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					skin & body care
 Bringing you healthy skin through advanced Alpha and Polyhydroxy
 Acid skin care products which help to reveal the beauty of great skin


 Purifying Cleansing Gel                   Gentle Cleansing Creme                 Clarifying Facial Cleanser

  Normal/Combination                             Sensitive/Dry                          Acne/Oily
         Skin                                        Skin                                 Skin

 • An exclusive                            • Clinically developed                 • This gentle,
   combination of Alpha                      with a unique                          moisturising
   and Polyhydroxy                           Polyhydroxy acid that                  foaming cleanser is
   acids formulated to                       gently removes dirt,                   formulated with 4%
   remove impurities                         makeup, and surface                    gluconolactone, a
   from makeup, dirt                         oils and leaves the                    patented polyhydroxy
   and surface oils                          skin feeling clean,                    acid (PHA), the
 • Leaves the skin, soft                     soft, and smooth                       antibacterial triclosan
   and radiant                             • Does not contain any                   and the soothing
                                             Glycolic Acid                          botanical chamomile

     5134 200ml RRP £26.40      £11.00      5136 200ml RRP £37.20        £15.50    5142 200ml RRP £31.90              £13.30
     5135 474ml                 £25.00      7857 474ml                   £33.00    7729 474ml                         £30.00


 Moisture Balance Toner                    Soothing Toning Lotion                 Clarifying Solution
  Normal/Combination                             Sensitive/Dry                          Acne/Oily
         Skin                                        Skin                                 Skin
 • This toner is                           • This toner is                        • Used after cleansing
   designed to gently                        designed to gently                     and prior to
   prepare the skin                          prepare the skin                       moisturising, this 8%
   for moisturisation                        for moisturisation                     glycolic acid solution
   without stripping it of                   without stripping it of                helps remove excess
   precious lipid                            precious lipids                        oils to deep clean
 • The exclusive                           • It is alcohol free,                  • It is an excellent
   formulation of AHAs                       and contains a                         companion product
   and PHAs attracts                         soothing blend of                      to many acne
   and retains moisture                      botanicals including                   products, as well as a
   in the skin while                         aloe, cucumber,                        substitute for a toner
   marine & botanical                        chamomile, and                       • May be used
   extracts work as a                        althea root                            throughout the day to
   soothing blend                                                                   remove excess oils

     5138 200ml RRP £32.90      £13.70      5140 200ml RRP £30.50        £12.70
     5139 474ml                 £30.00      5141 474ml                   £30.00    5143 100ml RRP £27.60              £11.50


 Essential Daily Defence                   Multi-Protection Day Creme             Evening Restorative
 Creme SPF 15                              SPF 15                                 Complex
  Normal/Combination                       Normal/Combination                      Normal/Combination
         Skin                                     Skin                                    Skin
 • A moisture-rich                         • Multi-antioxidants,                  • This Evening
   complex fortified with                    sunscreens, and                        Restorative Complex
   multi-antioxidants and                    Vitamin E work as                      is a moisture rich
   SPF 15 sunscreens to                      a protective barrier                   crème that soothes
   protect against harmful                   from environmental                     and rejuvenates skin
   environmental factors                     stresses                               during the night
 • This rich crème is                      • Aloe, cucumber,                      • This number one
   formulated with a unique                  and chamomile                          seller contains
   combination of AHAs and                   help soothe and                        soothing botanicals
   PHAs designed to reduce                   moisturise the skin                    as well as essential
   the appearance of fine                                                           lipids, cell nutrients,
   lines and wrinkles                                                               Vitamin A, C, and E
                                                                                    and other antioxidants

     5148 50g RRP £33.10        £13.80      5150 50g RRP £32.90          £13.70    5154 50g RRP £34.50                £14.40
     5149 228g                  £50.00      5151 228g                    £50.00    5155 228g                          £55.00

76                                                                      All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                                skin & body care
Essential Daily Defence Fluid SPF 15                                                Multi-Protection Day Fluid SPF 15

     Normal/Combination                                                                     Sensitive/Dry
            Skin                                                                                Skin

• An ultra light moisturising lotion                                                • A gentle lotion formulated with
  formulated with a unique combination                                                gluconactone designed to improve
  of AHAs and PHAs designed to reduce                                                 skin texture and tone and reduce the
  the appearance of fine lines and                                                    appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  wrinkles and refine texture                                                       • Multiple protectants provide essential
• Multi-antioxidants, sunscreens,                                                     defence from harsh environmental
  Vitamin E, and botanicals work                                                      damage, while botanical blends help
  together to protect and soothe the skin                                             soothe the skin

 5152 Defence Fluid 50g              RRP £31.20                £13.00                5156 Day Fluid 50ml                RRP £29.50                  £12.30
 5153 Defence Fluid 474ml                                      £55.00                5157 Day Fluid 474ml                                           £55.00

Face Masques

Rejuvenating Treatment Masque                                                       Purifying Clay Masque
Normal/Combination                                                                   Normal/Combination
       Skin                                                                                 Skin
• Containing gluconolactone,                                                        • This is a cooling, detoxifying clay
  mandelic acid, Pro-Vitamins A.                                                      masque designed to remove
  C, E and B5                                                                         impurities from the pores,
• It is a luxurious deep cleansing                                                    resulting in a fresher, clearer
  masque formulated to                                                                complexion
  moisturise and soothe the skin                                                    • This product is formulated with
  and reduce the appearance of                                                        triple-blend of polyhydroxy acids
  fine lines and wrinkles                                                             to leave the skin feeling soft and

 5144 Treatment Masque 75ml RRP £30.70                         £12.80                5146 Purifying Clay Masque 50g RRP £31.70                      £13.20
 5145 Treatment Masque 474ml                                   £60.00                7858 Purifying Clay Masque 227g                                £55.00

Eye Treatments

  Hydrating Eye Complex                               Brightening Bionic                                      Intensive Eye
                                                      Eye Creme Plus                                          Treatment
  All Skin Types                                      Anti-Ageing/ Dark
                                                                                                              Intense Anti-
                                                                                                              Ageing Moisture

                                                      • The Exuviance                                         • Intensive Eye Treatment Pads deeply hydrate
                                                        Brightening Bionic                                      the skin to provide intense anti-aging
  • This light-textured crème is formulated             Eye Creme Plus was                                      along with long-lasting miniaturisation and
    with nourishing emollients, moisturisers,           developed to treat fine                                 soothing effects to the delicate eye area
    antioxidants, multi-vitamins, essential lipids,     lines and wrinkles in the                             • These pads are formulated with the
    and botanicals to help soothe the delicate          eye, and to specifically                                antioxidant polyhydroxy acid (PHA)
    eye area and prevent the signs of aging             address dark under eye                                  Lactobionic acid and Pro-Vitamins A,
  • Gentle and non-irritating, it can even be used      circles with polyhydroxy                                C and E to help protect the skin from
    by contact-lenses wearers                           acids and Vitamin K                                     environmental damage

    5159 15g RRP £32.40                     £13.50     5160 14g RRP £42.40                      £17.60          7728 Pads, 1 pair RRP £4.30          £1.80

                                                                               020 8453 8880                                                              77
 skin & body care
Age Reverse           Products can be used in addition to the basics.
Stronger formulations that address the signs of ageing for all skin types.
BioActiv Wash                                                      Day Repair SPF20

