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LCG Architecture Blueprint Seminar - US ATLAS - BNL


									         LCG Applications Area

               Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
             LCG Applications Area Manager


DOE/NSF Review of US LHC Physics and Computing Projects
                   January 14, 2003
     The LHC Computing Grid Project Structure

                                         Project Overview Board

                                                                   Software and
                            Project                                 Computing
                           Execution           Requirements,
                                                Work plan,          Committee
                            Board               Monitoring             (SC2)

Projects                WP WP WP WP WP

                     Project Work Packages

           Agency Review, January 14, 2003     Slide 2         Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                               LCG Areas of Work

Fabric (Computing System)                         Physics Applications Software
         Physics Data Management                          Application Software
                                                            Infrastructure – libraries, tools
         Fabric Management
                                                           Object persistency, data
         Physics Data Storage                              management tools
         LAN Management                                   Common Frameworks –
                                                            Simulation, Analysis, ..
         Wide-area Networking
                                                           Adaptation of Physics
         Security                                          Applications to Grid environment
         Internet Services                                Grid tools, Portals
Grid Technology
                                                  Grid Deployment
         Grid middleware
                                                           Data Challenges
         Standard application
          services layer                                   Grid Operations
                                                           Network Planning
         Inter-project
          coherence/compatibility                          Regional Centre Coordination
                                                           Security & access policy
            Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 3          Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
               Applications Area Organization

Apps Area                                                                          Architects
                           Overall management, coordination, architecture
 Leader                                                                             Forum

 Project                 Project              Project             Project          …

Work Package WP WP WP                          WP       WP     WP WP

              Direct technical collaboration between experiment participants,
                               IT, EP, ROOT, LCG personnel

            Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 4     Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                 Focus on Experiment Need

   Project structured and managed to ensure a focus on real experiment
       SC2/RTAG process to identify, define (need-driven
        requirements), initiate and monitor common project activities in a
        way guided by the experiments themselves
       Architects Forum to involve experiment architects in day to day
        project management and execution
       Open-ness of information flow and decision making

       Direct participation of experiment developers in the projects

       Tight, iterative feedback loop to gather user feedback from
        frequent releases
       Early deployment and evaluation of LCG software in experiment
       Success defined by experiment adoption and production

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 5   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                  Applications Area Projects

   Software Process and Infrastructure (SPI)        (operating – A.Aimar)
       Librarian, QA, testing, developer tools, documentation, training, …

   Persistency Framework (POOL)                     (operating – D.Duellmann)
       POOL hybrid ROOT/relational data store

   Mathematical libraries                            (operating – F.James)
       Math and statistics libraries; GSL etc. as NAGC replacement

       Group in India will work on this (workplan in development)

   Core Tools and Services (SEAL)                   (operating – P.Mato)
       Foundation and utility libraries, basic framework services, system
         services, object dictionary and whiteboard, grid enabled services
   Physics Interfaces (PI)                          (launched – V.Innocente)
       Interfaces and tools by which physicists directly use the software.
         Interactive (distributed) analysis, visualization, grid portals
   Simulation                                       (launch planning in progress)
       Geant4, FLUKA, simulation framework, geometry model, …

   Generator Services                               (launch as part of simu)
       Generator librarian, support, tool development

                         Bold: Recent developments (last 3 months)
        Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 6    Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                                                     Project Relationships

                                                  Other LCG Projects in other Areas

                                                        LCG Applications Area
        Software Process & Infrastructure (SPI)

                                                                                                                LHC Experiments
                                                      Persistency                        Math
                                                                    Interface    …     Libraries

                                                           Core Libraries & Services (SEAL)

Agency Review, January 14, 2003                                        Slide 7         Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
        Candidate RTAG timeline from March
                                        02Q1 02Q2 02Q3 02Q4 03Q1 03Q2 03Q3 03Q4 04Q1 04Q2
Simulation tools                             X
Detector description & model                    X
Conditions database                                 X
Data dictionary                              X
Interactive framew orks                         X
Statistical analysis                                X
Detector & event visualization                           X
Physics packages                                    X
Framew ork services                                 X
C++ class libraries                                 X
Event processing framew ork                                                  X
Distributed analysis interfaces                               X
Distributed production systems                           X
Small scale persistency                                            X
Softw are testing                                   X
Softw are distribution                                   X
OO language usage                                                  X
LCG benchmarking suite                                        X
Online notebooks                                                        X

                 Blue: RTAG/activity launched or (light blue) imminent
             Agency Review, January 14, 2003     Slide 8     Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
   LCG Applications Area Timeline Highlights

