racing.”
    Ellingworth said that the Great Britain plan had always been
dependent on other teams to assist them in chasing down any
threatening breakaways. “I said to Cav that if he had been asked
what he would have thought about being 1min 10 down on a
lead group at 45 kilometres to go, he said he would have taken         Mary King on Imperial Cavalier posted a score that leaves
that.” That was the situation Great Britain were in as the road        Britain well placed in the dressage at the London 2012
race reached its crescendo, but the gap proved insurmountable.         Olympics. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA
    “The Germans told us they would put a rider up front early         The Greenwich sceptics reckon the Olympic equestrian events
on to help keep tabs on the early break, but what they didn’t          were never meant to be here, that the London organisers threw
tell us was that Tony Martin was going to pull out early,”             in Greenwich as a possible venue – impeccable royal credentials,
Ellingworth said. Towards the end, both Bert Grabsch and               peerless naval heritage but no known equine links – when they
Marcel Sieberg assisted in the chase, but to no avail.                 thought Paris would win.
    “If there had been eight riders going full gas we would have           It was an illogical choice and has meant spending £60m on
taken [the breakaway] back. We were banking on other teams             facilities that will be dismantled the day after Jacques Rogge
taking it on later as well as us. The plan was that surely other       takes his rings home. The legacy will be amazing photographs
teams with a sprinter would want to race, and without other            that encapsulate both Britain’s glorious past – represented by
teams committed to the race it was never going to work. I think        the Queen’s House next to the arena – and what we hope will be
the team was a victim of its own success. They rode well, never        a vibrant commercial future, embodied by the glassy heart of
stopped, fought all the way. They couldn’t have done anything          the City across the river.
differently.”                                                              The Moon fence on the cross-country course has been
    The coach said there were no regrets about not having a plan       erected next to the Royal Observatory to allow photographers
beyond ensuring a sprint win for Cavendish. “If we had got a           to frame horse and rider against these multiple Britains.
rider in one of those breaks I’m not sure that anyone would            The views are indeed breathtaking, especially in the dreamy
have worked with them. You wonder if Cav could have got in a           Saturday sunshine. But make no mistake – Greenwich is a £60m
break but as soon as anyone saw he was there they would have © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                               
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picture postcard.                                                            Three elegant women were having a champagne lunch in
    Lots of locals dislike the Games being here. Their precious          some shade beside the arena. The champagne and seafood
park has been closed for months as grass has been relaid,                were overpriced – you can’t bring booze in – and the glasses
features landscaped and a magnificent 23,000-capacity                    were plastic but they were brimming with pleasure. “Don’t be
arena built for the dressage and showjumping. Traders are                negative,” Sandra McCourt said rebukingly. “Think about the
incandescent, irritated by the drop in tourism over the past two         joy of the opening ceremony and the wonderful atmosphere
months – they say their takings have halved – and by the petty           here.”
restrictions imposed by the organisers. As the dressage phase of             “There was a lot of negativity about the choice of Greenwich
the eventing competition was getting under way in the arena,             as a venue,” said her friend Becky Andrew, a keen rider and
outside in the high street officials were moving chairs and tables       former eventer, “but it’s been overcome. It’s amazing for
from the pavement next to a cafe, arguing that they represented          equestrianism to be here in the heart of London, with these
a health and safety risk.                                                iconic views.”
    “It would have been better to have used a dedicated arena                Back in the arena the British veteran Mary King, riding
rather than wrecking the park,” says Naomi Fathers, an                   in her sixth Olympics, was about to do her test, compelling
assistant in a secondhand bookshop near Greenwich station.               champagne drinkers and jacket potato eaters alike to scurry
The more spacious Windsor Great Park, which stages the Royal             back to their seats. King held her fingers to her lips to still the
Windsor Horse Show, was mooted but rejected because the                  applause of the crowd as she rode in – it is imperative that the
organisers wanted to keep equestrianism close to the rest of the         horse stays calm at the beginning of the routine and dressage
Games.                                                                   may be the one discipline in which home crowd volubility is a
    Many of the capacity crowd attending the dressage section            disadvantage. But she went on to perform superbly and post a
of the three-day event supported that approach. “Competing               score (40.90 penalties) that leaves the British team vying with
in unfamiliar surroundings will take riders out of their comfort         Germany and Australia in the early medal placings.
zone,” says one equestrian fan. She is right. The limited space              King punched the air with delight and relief as her five-
in Greenwich Park means the cross-country designer, Sue                  minute test ended and the crowd was finally able to let out a
Benson, has had to produce a twisty course which, allied to the          roar of approval. The genteel sport of dressage was letting down
fact it is on a hill, will present a severe test to horse and rider in   its hair; a pursuit cynics like to call “horse ballet” was rocking.
