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									Healthy Schools
in motion
    Healthy Kids,
  Healthy Futures
All-Party Task Force
     (June 2005)
HKHF Task Force
          Educational Health Promotion Initiatives
                     Recommendation #6:
  “…that the provincial government introduce the “Manitoba
in motion” activity program in the fall of 2005…To become
an in motion school as one part of the program, all kids
must agree to do 30 minutes of physical activity five days a
Manitoba in motion
Launch – October 5
•220 Schools
•126 Workplaces
•25 Daycares
•7 Senior’s Groups

47,702 Schools Participants
50,829 Participants Province-wide
•Saskatoon in motion
The Saskatoon Health Region developed
this comprehensive, community-wide
active living strategy with a focus on
physical activity.
Background (continued)
•Presently, 95% of Saskatoon elementary schools are “in
•In 2002, Saskatchewan in motion was launched.
•In motion has been implemented regionally in
Abbotsford, B.C.
•The in motion initiative has received provincial, national,
and international recognition as a promising practice.

 Healthier Manitobans through
   regular physical activity.
Manitoba in motion
A provincial strategy to help all Manitobans make physical
activity part of their daily lives for health benefits and

   Four key components:
   1.Building partnerships
   2.Building awareness
   3.Targeted population and community strategies
   4.Measuring success
Target Groups
•children (pre-school and school-age)
•older adults

Settings include communities, schools, and
Provincial Advisory Committee
•Manitoba Culture, Heritage     •Manitoba Sport
and Tourism                     •Sport Manitoba
•Manitoba Health and Healthy    •Regional Health Authorities of
•Healthy Child Manitoba         Manitoba
•Manitoba Education,            •Physical Activity Coalition of
Citizenship and Youth           Manitoba
•Manitoba Aboriginal and        •Manitoba Fitness Council
Northern Affairs                •Recreation Connections
•Manitoba Seniors and Healthy   Manitoba
Aging Secretariat               •University of Manitoba
•Manitoba Labour and            •University of Winnipeg
Immigration (Women’s            •Brandon University
•Communications Services        •Red River College
Healthy Schools in motion

•Schools can become in motion by working toward
the goal of 30 minutes of physical activity every day
for every student.

•This can be achieved by any combination of
physical education, activity breaks, physical activity
programs, intramurals and special events.
Healthy Schools
Healthy Schools is pleased to partner with Manitoba in
motion to implement Healthy Schools in motion.

•Manitoba Healthy Schools is a comprehensive school
health initiative intended to promote the physical,
emotional, and social health of students, their families,
school staff, and school communities.
Healthy Schools
Healthy schools is focused on six health areas within the
context of the school community:
•Physical activity
•Healthy eating
•Safety and injury prevention
•Substance use and addictions
•Sexual and reproductive health
•Mental health
Healthy Schools in motion
Levels of Participation:
Level 1 – Activating

Committed to working toward 30 minutes of daily physical
activity for all students
Registered with Healthy Schools in motion

•Activity Kit
•Future Resources
Levels (continued)
Level 2 – Activated
Discussed Healthy Schools in motion with school staff,
parents, and students
Developed and started to implement a school action plan
Submitted a year-end progress report showing how they have
accomplished 30 minutes of physical activity for all students
every day

•Public recognition items for the school and students
Levels (continued)
Level 3 – Active
Annually continued to support and achieve 30 minutes of daily
physical activity for all students
Submitted a year-end progress report showing what they have
done to maintain their in motion status

•Website profiles
•Annual certificate of participation
in motion website
Healthy Schools in motion
   2118-300 Carlton Street
   Winnipeg, MB R3B 3M9
    Phone: (204) 788-6620
     Fax: (204) 948-2366

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