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					                                    William Jay Madsen
                                     San Diego, CA
        Phone: (858) 342-7039  
                                                                  Madsen_William_ Jay_Resume_SK-120201-001

   Strategic Network Planning & Design Experience; Completed designs and recommendations toward
    Strategic Goals of Capital Preservation, Asset Protection, Long Term Network Lifecycle Utilization and
    Operating Cost Reduction.
   Enterprise Management Experience: Successfully fulfilled direct management roles in the following
    specific areas: sales, sales support (Successful proposals & bids), manufacturing (30 employees-3 shifts),
    construction, engineering (13-engineers/program managers/installers), contract negotiations/administration.
   Business Development Experience:
   MSC Denver – Developed a new business model, a new product, a new process, a new corporate plan;
    from steel fabricator and tower erector to microwave system engineering and shelter manufacturing; from
    $20,000 projects to $1,000,000 projects.
   Telink – Developed a new business model from PBX installations to microwave system maintenance and
    integrated systems E,F&I projects (fiber-600 pair cable-HVAC control system-microwave system).
   Loral Terracom – Played key role in the development of a new business model; from single product
    microwave radio manufacturer to E,F&I full turnkey microwave system projects provider; presided over
    growth of pre-sales and post sales support group (Program Management & System Engineering), from 2
    sales engineers to 13 engineers, program managers, installers, CAD operator & Admin Asst.
   ATI Advanced Techcom Inc - Introduced the company and products to telephone companies and
    government ministries in, Southeast Asia: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan. Introduce
    the company and products to the telecommunications industries and governments; Identify and interview in-
    country candidate representatives.

   Project Management Experience: Successful resource management; installers, suppliers, structural
    engineers, tower erectors, steel fabricators for large & small EF&I projects; up to150-Hops and more;
    Logistics (personnel & material) management, on-time goal attainment; through planning, forecasting and
    rehearsing; utilizing PERT - CPM principles.
   Microwave (point-to-point) Engineering Experience: Path design, path and site surveys, path reliability
    calculations, antenna selection, frequency coordination and FCC licensing submissions, installation plans,
    bills of material, MOPs. Technical writing; SOW’s, RFQ’s, specifications, proposals, presentations to
    customers and senior management; engineering documentation.
   Construction Experience: Personal experience; excavation, rock anchor installation, placing concrete,
    steel erection, antenna & waveguide installation, electronic equipment installation, wiring, commissioning;
    maintenance & trouble-shooting.
   Sales & Marketing Experience: Excellence in written language equals winning, successful and profitable
    proposals; Excellence in written language, in contract language, equals accurate, unambiguous, statements
    of work (SOW’s), Engineer, Furnish and Install (E,F&I) Estimates, requests for proposals (RFQ’s) which
    equals winning, successful, profitable projects.


   MBA (Telecommunications Emphasis) - National University
   BA Baptist Christian College
   AT&T TRAINED in telephony and telecommunications technologies
   COLLEGE TRAINED (MBA) in business, accounting and management
   USAF TRAINED in electronics
   FCC Radio Telephone Operators License
   Real Estate Broker’s License (California)
   DCA -Top Secret

   Wireless Industry Experience: (Operators) AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Nextel, Sprint, Clearwire
   Telecommunications Manufacturers Experience: Alcatel-Lucent, Loral Terracom, Aydin Corp., ATI –
    Advanced Techcom Incorporated,
   Utility Industry Experience: Montana Power & Light, Tennessee Valley Authority, CFE Commission de
    Federal Electricidad, (Vera Cruz, Mexico), Northern Border Pipeline, Union Oil Company
   Public Safety Experience: San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Monterey County, Arizona Dept of
    Public Safety, FAA Federal Aviation Administration
   Military Experience: US Navy (5 Times), USMC, USAF (4 Times)
   Hospital Experience: Veterans Administration (5 Times), Palomar Pomerado Hospitals
   Telephone Company Experience: Pacific Telephone (AT&T), Continental Telephone, Southern Pacific
    Communications, Mountain Bell (AT&T), Nebraska Consolidated Communications Corporation (NCCC)
   Banking Experience: BankOhio, New York Bank, Imperial Bank, Home Federal S&L, Chase Manhattan
    Bank, Bank of Boston


Jan 2011 to Jan 2012 Verizon Wireless
Microwave Transport/Backhaul Engineer

Managed the design and construction of Ethernet microwave system in the California Central Valley
(Bakersfield to Merced) during 2011; in excess of 150 hops; converting existing T1, DS3, 3-DS3, 2-Chnl 3-DS3
radio links to 1, 2, 3 & 4 160-mb/s RF Channel links; design & construction of new links, completion of projects
in progress; made recommendations for Strategic Network Planning, Capital Preservation, Asset Protection,
Expense cost reduction; updated and maintained Network Maps for over 400 microwave links in Northern
California & Northern Nevada; made additional recommendations regarding engineering processes and
documents; laid foundation for network utilization of link aggregation, QoS policy, Alternate Routing, Route
Diversity, Ring Protection techniques, maximizing network Capacity and Reliability.