Monday’s cross-country.                                                  Naval Greenwich may have been an odd choice for Olympic
    “Riding it fast will mean there are enough mistakes,” said           equestrianism but there had been no major hiccups at the
the German rider Dirk Schrade, who posted the best dressage              launch and for once the champagne got drunk.
score in the morning session. There will be thrills and spills
aplenty. Benson has sought to introduce poetry into her fence
designs, with homages to cricket, the Royal Observatory
(look out for the extraordinary Planet fence), The Wind in the
Willows and many aspects of British history. But it’s poetry with
a punch, beauty allied to beastliness. Someone is going to come
a cropper. Peering down from the bank on fence 20 is terrifying.
    The dressage is the elegant preface to the blood and thunder
of the cross-country. It is spread across two days at Greenwich
for the sake of the judges’ sanity. They could pack it into a

day but their attention might wander over the 12 hours that
would be needed. Dressage requires intense concentration
on the part of horses and riders, and makes similar demands
on non-participants too. The complex scoring system, with a
percentage score based on the execution of specific movements
converted into penalty points, demands a degree in applied
    Dressage has a small but devoted following in the UK but is
                                                                           From Beirut to Big Brother,
growing quickly. Mitt Romney – whose wife Ann owns a horse                 Murdoch to Millionaire,
which will compete in the pure dressage competition starting
on Thursday – may be apathetic (“this is Ann’s sport”, he
                                                                           discuss the hot topics in the
insists), but interest is increasing. Yesterday’s crowd was a mix          media on not one, but two blogs
of aficionados and people who had applied for many sports and              Organ Grinder and Greenslade
ended up here. Both seemed content.
    “I’m acquiring knowledge as I go along and learning about    
the sport,” said Laura Smith. “I applied for tickets in cycling,           organgrinder/
diving and equestrianism and I’m delighted to be here and to
be part of the Games.” Neil and Louise Tully and their three     
children had come up from the West Country and were also                   greenslade/
picking up dressage on the hoof. “We are sitting near the British
team and they’re explaining everything to us very carefully,”
said Neil. “I’m an expert now.” © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                 
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                                                                           During the sometimes controversial ticketing process,
                                                                       during which 6.6m of the 8.8m tickets were made available to
London 2012 organisers pledge full                                     members of the public, organisers repeatedly highlighted the
review of empty seats problem                                          lengths they were going to make sure there were no empty
‘Olympic family’ areas stand empty                                         They said they wanted to avoid the situation that occurred
as 500 places unoccupied at Phelps v                                   in Beijing and at other Games, where even at sessions that
                                                                       were officially sold out there were large swathes of empty seats
Lochte swimming heats and over 1,000 at
                                                                       – particularly for morning heats.
gymnastics                                                                 The problem tends to be caused by IOC stipulations
Owen Gibson and Robert Booth                                           that retain a certain number of seats for officials, athletes,
                                                                       international federations and other accredited individuals.
                                                                       It can be particularly acute on the morning after the opening
                                                                       ceremony, which on Friday finished close to 1am.
                                                                           In the vast majority of the venues, at least a fifth of seats are
                                                                       reserved for sponsors, officials, the media and the “Olympic
                                                                       family”. In the most popular sessions, such as the opening
                                                                       ceremony and the 100m final, the proportion is closer to half.
                                                                           “There were some empty seats in some venues, others were
                                                                       packed to the rafters. We are going to find out who should have
                                                                       been in those sections and why they weren’t. We will deliver a
                                                                       full end of day report,” said a Locog spokeswoman.
                                                                           But those thronging the Park yesterday who had been unable
                                                                       to get into the venues to watch any live action were critical
                                                                       of the empty seats, which can also be highly embarrassing if
Empty seats in the stands at the women’s football in Hampden
                                                                       shown on television.
Park, Glasgow — while this was due to unsold tickets, other
                                                                           “I think it’s terrible, especially when so many people want
events with free seats were sold out to the public. Photograph:
                                                                       a ticket. There should be less seats for officials,” said Sharon
David Moir/Reuters
                                                                       Beers from Portsmouth.
London 2012 organisers have promised a “full review” after                 Others said that given the frustration of the ticketing
thousands of empty seats were visible across various venues on         process, which started with a heavily oversubscribed ballot but
the first day of competition.                                          ended with some of the most expensive tickets still remaining
    Despite most events having long since sold out, there              and 500,000 football tickets removed from sale, all venues
were rows of empty seats visible at the swimming heats, the            should be full.
gymnastics, the volleyball and the dressage in Greenwich Park.             “We tried every single time to get tickets and all we cold get
    The London 2012 organising committee said it appeared              were tickets that got us into the Park. I’m less than happy with
that most of the empty seats were not sold to members of the           that situation, when you think of the amount of time we wasted
public but were in “accredited” areas meant for members of the         trying to get tickets,” added Susan Stoker from Hythe in Kent.