• Creamy foam cleanser containing                                  • UV filters and triple anti oxidants of
  Polyhydroxy Acid blend and Patented                                pomegranate, Vitamins A and E fend
  Maltabionic                                                        off free radicals and shield skin from
• Gently exfoliates, stimulates cell                                 daily environment aggressors, allowing
  renewal and resurfaces the skin                                    the repair cycle to begin
  texture                                                          • Boosts collagen and supports the
• Soap free formula that cleans and                                  surrounding matrix
  removes make-up without irritating                               • Skin appears firmer, lifted and deep
                                                                     wrinkles are smoothed

 5194 BioActive Wash 125ml                  RRP £34.80   £14.50     5137 Day Repair SPF20 50g                  RRP £45.00        £20.00

Eye Contour                                                        Night Lift

• Helps replace lost collagen and firm                             • Helps build new collagen production,
  skins structure targeting drooping and                             prevent collagen breakdown and
  sagging                                                            strengthen skins underlying structure
• Alleviates appearance of crows feet’s                              overnight
• Fortify skins protective barrier of                              • Plumps and fills the skin with natural
  cushions skin to hide dark circles                                 collagen
• Eyes look luminous, redefined and
  lifted with visibly diminished signs of
  fatigue and ageing

 5182 Eye Contour 15g                 RRP £48.00         £20.00     5147 Night Lift 50g              RRP £48.00                  £20.00

Rejuvenating Complex                                               Ultra Rich Restorative Creme

Intense Anti-Ageing                                                Intense Moisture

• This advanced, anti-ageing cream is                              • A rich, anti-ageing crème formulated
  formulated with 12% gluconolactone, a                              to provide intense hydration and light
  patented poly hydroxyacid (PHA), pro vitamin                       exfoliation leaving dry, photo damaged
  A for added age defying benefits and vitamin E                     skin smoother and softer
  for antioxidant effects                                          • It is an ideal product for post cosmetic
• It will leave sun damaged skin looking                             procedure care or to combat the drying
  smoother, healthier and younger-looking                            effects of some medications

                                                                    5167 Ultra Rich Creme 50g RRP £39.80                         £16.60
 5163 Rejuvenating Complex 30ml RRP £42.50               £17.70     7859 Ultra Rich Creme 227g                                   £55.00

Toning Neck Cream                                                  SkinRise Bionic Tonic

                                                                   Intense Anti-Ageing

• Developed exclusively for the fragile                            • This powerful toning, moisturising,
  neck and decolletage, this potent                                  antioxidant and anti-aging product will
  firming and exfoliating treatment helps                            awaken your skin, spirit and senses
  correct the telltale signs of premature                            and will result in revealing a healthy,
  aging and UV overexposure                                          radiant complexion, with clarity,
• The luxurious fast absorbing cream                                 smoothness and youthful glow
  creates a strong, supportive network
  to lift away years, restoring youthful
  tone and definition to the neckline

 7716 Toning Neck Cream 75g RRP £45.60                   £19.00     5164 Bionic Tonic 40ml, 30 pads RRP £36.00                   £15.00

78                                                                                All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                              skin & body care
   For professional range contact customer services

Vespera Bionic Serum                                          Collagen Triple Boost Serum

Intense Anti-Ageing

• This intense moisturising serum                             • A plumping serum that concentrates
  soothes stressed skin and                                     seven potent collagen boosters
  protects it from environmental                                designed to maximize skin’s natural
  damage and at the same time                                   collagen at every level; building new
  evens pigmentation and reduces                                collagen and protecting it and its
  the appearance of fine lines and                              surrounding support matrix

 5166 Vespera Bionic Serum 30ml RRP £39.10           £16.30    7717 Collagen Serum 30ml RRP £46.80                     £19.50

Optilight Essential 6 Serum                                   Antioxidant Perfect 10 Serum

Hyperpigmentation                                             Acne Treatment

• An essential serum that concentrates                        • A supercharged serum with six potent
  eleven potent brighteners to target six                       antioxidants to conquer the aging effects and
  pigment control systems, helping break                        deliver superior broad spectrum protection from
  up and reduce the visible intensity of                        all ten sources of oxidative damage, including
  existing darker pigmented areas, and                          free radicals, and allows the skin to repair
  discourages new spots from forming                            existing damage

 7718 Essential 6 Serum 30ml           RRP £46.80    £19.50    7719 Perfect 10 Serum 30ml            RRP £46.80        £19.50

Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion                                  Rejuvenating Bionic Scrub

• Relieves dry skin, suitable for sensitive skin              An exfoliating scrub designed to remove dead
• Oil free                                                    surface cells, leaving dry, dull flaky skin looking
• Botanicals blend contains chamomile, rose                   and feeling silky smooth, soft and refreshed
  petals, Aloe, elder flower which helps soothe               • It is formulated to visibly reverse the signs of
  and soften                                                    sun damage and stress
                                                              • Provides protection, and improves skin tone,
                                                                texture for brighter more youthful looking skin

 5172 Hand & Body Lotion 200ml RRP £32.40            £13.50    5170 Bionic Scrub 150g             RRP £31.70           £13.20
 5173 Hand & Body Lotion 474ml                       £30.00    7856 Bionic Scrub 454g                                  £38.00

Skin Brightening Gel                                          Blemish Treatment Gel

Hyperpigmentation                                             Acne Treatment

• This non-hydroquinone gel has                               • This blemish treatment gel goes on clear and
  been formulated with a combination                            works quickly
  of 10% AHAs/PHAs in addition                                • Its special formula of Vitamin A and NeoHydroxy
  to 2% Kojic acid, 1% Citric acid,                             Complex allows for quick penetration of the skin
  0.5% Vitamin C and skin lightening                            which leads to rapid diminution of blemishes
  extracts to lighten discolorations                          • Its greaseless coverage improves the quality of
  in the skin, Including multiple                               oily and acne prone skin helping it appear clear
  antioxidants benefits                                         and smooth
                                                              • This product is fragrance-free

 5168 Skin Brightening Gel 40g          RRP £31.90   £13.30    5169 Blemish Treatment Gel 15g             RRP £22.80    £9.50

                                                              020 8453 8880                                                79
 skin & body care
 Normal/Oily Skin - Solution 1

Clarifying Facial Kit                                                  Purifying Masque
• 1 x 150ml Clarifying
      Cleansing Cream
• 1 x 150ml Clarifying Tonic
• 1 x 100ml Gentle Facial
      Scrub                                                            • A creamy, non drying masque
• 1 x 100ml Purifying Masque                                             specially formulated to cleanse
• 1 x 140ml Matt Finish                                                  and lift impurities from deep
      Moisturising Gel Cream                                             within the pores, leaving the
• 1 x Masking Brush                                                      skin feeling soft and supple
• 2 x Cellulose Mask                                                   • Contains Marine extracts and
      Removing Sponges                                                   Aloe Vera
• 1 x Solutions Clear Bag
                                                                        10888 Purifying Masque 100ml                                  £4.75
 10936 Clarifying Facial Kit                        £26.50              10889 Purifying Masque 500ml                                  £8.15

  Clarifying                               Clarifying Tonic                                    Matt Finish
  Cleansing                                                                                    Moisturising Gel
  Cream                                                                                        Cream

  • A gentle cleansing                     • A refreshing toner                                • A light moisturising
    cream designed to                        designed to help close                              gel cream designed
    thoroughly cleanse the                   open pores, clarify and                             to regulate sebum
    skin and help to tighten                 refresh the skin                                    secretion whilst providing
    the pores                              • Contains Marine                                     emollience where needed
  • Contains Marine                          extracts, Witch Hazel                               on the skin
    extracts and Cucumber                    and Aloe Vera                                     • Contains Vitamin E, Aloe
                                                                                                 Vera and Cucumber
     10884 Cleansing Cream 150ml   £3.95    10886 Tonic 150ml                      £3.95
     10885 Cleansing Cream 500ml   £6.95    10887 Tonic 500ml                      £6.15         10890 Gel Cream 140ml               £5.25