Oct 2009 to Sep 2010 Clearwire (DC Market, Transferred to Richmond Market)
Microwave Backhaul Engineer

As a Backhaul Microwave Engineer for the Washington DC market, maintained network design and integrity for
over 250 sites with constant site acquisition changes. Specific tasks include network design, microwave path
design. Successfully meets Clearwire reporting requirements on a daily and weekly basis. Several decades of
microwave engineer, furnish and install experience combined with working in the DC and Richmond markets
following Clearwire Practices and Guidelines and working with colleagues in a cross-functional organization has
resulted in high quality, high demand engineering.
Experienced with specialty software such as: Clearvision, Pathloss, Backhaul Design Tool: and general
software such as: Word, Excel, MS Project, Visio, Power Point; and other special applications or services such
as: Google Earth, Bing, Streets & Trips, Topo USA, Globalmapper
Personally own Pathloss, Visio, Adobe Acrobat, and many other general and specialized software applications
Working knowledge of Dragonwave, Ceragon, Cienna, Foundry and other Ethernet products
Can work independently; or with a team. Meets company goals, objectives and deadlines. Needs little or no
supervision as an SME

Oct 2008 to Dec 2008 CIC Communications Infrastructure Corporation
QC Transmission Engineer
Provide quality control checking of microwave transmission engineering before submittal to the customer
(Sprint). 50-100 sites in each of several markets; Baltimore-Washington, Boston, Chicago; Check all
engineering results developed in Pathloss 4.0. Extensive experience with the use of Pathloss 4.0

Apr 2006 to Oct 2008 Sprint
Microwave Engineer-National
Provide path and site surveys and transmission engineering as assigned for wireless backhaul network.
Projects were located in CA, FL, NV, UT, AZ, WA, KS, TX, TN, MD

Jun 2005 to Apr 2006 Nextel
Microwave Engineer
Equipment engineering and site surveys for Florida Telco Hardening and other projects; Develop equipment
interconnect drawings, specifications, equipment arrangements, evaluation of new products, statements of
Mar 2003 to Jun 2005 Verizon Wireless
Microwave Engineer
Provide path & site surveys, transmission engineering, installation plans MOPS and supervise installation and
commissioning of many hops of microwave in the New York City/New Jersey Market.

Sep 2001 to Mar 2003 AT&T Wireless
Microwave Engineer
Provide path & site surveys, transmission engineering and installation plans MOPS and supervise installation
and commissioning of may hops of microwave in the New York City/New Jersey Market. Provide microwave
backhaul to restore 45 cell sites knocked out of service by the 9-11 bombing of the World Trade Center.
Member of the team that installed and commissioned 22 hops of microwave in 15 days

Jun 1999 to Sep 2001 Alcatel-Lucent
Microwave Engineer
Perform site walks for pending projects; determine the EF&I requirements for bidding purposes: On site
management of a large microwave system. See ATTWS Miami Project.


Madsen Telecommunications Ltd, Jay Madsen Realty, Madsen Mortgage & Realty Co
For Madsen Telecommunications Ltd: Accept consulting contracts on a project by project
Basis: For Jay Madsen Realty and Madsen Mortgage: residential home sales, property
management and mortgage lending.

Aydin Corporation (West)
Microwave Sales Engineer
Sales support in the form of bid preparation. Bid preparation included microwave network design, equipment
engineering and EF&I cost estimating.

Cubic Corporation
Microwave Engineer
Provide microwave system equipment engineering and EF&I cost estimating for Iran Air Force, US Air Force,
US Navy projects in support of a real time computer based fighter pilot aerial training system.