“Olympic family”.                                                          Organisers have talked in the past about running a
    They include international federations, national governing         Wimbledon-style ticket recycling scheme that would allow
bodies, athletes, International Olympic Committee officials and        them to resell unused tickets to those already on the Olympic
non-tabled media positions.                                            Park. They said they were still looking into how the logistics of
    At the morning swimming heats featuring Michael Phelps             such a scheme might work.
and his US rival Ryan Lochte, there were an estimated 500                  They also said they had been “very clear” with sponsors
empty seats in one block alone.                                        that any tickets they took up under the terms of their contract,
    And at the morning session of the gymnastics, at which             which must be paid for separately, needed to be used.
Louis Smith and the rest of the British team appeared, there               The situation will be carefully monitored over the coming
were more than 1,000 empty seats despite prospective ticket            days and organisers are set to make changes if seats are being
buyers being told it was sold out.                                     regularly unused.
    At the volleyball at Earl’s Court, around a quarter of the seats       Ironically, given the issues with empty seats, there were
at the 15,000 capacity venue were empty.                               also reports of hundreds of people having to queue to enter the
    Andy Reed, a former MP and now director of Sports                  Aquatics Centre in the morning.
Thinktank, said there were “so many [empty] seats at the                   Locog chief executive Paul Deighton has talked in the past of
volleyball — really disappointed for so many who wanted to be          his determination to avoid any empty seats, limiting the length
there”.                                                                of sessions and holding seminars with sponsors to underline
    At the dressage in Greenwich Park, the arena was usually no        the importance of only taking tickets they can use.
more than two thirds full — but that could also put down to the            He introduced a so-called “fans in front” policy to try and
fact that many people were dipping in and out of the action.           ensure vibrant atmospheres in every venue.
    At the football, which is a different case in that there are far       “It is about full venues and, within those full venues, having
more unsold seats, there were vast swathes of unsold tickets           people that look like they want to be there; and accessibility
for the women’s matches at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium and            and, somewhere in that, that is where we will come out. I am
Glasgow’s Hampden Park. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                 
Page 5 G24 Sport                                                                       Saturday July 28 2012           19:45 GMT

absolutely committed,” he told a parliamentary committee last        compared with the one that struggled on track and with his
year.                                                                personal life last year. He was, he said, “working with his
    But even in those venues that were not quite full, those         engineers better this year. I don’t have any problems going
who were there described a vibrant atmosphere as hundreds of         on in my life, any baggage. Last year I had a big, big sack. I’ve
thousands of people turned out to watch the first day of action.     fortunately dumped that and its all good now.”
    Mike Osey from Southampton, waiting to see if there were             This suggests he may soon conclude ongoing contract
any tickets available at the public box office in the park, said     negotiations, on which his team-mate, Jenson Button, offered
people should be wary of making too much of the issue.               his take in a good-humoured exchange after qualifying. “This
    “This is superb, it’s wonderful, it’s working. Of course it      place is like home to Lewis,” he said. “He has been here since
would be better if they were resold but in the scheme of things      the start of his career. It’s a massive change to go somewhere
it’s a minor thing,” he said.                                        else. I’ve done it a couple of times; sometimes it’s good for you
                                                                     but – and I guess it’s up to Lewis – from my point of view it does
                                                                     not seem like it would be the right thing to do.”
Lewis Hamilton storms to pole position                                   Hamilton finished four-tenths ahead of the Lotus of Romain
at F1’s Hungarian Grand Prix                                         Grosjean, who will start from the front row for the first time in
                                                                     his career after a sharp final lap edged Sebastian Vettel’s Red
                                                                     Bull into third and Button, who had earlier reported difficulties
• McLaren driver proves untouchable in                               with understeer, into fourth. The two Mercedes, of Michael
Hungary                                                              Schumacher and Nico Rosberg, which have struggled for pace
• Romain Grosjean pips Sebastian Vettel on                           all weekend,, suffered their worst qualifying of the season,
to front row                                                         finishing in 17th and 13th respectively.
                                                                         But qualifying had belonged to Hamilton, who was not
Giles Richards at the Hungaroring
                                                                     only quickest but used fewer of the soft tyres than his rivals,
                                                                     nailing fastest times in the first session on the medium rubber
                                                                     and only one set of softs to do the same in the second. It was a
                                                                     consummate performance by driver and team. By the end both
                                                                     his times in Q3 had been good enough for pole and he has an
                                                                     entirely unused set of the faster tyres in hand for the race on
                                                                         Alonso, however, struggled into sixth place after a
                                                                     magnificent win in Germany. His performances this year
                                                                     have flattered a car that Ferrari’s data suggests was in fact the
                                                                     fourth or fifth fastest last week with only Alonso’s dominance
                                                                     from pole ensuring the win, suggesting that he will be looking
                                                                     again to its strong reliability to ensure another points finish
Lewis Hamilton drives his McLaren to first place on the grid             Yet, as the teams prepare for the summer break, Button
for F1’s Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring. Photograph:       did acknowledge how far his rivals had come. “Ferrari and
Valdrin Xhemaj/EPA                                                   Fernando have done a phenomenal job this year,” he said.
