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									Volume 3 Issue 1
                thepioneer                                       The newspaper of Trinity High School                                                              September 2010

     Trinity alums show civic pride                                                                                                                      Hey class of
    By Ryan Mitchell
      Pioneer Staff                                                                                                                                      2014, here’s
    Even as a school that
has never been home to
                                                                                                                                                         some advice
much more than 1,000 stu-                                                                                                                                       By Nicole Fell &
dents at a time, Trinity has                                                                                                                                    Tiffany Keenan
always made itself a home                                                                                                                                        Pioneer Staff
within the local community.
If this presence was ever                                                                                                                                     Class of 2014, 126 stu-
expressed so boldly, it was                                                                                                                               dents, a million habits that
done so by alumni John                                                                                                                                    just need to go right off the
Stephens, Rich Ashooh,                                                                                                                                    bat. Think of this as some
and Ovide Lamontagne in                                                                                                                                   big sisterly guidance as you
this past month’s statewide
primary election.                                                                                                                                         years at Trinity High School.
    Stephen (Class of 1980)                                                                                                                                   Standing in The Hall-
succeeded in winning the                                                                                                                                  way: We know in between
GOP primary race for                                                                                                                                      classes, the whole two to
governor, Ashooh (Class                                                                                                                                   three minutes given seems
of 1982) suffered a narrow                                                                                                                                like a social tea party, but its
loss to former Manchester                                                                                                                                 not. Honestly, everyone is
Mayor Frank Guinta in the                                                                                                                                 trying to get to class on time,
GOP congressional race,                                                                                                                                   and so should you. Please
and Lamontagne (Class                                                                                                                                     take your conversations else-
of 1975) was defeated by                                                                                                                                  where and step to the side.
Kelly Ayotte by a margin                                 Photos courtesy of the campaign websites of Ovide Lamontagne, John Stephen, and Rich Ashooh
                                                                                                                                                              Freshmen Packs: Your
of just 1,200 votes, after     From left to right: Rich Ashooh, former candidate for U.S. Congress, John Stephen, candidate for governor,                 back is going to break soon
a late surge following a       and Ovide Lamontagne, former candidate for U.S. Senate. All three are Trinity Alumni.                                      if you don’t empty your
series of Union Leader                                                                                                                                    books out of your backpack
endorsements for Lamon-                         to, those three words: Pride, Spirit, and            honesty, values, and freedom. Referring              and visit your locker every
tagne.                                          Tradition,” said Stephen, who insists                to his campaign, he said, “It’s about the            now and then. You will need
    As the only victor of the three, Ste-       that those are values still mean so much future of our state and the future of my                         to see a chiropractor weekly
phen, whose daughter Nicole is a sopho- to him and are values that he believes                       children.”                                           if you keep it up.
more at Trinity, will continue to crusade will be forever applicable.                                    Lamontagne ran his campaign with a                   The Lunch Line: You
for the values that he says he learned as           As a candidate, Stephen advocates                similar idea in mind.                                know the saying- “No cuts
a student at Trinity and as a boy working lower taxes, less government, and less                         “People are worried about the future             no buts no coconuts.” Well
at his father’s restaurant on Elm Street        spending in the face of what he calls a              of our country and are trying to appeal              in a way, that rule applies
in Manchester.                                                                                                                                            here. Since there are so many
    “I’ll always remember Trinity’s mot- Stephen is insistent upon the merit of                                     See POLITICIANS, Page 5               of you, the line for food is
                                                                                                                                                          much longer. However, cut-
                                                                                                                                                          ting the line to get ahead is

40th Homecoming for Trinity
                                                                                                                                                          not an option. It is so irritat-
                                                                                                                                                          ing. The food will not run
                                                                                                                                                          out, so just wait your turn.
                                                                                                                                                              Pool on the Roof and
             By Jess Sweeney                     Council.                                                                                                 Elevator Rumors- If some-
              Pioneer Staff                          The gym deco-                                                                                        one told you the old elevator
                                                 rating night “gets                                                                                       and a pool on the roof joke
   Trinity High School students, fac-            everyone excited for                                                                                     and you fell for them, I am
ulty and alumni got together the week            the upcoming ac-                                                                                         sure you won’t fall for them
of Sept. 19 to celebrate homecoming              tivities of the week,”                                                                                   again. An elevator would be
with many different activities that were         said Allie Doyle,                                                                                        nice but unless we want our
planned.                                         sophomore.                                                                                               tuition to go up, drastically,
   To begin the week, seniors, juniors,              The sophomores                                                                                       it will not happen in the near
sophomores and freshman went to the              won the spirit cup                                                                                       future.
McHugh Gym on Sept. 19 from 6-8                  with 310 spirit                                                                                              Respect Your Upper-
p.m. to set up for the pep rally on Sept.        points. Trailing be-                                                                                     classmen - This seems pretty
20. As it is every year, the freshmen side       hind by ten points                                                         Pioneer staff photo           common sense, but some it
was a chaotic disaster.                          were the seniors.      The Trinity football team lines up during this years homecoming                   takes some freshmen a while
   Even though the pep rally was on a            The juniors ended up game at Gill Stadium against Plymouth.
Monday instead of a Friday, it was still         with 250 points, and                          rally.                                                     simple; We’re older, you’re
a success.                                       the freshman with 130.                            “I think the pep rally went as good as                 younger therefore we don’t
                                                                                          - it possibly could have gone. Everybody                        want to hear your sass. Be
of my four years at Trinity. I’ve never          ell, Abby Mitchell, Emily Martin and          was into it. They were yelling, dancing,                   nice and make friends with
seen all the students so enthused,” said         Jake Hamel came up with new events            sweating, chanting; most people                            us, it will be better for you in
Abby Mitchell, vice president of Student         in the pep rally. They also ran the pep                                                                          See ADVICE, Page 5
                                                                                                          See HOMECOMING, Page 5
    Inside this issue:
    There’s a man behind the music                OMG, you like country?!                         SPORTS                                               THS at a glance...
    Alexis Kittle talks to junior                 Ryan Mitchell and Nicole                        You’re a soccer fan?
  Joey Libby about his music, what               Fell give boths sides of the ar-                 Natalie Kfoury weighs in on Soc-           10/8 - No Classes - teacher workshop
  inspires him, and some of his most             gument over country music.                      cer and the effects of the world cup        10/11 - No Classes - Columbus Day
  recent edeavors.                               See page 4                                      on the sports community.                    10/13 - Early Dismissal - Underclass-
                   See page 6                                                                                  See page 7                   men testing day and college visitation
                                                                                                                                            day for Seniors
   Guess who’s back? It’s Weezer!                 The newest members of the                        Athletes of the month                     10/23 - FIRST Robotics - NH VRC
   Natalie Kfoury reviews the new-               faculty and staff at Trinity an-                  Seniors Chelsey Serrano and
  est album from alternative-rock                swer questions from the Pioneer.                Robby Hoaglund have earned the           10/27 - Noon Dismissal - Open house
  band Weezer.                                   See Page 12                                     titles of girls and boys athlete of the for the class of 2015
   See page 10                                                                                   month, respectively.                     10/29 - First Quarter Ends
                                                                                                   See page 8
Page 2                                                                                   The Pioneer                                                               September 2010