 Dry Skin - Solution 2

Hydrating Kit                                                          Hydra-Intense Masque
• 1 x 150ml Hydrating Cleansing
• 1 x 150ml Balancing Tonic
• 1 x 100ml Gentle Facial Scrub
• 1 x 100ml Hydra-Intense                                              • A creamy, non drying masque
      Masque                                                             specially formulated to cleanse and
• 1 x 140ml Hydra Light                                                  lift impurities from deep within the
      Moisturising Cream                                                 pores, leaving the skin feeling soft
• 1 x Masking Brush                                                      and nourished
• 2 x Cellulose Mask Removing                                          • Contains Apricot Kernel Oil and
      Sponges                                                            Passion Fruit extracts
• 1 x Solutions Clear Bag
                                                                        10895 Hydra-Intense Masque 150ml                              £4.75
 10921 Hydrating Kit                                £26.50              10896 Hydra-Intense Masque 500ml                              £8.15

  Hydrating                                Balancing Tonic                                     Hydra-Light
  Cleansing                                                                                    Moisturising
  Cream                                                                                        Cream

  • A rich hydrating                                                                           • A light yet rich
    cleansing cream                                                                              moisturizing cream
    designed to thoroughly                 • A refreshing toner                                  designed to hydrate and
    cleanse the skin and                     designed to help close                              help restore elasticity to
    help to tighten the pores                open pores, balance and                             dry skin
  • Contains Apricot Kernel                  refresh the skin                                  • Contains Vitamin E and
    Oil and Passion Fruit                  • Contains Honeysuckle                                is rich in anti-oxidants
    extracts                                 and Grapefruit extracts                             to provide protection to
                                                                                                 the skin
     10891 Cleansing Cream 150ml   £3.95    10893 Tonic 150ml                      £3.95
     10892 Cleansing Cream 500ml   £6.95    10894 Tonic 500ml                      £6.15         10897 Moisturising Cream 140ml      £5.50

80                                                                                    All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                        skin & body care
Sensitive Skin - Solution 3

Gentle Moisture Masque                                                  Gentle Kit
                                                                        • 1 x 150ml Gentle Cleansing
                                                                        • 1 x 150ml Soothing Tonic
                                                                        • 1 x 100ml Gentle Facial
• A creamy, non drying masque
                                                                        • 1 x 100ml Gentle Moisture
  specially formulated to cleanse
  and lift impurities from deep
                                                                        • 1 x Delicate Care
  within the pores and to calm and
                                                                              Moisturising Cream
  soothe the skin
                                                                        • 1 x Masking Brush
• Contains Rose Oil, Cucumber
                                                                        • 2 x Cellulose Mask
  and Aloe Vera
                                                                              Removing Sponges
                                                                        • 1 x Solutions Clear Bag
 10902 Gentle Moisture Masque 150ml                     £5.25
 10903 Gentle Moisture Masque 500ml                     £9.15            10931 Gentle Kit                                              £27.50

  Gentle Cleansing                            Soothing Tonic                                     Delicate Care
  Cream                                                                                          Moisturising

  • A light, delicate cleansing               • A refreshing toner                               • A light and gentle
    cream designed to                           designed to help                                   moisturising cream
    thoroughly cleanse the                      close open pores,                                  designed to hydrate
    skin and help to tighten                    soothe, calm and                                   and provide comfort to
    the pores                                   refresh the skin                                   sensitive skin
  • Contains Rose Oil and                     • Contains Rose Oil                                • Contains Vitamin E and
    Aloe Vera, helping to                       and Aloe Vera                                      is rich in anti-oxidants to
    calm and soothe the skin                                                                       provide protection to the
    10898 Cleansing Cream 150ml       £4.25    10900 Tonic 150ml                     £3.95
    10899 Cleansing Cream 500ml       £7.75    10901 Tonic 500ml                     £6.15            10904 Moisturising Cream 140ml   £5.95


Active E Vitamin Cream                                                  Night Repair
                                                                        Face & Neck

• A light but rich cream                                                • Light readily absorbed
  containing vitamins E, A and                                            cream formulated
  B5 to provide excellent deep                                            specifically in one
  moisturising qualities                                                  treatment product for
• Especially effective when                                               night application to face
  used as a night cream                                                   and neck

 10905 Active E Vitamin Cream 100ml                     £3.95
 10906 Active E Vitamin Cream 500ml                     £7.95            10907 Night Repair 50ml                                        £5.95

Eye Products

  Eye Make-up                                 Special Eyes                                       Delicate Care Eye
  Remover                                                                                        Contour Cream
  • A superior non-oily                       • A light cooling gel                              • A light eye cream
    formula designed to                         designed to minimise                               designed to nourish the
    gently and effectively                      fine lines around                                  eye area and to minimize
    remove eye make                             the eyes whilst also                               the appearance of fine
    up and leave the eye                        reducing puffiness                                 lines
    area feeling cool and                     • Soothing, cooling and                            • Contains Vitamin E to help
    refreshed                                   moisturising                                       combat premature ageing

    10908 Make-up Remover 150ml       £4.15    10910 Special Eyes 60ml               £4.95            10916 Delicate Eye Contour
    10909 Make-up Remover 500ml       £6.45    10911 Special Eyes 140ml              £8.15                  Cream 60ml                 £7.95

                                                                        020 8453 8880                                                      81
 skin & body care
  Bamboo Facial Exfoliator                          Gentle Facial Scrub                                 Spot On Blemish Gel

  • A soft gentle cream produced from Bamboo        • A mild, light cream containing Hydrogenated
    Tears incorporating fine particles extracted      Palm Kernal Glycerides designed to clear
    from the Bamboo Tree which is rich in silica,     clogged pores, lift impurities and remove
    to eliminate dead cells, cleanse the skin and     dead cells leaving the skin feeling soft and      • A highly effective blemish gel designed to
    lift and lift impurities from the pores           revitalised                                         provide an antiseptic healing treatment to
                                                                                                          spots and blemishes
     10917 Exfoliator 100ml               £5.75      10919 Facial Scrub 100ml                £3.95
     10918 Exfoliator 500ml              £11.15      10920 Facial Scrub 500ml                £7.15        7665 Blemish Gel 60ml                  £4.95


 Ginseng Ampoules                                   Chamomile Ampoules                                  Apricot Ampoules
 Normal/Combination                                 Oil/Problem Skin                                    Dry/Mature Skin
 • Deep Moisturising properties formulated          • Traditionally known for its soothing and          • Rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B5 and C, Apricot
   to help normal combination skin regain             purifying properties, chamomile is dedicated        provides softening, moisturising and toning
   natural radiance, health and shine                 to skins prone too oiliness                         qualities
 • A beautiful blend of ginseng and grape leaf      • It gently softens the skin whilst restoring a     • It helps to close the pores whilst gently
   extracts that regenerates and contributes to       perfect balance                                     exfoliating
   the closing of the pores                         • pH5.7                                             • pH5.7
 • pH5.7

                                                    Vitamin C Ampoules                                   Collagen Ampoules
                                                    • An important anti oxidant, vitamin C helps to      • Intensive moisturising treatment containing
                                                      protect the skin from environmental damage           marine collagen
                                                      and UV radiation                                   • Suited to use on mature skin to improve skin
                                                    • Advisable for any skin looking for energy and        tone and elasticity
                                                      radiance                                           • pH5.7