                                                                     “From being that far down I didn’t think they could challenge
After a puncture and a retirement in Germany last week Lewis
                                                                     for the championship.”
Hamilton said he had “rolled the dice and got two ones” and
                                                                         He went on to also credit Alonso for making the Ferrari
that double six was the target in Hungary. He threw the bones
                                                                     punch above its weight. “He is a great driver and he is very
with pinpoint accuracy in qualifying here at the Hungaroring,
                                                                     skilled at what he does. He’s not just fast, he’s a thinker as
leading every session and producing two dominant laps during
                                                                     well,” he said. Adding: “I’ve raced against him for years and I’ve
the final run to take pole position.
                                                                     enjoyed every time I’ve raced Fernando. He’s definitely, for me
   It will be the third time he has started at the front this year
                                                                     anyway, a fair driver.”
but the first since round two in Malaysia and confirms that,
                                                                         Bernie Ecclestone, whose absence was noted last week in
after Jenson Button’s second place in Germany, the McLaren
                                                                     Germany amid speculation that prosecutors wished to speak
has the pace again to challenge at the front, a fact no doubt
                                                                     to him in relation to the jailed banker Gerhard Gribkowsky,
more pleasing to the team than the satisfaction of achieving
                                                                     who has claimed he took a bribe from the F1 commercial rights
their 150th pole position.
                                                                     holder, returned to the paddock to unveil a plaque in memory
   Hamilton, who has won in Hungary twice before, was
                                                                     of Frank Tamas, one of the founding fathers of the Hungarian
buoyant afterwards. “I’m really happy with the work the guys
                                                                     Grand Prix who died in June. He confirmed that next year’s
have done,” he said. “This is a good boost for the team. Still we
                                                                     calendar, despite rumours of an expansion, was to be 20 races,
have a very long race tomorrow and lots can happen.”
                                                                     including the proposed meeting in New Jersey, a space that
   Continuing this cautiously optimistic tone he said: “We need
                                                                     would be freed up by Valencia moving to a race share deal with
to keep our cool. Tyre strategy will be important, degradation
will be interesting. I just hope for once we have a good start.”
He will need it all to come right to begin bridging the 62-point
gap to Fernando Alonso at the top of the championship.
   There was also a note that this is a much happier Hamilton © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
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Ye Shiwen sets new world record at                                   London 2012: what do the spectators
Olympics … aged just 16                                              think?

• Chinese wins 400m individual medley in                             After seven years of planning and £9bn of
4min 28.43sec                                                        taxpayers’ money, locals and visitors have
• Great Britain’s Hannah Miley finishes fifth                        their say on the first day of action
in London                                                            Sam Jones
Sam Jones at the Aquatics Centre

                                                                     Spectators at the Olympic Park on the first day of action
China’s Ye Shiwen won the 400m individual medley in a world          praised the friendly atmosphere and helpful volunteers.
record time despite only being 16. Photograph: Mark J. Terrill/     Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
AP                                                                   Khalid Iqbal Malik, 40, from Leytonstone, London
Great Britain’s hopes of winning a medal on day one of the               “I’m local and I’m enjoying myself with the family. It’s
Olympics took another hammering after Hannah Miley finished          absolutely amazing; I’ve got no words to describe how much
fifth in the women’s 400m individual medley final.                   I’m enjoying myself. It’s excellent, excellent, excellent. We
    Miley had been bearing the weight of Team GB’s medal             were lucky to get the chance to do this and it’s good we can do it
expectations in the race, an event in which she took silver at       even with the credit crunch. But I am a little sad because we’re
last year’s world championships.                                     a family of six and my wife and six-year-old daughter couldn’t
    But she was comprehensively outswum by China’s Ye                come because of the ticket limit of four people.”
Shiwen, the 16-year-old astonishingly setting a new world                Peter Nagy, 30, from Miskolc, Hungary
record with a time of 4min 28.43sec. Behind her came the                 “The atmosphere is impressive; the park and the buildings
much-fancied Elizabeth Beisel of the US with a time of 4:31.27.      are very good, and I’ve got a very good opinion of it and a very
In third was China’s Li Xuanxu and in fourth Hungary’s               good impression of the Games. The public transport has been
Katinka Hosszu. Miley clocked in with a time of 4:34.17, and         good and getting into the park was very smooth – actually,
was followed by Australia’s Stephanie Rice, the US’s Caitlin         it’s better than I expected. The food and drink is not that
Leverenz, and Spain’s Mireia Belmonte García.                        expensive. It’s the normal price – or the normal London price.