  If only they knew Step away from the mirror, or
                                                                                    leave your camera at home
    If you attended this years       Yet as you hear their words,
Campus Ministry Banquet,          describing the school, with its
or even if you didn’t, you’ve     teachers, basketball games,
probably seen the Vision and      and packed benches outside
                                                                                       In an age where a friendly                                        drop, and a pose that would
Promise video, which com-
                                                                                    greeting at a party can turn              Joe Walsh                  make Snookie proud. You
memorates forty years of          might think they were de-
                                                                                    into a lifelong (sometimes                                           disgust me.
Trinity.                          scribing the school that we,
                                                                                    undesired, yet unavoidable)                OPINION                      Once I get past this
    Now, if you listened to the   ourselves, have come to know
                                                                                                                                                         disgust, though, I feel kind
words, you probably heard         and love.
                                                                                    impressions aren’t exactly as                                        of sad for you people. No
various current students read-       Keep in mind that Trinity,
                                                                                    important as they used to be.                                        matter how you slice it, it’s a
ing through what was called       over its forty years of exis-
                                                                                    Anyone can look nice at a
“The year the Pioneer died.”      tence, has seen many changes.
                                                                                    party, right?
Featured in the 1970 Bishop       The building has changed a
                                                                                       No, what matters more                                             one you take in a mirror.
Bradley yearbook, the pas-        bit, the number of students
                                                                                    nowadays is the second                                                  Is that really where you
sage eulogizes the pioneer,       has seen a high of over eight
                                                                                    impression - the one you                                             look your best? In your bath-
their school mascot, who          hundred and a low of just
                                                                                    get when you type in your         holding out a camera towards       room? You want the whole
was said to be dying with the     over three hundred students,
                                                                                    new buddies name under            my face. I’ll be honest, some-     world to see you posing in
school.                           and the faculty has gone from
                                                                                    “search” and make your            times I get scared that the        front of a bottle of Listerine?
    Later that year, the build-   being made up almost en-
                                                                                                              -       people staring back at me are      I do not respect that. Not one
ing’s doors were reopened         tirely of members of religious
                                                                                    cial”, or when you scanning       taking a picture. Most of the      bit.
under a new                                   orders to being
                            Editorial                                                                                 time, I think they just look          It’s not like it’s a lack
name: Trinity                                 entirely made up of
                                                                                                                  -   like tools.                        of photos, though. I mean,
High School, a                                lay people.
                                                                                    nore. The picture they see is                                        if you can take a photo of
combination of                                   Yet through all
St. Anthony’s, Bishop Brad-       the changes that 40 years has
                                                                                    all they’re ever really going     I mean, what did you               yourself in front of a mirror,
                                                                                    to remember of you.                                                  why can’t you take a photo
ley, and Immaculate. The          brought, Trinity High School                                                          ever think was at-
                                                                                        Now you’re probably                                              of you actually doing some-
building, however, was not        still embodies everything the
                                                                                    thinking, “this doesn’t ap-                                          thing, with a friend, prefer-
the only thing to transfer over Bishop Bradley Boys thought
                                                                                    ply to me. I love my pro-
                                                                                                                      tractive about taking              ably, just so that we know
from Bishop Bradley to Trin-      they were losing. With the
ity. The Pioneer, with all that
                                                                                    file picture. I look wicked         a picture of your-               that social networking sites
                                                                                    cute and my boyfriend/                                               aren’t you’re only means of
it represented for the Bishop     bathroom, everything they                                                             self in a bathroom
                                                                                    girlfriend told me that it                                           communication.
Bradley boys, became the          spoke of is still enjoyed by
                                                                                    made my eyes sparkle with                                                                           -
new symbol for what would         hundreds of students each
                                                                                    the intensity of a thousand
                                                                                                                              mirror?                    self in a situation where you
soon become the city’s only       year.
                                                                                    suns.” In reality, a lot of          I mean, what did you ever
catholic high school.                 The spirit of Trinity lives
                                                                                    you have a serious problem,       think was attractive about tak-    wants to take their picture
    The boys of Bishop Brad-      on, stronger now than ever,
                                                                                    and that is a case of mirror      ing a picture of yourself in a     with you...well then why
ley looked ahead to what they because of the people, not
                                                                                    photography.                      bathroom mirror? You’ve got        are you on Facebook? Get a
saw as the abyss; no more did because of the building we
                                                                                       That’s right, I don’t like     your toothpaste spittle all over   hobby. Build birdhouses or
they feel the Pioneer could be inhabit each day. We can walk
                                                                                    it. I do not enjoy clicking       the place, your power rangers      something. Do something
a true representative of what     through the halls here, run our
they had come to know and         hands on the lockers, and know                                                      shower curtain as a back-          productive with your life.
love about their school, be-      that Trinity is more than just
cause the school as they knew the physical. If only they knew
it, would no longer exist.        then, what we know now.
                                                                                    You really do look like a fool
                       The Pioneer                                                  with your pants on the ground
                                                                                        “Pants on the ground,                                                 Whatever the reason,
                                                                                                                            Alexis Kittle
                             Editor-in-Cheif                                        pants on the ground, lookin’                                         people everywhere are “rock-
                               Joe Walsh                                            like a fool with your pants on                                       ing” this “cool look.”
                                                                                    the ground!”                               OPINION                       To be honest, if there was
                                                                                        Whether or not you’re                                            one “cool look” I could get
      News Editors                                 Sports Editors                   a fan of American Idol, I’m                                          rid of, it would be this one.
     Ryan Mitchell                                 Aubrey Legasse                   willing to bet all the money in                                           I don’t care how “cool”
     Tiffany Keenan                                 Jess Sweeney                    my back pocket that you’ve                                           or “gangsta” you think you
                                                                                    heard (or at least heard about)                                      are.
       A&E Editors                                 Opinions Editor                  those lyrics. The song they                                              When your pants ap-
      Natalie Kfoury                                 Nicole Fell                    come from, properly titled                                           pear to be constantly falling
                                                                                    “Pants On The Gound,” was                                            down, you look incredibly
       Alexis Kittle                                                                brought to American ears last                                        stupid. It’s not going to get
                                                                                                                      food court, local park, or
                                                  Broadcast Editor                  year by Idol hopeful General      almost anywhere else, and          you any respect or “street
                                                    Ciara Speller                   Larry Platt.                      you’ll see exactly what I’m        cred.” When I see people
                                                                                                                      talking about.                     looking like that, all I can
                                                                                    seems incredibly silly. After         Kids and young adults,         think is, “I don’t want to
                               Staff Writers                                        all, here’s a guy rapping                                            see your undies, please and
                                                                                                                      mostly male and some not
      Meaghan Barker                                 Eric Kallander                 about pants.                      even in the realm of puberty,      thanks.”
                                                                                        But in actuality, Platt was   will be walking around with            Honestly, I can’t tell you
      Russell Beeson                                Aidan Manning
                                                                                    warning us all about a plague     their pants hanging some-          how disturbing it is to be
      Kasie Bourque                                Jacob St. Germain                that’s sweeping, no, swiffer-                                        enjoying a day of innocent
                                                                                                                      where around their knees.
       Maegan Conti                                Abbey Thompson                   ing, the nation, taking out           Last time I checked,           people-watching only be
      Allison Doherty                               Christina Tomao                                               -                                      shocked and surprised to see
      Meredith Farrell                                                              ting pants.                       waist, not the kneecaps.These      nothing but underpants.
                                                                                         You’ve seen them. I          people, however, don’t seem             Guys and girls, it’s time
                                  Advisory                                          know you have. There’s            to care.                           to face the truth. You don’t
                                                                                    almost no way to avoid               Whether this style is an        look cool or “street” or any-
             Mrs. Terri Greene Henning, adviser                                     them, unless you’re blind or                                         thing even vaguely resem-
                                                                                                                      expression of personality,
                Mr. Denis Mailloux, principal                                       walk around with your eyes        culture, or pure laziness, I       bling attractive.
            Mr. Steven Gadecki, assistant principal                                 closed.                           honestly couldn’t tell you.            You just don’t, and there’s
             Mr. Patrick Smith, dean of students                                        I would never normally        I’ve never had the desire to       an excellent chance that you
                                                  recommend self-imposed            pull my pants halfway down         never will.
                                                                                    blindness, but in this case, I    and expose my underwear,               So I beg of you, for the
 Opinions expressed in signed and unsigned letters to the editor, opinion pieces,   think I can make an excep-        and I truly don’t understand       love of God and all that is
 and columns are not necessarily those of The Pioneer, its staff, or Trinity High   tion.                             why anyone would feel the          holy, pull up your pants.No-
 School. If you do not see your side of the argument, we invite you to submit a         Take a seat in your mall’s    urge to do so.                     body wants to see that.
 letter to the editor via e-mail to
September 2010                                                                The Pioneer                                                                           Page 3

Joey Libby: Trinity’s musical phenomenon
           By Alexis Kittle               Four days                                                          tar, his instrument   which Joey recently became a member.
            Pioneer Staff                 later, Andrew                                                      of choice, but also      “It’s challenging,” Joey said of the
                                          passed away.                                                       the drums, bass       chorus. “It’s a lot different. I’m used to
   Nowadays, it seems like every              “He’s my                                                       guitar, piano, and
                                          inspiration,”                                                      synthesizer, all      I’m copying what someone else does.
think they’re rockstars because they      Libby said. “I                                                     of which he plays     It’s strange.”
can strum out a few notes on guitar       like talking                                                       himself.                  After becoming such a musical hit
and kids who think they’ve got it         about him.”                                                            “I like playing   within the Trinity halls, Joey took the
made because they can sing with               Andrew,                                                        every instrument,”    next logical step: he became an of-
some semblance of talent.                 Joey also said,                                                    Joey said. “I like
    Joey Libby, a junior, is certainly    is the reason                                                      the control.”             Joey lights up when he talks about
not one of those kids.                    that faith is a                                                        Despite his       how he feels to have his music out
    He is a rockstar, and he’s got more   prominent as-                                                      talent with other     there for all the world to appreciate.
talent than most people would know        pect in Joey’s                                                     instruments, the           “The best part is getting to the
what to do with.                          life.                                                              guitar remains        crowds that don’t know you, you
    In case you’ve spent the past year        “Andrew                                                        Joey’s favorite.      know? The fact that my music is
completely oblivious to your sur-         brought                                                                “I used to play   downloadable all over the world gives
roundings (or you’re new to the Trin-     people to God.                                                     the saxophone,        me the determination to keep going,”
ity scene), you probably know exactly     I feel like he’s                                                   and I hated it. But   he said.
                                                                                         Pioneer Staff Photo
who Joey Libby is. He’s that fun,         always there,                                                      then I picked up          Currently, Joey has one song listed
                                                            Juinior Joey Libby performs an original song
                                          guiding me.       during Trinity Week last year in McHugh          the guitar, and it    for sale on itunes, self-written and
whole lot of depth.                       I’m going         Gymnasium.                                       was just so easy. I   titled “7 Months.”
                                          to make my                                                         didn’t get bored. I       Though Joey is incredibly dedicat-
he was twelve years old. He started a     rights and                                                         didn’t lose it.”      ed to his music, he admitted that not
band with one of his cousins and his      wrongs, but Andrew always pulls me to                                               -    everyone seemed to realize his depth
best friend.                              God,” said Libby.                            ists like Switchfoot and Blink-182,         and dedication.
    “We were pretty bad,” Libby said          Although religion is important to        aims to be original “I always made               “People think I’m stupid because
when describing the band. “But it was     Joey, he says that he isn’t a Christian      up songs and music myself. I never          I speak my mind, but honestly, I think
awesome.”                                 artist.                                      learned other bands’ stuff.”                there’s an emotional side to every-
    Joey’s best friend and bandmate,          “I don’t write worship stuff,” Lib-          What comes next shouldn’t be sur-       one,” he said.
Andrew, lived half the year in Hook-      by said. “I write more about positive        prising to anyone. Joey not only writes          Joey plans to continue his musi-
sett, New Hampshire and half the year     messages, you know? I write about            his own lyrics, but he sings them as        cal career through high school and
in Florida. The year after the band got   living life day-to-day without writing well. About his vocal talents, he said,           beyond.
                                          about all the downs.”                        “I know I’m not great, but I love it, and       “My parents want me to get a
for a visit. The day after he returned                                                 I want to get better.”                      bachelor’s degree or something,” Joey
home to New Hampshire, he got a           he’s currently working on a solo ca-             A group that helps such students get    said, “but honestly, I can’t see myself
call. Andrew had fallen into a coma.      reer. His songs not only include gui-        better vocally is the Trinity chorus, of    doing anything else.”