                                                    Azulene Ampoules                                    Caviar Ampoules
                                                    Sensitive Skin                                      • A highly moisturising caviar ampoule which
                                                                                                          is ideally suited for sallow, stressed, tired
                                                    • The soothing and anti inflammatory                  skin; its natural revitalising properties help
                                                      properties of azulene provide specialised           the skin to regain its natural suppleness and
                                                      moisturising treatment for dry and sensitive        radiance
                                                      skin                                              • pH5.7
                                                    • pH5.7
     10923 10 x 3ml                       £9.95

 Body Solutions

Body Hydrating Lotion                                                           Body Polish Exfoliator

• A rich fluid lotion                                                           • A mild creamy body exfoliant
  containing Cocoa Butter                                                         containing Hydrogenated Palm
  and Aloe Vera                                                                   Kernal Glycerides designed to
• Designed to soften,                                                             improve skin texture, exfoliate
  moisturise and restore                                                          dead cells and lift impurities,
  elasticity to the skin                                                          leaving the skin feeling soft,
                                                                                  revitalised and invigorated
 10928 Body Hydrating Lotion 150ml                             £3.75
 10929 Body Hydrating Lotion 500ml                             £6.15              10930 Body Polish Exfoliator 500ml                            £10.15

82                                                                                           All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                              skin & body care
Face Masks
Thermal Setting Mask
• This unique setting mask contains Minerals and Crystals to create a
  thermal effect; helping to stimulate the circulation and allow products
  to be absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin

 7662 Thermal Mask 30g                                              £4.75

Acerola Vitamin C Peel off Mask                                               Anti Acne Peel off Mask
• A specialist peel off mask, containing anti-ageing properties and           • A specialist peel off mask designed for use on acne or oily skin
  Vitamin C to protect & brighten the skin                                      types to effectively absorb excess oil and soothe inflamed skin

 7658 Acerola Mask 30g                                              £2.65          7659 Acne Mask 30g                                               £2.65

Whitening Care Peel off Mask                                                  Seaweed Peel Off Mask
• A specialist peel off mask designed to help brighten the skin and prevent   • A specialist anti-ageing peel off mask, containing seaweed
  the appearance of dark spots caused by melanin formation                      properties to leave skin feeling firmer

 7660 Whitening Mask 30g                                            £2.65          7661 Seaweed Mask 30g                                            £2.65

Galvanic Gels

• Specially formulated for normal to combination skin and
  designed to provide a deep moisturising action during galvanic
  electrotherapy treatments

 7653 Normal/Combination 400ml                                     £13.50

• Specially formulated to help stimulate and moisturise dry skin
  during galvanic electrotherapy treatments

 7654 Dry 400ml                                                    £13.50

• Light, delicate formula to help soothe sensitive skin during galvanic
  electrotherapy treatments

 7655 Sensitive 400ml                                              £13.50

Oily/Problem                                                                  Collagen
• Specially formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients to help             • Anti-ageing formula containing Collagen and Elastin to help improve
  calm acne and over active skin during galvanic electrotherapy                 the skin tone during galvanic electrotherapy treatments

 7656 Oily 400ml                                                   £13.50          7657 Collagen 400ml                                             £13.50

Facial Essentials

  Rose Water                                            Witch Hazel                                    Glycerine

    7663 Rose Water 500ml                   £2.95         7664 Witch Hazel 500ml           £3.95         7744 Glycerine 150ml                      £2.85

                                                                              020 8453 8880                                                            83
skin & body care
 Refresh Cleanser                                  Skin Therapy Adzuki Bean
                                                   Facial Wash
                                                                                                                Skin Therapy
                  • Melt away daily grime and                                                                   Brighten yuzu
                    make up, be refreshed as                                                                    Serum
                    impurities lift and spirits
                    are revived
                  • A unique milk to toner
                    cleanser that cleanses in                    • Naturally exfoliating                        • Skin brightening rose
                    one easy move to reveal                        Japanese Green Tea and                         fruit and yuzu
                    radiant looking skin.                          crushed adzuk                                • Softening rice bran oil
                  • Contains Orchid Extract,                     • Softening rice bran oil                      • Re-energises and
                    Mandarin and Rose.                           • Gently exfoliates to reveal                    brightens
                  • Suitable for all skin types                    fresh radiant skin

     4957 Cleanser 250ml                £4.95      9232 Facial Wash 250ml              £4.95      9233 Brighten yuzu Serum 50ml £8.60

 Gentle Eye Make-up                                Awaken Toner                                  Refine Exfoliator

                  • Soothe away tiredness                        • Spritz over the face to                        • Polish away
                    and make-up..... wake                          awaken the skin and                              imperfections and
                    up eyes that sparkle                           refresh the spirit                               reveal a new you
                  • Let the rose flowers                         • An alcohol free                                • A gentle cream
                    cool and cleanse with                          refreshing spritz                                exfoliator containing
                    this gentle oil and                          • Containing Orchid                                Natural Bamboo, Coca
                    fragrance free eye                             Extract, Mandarin and                            butter, Mandarin, Rose
                    makeup remover                                 Rose to tone the skin                            and Vitamin E will
                  • Especially formulated                          after cleansing.                                 gently soothe away
                    with rose water to                           • Suitable for all skin types                      impurities
                    maintain pH, soothe
                    skin and refresh eyes

     4954 Make-up Remover 250ml         £4.95      4980 Toner 250ml Spray              £4.95      4981 Exfoliator 300ml               £5.55

 Radiance Mask                                     Balance Treatment                             Rejuvenate Treatment

                  • Lavish on to skin to refresh               • Massage two drops on                         • Massage two drops on to the
                    purify & reveal radiant skin                 to the skin for lasting                        skin for lasting luminosity
                  • A non setting, silky                         luminosity                                   • Containing Chinese
                    smooth, cream mask                         • Containing Chinese                             Geranium, Calendula,
                    to energise dull, tired                      Geranium, Calendula,                           Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed oil
                    complexions and waken                        Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed                       and Vitamin E
                    the spirits                                  oil and Vitamin E                            • Contains natural light plant
                  • Natural clay cleanses and                  • Contains natural light plant                   oils to equalise, decongest
                    purifies whilst Chinese                      oils to equalise, decongest                    and balance the complexion
                    Geranium, Mandarin and                       and balance the complexion                   • Suitable for all skin types
                    may Chang uplift, tone and                 • Suitable for all skin types                    especially normal-oily and
                    moisturise                                   especially normal-oily and                     combination
                  • Ideal for all skin types                     combination

     4982 Radiance Mask 300ml           £5.55      4983 Balance Treatment 50ml         £5.55      4984 Rejuvenate 50ml                £5.55

 Replenish Eye Serum                               Balance Moisturiser                           Rejuvenate Moisturiser

                  • Refresh and lift tired eyes                  • Smooth on to skin                          • Replenish and hydrate skin
                  • Pat gently around the eye                    • Nurture and protect,                         that craves vitality
                    to rehydrate and smooth                        balance body and mind                      • Enrich body and mind
                  • An energising and firming                    • A light easy absorbed                      • A rejuvenating moisturiser
                    serum with Bilberry and                        lotion with UV filters and                   rich in anti-oxidants and
                    Rose to replenish and                          Shea butter to nourish                       fatty acids helps reduce fine
                    protect the eye area                           and protect, rehydrate                       lines and the appearance of
                  • Helps to reduce puffy                          and restore the skins                        premature ageing
                    eyes and dark circles                          balance                                    • Contains Jasmine, Rice Bran
                                                                 • For all skin types                           Oil, Shea Butter & UV Filters
                                                                   especially for normal-oily                 • For all skin types especially
                                                                   and combination                              normal-dry