Union Oil Company - Superintendent of Construction
Microwave Systems Company-Denver - Microwave Engineer, Sales Engineer, Plant Manager, VP-Sales
Israeli Army (Client) – Software Development
Iran Air Force (Client)- Fighter Pilot Training System microwave system support


ATTWS Miami Microwave Network:
Managed the installation of a 22 hop microwave system for AT&T Wireless while employed by Alcatel; none of
the prerequisites had been completed by the time of arrival in the market to supervise installation.
These included: Radio and multiplex equipment design and delivery; order and delivery of antennas and rigid
waveguide system material; tower structural analysis and reinforcement; selection of tower engineers and tower
contractors, material storage and deployment. Successfully managed all work necessary for a satisfactory
completion of the project.
Directly and simultaneously managed in the field: 3 installation teams, 4 separate structural engineering firms, 3
tower erectors, and at least 6 direct suppliers: This work included developing detailed material lists, negotiating
prices and arranging logistics including delivery and in market storage of radio bays, antennas as large as 10-ft
in diameter, and rolls of waveguide.
Personally delivered materials to the sites so that installers and tower erectors had materials when they were

ATTWS Ground Zero Restoration:
Went on to work for AT&T Wireless for another 2 years as a microwave engineer in the New York & New Jersey
Market; Participated in AT&T Wireless’ recovery effort after the 9-11 bombing of the World Trade Center which
involved installing and commissioning 15 hops of microwave in 22 days; restoring 40+ cell sites to service.

Verizon Wireless @ the 2004 Republican National Convention:
Verizon Wireless placed a cellular base station inside Madison Square Garden (MSG) for the convention. The
local wire-line telephone company was unable to guarantee on time delivery of T1 lines needed for backhaul of
traffic from MSG to the switch located in the Tribecca area of Manhattan Island.
Personally performed site and path surveys to establish a temporary 2-hop system between the switch and
MSG: Completed equipment engineering, wiring diagrams, installation and commissioning of the microwave
system. Microwave system was ready to go two days before the local wire-line company was able to finally
deliver T1s; system remained as back-up for duration of convention.

Union Oil Company’s Los Angeles to Houston microwave system:
As Superintendent of Construction supervised all construction on the Los Angeles to Midland portion of this 40
hop microwave system

MSC Denver Manufacturing Manager:
Pioneered a new building design and manufacturing process for fiberglass electronic shelters, built and
operated the plant which moved to larger quarters twice (with 30 workers on three shifts at the 3rd location):
As the manufacturing manager, often personally worked on the manufacturing floor and trained new employees.
While acting in the dual role of VP of Sales won two contracts in excess of $1-million each (about $4-million in
today’s dollar)

Loral Terracom - Program Management & System Engineering Management:
For 4-1/2 years managed pre-sale support and post-sale E, F & I (Engineer, Furnish & Install) commitments for
a major microwave manufacturer, as “Manager of Program Management, System Engineering & Installation”: A
proven successful and experienced Proposal Manager, Program Manager and Project Systems Engineering
Manager of wide-band telecommunications systems and EF&I Projects.
He has managed and directed many winning proposals, some valued as high as $4 million. Candidate is
experienced at preparing technical and price proposals for US Military procurements. Compliance matrix and
paragraph by paragraph response concepts are well known to the candidate.

   Vera Cruz, Mexico, Nuclear Power Plant Digital Microwave System
   US NAVY, San Diego Area Digital Telephone & Microwave System
   US NAVY, San Francisco Area Digital Telephone & Microwave System
   US NAVY, Camp Pendleton Fiber-Optic and Digital Microwave Telecommunications System
   US NAVY, Bangor-Whidbey Is. Digital Microwave System
   US NAVY, Finance Center, Cleveland Digital Microwave System
   VA Hospital Digital Microwave System - Lexington, Kentucky
   VA Hospital Digital Microwave System - Augusta, Georgia
   VA Hospital Digital Microwave System - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
   VA Hospital Digital Microwave System - Portland, Oregon
   VA Hospital Digital Microwave System - St. Louis, Missouri
   Ebasco Systems- World Trade Center
   Northern Border Pipeline Microwave and Telephone System
   FAA Instrument Landing Systems Electronic Equipment Shelters
   Chicago - Cleveland Microwave Path Engineering
   Boston - Providence Microwave Station Construction
   NCCC - Lincoln (Neb.) - Chicago Electronic Equipment Shelters
   Los Angeles - Houston 40 Site Microwave System Construction
   Los Angeles - San Francisco 15 Site Microwave System Construction
   Bank Ohio - Cincinnati Digital Microwave System
   New York Bank - Empire State Building Digital Microwave System
   Iran Air Force Air Combat Training Range Digital Microwave System
   USAF Air Combat Training Range (Italy) Digital Microwave System
   US NAVY, Nevada Air Combat Training Range Digital Microwave System
   Israeli Army Tactical Microwave/UHF Radio Path Engineering Computer Program

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