Bigger band makes for bigger sound                                                                Trinity transforms for a night
    By Natalie Kfoury          been with the program for      player, I do hope to really                By Aubrey Legasse               Brother Paul Crawford, for his
       Pioneer Staff           four years.                    contribute and be a vital                     Pioneer Staff                actions of devotion in the com-
                                   Jenkins hopes that the     part.”                                                                     munity, and Auxiliary Bishop of
       In years past, the      program’s growth will en-          Of course, getting used            More than 300 Trinity stu-          Quebec, Bishop Gerald Lacroix,
Christmas and spring           able him to lead the band in   to having such a large              dents, parents, teachers and           the night’s guest of honor and
concerts that the Trinity      ways that were not possible    number of musicians will            alumni came together on Sept.          keynote speaker. class of 1975.
band carefully prepares        when there were fewer          be a learning curve for the         23 to kick off Trinity High                “[Trinity] gives you an all-
for are often not well at-     participants.                  group as a whole.                   School’s fortieth anniversary          around Catholic education and
tended. Perhaps this year,         “The growth gives us           “There is a huge new            with the annual Campus Min-            the foundation you need to face
the size alone of the band     more options to do not only    wave of talent. Some                istry Banquet in the McHugh            what’s on the other side of the
will be able to change that.   jazz songs but also more       people are new to the               Gymnasium.                             street come graduation day,” said
The program, led by band       traditional pieces,” said      whole band experience,                  The before-hand prepera-           Lacroix.
teacher Mr. Jeff Jenkins,      Jenkins.                       but we should all get bet-          tions were time-consuming, and             Many of the guests were im-
usually has around 16              While the band will        ter together with time and          many parents, theology classes         pressed with the banquet, includ-
students.                      continue to play at some       experience,” Dolan said.            and teachers worked together to        ing Brother Paul Crawford.
   This year, partially as     open houses along with             Freshmen, such as Joe           make it happen. Mr. Joe Ma-                “I am so used to coming to
a result of the large fresh-   its annual Christmas and       Lamontagne, who are new             linowski, Mr. Denis Mailloux           the gym when the basketball
man class, the band has 31     spring shows, Jenkins and      to the Trinity band, look           and Mr. Brian Flaherty were a          games are going on and to see
members.                       members also look forward      forward to this year and            few among the many staff mem-          the gym transformed like this is
    “Last year, we had four    to playing as a pep band at    many years to come.                 bers who contributed their time        spectacular,” said Brother Paul
trumpets; this year, we        basketball games. Play-            “I am excited for this          and effort to make the banquet a       Crawford.
have seven,” said senior       ing as a pep band was an       year, because the band is re-       success.                                    After the food was cleared
band member Ashley Cavi-       activity that was enjoyed      ally talented and we will be            “The whole purpose of the          away, the awards presented and
gnano.                         by members last year and       playing some challenging            banquet was to come together           the speeches given, the banquet
    In addition to the seven   will hopefully occur more      music. Mr. Jenkins is a great       as a school to honor individuals,      concluded with a video presenta-
trumpets, this year’s band     frequently this year.          teacher and knows how to            special groups, and ministries         tion, Trinity High School: Vision
also features two bassists,        While Cavignano and        make band fun,” Lamon-              who live out the mission and car-      and Promise, which was created
                               fellow senior Ryan Mitch-      tagne, a saxaphonist, said.         ry on the charism of our Campus        by Mrs. Terri Henning.
one trombone, six saxo-        ell will be leaving the            It is a new era for the         Ministry’s namesake, Pope John             Junior Kiersten Photaides
phones, one guitarist, one     band program next year,        Trinity High School band,           Paul II,” said Trinity’s Campus        said Mr. Malinowski and the
pianist and two percussion-    junior members such as         one that has high hopes for         Minister, Mr. Joe Malinowski.          many student and parent volun-
ists.                          Pat Dolan, Kyle Hebert         the outstanding and talented            A select few were honored          teers did a wonderful job with
    The increase of new        and Kristen Van Uden will      group. With the changes             at the banquet and received the        decorating the gym during the
members has caused the         be waiting in the wings to     will come new memories              “Witness to Hope” awards. The          day.
band’s potential to be even    be student leaders of the      and hopefully greater suc-          honorees included the Duf-                 Many guests were in agree-
greater than it was in years   group and to give back to a    cess.                                                            -         ment that the banquet was a
past.                          program that has offered so        “I’ve learned so many           ous generosity of time towards         success in starting Trinity’s 40th
    “[With the addition of     much.                          great skills that deal with         Manchester Catholic schools,           year celebration, and the celebra-
new members,] we will be           “The band has taught       leadership and working              and three Trinity students, Em-        tion will continue throughout the
able to play a wider variety   me a lot about the more        together as a group. These          ily Bourque, Emily Martin and          school year.
of songs. We will be able      logical side of music, the     four years have been great,         Taylor Levesque, for taking their          “This was a beautiful event,
to have more variations        science and the reading of     and I’ve made memories              junior year theology projects          and it was great to see so many
musically in our pieces,”      it,” Dolan said, “Next year,   that will always stay with          and turning them into ongoing          people reconnecting after all
said Cavignano, who has        in being the primary bass      me,” Cavignano said.                outreach programs.                     these years,” said Mr. Brian
                                                                                                      The other honorees were            Flaherty.
Page 4                                                                       The Pioneer                                                             September 2010

Trinity’s own mountain man                                                                                Trinity seniors use theology
   By Natalie Kfoury
                                                                                                          project to change kids’ lives
       Pioneer Staff                                                                                                                        Londonderry and New
                                                                                                               By Tiffany Keenan            Hampshire Oncology in
   Instead of playing video                                                                                       Pioneer Staff             Hooksett.
games as an adolescent, Mr.                                                                                                                     Unfortunately, due to pri-
Tristan Perry, an American                                                                                    Hope, courage, and under-     vacy matters, Emily and Em-
history teacher at Trinity                                                                                standing: three words, three      ily are not able to personally
High School, enjoyed dig-                                                                                 feelings, and three nouns that    distribute the kits to chil-
                                                                                                          seniors Emily Bourque and         dren. However, girls have
the wilds of Boulder, Wyo-                                                                                Emily Martin wish upon chil-      seen a reaction on a young
ming.                                                                                                     dren whose parents have been      child’s face when receiving
    Perry spent his childhood                                                                             diagnosed with cancer and         a kit. “It was a great feeling”
and high school years in                                                                                  are undergoing treatment.         said Bourque. “The child
Boulder, a town with an ap-                                                                                   Created for their junior      was so happy, and the mother
proximate population of 75.                                                                               social justice theology project   was in tears,” she said.
In Boulder, Perry, the young-                                                                             called, “Love Your Neigh-             Money at random has
est in his family, lived in a                                                                             bor,” Kids for the Cure is        been handed to the girls,
log cabin with his parents,                                                                               an organization that helps        Celtics tickets have been
and four half-sisters.                                                                                    children cope with the idea       donated, along with Liquid
    “[Growing up in Boulder]                                                                              of “mommy and daddy hav-          Planet Water Park passes.
was super fun. I had a lot of                                                                             ing cancer.” Both Emilys          Close to $1,000 has been
freedom to do kid things,                                                                                 were unaware- that such a         raised. The girls hope to
like running around, playing                                                                              project could grow to be such     raise more money to make
without technology,” Perry                                                                                a success.                        more batches of kits.
said, “It’s a wild place. It’s                                                                                Both girls have been
the wild, wild west!”                                                                                     through the tough experience      the girl’s decision on college.
    Perry’s family was new                                                                                of the cancer process with        “Hearing about the differ-
to Boulder society. With                                                    Photo Courtesy of Mr. Perry   their mothers. Fortunately,       ence we have made has been
a father hailing from New         Mr. Tristan Perry energetically climbs “The Nose” on El Capitan         their mothers have won their      so rewarding and made me
                                  in Yosemite National Park.This 3,000 foot ascent proved to be the       battles; Emily Bourque’s
Jersey and his mother from                                                                                                                  realize that I want to make a
                                  toughest Perry has endured in his rock climbing career.                 mom became cancer-free in
France, Perry and his family                                                                                                                difference in the lives of chil-
were outsiders to the Boulder     that hiking became more and           “I love it, the support of        third grade and Emily Mar-        dren through my career after
community.                        more powerful in his life.        the faculty, and the kids are         tin’s mom, as well, during        college,” said Bourque.
                                      “The urge to climb grew                                    -        Emily’s junior year.              The Union Leader has fea-
attitude out there, like the      more and more powerful            ent than what I am used to.               “We know how hard it          tured the organization and,
‘Good Old Boys Club’ that         until it became sort of an        I think, for me, it’s the city        was, and we wanted to help,”      recently,, a
we weren’t part of, although      obsession,” Perry said, as        life. I’m not used to living in       said Martin.                      website promoting children
I tried. It was a weird culture   he now climbs every week-         a town like this,” Perry said.             “Having a parent with        that take action to make the
out there. Half of the boys       end. He mainly spends these       In addition to teaching, Perry        cancer, as you must know,         world a better place, made
were like cowboys, and I had      trips up in Franconia Notch,      is known for being a strong           isn’t easy and being young        their project the project of the
                                  where Cannon Cliff, which is      mentor of those who par-              and not understanding can         day.
I wanted to dress up like a       roughly 1,000 feet tall and a                                           be especially tough,” said            “I really hope that we can
cowboy,” Perry said.              mile wide, is a favorite spot.    ski team, two sports that he          Bourque.                          continue our project. I can
    After growing up in Boul-         Last spring, Perry trav-      coaches.                                  The money raised is fac-      speak for both of us when I
der, Perry traveled across the    eled out to Yosemite National        “Mr. Perry has been a                                                say that what we have done
country to New Hampshire          Park, where he climbed            great coach. Ever since I             with teddy bears, Beanie Ba-      has changed our lives forever
in order to attend Dartmouth      “The Nose” on El Capitan, a                                             bies, journals, pamphlets on      and changed our outlook on
College.                          3,000- foot vertical rock for-    he’s been really patient and          cancer, candy, toys, person-      things. It’s amazing how huge
    “I knew that I wanted to      mation. “The Nose” proved         helpful. He’s the one that            ally made bracelets, coloring     something can become if you
get out of Wyoming, and           to be the hardest and most        taught me how to do javelin           books, and two books: When        stick with it, and we are so
New Hampshire was far, far        enduring climb that Perry has     and stayed late after practice        Someone You Love Has Can-         proud of our organization and
away. I had never been to         ever faced.                       with me a few times to prac-          cer, written by Alaric Lewis,     the difference that Kids for the
New Hampshire, but I had                                            tice it with me, even when            and Our Family Has Cancer,        Cure has really made. Look-
heard about Dartmouth, and I      spent the night on the wall,”     it was raining out, which I re-       by Christine Clifford. The        ing back, I honestly don’t
knew they had a ski team. It      Perry said, explaining that       ally appreciated,” said junior        books explain that it is okay     think we would have done
was the best school that I got    to camp out on the wall is a      Christine Fontaine, a track           to have emotions and feel-        anything differently,” said
into,” he said.                   process called to bivouac or      team member.                          ings, explained Martin.           Bourque.
    As a freshman at Dart-        to bivy.                              One thing for sure can                Martin and Bourque send           For more information on
mouth, Perry discovered a             Climbing is something         be said about Tristan Perry:          the kits to Oncology Centers      ways to help or donate visit:
particular interest of his that   that Perry feels he will al-      he is not a man who can be            around southern New Hamp-
has become a major part of        ways have to improve on. No       easily held down to one spot.         shire, including the Dana         kidsforthecure/home, or
his life: climbing.               matter how good he is at the      Whether it is climbing, or            Farber Cancer Institute in        check them out on Facebook.
    During the spring break       pastime now, he sees himself      teaching or any sort of other
of his freshman year in col-      as constantly being able to       thing that catches his eye,
lege, Perry embarked on a         surpass his skills.               Perry is likely to chase it
road trip to Bishop, Califor-         “Like a lot of things in      down and make the most out
nia, where he and a group         life, you want to build up        of it.
of other student climbers         on that accomplishment. So,           “I want to travel. [I want
took on the Eastern Sierras.      you exceed your expectations      to do things] that would
Perry explained that he was       by trying bigger and harder       take me to places I haven’t
mentored under the “white-        and maybe more dangerous          been before. I sort of have a
haired, eccentric godfather of    things,” he said.                 philosophy: if I haven’t done
Dartmouth climbing.”                  This year, Mr. Perry en-      something or been some-
  “I was hooked,” Perry said      ters his fourth year at THS, a    where, I do want to do those
of the trip. He soon found        place that he praises greatly.    things,” Perry said.