     4987 Eye Serum 15ml                £5.45      4985 Balance Moisturiser 50ml       £5.45      4986 Rejuvenate 50ml                £5.45

84                                                                                All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                              skin & body care
                                Skin Therapy Kit

• 1 x 250ml Eye make-up remover
• 1 x 250ml Refresh Cleanser
• 1 x 250ml Awaken toner
• 1 x 300ml Refine exfoliator
• 1 x 50ml Balance moisturiser
• 1 x 50ml Balance treatment
• 1 x 50ml Rejuvenate moisturiser
• 1 x 50ml Rejuvenate treatment
• 1 x 300ml Radiance mask
• 1 x 15ml Replenish eye serum
• 1 x Herbal dumpling
• 1 x Coconut bowl

 3404 Skin Therapy Kit                                            £51.50

Energise Body Polish                                                          Enrich Body Massage Cream

                                                                              • Sumptuous massage cream
• Creamy, detoxifying scrub with natural bamboo and rice grains               • Moisturising shea butter and nourishing olive oil
• Smoothes away impurities, stimulate circulation and revitalise the spirit   • Smoothes, nourishes and softens

 8619 Energise Body Polish 300ml                                   £5.05       9234 Enrich Body Massage Cream 300ml                 £6.30

Aromatic Room Mister                                                          Renew Body Lotion

• Relaxing, soothing room                                                     • Replenishing body lotion with
  spray, gentle and safe to spray                                               natural rice bran, vitamin E
  on face, body and clothes                                                     and a THAI botanical (Pueraria
• With mandarin, orchid and                                                     mirifica) well known for its
  rose                                                                          rejuvenating properties

 8620 Aromatic Room Mister 250ml                                   £4.50       8618 Renew Body Lotion 250ml                         £5.05

                                                                              020 8453 8880                                            85
 skin & body care
 Normal/Dry Skin

Facial Care Kit                                                       Cleanser

• 1 x 150ml Cleanser
• 1 x 150ml Toner
• 1 x 150ml Moisturiser
• 1 x 100ml Hydrating Mask                                            • A delicate blend of cleansing
• 1 x Facial Brush                                                      oils and waxes developed to
• 1 x Pink Cosmetic Sponge – Large                                      clean the skin

 9015 Facial Care Kit                                 £10.25           9017 Cleanser 500ml                                              £3.65

  Toner                                      Moisturiser with                                 Hydrating Mask with
                                             Almond Oil                                       Camphor Oil

  • A delicate facial toner                  • A light moisturising
    developed to remove                        emulsion
                                                                                               • Improves the circulation and the metabolism
    all traces of cleanser
                                                                                                 in the skins basal layers

     9020 Toner 500ml                £3.65    9023 Moisturiser 500ml              £4.25         9027 Hydrating Mask 450ml              £5.40

 Oily/Combination Skin

Facial Care Kit                                                       Cleanser

• 1 x 150ml Cleanser
• 1 x 150ml Toner
• 1 x 150ml Moisturiser
• 1 x 100ml Deep Cleansing Mask                                       • A Light emulsion
• 1 x Facial Brush                                                      formulated to deep
• 1 x Pink Cosmetic Sponge – Large                                      cleanse the skin

 9028 Facial Care Kit                                 £10.25           9030 Cleanser 500ml                                              £3.70

  Toner                                      Moisturiser                                      Deep Cleansing Mask

  • A pH balanced, mildly                    • A specially
    astringent facial toner                    formulated non-oily
    developed to remove                        emulsion
    all traces of cleanser                                                                    • This excellent formulation gently removes
                                                                                                impurities, dries quickly and leaves the skin
                                                                                                feeling fresh after use

     9034 Toner 500ml                £3.70    9037 Moisturiser 500ml              £4.20         9040 Cleansing Mask 450ml              £5.75

86                                                                                  All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                       skin & body care
Mature Skin

Cleanser                                                                   Facial Care Kit with

                                                                           • 1 x 100ml Cleanser
                                                                           • 1 x 150ml Toner
                                                                           • 1 x 150ml Moisturiser
• A superior cleansing lotion                                              • 1 x 100ml Gel Mask
  with collagen to gently                                                  • 1 x Facial Brush
  cleanse the skin                                                         • 1 x Pink Cosmetic Sponge – Large

 9043 Cleanser 500ml                                   £4.60                9041 Facial Care Kit                                         £11.80

  Toner                                     Moisturiser                                           Gel Mask With Collagen

  • A superior facial                       • A rich moisturising
    toner developed to                        lotion containing                                   • The collagen softens and smoothes the skin
    remove all traces of                      collagen                                              whilst the lavender oil promotes healing and
    cleanser                                                                                        cell replacement

    9045 Toner 500ml                £4.30    9048 Moisturiser 500ml                   £4.90        9052 Gel Mask 450ml                    £7.00

Sensitive Skin

Cleanser                                                                   Facial Care Kit

                                                                           • 1 x 150ml Cleanser
                                                                           • 1 x 150ml Toner
• A refreshing cleanser with Aloe                                          • 1 x 150ml Moisturiser
  Vera, Cucumber and avocado                                               • 1 x 100ml Gentle Facial Mask
  extracts to gentley cool and                                             • 1 x Facial Brush
  soothe the skin                                                          • 1 x Pink Cosmetic Sponge – Large

 9056 Cleanser 500ml                                   £4.60                9053 Facial Care Kit                                         £11.80

  Toner                                     Moisturiser                                           Gentle Facial Mask

  • An alcohol                              • A mild moisturiser with
    free toner with                           Aloe Vera and Herbal
    herbal extracts                           Extracts to calm irritated
    to calm and                               or sensitive skin                                   • A non-setting soothing gel mask with Aloe
    tone the skin                                                                                   Vera and Herbal Extracts to help heal and
                                                                                                    reduce skin irritation

    9058 Toner 500ml                £4.30    9061 Moisturiser 500ml                   £4.90        9063 Facial Mask 450ml                 £7.00

                                                                      020 8453 8880                                                             87
skin & body care
 Eye Make-up Remover                               Facial Exfoliant                                    Sensitive Facial Exfoliant

 • A mild eye make-up remover designed for         • A gentle facial exfoliant which softens the    • A specially developed facial exfoliant for
   use around the delicate eye area                  skin and eases away emulsified sebum and         sensitive skin
 • Works well on stubborn eye make-up                keratinised cells                              • Aloe vera and essential oil of chamomile help
                                                   • Olive stone granules offer a natural             calm the skin, reducing irritation whilst the
                                                     exfoliating action                               micro beads gently remove dead skin cells

     9065 Make-up Remover 150ml          £2.85      9071 Facial Exfoliant 100ml            £3.00     9077 Sensitive Exfoliant 100ml            £3.30
     9066 Make-up Remover 500ml          £4.20      9076 Facial Exfoliant 450ml            £5.65     9078 Sensitive Exfoliant 450ml            £6.50

 Vitamin E & A Cream                               Facial Massage Cream                             Petroleum Jelly

 • A rich cream with a blend of ingredients        • A blend of light oils provides the perfect     • An all purpose lubricant
   including beeswax, moisturisers, humectants       medium for the facial massage                  • Its emollient properties make it a universal
   and Vitamin E&A                                 • Essential oil of geranium has antiseptic         and essential salon requisite
 • Vitamin E is valued for its anti-oxidants and     properties and is helpful in balancing sebum
   skin properties                                   production