    Although Rice pulled ahead in the butterfly, she was             The people here are very friendly and very kind.”
challenged in the backstroke by Hosszu. And, despite taking the          Christina Bonnesen, 26, from Copenhagen, Denmark
lead during the breaststroke, Beisel was out-crawled by Ye, who          “There’s a nice atmosphere here. Everyone’s happy and
put herself almost three seconds clear of the American.              there’s a lot of excitement. The park is a lot better than I was
    Miley, 22, had been a strong contender to take Britain’s first   expecting and there’s lots of room. I thought there would be
swimming medal, booking a place in the final on Saturday             more people than space, but there’s a lot of room and a lot of
morning by clocking the sixth-fastest qualifying time of             things to do. The staff are very helpful and very laid back, too.
4:34.98.                                                             I was worried about the transport and getting in and about,
    The Scot’s time of 4:32.67 at the Olympic trials had been the    but it’s easy and you can’t miss the signs. I think the most
fastest in the world until last month when the world champion        impressive building is the Olympic Stadium.”
Beisel lowered her own textile world record at the American              Iwan Kaye, eight, from Haddenham, Buckinghamshire
trials.                                                                  “I feel great that we got tickets because not many people in
                                                                     my class got tickets. We wanted tickets for the BMX, gymnastics
                                                                     and cycling, but we were lucky to get swimming tickets. I’m
                                                                     looking forward to the cycling because it’s my favourite sport
                                                                     – that and Usain Bolt. I’ve just seen the swimming and it was
                                                                     really fun. I was shouting for Australia, where my parents are
                                                                     from. I got a bit embarrassed because no one else was shouting.
                                                                     The park is really big and I’ve been looking forward to coming
                                                                     here for ages. The one building I really like is the basketball © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
Page  G24 Sport                                                                             Saturday July 28 2012        19:45 GMT

arena. It’s a funny shape but it’s cool. People are having a good
time and it’s really friendly. “
    Tracey Smith-Robinson, 44, from Croydon, London
                                                                         London 2012: Andy and Jamie Murray
    “It’s excellent, amazing and quite surreal, really. I’ve been        lose in doubles to Austrian pair
excited about it from day one. I didn’t know what to expect but
it’s fantastic. It’s just a shame I couldn’t get tickets to watch        • Jürgen Melzer and Alexander Peya win
anything. I’d love a ticket for the 100m finals: Usain Bolt – that’s     5-7, 7-6, 7-5
it. The park has really good facilities, especially the picnic area,
                                                                         • Murrays ahead in final set but out of
which is very family-orientated and the staff are very attentive.
I’m surprised at how big the stadium is: you get no idea of how
                                                                         Olympic men’s doubles
big it is from seeing it on TV. The atmosphere is united and the         Press Association
support for Team GB is great. I never had any doubts that it
would turn out well.”
    Nuala Culleton, 46, from New Jersey, US
    “I’m realising a dream being here because I’ve always wanted
to come to the Olympics and I’ve been watching them since
1972. The park is fantastic: very environmental and pretty well
organised, and it’s nice to see all the athletes and families out.
It’s only our first day here and there have been a few glitches,
but my expectations have been managed. I thought the opening
ceremony was great and very entertaining, but it was a little on
the late side.”
    Elena Kulagina, 28, from Moscow, Russia
    “It’s only my first day here, but it’s great and I’m enjoying
the park a lot. I’ve only seen the basketball arena but I like it, its
                                                                         Andy Murray, left, and Jamie Murray had their moments in the
architecture and the inside. There’s lots of people here and the
                                                                         Olympic tennis against Peya and Melzer but lost. Photograph:
atmosphere is nice – not just here but everywhere in London,
                                                                         Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
even on the underground. I’ve been surprised by the number of
volunteers here, too. They’re on every corner and at every step.         Andy and Jamie Murray lost in the first round of the Olympic
They’re very helpful and they always say, ‘Good morning’, or             men’s doubles in a very tight battle against Austria’s Jürgen
‘How can I help you?’ I’m not worried about security here: even          Melzer and Alexander Peya.
when there’s no Olympics in London, there’s a lot of police on               The British pair were cheered on by a raucous crowd on
the streets.”                                                            Court Two and edged the first set but, despite being twice a
    Sebastien Robert, 34, from Toulouse, France                          break ahead in the decider, they could not close it out and went
    “It’s well organised. We’re staying in a hotel in the city centre    down 5-7, 7-6, 7-5 after two hours and 23 minutes.
and we took the tube in today and it was fine. The security                  Melzer and Peya are both very good doubles players, with
control with the military guys was fine, too. There’s an issue           Melzer a former Wimbledon doubles champion alongside his
with eating, though: it was hard to buy food at the basketball           regular partner, Philipp Petzschner of Germany.
as it was so busy. There’s a lot of people around to give                    The Murrays, who reached the second round in Beijing four
information. We feel that people are trying their best and that’s        years ago, made a brilliant start with a break in the second game
the point.”                                                              and, although they were pegged back to 4-3, Jamie held serve
                                                                         from 0-40 to make it 6-5 and they broke again when Melzer
                                                                         netted a volley.