                                                                      Good luck to all
                                                                       our Pioneers
                                                                       from Mr. and
                                                                      Mrs. Emile Tetu.
September 2010                                                               The Pioneer                                                                                 Page 5

                                               From Page One
POLITICIANS                                                                                                                                        ADVICE
Continued from page 1                                                                                                                              Continued from page 1

to the youth,” said Lamontagne.                                                                                                                    the long run.
    Lamontagne, who entered the race                                                                                                                  Manage Your Time
as a seasoned veteran of politics after a                                                                                                          - We know this is something
campaign for governor in 1996 and as                                                                                                               that everyone at this school
the New Hampshire state chair of Dan
Quayle’s 1999 presidential campaign,                                                                                                               out and the next three years
garnered massive recognition, even on a                                                                                                            you will be golden. We know
national level for being what NPR radio                                                                                                            you’d rather be talking to
show host Laura Ingraham called “the                                                                                                               your boyfriend or girlfriend
only true conservative” in New Hamp-                                                                                                               that you’ve been dating for a
shire’s Senate race.                                                                                                                               whole two weeks rather than
    “Our country is in a national security                                                                                                         your English homework but
crisis, an economical crisis, and a moral                                                                                                          seriously we think you can
crisis right now; we don’t respect life,”                                                                                                          spare a half-hour.
said Lamontagne, whose boldness as                                                                                                                     You Always Go to the
a completely pro-life candidate was a                                                                                                              Right, Didn’t You Ever
relatively unique quality in comparison                                                 Photos courtesy of Trinity High School yearbook archives   Learn That? - Honestly
to almost every other candidate.              Clockwise from top left, Rich Ashooh, class of ’82, John Stephen, class of ’80, and Ovide            there is a reason why there
    Lamontagne had been down in the polls     Lamontagne, class of ’75.                                                                            are two doors! You go to the
by huge numbers, behind winner Kelly                                                                                                               right, and the people in the
Ayotte and business tycoon Bill Binnie.                                                     shire after traveling the state for their              other direction do the same.
However, endorsements from not only          while he was a student at Trinity were         campaigns. All three candidates believe                If you learn this getting
Ingraham, but also the Union Leader, the     the values that he took with him to the        New Hampshire is a unique state where                  through the hallways won’t
Nashua Telegraph, and the Keene Sentinel,    campaign.                                      people not only care deeply about their
led to an almost-surprise upset.                 “What I loved at Trinity was always        community but also care deeply about                   isn’t that hard, assuming you
    Lamontagne and his supporters believe    making a difference…Trinity taught me          their freedom.                                         all know your right from
that his last minute surge was due to an     that you needed to take responsibility             “Everywhere I go, I am struck by the               your left, and if you don’t,
authenticity that many feel has been lack-   for the community around you. [Trinity]        resiliency of the people I meet. Every-                well that’s a different story
ing in politics for quite some time now.     builds the kind of caring that leads one to    where, people are concerned about our                  we don’t feel like getting
    “Students at Trinity were looking        care about their community,” said Ashooh.      economy,” said Stephen.                                into. Just stick to the right,
for authenticity in the 1970s. The 1970s        Ashooh ran a campaign based not                 Even with everything these three can-              and we’re problem free.
were a crazy time and leadership was         only on the principles of limited govern-      didates have in common as conservative
being challenged and people were look-       ment and less spending but also on the         Republicans, Trinity graduates, seeming-               of advice: relax. We know
ing for authenticity the same way they       reform of our government as a body             ly honest citizens, and active members of              high school seems extremely
still are today,” said Lamontagne.           that should listen to the people of our        the community, there’s still one unifying              over-whelming right now,
    This lack of authenticity is what        country and should strive to effectively       theme that stands out among these men:                 but give it a month or two
Ashooh also mentions as one of his big-      solve problems. This is something that         service to their community.                            and Trinity will feel like
gest reasons for entering the race.          Lamontagne also fervently believes in.             This service is something that all                 your second home. It’s not
    “I joined the race because I saw an          “The people are king and the gov-          insist they learned while they were stu-               going to happen overnight,
absence of values,” said Ashooh.             ernment is there in order to serve the         dents at Trinity, and it is something they             but Class of ’14, we promise
    Ashooh, like Stephen and Lamon-          people,” said Lamontagne.                      all promise they will never forget.                    it will happen. Just wait a
tagne, also praises his Trinity education        The three candidates also all spoke             “The lessons that you learn at Trin-
                                             highly of the citizens of New Hamp-            ity will stick with you for the rest of                one day, hopefully sooner
                                                                                                                                                   rarher than later.
                                                                                                                                                      Welcome to Trinity kids,
HOMECOMING                                   Martin and Gideon Nyakundi as Tiger               Students also participated in the annual
                                                                                                                                                   enjoy the next four years and
Continued from page 1                        Woods and his now ex-wife Elin; Holly          “I Can! You Can! We Can!” Food Drive
                                                                                                                                                   make the most out your high
                                             O’Connor and Nate Provencher as
                                                                                                                                                   school experience because
said it was the best one we’ve ever had.     Snooki and Mike the Situation; Cal-            Bank. The goal was 5,000 cans, with the
                                                                                                                                                   you only get one.
Believe it or not, the Trinity Week pep      lan Leonard and Shaelyn Cole as Bella          school as a whole brought in 3,140.
rally will be even better. The pep rally     Swan and Edward Cullen; and Zach Ste-             This year the seniors brought in 1,515
was an amazing way to kick off not           vens and Abby Mitchell as Tom Brady            cans, the most out of the four classes.
only the homecoming week, but the rest       and his wife Gisele.                              According to Campus Minister Mr.                    Check out our photo of
of this year. It got everybody excited.         Emily Martin and Callan Leonard             Malinowski, there may be another food                      the day blog!
We were pumped,” said Ryan Mitchell,         earned the most votes and were crowned         drive later in the year. “This is one of
president of Student Council.                Homecoming king and queen during half-         the ways the most amounts of students
    At the end of the pep rally, as tradi-   time at the football game on Friday night.     can give back,” said Mr. Malinowski.                          Find it at:
tion, the entire school gathered on the         “Friday night was a blast. I worked            To end the week, the Pioneers played                 http://trinityinfocus.
                                             the concession stand all night with my         Plymouth at Gill Stadium, with the game
   Also a homecoming tradition is            basketball girls. That might have been the     preceding the homecoming dance, which            
the Homecoming Court. This year’s            best part, or the fact that I smelled like     took place in the cafe from 9-11 p.m. The
couples were Adriana Jodoin and Ryan         hot dog when I was announced Home-             Trinity Pioneers won the game, 39-6.
Mitchell as Posh and Beckham; Emily          coming queen,” said Emily Martin.                 See page 11 for the game story.
Page 6                                                                      The Pioneer                                                                         September 2010

       NEWS BRIEF                                                          Trinity girls run Girls State
                  Freshman             Retreat                                   By Natalie Kfoury              Nationalists, the girls in each      Peggy Gilmore and Senator
                                                                                    Pioneer Staff               party then divided into three        Mac D’Alessandro.
    On Aug. 30, the freshman class of Trinity High School                                                                                                Girls State was successful
had a day of getting to know each other and themselves at                     From June 27 to July 3,           the town, city, and country.         at bringing students from all
the Camp Allen freshman retreat.                                           Trinity High School seniors              The program also gave the        over the state to an environ-
    At the beginning of the day, senior Ryan Mitchell de-                  Corrine Dolan and Lauryn Al-         participants the opportunity to      ment where there was learn-
scribed his years at Trinity as a bag of Doritos where his bag             bee participated in a program                                     -       ing, growth and fun.
is “three quarters empty and [the freshman’s] bag is com-                  called Girls State at Rivier         tions. Each party elected a              “People came from all over
pletely full,” reminding the freshman to savor their years                 College in Nashua.                   governor, governor’s council         New Hampshire, and even
here, as it goes by quickly.                                                  Girls State is a leadership       and chair persons. They then         though we were split into dif-
     Games were one way the freshman got to know each                      conference where female stu-         presented bills, learned about       ferent parties, that didn’t stop
other. Students answered questions about themselves in                     dents going into their senior        the campaign process and had         people from talking to each
games such as Trinity freshman bingo and speed dating,                     year of high school create a         legislation sessions.                other and making friends,”
whereas gun, gorilla, ninja and drip, drip, drop were games                mock government where they               Dolan, who was a Nation-         Albee said.
that involved competition.                                                                                      alist, ran for and was elected           The program is one that
     Religious activities that let students get to know more               the duties of their respected        into the governor’s council.         will certainly have a last-
about themselves were directed by theology teachers Mr.                    position. There is also a par-       Albee was also able to obtain        ing effect on both Dolan and
Flaherty and Ms. Girard as well as campus ministry director,               ticular emphasis on learning         a position on the governor’s         Albee, as the lessons they
Mr. Malinowski. One religious activity the students took                   how to be an active member           council, after losing the posi-      learned will be lifelong.
part in consisted of writing responses to conscience exam-                 in each girl’s respective com-       tion of town clerk in a previ-           “I think Girls State helped
                                                                           munity at home.                      ous election.                        us learn how government
ended, the students folded the paper with their answers on it                  Hosted by Rivier College,            “I helped make decisions         works and it helped us be able
                                                                           approximately 50 girls got a         on amending, passing and             to make educated decisions on
    Other religious activities the students were involved in               taste of college life as they        vetoing various bills,” Albee        politics as we get older. I am
were writing a letter to themselves on their academic goals                lived in the dorms in close          said as she and others worked        very glad that I did it. It’s not
that will be given to them in their senior year and an exer-               quarters and had classes in the      together to make their mock          just government, it’s a chance
cise where the freshman were shown passages in the Bible                   college’s classrooms.                government a success.                to meet new people and learn
and how they relate to their own life.                                         “It was easy to bond with            The girls had many gov-          things,” Albee said.
                                                                           the other girls because there        ernment related opportuni-               For more information on
                                                                           were 50 girls in one hallway,”       ties, such as taking a trip to       New Hampshire’s Girls State
                                                                           Dolan said.                          the State House in Concord           program, go to http://girlsna-
                                                                              After being split into two        and meeting Governor John  
                                                                           parties, the Federalists and the     Lynch, State Representative          asp.

  Above: Pioneer Staff Photo; Below: Photo courtesy of Harrison Williams
 On Aug. 25, Trinity High School welcomed the Class of 2014.
 The 126 members of the class met with administrators and ran
 through an abbreviated schedule of their classes before heading
 to the gymnasium for an afternoon of activities planned and led
 by members of the senior class. On Sept. 13, the Class of 2014

 Cole Desrosiers (president), James Gallagher (vice president),
 Joseph Lamontagne (secretary), Bryan Dufour (treasurer), and
 Mallory Manning and Michael Pitt (co-public relations). Above:
 the Class of 2014 gathers to create a 2-0-1-4 during orientation.
 Below: the freshman whirl in a high-energy orientation activ-
 ity. To view the video from orientation, visit our vimeo page at                                                                                                     Pioneer Staff Photo                                                 Students and parents gathered for the College Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 22, from 6:30 to 8:30 p. m.