     9081 Vitamin E & A 100ml            £3.30                                                       9083 Petroleum Jelly 15ml                 £1.30
     9082 Vitamin E & A 450ml            £8.05      9080 Massage Cream 450ml               £4.75     7745 Petroleum Jelly 450ml                £4.70

 Orange Flower Water                               Rose Water                                       Witch Hazel

 • For use with Face Toners & Masks                • For use with Face Toners & Masks               • Multi-purpose natural astringent
 • Suitable for delicate skin                      • Suitable for normal skin                       • For use with Face Toners & Masks
                                                                                                    • Suitable for oily and combination skin

                                                    9085 Rose Water 500ml                  £3.35     9087 Witch Hazel 500ml                  £3.85
     9084   Flower Water 500ml           £3.35      9086 Rose Water 4L                    £12.20     9088 Witch Hazel 4L                    £18.65

88                                                                                       All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                                  skin & body care
Body Contour Wrap Starter Kit

• 1 x 1L Contour Gel
• 1 x 3m Bandages
• 1 x 150ml Body Cellulite Cream
• 1 x 450ml Body Contour Scrub
• 1 x Tape Measure
• 1 x 50 Client Record Cards
• 1 x Instructions Booklet

 9100 Body Contour Wrap Starter Kit                              £136.45

  Body Contour                                          Body Contour Scrub                                Body Contour Cellulite Cream

  • Body wrap Gel contains Aloe Vera Gel a blend
    of Zedoary Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Ginger Oil and
    Tea Tree Oil have been added
  • The contour Gel has been formulated to              • This luxurious contour body scrub uses          • A penetrating blend of natural ingredients
    assist inch loss, cellulite and lymphatic             a blend of natural ingredients carefully          developed to stimulate the circulation
    drainage                                              combined to produce an invigorating             • Improves skin condition and enhance
                                                          exfoliation treatment                             lymphatic drainage
    9089 Contour Gel 1L                   £31.45
    9091 Contour Gel 4L                   £78.75          9094 Contour Scrub 450ml              £10.45      9095 Cellulite Cream 150ml              £7.30

  Body Contour Wrap Training                            Marketing                                         Body Contour Bandages
  The Body Wrap training will include
  • A full demonstration of a Body Wrap
  • There will be hands on practical for all

  • Full Day 9.30am until 4.00pm approx                                                                   • 3 x 3 meters
                                                          9097 Client Leaflet, pk/20             £2.70
  Please contact the Sales Team for                       9098 Product Booklet, pk/20            £1.10      9092 Body Contour
  further information                                     9099 Body Wrap Poster                  £1.05           Bandages 3m, pk/3                 £23.10

Machine Support
Non Surgical                             Galvanic Cellulite Gel                   Oxygenating High                         Faradic Conductive Gel
Face Lift Gel                                                                     Frequency Cream

• Reduce and prevent formation of        • An electrolytic gel suitable for all   • Developed to support high              • Specially formulated conductive
  wrinkles and improve skin quality        skin types                               frequency treatments                     gel for use with faradic type
• Brightens, tones and firms             • Reduces appearance of cellulite        • Moisturises the skin prior to            current
• Ideal for use with non surgical        • Compatible with all galvanic             treatment and assists current
  face lift machines                       equipment                                transmission during treatment

 8207-NS 500ml             £12.95          8207-GC 500ml              £12.95        8207-OX 500ml          £12.95           8207-FC 500ml            £12.95

                                                                                  020 8453 8880                                                          89
 skin & body care
Carlton Ampoules
Active ampoules for direct
application or to reinforce
galvanic gels

Active Herb                            Aloe Vera                              Clear Complex                            Collagen
• A combination of herbal extracts     • Specifically for problem skin        • For oily skin prone to excessive       • Promotes suppleness and
  which have a closing effect on the                                            sebum secretion                          Gamma Elastin increases
  pores                                                                       • Has an antiseptic and astringent         elasticity of the skin
• Helps restore the skins natural                                               property                               • Helps maintain moisture
  appearance                                                                                                             balance of the tissue
 5080-AH 5 x 5ml           £13.50       5080-AV 5 x 5ml           £13.50        5080-CC 5 x 5ml          £13.50         5080-CG 5 x 5ml           £13.50

Hydro Regulator                        Infusion Complex                       Nourish Complex                          Royal Jelly
• Healthy skin has an extract          • To increase cell respiration and     • For intensive treatment of tired       • The active ingredients of royal
  regulation of moisture                 regenerate the skin                    and wrinkled skin                        jelly help to rejuvenate the
• Sun, wind and coldness are           • Regular treatment aids                                                          skin by participating in cell
  extremely drying                       rejuvenation                                                                    regeneration and promoting
• Use to stabilise moisture content                                                                                      blood circulation

 5080-HR 5 x 5ml           £13.50       5080-IC 5 x 5ml           £13.50        5080-NC 5 x 5ml          £13.50         5080-RJ 5 x 5ml           £13.50

Resolution Complex                     Soothe Complex                         Skin Repair Complex                      Exclusive Theam
• For broken veins, contain ‘R’ to     • For highly sensitive and allergic    • To protect the skin from damage        • The combination of Thymus
  avoid capillary vessel damage          skin                                   caused by over exposure to the           Extract and Hyaluronic Acid is
                                       • The active ingredients calm the        sun – related cellular ageing of         reactive with the cellular system
                                         skin and help avoid irritation         the skin                                 and protects from external
                                                                              • Beneficial for mature skin               effects

 5080-RC 5 x 5ml           £13.50       5080-SC 5 x 5ml           £13.50        5080-SR 5 x 5ml          £13.50         5089 5 x 5ml              £16.50

                                                                             Carlton Professional technology and gentle skin care preparations
                                                                             enable high frequency and galvanic treatments to maximise
                                                                             the skins potential. The skin care products are particularly
                                                                             recommended for use with Ultra Derm, Lift Professional, Facial
                                                                             Galvanic, High Frequency or Ultrapro Complex Machine.

                                                                              5081-DES     Desincrustant Gel                            250ml    £17.00
                                                                              5081-DS      Iontopheresis Gel for Dry Skin               250ml    £17.00
                                                                              5081-NS      Iontopheresis Gel for Normal Skin            250ml    £17.00
                                                                              5081-GY      Iontopheresis Gel for Greasy Skin            250ml    £17.00
                                                                              5081-SS      Iontopheresis Gel for Sensitive Skin         250ml    £17.00
                                                                              5081-DC      Iontopheresis Gel for Dilated Capillaries    250ml    £17.00
                                                                              5021         Electro Lotion                               125ml    £10.00
                                                                              5078         Electro Lotion                               500ml    £23.50

                                                                             Moisturising Lotion
                                                                             • To overcome skin’s natural resistance
                                                                             • Softens and protects

                                                                              5091 Moisturising Lotion 125ml                                   £6.50

                                                                             High Frequency
                                                                             • For all high frequency treatments with cream aids absorption

                                                                              5024 Oxygenating Ozo Cream 200ml                                £15.50

90                                                                                            All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                                    skin & body care
Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum                                                  Retinol-X Triple Action Surgical Alternative