                                                                             The second set was extremely tight with no breaks of serve
                                                                         and, although they fought back from 5-2 down in the tie-break,
                                                                         Jamie netted a volley that gave Melzer and Peya a set point on
                                                                         their own serve, which they took.
                                                                             The third set was much more up and down, with the Murrays
  Eat right                                                              twice going a break up only for Jamie’s serve to be broken and
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  dieting club, Eat Right and we’ll                                          Andy has always relished the opportunity to represent
                                                                         his country with his brother and he showed how much the
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  Membership includes shopping                                               He staved off the threat but it was Jamie’s serve that was
  lists, menus, expert advice and 24                                     the pair’s chief weakness and he was broken for the third time
                                                                         in the set and the fourth in the match in the 12th game as the
  hour support to help you achieve                                       Austrians clinched victory.
  your health and fitness goals. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                
Page  G24 Sport                                                                          Saturday July 28 2012              19:45 GMT

                                                                       couldn’t really go in the last 100m. I saw Thiago out there and
                                                                       they just swam a better race than me, swam a smarter race than
Ryan Lochte draws first blood in                                       me and were more prepared.
Olympic battle with Michael Phelps                                         “That’s why they’re on the medal stand. I don’t think the
                                                                       lane has anything to do with it.
• US’s Phelps off the podium in 400m                                       “I felt I just couldn’t really put myself in a good spot for that
individual medley                                                      race. It’s frustrating, sure, but I was under 4:10 three times,
                                                                       twice in the last month, month and a half.
• Brazil’s Pereira and Japan’s Hagino win
                                                                           “So, it’s okay. It’s just really frustrating to start off on a bad
silver and bronze                                                      note like this. It’s pretty upsetting. But I think the biggest thing
Sam Jones and agencies at the Aquatics Centre                          now is just to try to get past this and move forward.
                                                                           “I have a bunch of other races and hopefully we can finish a
                                                                       lot better than we started. That’s what I’m going to try to do.
                                                                           “I was lucky to get in. After our heat, I figured, ‘I’ll be fourth,
                                                                       fifth, sixth – somewhere in there’. The whole last heat was 4:12.
                                                                           “So I was lucky to get in, had a chance to put myself in a spot
                                                                       to start off on a good note and didn’t do it.”

                                                                       Jim Troughton and Chris Woakes put
                                                                       Warwickshire on top against Surrey

                                                                       Warwickshire 571, Surrey 109-1
                                                                       Paul Weaver at Edgbaston
Ryan Lochte crushed Michael Phelps in their first battle at
London 2012. Photograph: Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images
The much-billed clash between Michael Phelps and his fellow
American swimmer Ryan Lochte in the men’s 400m individual
medley ended with a resounding victory for Lochte, who left
his rival trailing in fourth place.
    Lochte was ahead from the beginning and held off challenges
from Thiago Pereira and Kosuke Hagino to take gold with a time
of 4min 05.18sec. Phelps had to be content with fourth spot and
a time of 4:09.28.
    Brazil’s Pereira finished second on 4:08.86, followed by
Kosuke Hagino of Japan on 4:08.94.
    South Africa’s Chad le Clos came fifth, followed by Japan’s
Yuya Horihata, Australia’s Thomas Fraser-Holmes and Italy’s
Luca Marin.                                                            Warwickshire batsman Jim Troughton scored 119 runs against
    Despite the huge cheers that greeted Phelps as he emerged          Surrey at Edgbaston. Photograph: Stu Forster/Getty Images
poolside, the race was a foregone conclusion after Saturday            For the second time in two championship matches Jim
morning’s heat, which had seen Phelps, the greatest swimmer            Troughton and Chris Woakes scored centuries for Warwickshire
in Olympic history, almost suffer the humiliation of failing to        to put their side in a commanding position against a bedraggled
qualify, edging his way into the final by just seven-hundredths        looking Surrey.
of a second.                                                              Troughton was in awful form at the start of the season,
    Earlier Phelps had confessed that he had not expected his          when his first nine innings produced 50 runs. The captain’s 119
rivals to perform as well as they had in the heats, but said he        here, though, followed an innings of 132 in the previous fixture
was pleased to have got a place in the final. “I think the only        against Somerset and he made 81 against Sussex in the match
thing that matters is really getting a spot in,” he said. “You can’t   before that. Warwickshire, the championship leaders, resumed
win the gold medal from the morning.” Despite Phelps coming            on 322 for six, with Troughton unbeaten on 74 and Woakes
within a whisker of missing a place, Lochte had refused to             12 not out. Troughton was out on the stroke of lunch, when
dismiss his rivals chances, saying: “He’s a racer and we’re going      Warwickshire were 429 for seven. Although dominated by the
to do everything we can to go one-two tonight.                         more pugnacious Woakes for much of their 122-run partnership,
    Phelps had vowed never to contest the event again after            he still got his runs from 266 balls, with nine fours.