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    and our previous issues online at

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                                                                                                                      How about we make the
                                                                                                                      ‘World’s Game’ our game?
                                                                                                                          June              NATALIE KFOURY            cess, newspapers
                                                                                                                      11, 2010                                        hailed the team
                                                                                                                      marked the                 OPINION              and soccer jerseys
                                                                                                                      beginning                                       began popping up
                                                                                                                      of the 19th                                     everywhere.
                                                                                                                      FIFA World                                          Then, well, we
                                                                                                                      Cup, which                                      lost.
                                                                                                                      is arguably                                         America made
                                                                                                                      the great-                                      it to the Round
                                                                                                                      est sports                                      of 16, but fell to
                                                                                                                      tournament                                      Ghana. Just like
                                                                                                                      in the world.                                   that, the nearly
                                                                                                                      The month                                       instantaneous
                                                                                                                      long World Cup occurs every love Americans had acquired
                                                                                                                      four years, and it is the pride   for soccer vanished. No
                                                                                                                      and passion of many nations       longer was our hero, Landon
                                                                                                                      around the world.                 Donovan, a household name.
                                                                                                                          The FIFA World Cup is         It was as if he had never mat-
                                                                                       Jess Sweeney / Pioneer Staff   the world’s most viewed           tered at all.
The Trinity High School footbal team makes a play during the homecoming game on Friday, Sept. 24 against Plym-        sporting event, attracting           Why, America, why?
outh Regional High School. The Pioneers went on to defeat Plymouth 39-6.                                                                                    Perhaps it is due to the
                                                                                                                      715.1 million viewers world-
                                                                                                                      wide for the 2006 World Cup lack of soccer reporting in

Pioneers crush Plymouth                                                                                                                                 the area. Open up a Union
                                                                                                                      France. To most of the world, Leader after a New Eng-
                                                                                                                      this isn’t a surprise, as soccer land Revolution or a Boston

Bobcats at homecoming
                                                                                                                      is viewed all year, every year. Breakers (our local Major
                                                                                                                          It is a pretty indisput-      League Soccer and Women’s
                                                                                                                      able fact that Americans, as      Premier Soccer League
                                                                                                                      a whole support basketball,       teams) game. See the results
  By Jake St. Germain and             Chambers each contributed to                                                    baseball and football over        on the front page of the
      Aidan Manning                   the drive.                             5 yards for a touchdown that             soccer. While soccer is con-      sports? Probably not.
                                         Hoaglund ran 36 yards for           put the game out of reach for            sidered “The World’s Game,”           Or, perhaps it’s the fact
    On Friday, Sept. 24, the          the touchdown and Hughes               MV.                                      you would not know it living that most people are under
Trinity football team de-             ran in the 2-point conver-                                                      in America. Which is why I        the impression that soccer
stroyed Division IV rival,            sion with two minutes and 43           fourth quarter displayed some            am surprised every four years is a boring sport. If so, how
Plymouth Regional High                secondsleft to make it 24-0 to         young talent as Zach Poole,              when Americans begin to           can such a boring game be
School, in the homecoming                                                    a freshman, ran for 20 yards.            catch “World Cup Fever.”          loved by millions around the
game, with a score of 39-6.               The kick off was returned          On the next play Jerry Robin-                Every four years, I notice    world? If it’s so boring, why
   Trinity added to Plym-             by Trinity to the 38-yard              son ran the ball 10 yards for a          a lot of talk about the World     did you suddenly become a
outh’s losing streak to two           line. Trinity’s drive took 10          touchdown.                               Cup. People have viewing          fan in June?
games. The Plymouth Bob-              minutes off the clock but only             Trinity’s second game of             parties and really get into the      While Major League
cats held the nation’s longest        resulted in a punt.                    the year was against the Ha-             excitement of it all. As an       Soccer and Women’s Pre-
winning streak, at 57 games,              The punt was returned 46           nover Marauders (0-4). The               avid soccer fan, I view this as mier Soccer League are not
before being defeated by              yards to the 13 yard line by           game was a close, defensive              something completely great,       the most popular of soccer
Kennett 20-9 on Friday, Sept.         Plymouth.                              battle but, in the end, Trin-            for the sport that I share        leagues around the world,
17.                                       Plymouth ran in a 5 yard           ity defeated the Marauders               my love for with the world        support for local teams is
    In the homecoming game            touchdown to make it 24-6              24-14.                                                                 -   vital to any sports fan. How
against the Plymouth Bobcats,         with 46 seconds left in the                Next, the Pioneers trav-             tention.                          would you feel if people
the Bobcats won the toss and          third.                                 eled to Laconia to face the                  This year, Americans          stopped caring about the
elected to receive the ball.              Trinity would go on to             Sachems in a battle of two un-           became mesmerized by the          Patriots or Red Sox?
   The Bobcats’ usually               score two more times, once by          defeated teams. Trinity came             players Landon Donovan,               Give soccer a chance.
explosive offense stalled on          Chambers and once by Carrier           out strong and was up 12-0 at            Clint Dempsey and Tim             There are hard working men
                                                                             half time.                               Howard who deserve their          and women who play to bring
and out and was forced to                 With the win against                   Laconia had three special            love and affection. They          honor to our country. If you
punt.                                 Plymouth, Trinity increased            team touchdowns in the sec-              became household names.           consider yourself a sports
   It then only took three            its winning streak to 4-0. The         ond half, but Trinity’s offense          Their hard work to bring na-      fan, consider tuning into an
plays for Trinity to reach            Pioneers started the season at         dominated with a total of 308            tional attention to American      MLS or WPSL game. You
the end zone on a 35 yard             home with a strong 48-0 win                                                     soccer seemed to be paying        might just enjoy it as much as
touchdown run by junior Josh          over Merrimack Valley.                 25-22.                                   off. Facebook statuses were       you enjoyed that World Cup
                                          The Pioneers scored early                                                   outbursts of World Cup suc-       game.
   On Trinity’s second drive          and often in the Merrimack
they had good position inside         Valley game starting with
the 35-yard line. Ryan Carrier
ran the ball 12 yards to get          when Adam Chambers capped
Trinity to the 20-yard line. A        off the drive by running
couple penalties put the ball         through a hole in the defense
on the 14-yard line.                  for a touchdown.
   Rob Hoaglund ran the ball              At the end of the half the
10 yards for a touchdown              score was 28-0.Chambers had
with 5.4 seconds left in the          two touchdowns, while Hoa-
                                      glund and Hughes each added
conversion was run in by              single scores for Trinity.
Adam Cambers to put Trinity               The Pioneers continued
up 16-0.                              their success on the ground
   Plymouth’s offense re-             with a 34-yard run by Cham-
sponded and drove down the            bers. Hughes capped off the
                                      drive with a 10-yard touch-
19-yard line.                         down run to make it 36-0 with
   When they reached the 19-          nine minutes left in the third
yard line it was fourth and 2,        quarter.
Trinity’s defense held strong             Just when it looked like
and Plymouth turned it over           MV offense was in a grove,
on downs.                             their quarterback was picked
   Trinity got the ball and           off by Tristan Theroux, aTrin-
strung some short running             ity freshman, and returned to
plays, Hughes, Hoaglund and           MV’s 17-yard line.
Page 8                                                                        The Pioneer                                                         September 2010

Girls’ Athlete of the Month Pioneer Sports Log
   Senior Pioneer Chelsey          this year, at the NHTI meet
Serrano is Trinity’s cross         and later at John Stark High                                                               GIRLS’ SOCCER
country captain and fastest        School, against 84 other run-
female runner.                     ners. Her time was 21:13.                                                After a disappointing season of 1-15, the Pioneers varsity
   Junior runner Matt Acora-          In the most recent meet,                                          girls’ soccer team is off to a great start, with a record of 4-
ce said, “She is a great captain   the Manchester Invitational                                          4. Their season opener on August 30 resulted in a 2-0 win
and very dedicated to her          Cross Country Classic, she                                           against Merrimack Valley.
running.”                          placed 11 out of 171 runners                                            The Pioneers suffered losses against Laconia and Pelham
   Running 3.1 miles in al-        with a time of 21:11.                                                and gained a victory against Manchester West, giving them a
most under 20 minutes is hard         Last year as a junior at the                                      record of 1-2.
to do, but Serrano has done it.    Manchester Invitational Cross                                            “Compared to years past our offense has improved
Her fastest time thus far has      Country Classic, she placed
been at NHTI on September          13th out of 158 runners with a                                       more goals,” said senior captain, Adriana Jodoin.
21 against Bishop Brady,           time of 21:10.                      Serrano                              Their biggest achievement thus far has been beating
Bedford, St. Thomas, and              Coach Hannah Byrne said                                           ConVal, the toughest team they have played. Junior Han-
                                   of Serrano, “I feel fortunate          Serrano is not new to is      nah Willard made a pass to freshman Sidney Elithorpe, who
with a time of 20:04.              to get to work with Chelsey         being picked for Athlete of      scored the only goal in the game. Other scorers this season
   Winning is nothing new          as she’s both an outstand-          the Month. She was featured      include seniors Abby Mitchell, Jodoin and Sarah DiCorce,
to Serrano. She has come in        ing athlete and leader for her      sophomore and junior year        juniors Kristen Van Uden and Hannah Willard, and sopho-
                                   teammates.”                         too.                             more Corinne Natale.
                                                                                                            “We’re doing exceptionally well. We’ve never won four
                                                                                                        games in a season for my four years at Trinity,”said Mitch-
                                                                                                        ell, senior co-captain.