• Has the moisturising power of                                                      • Triple action anti aging moisturiser
  500,000 i.u’s of Retinol Vitamin                                                     relaxes fine lines and creases
  A, C, E, Beta-Carotene and                                                           without the discomfort of needles.
  Bioflavonoids                                                                        Retinol-X also boasts powerful
• Enriched in anti-oxidants of Retinol                                                 complexes of Algae extracts and
  Polypeptides makes the skin                                                          Amino Acids which aid hydration,
  appear smoother and improves                                                         fighting free radical damage, and
  elasticity                                                                           tightening of the collagen matrix
• The appearance of fine lines
  and wrinkles will be noticeably
  diminished within 2 weeks with the
  use of Retinol Vitamin A products

 5095 Anti-Wrinkle Serum 30ml                RRP £27.95           £14.00               4263 Retinol-X 30ml               RRP £39.95                   £19.95

Vitamin A Day Cream SPF 20                                                           Vitamin A Night Cream

• Lines and farrows are visibly softened and are                                     • Transforms tissue into a vibrant, healthy, robust,
  much less noticeable                                                                 much younger looking complexion
• Crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness under the                                  • Fine lines are filled, furrows, creases, crow’s feet
  eyes are minimised and softened                                                      and relaxed and softened
• Retinol restores moisture to dried out cells, helps                                • Non greasy, non oily light cream
  plump out the skin and fill in fine lines                                          • Deep moisture penetration
• Protects the sensitive skin around the lips from                                   • Chitosan PCA Skin Firming Hydration
  drying and cracking

 5096 Vitamin A Day Cream 48g             RRP £27.95              £14.00               5097 Vitamin A Night Cream 48g             RRP £27.95          £14.00

  Eye Gel                                               Skin Brightener                                        Hand Cream

  • Scientifically formulated Hi-Definition Retinol
    Vitamin A Eye Gel is designed to reduce
    visible signs of ageing                             • Vitamin packed cream brightens dull,
  • Quick penetrating clear moisturising cool gel         devitalised skin and minimises pigmentation          • Anti-ageing hand cream with SPF12
    will reduce puffiness and dark circles              • Ideal for makeup base                                • Formulated with Vitamin A, E and Green Tea
  • Revitalise, tone and smooth                         • Suitable for all skin types especially drier skins     extracts helps soften and protect skin
  • Minimise the appearance of crepey eye lids          • Provides a rejuvenating healthy glow                 • Helps to maintain healthy, younger looking
    and fade lines                                      • Can be used under Retinol Creams                       skin diminishing the visible signs of ageing

   5098 20g          RRP £27.95           £14.00         5099 30ml          RRP £27.95           £14.00        5100 100ml          RRP £27.95        £14.00

                                                                                  020 8453 8880                                                               91
skin & body care
 Body Firming Gel                              Arnica Gel                                    Lavender Gel

 • A non-oily gel                              • A very old proven                           • Light textured, easily
   with many active                              formula for the                               absorbed, non sticky,
   ingredients to improve                        treatment of muscle                           water-based gel,
   the elasticity of the                         soreness and bruising                         with added Witch
   skin                                        • The gel is easy to                            Hazel providing an
                                                 apply, non-oily and                           exceptional cooling
                                                 quickly absorbed by                           and antiseptic
                                                 the skin                                      moisturiser
                                                                                             • Apply to sensitive or
                                                                                               heat damaged skin
                                                                                               e.g. sunburn

     5008-BF    Firming Gel 125ml      £4.95    5008-AR       Arnica Gel 125ml       £4.95
     5009-BF    Firming Gel 250ml      £8.50    5009-AR       Arnica Gel 250ml       £8.50    5008-LA       Lavender Gel 125ml       £4.95
     5011-BF    Firming Gel 1000ml    £19.50    5011-AR       Arnica Gel 1000ml     £19.50    5009-LA       Lavender Gel 250ml       £8.50

 Body Detox Gel                                Vitamin E Gel                                 Propolis Gel
 • A water-based,                              • Vitamin E has long                          • Propolis is a resinous
   easily absorbed                               been recommended                              substance from the
   formula with added                            to help smooth the                            bark and buds of
   red grape skin and                            surface texture of the                        trees by bees
   coffee extracts to                            skin                                        • It contains organic
   help against cellulite                      • A non-sticky, water-                          and amino acids,
                                                 based gel that is easily                      vitamins, mineral and
                                                 absorbed                                      bioflavonoids
                                               • Ideal as either a facial                    • Rich in anti-bacterial
                                                 or body moisturiser                           and anti-fungal
                                                                                             • Known to calm
                                                                                               sensitive skin

     5008-BD    Body Detox Gel 125ml £4.95      5008-VE       Vitamin E Gel 125ml    £4.95
     5009-BD    Body Detox Gel 250ml £8.50      5009-VE       Vitamin E Gel 250ml    £8.50    5017 Propolis Gel 125ml               £15.00

 Aloe Vera Gel                                 Cucumber Gel                                  Vitamin C Gel
 • Aloe Vera gel will                          • Cucumber is                                 • A light, non-sticky and
   absorb readily into                           renowned for its                              non-comedogenic
   skin leaving it feeling                       cooling, soothing                             moisturiser
   cool and soothed                              properties, which help                      • Vitamin C gel may
                                                 to eliminate puffiness                        help to balance local
                                                 and revive tired eyes                         deficiencies and assist
                                                                                               in the fight against free

                                                5008-CC       Cucumber Gel 125ml     £4.95    5008-VC       Vitamin C Gel 125ml      £4.95
     5008-AV    Aloe Vera Gel 125ml    £4.95    5009-CC       Cucumber Gel 250ml     £8.50    5009-VC       Vitamin C Gel 250ml      £8.50

92                                                                                    All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                          skin & body care
Matricol® Collagen Sheets                                                 Matricol Collagen Sheets are not masks impregnated with
                                                                          Collagen, they are sheets of pure natural Collagen compatible
                                                                          with all skin types.
                                                                          The product’s active ingredients are released when liquid is added.
                                                                          Hydration levels are increased by up to 180%, this increase is
                                                                          clinically proven to last for up to 14 days.

                                                                          Matricol® Natural Collagen
                                                                          • Hydrating treatment for dehydrated skin and signs of ageing
                                                                          • Plums out wrinkles
                                                                          • Evens skin texture and colour

                                                                           0097 Natural Collagen Sheets, pk/5                               £29.50

                                                                          Matricol® Collagen plus Caviar Extract
                                                                          • Powerful combination actively fights the ageing process of the skin
                                                                          • Immediately after the first treatment the smoothing effect is visible
                                                                          • 3-5 treatments at weekly or fortnightly intervals

                                                                           7733 Collagen plus Caviar Sheets, pk/5                           £29.50

                                                                          Matricol® Collagen
                                                                          Eye Patches
                                                                          • Anti-wrinkle treatment
                                                                            using native Collagen on
                                                                            fragile areas of the face
                                                                          • Its semi-circular form has
                                                                            been especially designed for
                                                                            eye and mouth contours
                                                                          • Recommended at the first
                                                                            sign of ageing

                                                                           2517 Collagen Eye Patches, pk/6                                    £9.40

Matricol® Collagen plus Hyaluronic Acid                                   Matricol® Collagen
                                                                          plus Bright Line
                                                                          • Powerful combination actively
                                                                            fights the ageing process of
                                                                            the skin
• Makes up the main part of the connective tissue and fills in the gaps   • Immediately after the first
  between the individual skin cells                                         treatment the smoothing
• The skin is given volume and looks much tighter                           effect is visible
• A lasting anti-wrinkle treatment should consist of at least 4 to 6      • 3-5 treatments at weekly or
  applications                                                              fortnightly intervals

 7783 Collagen plus Hyaluronic Acid, pk/5                        £31.95    7784 Collagen plus Bright Line, pk/5                             £31.95

SBC Collagen Gel                                                          Exuviance®
                                                                          Collagen Triple
                                                                          Boost Serum

 Can be used in stage 2 of a
 non-surgical facelift                                                    • A plumping serum that concentrates
                                                                            seven potent collagen boosters
• A light textured water-based gel to gently                                designed to maximize skin’s natural
  moisturise and condition the skin                                         collagen at every level; building new
• May help to prevent stretch marks                                         collagen and protecting it and its
                                                                            surrounding support matrix
 5009-CG      Collagen Gel 250ml                                  £9.50
 1732         Collagen Gel 1000ml                                £27.50    7717 Collagen Serum 30ml RRP £46.80                              £19.50

                                                                          020 8453 8880                                                             93
 skin & body care
Jan Marini Skin Research (JMSR) is a leading manufacturer of clinically validated skin care and aesthetic products for
the professional marketplace. JMSR is known for creating breakthrough product solutions and dramatic technological
advancements. The below is a selection of some of their stand out, best selling products.