Beijing but, after qualifying in the US trials last month, the            After the break Surrey dismissed the dangerous Keith
Baltimore swimmer decided to give it one last go. While Phelps         Barker for a duck, caught behind off a generally lacklustre
has already secured 14 Olympic titles, it is Lochte whose star         Murali Kartik. But that proved to be something of a false dawn
has risen over the last couple of years, culminating in five world     for Surrey because Woakes and Jeetan Patel then put on 127, a
championship golds in Shanghai last summer.                            ninth-wicket record for the county against these opponents,
    Phelps did not attempt to make any excuses for his defeat.         beating the 110 stand between Dougie Brown and Graeme
“Just a crappy race,” he said. “I felt fine for the first 200m. I      Welch at Guildford in 1994. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                   
Page 9 G24 Sport                                                                      Saturday July 28 2012           19:45 GMT

    The violent Patel struck 76 from 82 balls and also hit Gareth    matches in such a surreal, empty atmosphere is worthy of
Batty for a six to cow corner. County No10s are rarely as            question. Not that the United States care; they are proving with
dangerous as this but then the whole of this Warwickshire side       every game why they are the top-ranked country in women’s
is built around the unusual depth charge that comes from its         football by some distance.
lower order. Patel eventually skied a return catch to Kartik but         The USA had enjoyed by far the more possession during
even then Surrey did not look like bowling out Warwickshire          the early exchanges, but it was Colombia who were afforded
until Boyd Rankin was run out for five. That left Woakes             the finest chance. When it arrived in the 24th minute, Carmen
unbeaten on 118, his sixth century; he faced 201 balls and hit 15    Rodallega failed to properly connect with her shot, albeit under
fours. Warwickshire’s total of 571 was 14 runs short of their best   pressure.
against Surrey, scored in 1905.                                          That wastefulness proved costly. Megan Rapinoe, who was
    While Warwickshire are battling for the championship             lively throughout, found space 20 yards from the Colombia
Surrey – on current bad form – look the best bet to accompany        goal in the 33rd minute and shot past Sandra Sepúlveda. The
Durham into Division Two at the end of the season. They have         Colombia goalkeeper may well be upset at the manner of that
not won a game since their opening match, against Sussex, and        concession, given the ball looped over her virtually in the
look demoralised. It has not helped that they have invested so       centre of goal.
heavily in older players. Kartik, 35, is not the bowler he was, on       For the first time in this women’s tournament, there was
this evidence. But they have still signed Jon Lewis, a fast bowler   niggle in the air. Colombia’s Lady Andrade was particularly
who is almost 37, and, more recently, Vikram Solanki, who is 36.     fortunate the referee did not witness a flying arm into the eye
Very strange.                                                        of Abby Wambach. If she had, a red card would almost certainly
    Woakes followed up his unbeaten hundred by dismissing            have been the outcome.
Zafar Ansari cheaply but by the close Surrey had moved to                Rapinoe almost doubled the American lead seconds before
109 for one, with Rory Burns 53 not out and Arun Harinath            half-time, but instead watched her close-range effort kicked off
unbeaten on 44.                                                      the line by the Colombia captain Natalia Gaitán.
                                                                         After the break, Colombia never seemed likely to overturn
                                                                     the deficit. After half an hour the United States duly extended
London 2012: USA defeat Colombia with                                it. Wambach gained sweet revenge for her earlier trouble by
record seventh victory in a row                                      capitalising on messy defending in the 74th minute to slide the
                                                                     ball past Sepúlveda. Seconds later, Wambach cracked a shot
                                                                     against the Colombian upright.
• Winners secure easy passage to knockout                                American fitness levels now appeared vastly superior to
stages                                                               those of their opponents. Three minutes later Rapinoe cleverly
• Read Graham Parker’s MBM report                                    fed Carli Lloyd, who slotted home a third goal. Rapinoe was
                                                                     promptly substituted, just as Wambach had been earlier, in
Ewan Murray at Hampden Park
                                                                     something of a humanitarian offering from the United States
                                                                     towards the dishevelled Colombians.

Megan Rapinoe, second right, of the USA, celebrates after
scoring against Colombia during their first-round match at the
London 2012 Olympic Games. Photograph: David Moir/Reuters
The USA women’s football team beat Colombia 3-0 in their
first-round match on Saturday, successfully achieving a record
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seventh Olympics victory in a row and securing their passage to
the knockout stage of the 2012 competition in the process.
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    With two wins at the venue from as many outings, Hampden           online to find the best deal for
Park has proved a happy temporary home for the Americans.