Boys’ Athlete of the Month
   Senior running back Robby       the talented athletes selected
                                                                                                            Another player to watch is junior Leah Sherr, Trinity’s
                                                                                                        varsity starting goalie for the past two years.
                                                                                                            “She’s our ninja,” said Jodoin.
                                                                                                            In their homecoming game they lost 1-0 at St. Thomas
Hoaglund put on a show at the      before me,” said Hoaglund.                                           Aquinas.
football game against Plym-            Hoaglund started playing                                             The JV girls’ team is also doing well with a record of 3-2.
outh High School on Sept.          football his freshman year at                                        High scorers for the team are sophomores Nicole Assetta
24 at Gill Stadium. With four      Trinity and look at him now.                                         and Skylar Pepin and freshmen Lexie Stefekos and Shaylee
games under his belt, he has       With a great coaching staff                                          Tetrault.
                                   supporting him, he is succeed-                                           The Pioneers are playing tougher teams in the coming
has completed eight two point      ing beyond all expectations.                                         weeks and hopefully they will keep up the good work.
conversions, giving him a total        “I can’t tell the future, but
of 46 points so far this season.   I can hope for another unde-
   Against Plymouth, Hoa-                                         -                                                           BOYS’ SOCCER
glund rushed 15 times for 117      nitely see a couple more hard
yards with two touchdowns.         games. Kennett and Lebanon          Hoaglund
The Pioneers had 38 carries        are very good football teams,                                        boys’ soccer team is sitting in the 15th spot out of 24 in Di-
with a combined total of 292       [and] we will be facing them           Hoaglund plays two other      vision II, with a record of 3-4-1, a big improvement over last
yards rushing.                     in our next couple games.           sports: lacrosse, which he has                                                                -
   “It feels great. It’s an        They will put up a challenge        been playing for six years,      line and Merrimack Valley, the Pioneers were outscored
honor to be chosen as Athlete      when we face them,” said            and is a part of the indoor      10-2. The team won three of their next six games with one
of The Month knowing all           Hoaglund.                           track.                           tie to city rival West High School and two losses to Pelham
                                                                                                        and ConVal Regional, each by only one goal.
                                                                                                            With the loss of seven seniors from the previous year, the
                                                                                                        Pioneers are a much younger, but experienced, team.
                                                                                                            “They are 100% better,” said Coach Martinez. “They’re
                                                                                                        motivated, they listen and they work hard.” said Coach
                                                                             Support                    Martinez.
                                                                                                            So far, out of the nine total goals scored by the Pioneers,
                                                                         The Pioneer.                   sophomore Jacob Zimmerman leads the team with four
                                                                                                            Future possible wins for the Pioneers coming up are
                                                                                                        against Portsmouth, Goffstown, Milford, and Bishop Brady.
                                                                                                        If Trinity can end the second half of the season with a win-
                                                                             Read it.                   ning record, they might have a good chance in the playoffs.

             Pride. Spirit. Tradition.
September 2010                                                                    The Pioneer                                                                     Page 9

Sports Log, ctd.                                                  New Hampshire Fishercats fall to
                       VOLLEYBALL                                 the Trenton Thunder in the playoffs
                                                                    By Meredith Farrell               to Manchester knowing that if    eleven.
  After a tough beginning to the volleyball season, seniors              Pioneer Staff                they lost, the Trenton Thun-        In an interview with the
Rita Pratte and Betsy Tamulonis still have high hopes for                                                                              Union Leader Fishercats
their Pioneers.                                                       The New Hampshire Fish-         series in only three games.      manager Luis Rivera said
   On Sept. 20, the team faced Raymond and won 3 out of           ercats made the playoffs on         This would mean that the         “After all the runs we scored
                                                                                                      Thunder would sweep the          this season, we couldn’t score
before, Pratte had stated that just one win would be great,       2004. This season, the Fish-        Fishercats 0-3. The Fishercats   until there were two outs in
but now Pratte and the whole team are hungry to continue          ercats were a record breaking       worst nightmare came true
winning as many games as possible this season.                    and run scoring machine.            that night , they lost eight     disappointing.”
 “Our biggest hope for the team is that we are able to bond           They set a team record          to one. This sudden ending,          Disappointing seems to be
more and better the team in doing so,” said Tamulonis.            with 723 runs this season, and      ended the best-ever season at    the only word that members
   The girls said that the team has a lot of fun and they just    they also set a new record for Stadium.       of the Fishercats organization
hope that they can apply it to making their team better.          attendance at their last regular       Trenton’s pitching through-   can think of to describe the
   The team is slowly improving. With lots of hard work,          season game.                        out the series was outstanding   end to there 2010 season.
by the end of the season they will be a force to be reckoned          The team clinched there                                              “Highly disappointing.
with.                                                             playoff spot, when the Bing-        For the second game of the       It’s embarrassing for all of
   The team also has a new head coach this year. She has re-      hamton Mets lost on the             series the Fishercats had to     us offensively,” said Darin
ally been pushing our volleyball girls to be the best that they   night of September 6. This          face Andy Pettitte, one of the   Mastroianni in an interview
can be. The new coach has lots of volleyball knowledge to         meant that the Fishercats had       New York Yankee’s starting       with the Union Leader, who
offer the team.                                                   secured there second place          pitchers. Pettitte was for a     set franchise records for hits,
   The team also moved down two divisions, placing them in        ranking in the Eastern League       rehabilitation start.            runs, and stolen bases this
division 3 for the 2010 season.                                   of Double A Minor League               New Hampshire’s cleanup       season. “We put ourselves
   The pioneers are very excited for the remaining weeks of       Baseball. This was a huge           man leads the Eastern League     in position to score runs and
the season.                                                       success for them, because           in RBIs, and ranks among the     couldn’t do it.”
                      CROSS COUNTRY                               only the top two teams in their     top ten in home runs, triples        So what does this disap-
                                                                  division are able to advance to     and on-base percentage, but      pointing end mean for next
   The Trinity cross country team started off the season          the playoffs.                       he as well struggled against     year? Surprisingly it left
                                                                                                      the Trenton pitching.            everyone involved with
with only 10 returning runners for the girls and boys team        playoffs began in Trenton              The main problem for
combined.                                                         New Jersey on September 8           the Fishercats seemed to be      of their seats. The whole
                                                                  against the Trenton Thunder.        scoring runs. In the three       franchise is very excited for
came in second.                                                   They lost this game and the         playoff games that the Fish-     the 2011 season to begin next
   The team has also placed high in Weare, coming in sec-         one that followed on the next       ercats played this year they     April. They think that even
ond place and in Portsmouth coming in third place.                night.                              only managed to score one        though this year wasn’t their
                                                                     On Sept. 10 they returned        run while the Thunder scored     year, next year will be.
   At the 35th annual Manchester Invitational on Sept.
25, Serrano competed in the girls’ small school group and
placed 11th out of 171 competitors. For the boys’ small
school, Ryan Mitchell placed 32nd out of 240 competi-
                                                                  Trinity Fall Sports Schedules
tors. Out of the freshmen boys, Joseph Lamontagne placed                          B o y s ’S o c c e r                                    Football
                                                                   Date               Opponent             Score       Date               Opponent              Score
high, coming in 31st for that race against 203 competitors.        8/27              Hollis-Brookline      L, 6-1      9/4             Merrimack Valley         W, 48-0
Freshmen girls did just as well, with Kasie Bourque com-           8/30              Merrimack Valley      L, 4-1      9/10            Hanover                  W, 24-14
ing in 16th place out of 132 competitors.                          9/3               Laconia               W, 1-0      9/17            Laconia                  W, 25-22
   The cross country team is led by Coach Hannah Byrne             9/7               West                  T, 1-1      9/24            Plymouth                 W, 39-6
and senior captains Ryan Mitchell and Chelsey Serrano.             9/10              Pelham                L, 1-2      10/1            Monadnock                ----
                                                                   9/14              Plymouth              W, 1-0      10/9            John Stark               ----
   The varsity team has gained a great number of young             9/18              ConVal                L, 0-1      10/15           Kennett                  ----
runners. Out of the seven varsity boys, six are new addi-          9/20              John Stark            W, 3-2      10/22           Kingswood                 ----
tions. For the girls’ varsity, four out of seven members are       9/24              St. Thomas            L, 2-0
new.                                                               10/1              Portsmouth            ----                             Golf
                                                                   10/5              Goffstown             ----        Date                Opponent             Score
   “I can tell it’s the beginning of an amazing season and                                                             8/26               Souhegan              W, 206-195
                                                                   10/7              Lebanon               ----
can’t wait to see everyone progress,” said Serrano.                10/12             Milford               ----        8/26               Bedford               W, 206-192
                                                                   10/15             Bishop Brady          ----        8/26               Lebanon               W, 206-197
                            GOLF                                   10/19             Souhegan              ----        8/31               Windham               L, 224-211
                                                                   10/22             Bedford               ----        8/31               Pelham                W, 211-207
                                                                                                                       8/31               Portsmouth            L, 226-211
   After a rough ending to last year’s season, the Trinity                        Girls’ Soccer                        9/7                Hanover               W, 232-188
Golf Team ends season with a record of 11 wins and 11              Date             Opponent              Score        9/7                Bishop Brady          W, 232-201
loses. This is a great improvement over last year’s 6 and 21       8/30            Merrimack Valley       W, 2-0       9/7                Souhegan              W, 232-205
                                                                   9/3             Laconia                L, 2-0       9/9                Lebanon               W, 223-195
                                                                   9/7             West                   W, 3-0       9/9                Hanover               W, 223-209
                                                                   9/10            Pelham                 L, 1-0       9/14               Bow                   W, 223-206
and senior captains, Nate Provencher and Liam Moran                9/14            Plymouth               W, 3-1       9/14               St. Thomas            L, 223-213
entered the season to make the playoffs.                           9/18            ConVal                 W, 1-0       9/16               Hollis-Brookline      W, 209-202
   The match on Sept. 21 was a complete sweep over the             9/20            John Stark             L, 3-0       9/16               Goffstown             L,215-209
teams from Kingswood and John Stark high schools, with             10/1            Portsmouth             ----         9/21               John Stark            L, 223-196
                                                                   10/5            Goffstown              ----         9/21               Kingswood             L, 200-196
standout performances by juniors Nik Beeson and Kevin              10/8            Lebanon                ----         9/23               Pembroke              L, 221-196
Pepin, both shooting 37. Every player on the Trinity team          10/12           Milford                ----         9/23               Oyster River          L, 215-196
defeated his opponents, bringing 10 players together as one        10/15           Bishop Brady           ----
to get the sweep. The team had to work together to com-            10/19           Souhegan               ----
                                                                   10/20           Pelham                 ----                        Cross Country
plete the second sweep of the year.                                                                                    Date      Location                           Score
                                                                   10/22           Bedford                ----         8/27      @John Stark
    “Our team was an all-around good team who worked
                                                                                                                       9/7       @ Portsmouth
together and it was a different person every week who per-                                                             9/11      @White Mountain
                                                                               Girls’ Volleyball
formed better. With Provencher injured we needed some-             Date              Opponent              Score       9/21      @ Bishop Brady
one to pull through,” said Coach Connell                                                                               9/28      @ Plymouth
                                                                   9/8       Portsmouth Christian Acad.    L, 3-0      10/2      Black Bear Invitational
   Although they did not make playoffs this year, the golf         9/9       Fall Mountain                 L, 3-1      10/12     Manchester City Meet
team is sending two players, Jon Cullity and Liam Moran,           9/13      Epping                        L, 3-1      10/16     @ Pelham
to compete for an individual state championship match              9/15      Hillsboro-Deering             L, 3-0      10/22     JV State Meet @ Nashua South
                                                                   9/17      Campbell                      L, 3-2
with other schools.                                                9/20      Raymond                       W, 3-1      11/6      Meet of Championships
                                                                   9/24      Portsmouth Christian Acad.     L, 3-0     11/13     New Englands
                                                                   9/27      Mascenic                      ----
                 Coming soon:                                      9/29
                                                                                                                          Support your Pioneers!
     News broadcasts and video on-the-spots                        10/8      Epping                        ----        Come to the games and cheer on
                                                                   10/12     Wilton                        ----
       brought to you by senior broadcast                          10/15     Wilton                        ----         your friends and classmates.
                                                                   10/18     Raymond                       ----
             editor Ciara Speller.                                 10/20     Mascenic                     ----                   Go Trinity!
                                                                   10/22     Fall Mountain                ----
Page 10                                                                     The Pioneer                                                           September 2010