Jan Marini Antioxidant                                                     Jan Marini C-Esta Cream
Daily Face Protectant

• Daily face protectant with SPF 30                                        • Cream contains DAE Complex formulated with advanced hydrating agents
• Waterproof                                                               • With continued use the skin will begin to appear smoother and suppler
• Oil-free, velvety matte finish                                           • Compatible with glycolic acid products, Retin-A, topical medications and
• Available without tint, with Bronze or Sand tints                          make-up

 7808 Face Protectant 57g                RRP £52.00               £26.00    7806 C-Esta Cream 28g               RRP £69.00                     £34.50

Jan Marini Hydro Silk Protecting Hydrator                                  Jan Marini Clean Zyme and Skin
                                                                           Zyme Enzyme Therapy
                                                                           • Digests dead skin cells without harming
                                                                             sensitive tissues
                                                                           • Gradually helps to fade areas of discolouration
                                                                           • Improves appearance of photo-damaged skin
                                                                           • Immediate measurable increase in clarity and
                                                                           • Aids in clearing acne lesions and assists in
• Self-regulating formula tailors absorption to individual skin              removing follicular retention
  requirements and climate changes
• Super antioxidant technology inhibits skin aging                          7810    Clean Zyme Cleaner 119ml           RRP £37.00              £18.50
• Aids in the production of collagen and elastin
• Water-attracting agents dramatically increase moisture levels             7811    Clean Zyme Cleaner 472ml                                   £61.00
                                                                            7812    Skin Zyme Mask 57g                 RRP £56.00              £27.50
 7807 Hydro Silk Protecting Hydrator 28g RRP £46.00               £23.00    7813    Skin Zyme Mask 224g                                        £93.00

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Hand                                                Jan Marini Transformation Eye Cream
and Body Lotion

• Revitalises aging and environmentally
  damaged skin
• Resurfaces skin texture                                                  • Targets the thinner eye area to dramatically lessen the visible
• Contains no mineral oil                                                    signs of aging
• Provides antioxidant and connective                                      • Timed release, micronised delivery system
  tissue repair                                                            • Compatible with glycolic acid products, Retin-A and make-up

 7804 Hand and Body Lotion 116g RRP £41.00                        £19.50    7814 Transformation Eye Cream 14g RRP £42.00                       £20.50

Jan Marini Bioglycolic                                                     Jan Marini Age Intervention
Sunless Self-Tanner                                                        Gentle Cleanser

• Non-comedogenic
• Dries rapidly without streaking                                          • Mild formula perfect for eye area and
• Silky-feeling skin conditioning base                                       sensitive post-procedural skin
• Provides a tanning shade that                                            • Effective eye make-up remover
  is consistent with your natural                                          • Gentle enough for multiple daily usage
  colouration and skin tones                                               • Does not irritate skin

 7805 Sunless Self-Tanner 116ml RRP £34.00                        £17.00    7809 Gentle Cleanser 118ml RRP £25.00                              £12.50

94                                                                                        All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                                        skin & body care
Titanium Skin Needling

• Dramatically enhances absorption of serums and creams
• Helps to smooth away wrinkles, lines, folds and crow’s feet
• Improves the appearance of scars, especially indented acne scars
• Improves the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
• Suitable for all skin types
• Minimal or no downtime
• Does not induce skin sensitivity to UV light
• Dermaroller is available in 0.2mm (Personal use), 0.3mm
  (Personal use), 0.5mm (Clinical use)
• Dermastamp is available in 0.2mm (Personal use), 0.3mm
  (Clinical and Personal use)

 7772 Dermaroller                        RRP £50.00            £20.85
 7801 Dermastamp                         RRP £30.00            £12.50
 7775 Sanitising Solution 100ml          RRP £12.50             £5.20

Growth Factor Serum                                                     Retinol 3 TR™ Serum
                                                                        • Professional strength advanced night serum
                                                                        • Dramatically diminishes the depth and size of
• Professional strength youth activating                                  existing lines
  complex serum with triple-filtered EGF                                • Visibly regenerates the epidermal layer of the skin
• Activates cell renewal                                                  through stimulated production of collagen and
• Increases epidermal cell proliferation                                  elastin
• Stimulates the growth of fibroblast cells                             • Speeds up the natural peeling of dead skin cells and
  which are responsible for collagen and                                  stimulates new cells’ growth
  elastion production                                                   • Helps to brighten up darker patches on the skin by
• Inhibits and prevents cellular breakdown                                accelerating the natural peeling of the corneocytes
• Helps the natural wound healing process                               • Unblocks the hair follicle pores and regulates the
• Minimises fine lines and wrinkles                                       sebaceous glands’ activity for anti-acne
• Refines Skin texture                                                  • Jojoba Oil base ensures Retinol 3TR does not over-
• Add radiance to the skin                                                dry the skin, leaving it smooth and lightly hydrated

 7776 Growth Factor Serum 30ml RRP £70.00                      £32.90    7796 Retinol 3 TR™ Serum 15ml RRP £30.00                £12.50
 7799 Growth Factor Serum 60ml                                 £41.75    7777 Retinol 3 TR™ Serum 60ml                           £30.60

White Balance Serum                                                     Hydr8™ B5 Serum

• Professional strength depigmentation serum
• Designed to tackle hyperpigmentation
• Freshens and brightens your complexion                                • Professional strength skin rehydration serum
• Balances skin tone and prevents further                               • Lightweight, oil-free serum for instant
  discolouration, without the dryness and                                 absorption, leaving a silky smooth, vibrant
  irritation associated with bleaches                                     and hydrated complexion
• May be used on difficult to treat areas                               • Contains Hyaluronic Acid

 7797 White Balance Serum 15ml RRP £29.00                      £12.10    7798 Hydr8™ B5 Serum 30ml RRP £35.00                    £14.55
 7778 White Balance Serum 60ml                                 £29.55    7800 Hydr8™ B5 Serum 60ml                               £17.95

Prevent Roller Kit                                                      Pretox Roller Kit
• Contains:                                                             • Contains:
  Titanium Dermaroller 0.2mm, Sanitising Solution,                        Titanium Dermaroller 0.2mm, Sanitising Solution,
  C-Tetra Serum, Hydr8 B5 Serum, Retinol 3TR                              Pretox 20, Pretox Filler, Hydr8 Day SPF N/D
  Serum, Hydr8 Day SPF N/D

 7773 Prevent Roller Kit        RRP £170.00                    £70.85    7774 Pretox Roller Kit         RRP £171.00              £71.25

                                                                        020 8453 8880                                                95

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