It has not proved to be so for the Games’ organisers so far,
however, with an optimistic attendance of 9,000 given for this
    For all but the meeting of Spain and Japan in the men’s
competition – 37,726 attended that – the wisdom of hosting © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                      Saturday July 28 2012           19:45 GMT

                                                                     people who actually turned up. All the same, it was a minor
                                                                     gripe on a day when the good far outweighed the bad for Powell
London 2012: Team GB defeat                                          and her players.
Cameroon to seal quarter-final place                                    Cameroon were generous opponents, particularly in the first
                                                                     half when Kelly Smith was a frequent menace, Eniola Aluko and
Team GB Women 3-0 Cameroon                                           Karen Carney provided width and penetration on the flanks
                                                                     and Kim Little played an intelligent role between midfield and
Daniel Taylor at the Millennium Stadium
                                                                     attack. Team GB were rampant in this period and it is unlikely
                                                                     they will be given this much freedom in later rounds of the
                                                                     tournament, or come up against a team so obliging in terms of
                                                                     their organisation and marking.
                                                                        Scott’s goal was a case in point. Smith created the danger
                                                                     with a nicely weighted pass into Little’s path as she ran beyond
                                                                     the Cameroonian defence. The piece of improvisational skill
                                                                     from Little was one of the outstanding moments of the match,
                                                                     back-heeling the ball into the path of Scott, whose run into the
                                                                     penalty area had not been picked up. Throughout the whole
                                                                     move, there was not so much as a hint of a tackle, leaving Scott
                                                                     with time to stroke her shot confidently past the goalkeeper,
                                                                     Annette Ngo Ndom.
                                                                        After that, there were enough chances for Team GB to have
Team GB’s Jill Scott scores her side’s second goal against           emulated the Brazil scoreline even before the first half was
Cameroon during the London 2012 women’s football Group E             out. They had taken the lead after 18 minutes when Ngo Ndom
match. Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images                        misjudged the trajectory of Carney’s free-kick and Stoney
                                                                     prodded the ball in from almost point-blank range at the far
Two games, two wins and now Great Britain have qualified for
the quarter-finals with a game to spare. They have enjoyed their
                                                                        What followed was a siege of the Cameroon goal that saw
time in Cardiff, regardless of the disappointing attendances,
                                                                     Houghton strike a post and a succession of other chances. Team
and are putting together the kind of results that encourage the
                                                                     GB’s pressure on the Cameroon goal was not so intense after
sense they can drum up more public interest in the knockout
                                                                     the break but it was a measure of how the game had gone that
                                                                     Smith could be seen taking souvenir photographs from the
    Their place in the last eight was never in jeopardy once Casey
                                                                     dugout after being substituted during the interval.
Stoney and Jill Scott had both scored in the space of five first-
                                                                        To give Cameroon their due, they were no longer giving their
half minutes and, after that, it was almost a surprise they had to
                                                                     opponents so much time and space to exploit in attacking areas.
wait until the 82nd minute before Steph Houghton added the
                                                                     But there was always the sense that another goal would arrive.
third. On chances created, the imbalance of talent was so great
                                                                     Again, Little was prominently involved, unable to find the space
they ought to have threatened Brazil’s place at the top of Group
                                                                     inside the penalty area to shoot herself so she laid the ball back
E on goal difference.
                                                                     to Houghton for the Arsenal full-back to score for the second
    “They played far better against us than Brazil did,” Carl
                                                                     successive match.
Enow, the Cameroon manager, said afterwards. Which was
some statement given that Brazil had thrashed them 5-0.
    Instead, the next challenge for Team GB is a considerable
one – to beat Brazil at Wembley on Tuesday, meaning they
would finish top of the group and, in theory, get an easier game
in the next stage. The winners will go to Coventry on Friday

to face one of the third-placed finishers. If Hope Powell’s team
are unable to beat Brazil, they will return to Cardiff to play the
runners-up from Group F, currently Japan.
    “We could have scored six or seven,” Powell said. “It’s about
being more clinical but we’re out of the group and that was the
                                                                       Mystified by mortgages?
challenge. We’re in the quarter-finals and we’ve made history.
We know that if we top the group, without being disrespectful          Perplexes by pensions? Confused
to anyone, we’ll face one of of the teams that finish third.”          about your consumer rights?
    The jubilation was tempered by the injury suffered by              Our experts are on hand to answer
Ifeoma Dieke. The Scottish defender was taken off on a
stretcher midway through the second half. Dieke will have a
                                                                       all kinds of financial and legal
scan to ascertain the seriousness of the problem and whether it        questions, so you don’t need to be
could end her tournament.                                              baffled any more. Read their advice,
    The only disappointment otherwise was another low crowd,
                                                                       or put a question to them, at
with the official figure, 31,141, a combined total to take into
account the earlier game between Brazil and New Zealand, as  
well as reflecting the number of tickets sold rather than the © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            

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