                              Arts & Entertainment
  Livin’ the good country life                                                        Country music ain’t cool
             By Nicole Fell                because I used to loathe country                   By Ryan Mitchell                for Paisley to name a headlining
                                           music, until I really gave it a chance.               Pioneer Staff                tour after, and score himself one
              Pioneer Staff
                                           I can’t remember how or when it                                                    of country’s biggest hit singles in
                                           happened, but I started to appreci-           Allow me to begin by explain-        2009.
      It’s about summer nights, it’s
                                           ate country music for what it was,         ing why every country song gets             If I appear ignorant, you must
  about pick-up trucks and it’s about
                                           simply great.                              off to a bad start. Country music’s     know that I listened to Country
  hidden stories and lyrics that never
                                               I don’t know if it’s the talk about    lack of originality in every sense of   102.5 for 45 minutes before I wrote
  quite get the attention they deserve.
                                           the summer nights and wild experi-         the word is perfect for its fan base,   this. Seriously.
  What could I be talking about?
                                           ences that appeals to me or simply         which, like country music itself, is        Contemporary country music has
  Country music obviously.
                                           just the catchy melodies that get me       “simple.”                               tried to make for itself an image of
      Unlike most genres of music,
                                           hooked on a country song but once I           Country music is just really, re-    a genre that is patriotic, cowboy-
  country music seems to almost
                                           start listening I usually can’t stop for   ally horrible from a musical stand-     esque, and “for the people.” Howev-
  always tell a story within a single
                                           a good week or two.                        point. Through heavy use of auto-       er, country music is mostly unorigi-
  song. This genre offers a variety of
                                               So what if a country song, such        tune, heavy compression, the same       nal, unimpressive accompaniments
  artists with different vibes that all
                                           as “Water” by Brad Paisley, talks              song structures and shallow lyr-

  make up one music class.
                                           about jumping in the water and a               ics, the entire sound of country    alcohol, trucks, tractors and fall-
      Artists such as Rascal Flatts,
                                           pool experience when a child is                music becomes just average.         ing in love. Also, it seems to me
  Lonestar, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley
                                           three? Rap talks about drugs and                  Do you see the trend here?                                          -
  and Kenny Chesney, are among the
                                           getting money. That seems more                 What country music essentially      pretation country music is of the
  well known country artists today.
                                           dumb to me.                                sets out to do is make something        bluegrass/cowboy era music that it
  These talented people are selling out
                                               Personally, I’d rather listen to the   completely average seem appealing       claims to stay faithful to.
  arenas and pavilions nation wide.
                                           happy country life than the “thug          by forcing the listener to somehow         The only point I’m trying to
      Some people argue that country
                                           life,” half of these rap stars know        connect with it on an emotional         make is that avid country fans must
  music is all the same. It’s agreeable
                                           nothing about.                             level, especially through lots of
  that some artists do produce some
                                               Hopefully one day the people           sentimentality.                         genre to be awful. It’s more than
  similar songs, but every genre does.
                                           that are frequently hating on country         Also, the sentimental lyricism is    okay with me if you like country
  No one can honestly say that every
                                           music will give it a chance before         crafted in an excessively explicit      music because you think it’s fun and
  rapper is not out there singing about
                                           they decide to trash it.                   style, where nothing is alluded to      it reminds you of good times! The
  getting money and how hot some
                                               All it takes is the right song and     and everything is simply stated.        points I’ve made are only to illus-
  girl is. The only difference is that
                                           the right time and I promise coun-         Since Braid Paisley apparently loves    trate why I think that country music
  most country songs actually talk
                                           try won’t seem that bad anymore.           water, he just comes out and says it,   is truly the worst music there is. I’m
  about everyday life. Something that
                                           That’s all I ask. Give the music a         “You’re a big old wuss if you don’t     sorry if I offended any truck driv-
  is relevant to everyone.
                                           chance and appreciate it, because it’s     jump in the water.” Apparently a        ing, horseback riding and apparently
      Trust me when I say that I un-
                                           well deserved.                             song about playing in a blow up         water-loving country fans along the
  derstand your dislike for country,
                                                                                      pool at the age of three was enough     way.

Weezer redeems themselves...kind of.
             By Natalie Kfoury                    guitar is as catchy as the drumbeats are hard,
                Pioneer Staff                     making it a perfect song to turn the volume
                                                  up on.
    Mention Weezer to any hardcore fan of the        A lovely surprise comes on “Hang On,”
group’s old albums and you might receive a        which features actor Michael Cera on backing
look of distress and, possibly, disgust. Weezer   vocals, mandolin and a violin-like instrument
is well known for letting longtime fans down      called a Hurdy gurdy. The Cera element only
big time with their latest albums, especially     adds to what was probably already a great
crushing hearts with last year’s effort, Radi-    track. “Hang On” is entirely infectious and
tude. However, the group tries to make up for     has all the makings of being a single.
all the pain and suffering felt with this year’s     Another great song is “Unspoken.” The
rebound, Hurley, released Sept. 14.               song is short, sweet and fantastically catchy.
    Titled after a character from TV’s Lost,      Led by an acoustic guitar and accompanied
Hurley is Weezer’s attempt to regain their
indie status that made them cool all those       where Weezer’s music talents shine through.
years ago with 1994’s The                                        Its tracks like “Unspoken” that
Blue Album. While Hurley,        It just might be time for create hope for the future of
Weezer’s eighth album,                                           Weezer.
comes nowhere close to             Weezer to get a good              Luckily, Hurley does not
having the same feel as The                                      feature songs that leave listen-
Blue Album                        look at themselves and ers cringing as Raditude may
determined effort from the       really think about where have with tracks such as “Can’t
band.                                                            Stop Partying.” Sure, many of
    The album begins with          they want to go next.         Hurley’s songs are mindless,
“Memories,” in which                                             such as “Smart Girls,” but at the
singer Rivers Cuomo gets his young punk          very least, the music is agreeable, no matter
face on and leads the group in a wistful,        how dim the lyrics may be.
almost poppy track. The song’s lyrics may            The album as a whole is enjoyable, but not
leave listeners shaking their heads in bewil-    very remarkable. With the exception of a few
derment, but it’s just silly enough to be fun    key songs, the overall effect lacks the poten-
and enjoyable.                                   tial to be very memorable. Hurley may have
    Midway through Hurley, more of Wee-          regained some of the band’s cool status, and
zer’s soul comes back with tracks such as        may have brought them back from the lack-
“Run Away” and “Hang On.” “Run Away”             luster place they were in with Raditude, but
captures desire in a fantastic way, with         it just might be time for Weezer to get a good
longing lyrics accompanied by music that is      look at themselves and really think about
reminiscent of the Weezer that fans miss. The where they want to go next.                                  

September 2010                                                      The Pioneer                                                                                       Page 11

                                  Arts & Entertainment
Scott Pilgrim vs.                                                   Heavenly Homestead dining
spoofy vampires                                                          ByTiffany Keenan
                                                                            Pioneer Staff

                                                                       The McDonough family
    By Natalie Kfoury                                               has done it again. Fratello’s
       Pioneer Staff              Vampires Suck made $12.2          Restaurant in Manchester
                                  million while Scott Pilgrim       has been a popular dining
   Some movies will always        vs. The World, which is           establishment for many years.
be the hidden gems of the         arguably one of the greatest      Now, the McDonough family
entertainment world. They                                           has opened another restaurant
gather up a cult following        made in a while, made $10.6       in Merrimack. The Home-
and are beloved by people         million in its opening week-      stead Restaurant and Tavern
who claim to have “discov-                                    -     is located conveniently at,
ered them.”                                     641 D.W. Highway. This
   However, in many cases,                                          old, rundown barn has been
these are movies that should      well into their movie theater     beautifully transformed into a
have been seen and enjoyed        runs, we can easily compare       warm, welcoming, and fam-
by more people than the box                                         ily-oriented environment.                                                        Tiffany Keenan / Pioneer Staff
                                  far. Vampires Suck, which             Upon my arrival to the ca-     The Homestead Restaurant and Tavern located in Merrimack provides quality
the case with Scott Pilgrim       was running off a $20 mil-                                           family dining and homestyle comfort.
                                                                    sual dining spot on a Saturday
vs. the World, released on        lion budget, has made more        evening, cars were backed          busy with trays walking back          was ready. The portions were
July 27. While Scott could        than $47 million in gross.        up onto the street in hopes of     and forth at full force. The          a good size, and the desserts
take up the task of defeating     Scott Pilgrim, running off                                           prep-cooks were preparing the         looked to die for; however, I
his girlfriend’s seven evil       an $85 million budget, has                                           Caesar salads and putting the         was too full to even glance at
exes, he was not able defeat      made about $41 million thus       it was time to wait for a table.                                         the dessert menu.
the abomination that was          far.                              With the option of dining                                                   The Homestead Restaurant
Vampires Suck.                        It seems logical that a                                          I was given crackers and a            and Tavern also provides a
    Vampires Suck opened                               Scott        outside on the nicely lit deck,    cheese dip to start off with          takeout menu. Both the dine-
in theaters on Aug.18. The        Pilgrim would have made           I decided to eat inside due to     along with warm rolls and             in and takeout menus feature
                                                                    the chill of the fall air.         pumpkin bread that was very           meals ranging from $13.99 to
“From the guys who couldn’t       Vampires Suck could have             While I was waiting, I          tasty. The two salads were            $30.00 and include two sides
sit through another vampire       ever thought of making. Yes,      was given the chance to look       cold and crisp, and the jumbo         with a salad as an option. The
movie!” Well, I may be no         Scott Pilgrim was running                                            shrimp appetizer with tangy           wait was close to an hour
guy, but I am certainly no        off a budget much greater         the restaurant. The walls were     cocktail sauce was yummy              long, but it is worth it in the
Twilight fan. And, I hate to      than the budget of Vampire        painted with warm colors and       ($11.99). I ordered the               end. The dining is appropriate
say this, but, sorry, “guys,” I   Suck, but after seeing Scott                                         chicken and broccoli alfredo          for all ages and a great date
really had a hard time sitting    Pilgrim it was easy to see        The upstairs area was set up       ($17.99) while my dad or-             spot. Just make sure you call
through your movie.                                                 with live entertainment, couch-                                          ahead, especially on week-
    Vampires Suck, if you         using its resources.                                                 ($23.99) with a baked potato.         ends.
were not already aware, is a         This still fails to answer     high-top seats. Waitresses were       Within no time my food
spoof of the Twilight saga.       the question why people go
Nothing for “Twihards”                                Vampires

