My Familys Christmas Traditions

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					My Family's Christmas

     By Mamie Johnson
    What are your family traditions? I
would like to share a couple of my
family Christmas traditions with you.
Some of the traditions I do are last
minute Christmas shopping,open one or
two presents on Christmas Eve,and
unveil the rest of the presents on
Christmas day and eat breakfast.
First Tradition
    While getting ready for the big day me
 and my dad do some last minutes
 Christmas shopping. To start we hop into
 the car and journey off leaving my mother
 behind. Next we go to my mom‘s favorite
 stores like Coach and Sophora and buy her
 the best things we can find. Once we get
 home we tell my mom to go upstairs and I
 we stay down or we go upstairs and she
 stays down. We do that so she won't see
 the presents while we wrap and sign
Second Tradition
    Another tradition is to unmask one
 or two presents on Christmas Eve . At
 7:00 pm I take a pleasant, hot, steamy
 bubbly bath and get on my favorite
 Christmas nightgown. Then my
 parents come and we all open the
 smallest presents. Usually we open
 one or two. Once we are done we all
 look at the Christmas tree and
 express goodnight.
Third Tradition
     The last tradition is to open presents
 and eat breakfast. As soon as I wake up I
 run as fast as I can to my parents room
 and scream (MERRY CHRISTMAS) while
 springing on their bed. Then I pull them as
 I hard as I can so we can open presents.
 Since they won't get up I check the living
 room table to see if Santa was a big boy
 and ate his cookies and drank all of his
 milk . So when they finally get up, we open
 the presents . There are always big ones,
 small ones, tall ones, short ones, and are
 always a different color. Once all of the
 wrapping is on the floor I know I am done .
 So while my mom makes breakfast I play
 with my fresh toys.
    Now you can see that my family
has some pretty remarkable
traditions like last minute
Christmas shopping, present
opening, breakfast eating, and one
or two present opening on
Christmas Eve. Have a Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year

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