bashes everything about the
Stephanie Meyer books-
                                  Suck where the viewer is
                                  being dragged through a 90-        Pioneer Playlist: Music to your ears
                                                                         We all listen to different forms of music,        “Long Division” by Death Cab for Cutie
                                  brains are getting demol-           and therefore we all believe that our own            (Alternative)
Swan’s nonstop twitching          ished by the stupidity and          favorite genres, bands, and songs are the            Natalie:
and fumbling to Jacob             lack of humor. Why people           best, better than anyone else’s.                     “Schizophrenia” by Jukebox the Ghost
Black’s frequently bare                                        -         We, your Pioneer staff are proud to pres-         (Indie)
chest.                            ally enjoyable ones.                ent to you our own mix tape. Every issue of          “Time for Heroes” by The Libertines
    I enjoy a good Twilight           It’s not all about the out-     The Pioneer will include a list of the staff’s       (Punk)
bashing, so I was expecting       ward appearances. Vampires          favorite songs, two from each staff member.          Ciara:
to get at least a few laughs      Suck sounded like a humor-             From country to punk, hip-hop to indie            “Mine” by Taylor Swift (Country)
and a reasonably good             ous idea, when it really had        and even jazz to pop, this is a list of songs
time out of Vampires Suck;        no soul. Scott Pilgrim vs. the      that are as diverse as we all are. Feel free to      Tiffany:
instead, I came to the quick      World was a truly delightful        look into the artists and songs that we love,        “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars
                           -                                  -       and maybe they may join your prestigious             (Pop)
ally does live up to its name.    tured more hearts than it did.      music collection. We hope you enjoy it.               “The Boys of Fall” by Kenney Chesney
In short, it was worse for        It’s just plain sad that great                                                           (Country)
me than any of the Twilight       movies do poorly.                   Joe:                                                 Jess:
movies.                               If you want a good laugh        “Club Love” by Usher featuring Taylor                “There’s More to Me than You” by Jessica
    Vampires Suck lacked          at the Twilight saga, you           Swift (Club Remix)                                   Andrews (Country)
any amount of creativity.         would be better off watching        “The Edge of Desire” by John Mayer (Pop               “Just Say Yes” by Snow Patrol (Alterna-
The humor wore off quickly        one of the Twilight                 Rock)                                                tive)
and dissolved into lackluster     laughing at that rather than        Ryan:                                                Nicole:
attempts at cheap laughs.         seeing Vampires Suck. And           “Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi” by Radiohead                 “Girl I Got You” by Young Money (Rap)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,      that is coming from a girl          (Alternative)                                        “Right Girl” by The Maine (Pop/Punk)
on the other hand, sparkled       who is avidly not a Twilight        “All the Things You Are” by Dave Brubeck             Aubrey:
with creativity, had genuine      fan. Go see, or rather, buy         Quartet (Jazz)                                       “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton
comedy and a storyline that       Scott Pilgrim. I                    Alexis:                                              (Pop/Rock)
anyone could enjoy.               guarantee that you will feel        “Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The              “Thunder” by Boys Like Girls (Alterna-
    What confused me was          better about yourself.              Darkness (Rock)                                      tive)
looking into the opening

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                                             The Back Page
We’ve got some questions for you...

   Mr. Chervincky                    Ms. Waldrupe                        Mr. Bielik                      Ms. Twomey                          Ms. Bedard
          Science                          English                       Mathematics                         Theology                       Athletic Trainer
Q: What are your favorite       Q: What are your least           Q: What is your favorite          Q: What’s your least fa-           Q: What are your favorite
and least favorite things       favorite and least favorite      and least favorite thing          vorite thing about Trinity?        things and least favorite
about your job?                 parts about your job?            about your job?                   What’s your most favorite?         things about your job?
A: His favorite thing is that   A:Her favorite part is working   A: He likes that everyone is      A: Well, my least favorite         A: Her least favorite thing
there is something differ-      with kids and her least favor-   so positive all the time. He      thing about Trinity when I         about her job is dealing with
ent every day and that it’s a   ite is her homwork!              dislikes that only one class-     went to school here was that       sick people in the health of-
challenge. He does not have a   Q: Where did you go to col-      room has air conditioning.        my time here only lasted four
least favorite thing.           lege?                            Q: Where did you go to            years. As a teacher, I really      watching games.
Question: Where did you go      A: She went to Saint Anslem      college?                          enjoy it. I like the sense of      Q: Where did you go to col-
to college?                     College.                         A: He went to Milligan Col-       community here.                    lege?
A: He went to UMass Lowell      Q: What are your hobbies?        lege in Tennessee.                Q: Where did you go to col-        A: Ms. Bedard attended to
for his master’s degree.        A: She reads, plays with her     Q: What are your hobbies?         lege?                              Plymouth State College in
Question: What are your         cats and goes to concerts.       A: He likes doing outdoor         A: St. Anslem.                     Plymouth N.H.
hobbies?                        Q: What do you like about        activities, playing the drums     Q:What are your hobbies?           Q: What do you like about
A: He likes hiking kayaking,    this particular age group?       and guitar, and jogging.          A: I like to play sports. I        this particular age group?
and mountain biking             A: “I really, like, chose High    Q: What do you like about        coach hockey for the NH            A: “I like watching kids de-
Question: What do you like      School so that I could have      this particular age group?        Girls Cyclones Hockey Team         velop, improve and succeed.”
about this particular age       an impact on High School         A: He likes that high school      in Hudson.                         Q: Favorite movies?
group?                          students. When I was in High     students are making big deci-     Q: What do you like about          A: Happy Gilmore, Reservoir
A: He taught 6th graders        School, there was that one       sions and changing. He also       this particular age group?         Dogs and really any comedy.
before and what he learned      teacher that impacted me.”       likes being a role model to all   A: I like how the students are     Q: Do you have any hob-
is better for high school age   Q: What is your favorite         of his students.                  becoming their own person          bies?
level.                          movie?                            Q: What is your favorite                                       -    A: Ms. Bedard played soc-
Question: What’s your fa-       A: Her favorite movie is Dirty   movie?                            selves.                            cer for four years in college,
vorite movie?                   Dancing.                         A: His favorite movie is “Re-     Q:What’s your favorite             is learning rugby, and she
A: His favorite movie is The                                     member the Titans.”               movie?                             also crochets, and makes
Descent.                                                                                           A: Gladiator.                      jewelry.

          This Month’s                                           Fashion corner with Ryan, Ciara
                                                                 and Nicole: Fall do’s and don’ts
           Staff Picks                                                 By Ciara Speller                    By Nicole Fell                   By Ryan Mitchell
                                      Pioneer staffers are               Pioneer Staff                      Pioneer Staff                     Pioneer Staff
            obssesed with and can’t get enough of.
                                                                                                      There is one woman who             Scarves = out
                                                                 orange pants are not fashion-     can keep American talking             Ladies, if you ask me,
 Joe loves Metromint water,     Natalie loves Jukebox the        able; they are just extremely     for weeks, and her name is         scarves are out. Why a scarf?
 Icebreakers wintergreen        Ghost, watermelon coolat-        obnoxious and frankly ugly.       Lady GaGa. She sells millions      I know you obviously don’t
                                                                                             -     of records, and for the most       wear it because it’s cold, and I
 privileges, Colder weather,    and Newbury Comics               ing to wear pants that are        part wears some of the most        wouldn’t criticize you for that.
 and Mead Cambridge note-                                        the colors in Crayola crayon      unique and trendy clothing,        Obviously hipsters don’t wear
 books.                         Jess loves air conditioning,     boxes. Unmellow yellow,                                              their Ray Bans on a cloudy
                                lakes, popsicles, cold pil-      aquamarine, purple pizzazz        meat dress.                        day for any optical safety pur-
 Ryan loves not understand-     lows, and drawing pictures       and magic mint are just a few       Really Lady GaGa? I’m            poses; the same goes for girls
 ing the cover of Under-        with my best friends.            of my favorite crayons, and       pretty sure meat is for eating     with their scarves.
 standing Psychology, X-C                                        apparently the “hottest” colors   and not wearing. Not only             It’s about fashion, not
 season, the band Florence      Alexis loves cooler weather,     for guys’ pants.                                                     function. I respect that, but
 and the Machine, week-         Dunkin’ Donuts White Hot            Can you say clashy? Keep       ridiculous, but it also offended   what’s so cool about wearing
 ends, and Trinity’s recent     Chocolate, pomegranate           those colors in a coloring book   many people. Vegan organiza-       a drape around your collar-
 online takeover.               chapstick, Diet Dr. Pepper       and off of your bottom half!      tions went crazy.                  bone. Let your shirt or your
                                Cherry and Ugly Dolls.              Bring back the classy days        I don’t know what is worse,     neck say it all! Don’t over-ac-
 Nicole loves Football sea-                                      when khaki and navy were          the pure disgusting nature of      cessorize, people!
                                Ciara loves Shortys Mexi-        rocked.                                                                 Not trying to make a state-
 30H!3’s new music, T-Shirt     can Roadhouse espinaca,             Khakis and Navy blue           looked.                            ment = in
 dresses, Jersey Shore Season   So You Think You Can             pants are more professional.         Honestly Lady GaGa, I’m            Why try making a state-
 2.                             Dance, BBM’s, walking the        Girls will now actually give      sure you can afford to buy         ment with your clothing?
                                beach at night, and crisp        you the time of day, instead of   something that is actually cute.   Why should your clothing ex-
 Tiffany loves Jersey Shore,    linen scented car fresheners     being creeped out as to why                                          press every single part of your
 Cactus Jacks’ CBC Rol-         from Yankee Candle.              your pants are the same color                                        apparently eccentric personal-
 lup with ranch dressing,                                                                          year, Lady GaGa still remains      ity? Here’s my advice: make
 Driver’s License, Yoga         Aubrey loves Dunkin’             moo.                              one of the most unique and         the statement that you don’t
 Pants, and Black North                                             If this pertains to any men    talented artists out there right   have to make a statement by
 Face Backpack                  trampolines, Sour Patch          here at THS reading this, I       now. No matter what kind of        dressing a certain way. Why
                                Watermelons and sarcasm.         give you the heads up out of      animal she’s wearing, she still    wear your personality? What
                                                                 the goodness of my heart.         makes a statement.                 do you really have to prove?

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