                                           POOL V0.1 internal release
                                              Architectural blueprint complete
Applications                                  Hybrid Event Store available for general users
                                                         Distributed production using grid services
                                                                    Distributed end-user interactive analysis
                                                                                  Full Persistency Framework

        Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

             2002                   2003                     2004            2005

                                                                                            LCG TDR
LCG                                                                          “50% prototype” (LCG-3)
                                                            LCG-1 reliability and performance targets
                                                    First Global Grid Service (LCG-1) available
                     LCG launch week

         Agency Review, January 14, 2003           Slide 9              Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                       Architecture Blueprint

   Executive summary
                                                   RTAG established in June
   Response of the RTAG to the mandate
   Blueprint scope                                   After 14 meetings,
                                                        much email...
   Requirements
   Use of ROOT                                     A 36-page final report
                                                 Accepted by SC2 October 11
   Blueprint architecture design precepts
      High level architectural issues, approaches

   Blueprint architectural elements
      Specific architectural elements, suggested patterns, examples

   Domain decomposition
   Schedule and resources
   Recommendations


       Agency Review, January 14, 2003     Slide 10        Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                            Component Model

   Granularity driven by component replacement criteria;
    development team organization; dependency minimization
   Communication via public interfaces
   Plug-ins
       Logical module encapsulating a service that can be
        loaded, activated and unloaded at run time
   APIs targeted not only to end-users but to embedding
    frameworks and internal plug-ins

      Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 11   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                                        Software Structure





                                                                                                             ROOT, Qt, …


 neutral services

                                     Basic Framework                                                        Grid middleware,
   ROOT libs,                     Foundation                                   Optional
    Boost, …
                                   Libraries                                   Libraries

              Agency Review, January 14, 2003               Slide 12               Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                       Distributed Operation

   Architecture should enable but not require the use of
    distributed resources via the Grid
   Configuration and control of Grid-based operation via
    dedicated services
      Making use of optional grid middleware services at
        the foundation level of the software structure
                Insulating higher level software from the middleware
                Supporting replaceability
        Apart from these services, Grid-based operation
         should be largely transparent
        Services should gracefully adapt to ‘unplugged’
                Transition to ‘local operation’ modes, or fail informatively

      Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 13   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                               Managing Objects

   Object Dictionary
      To query a class about its internal structure

      Essential for persistency, data browsing, etc.

      The ROOT team and LCG plan to develop and converge on a
       common dictionary (common interface and implementation) with an
       interface anticipating a C++ standard (XTI) (Timescale ~1yr?)
          Will contact Stroustrup, who has started implementation

   Object Whiteboard
      Uniform access to application-defined transient objects, including in
       the ROOT environment
      What this will be (how similar to Gaudi, StoreGate?) not yet defined

   Object definition based on C++ header files
      Now that ATLAS as well as CMS will use this approach, it is being
       addressed in a common way via the LCG AA

         Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 14   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
Dictionary: Reflection / Population / Conversion

                                                                .h                    .adl
                                                                                     .x ml

Population                                                                                              New in POOL 0.3
                  ROOTCINT                             GCC-XML                     ADL/GOD
                                                                                                        In progress
                CINT generated
                                                                      Dict generated

 Conversion                                                     (1)          in
                                      Dict gateway
                                      LCG to CINT

                       CINT                                           Dictionary
  Strea mer

 ROOT I/O                                                       (2)          out
                                                                Reflection                    Clients

    Agency Review, January 14, 2003                  Slide 15                 Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
               Other Architectural Elements

   Python-based Component Bus
      Plug-in integration of components providing a wide
       variety of functionality
      Component interfaces to bus derived from their C++
   Scripting Languages
      Python and CINT (ROOT) to both be available

      Access to objects via object whiteboard in these
   Interface to the Grid
      Must support convenient, efficient configuration of
       computing elements with all needed components

        Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 16   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                          Domain Decomposition
                                   Algorithms                                        Scripting
  EvtGen        Engine                                          NTuple
                                   Reconstruction                Analysis                    Services
    Event         Detector
Generation       Simulation

                                           Geometry              Event Model              Calibration

  StoreMgr                                                                    Scheduler
                          Dictionary             PluginMgr

                          Whiteboard                                           Monitor             Grid
   Persistency                                      Core Services                              Services

                                                             Foundation and Utility Libraries
     ROOT        GEANT4       FLUKA          MySQL           DataGrid       Python        Qt       ...
            Products mentioned are examples; not a comprehensive list

                           Grey: not in common project scope
                   (also event processing framework, TDAQ)
           Agency Review, January 14, 2003 Slide 17 Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
            Use of ROOT in LCG Software

   Among the LHC experiments
      ALICE has based its applications directly on ROOT

      The 3 others base their applications on components with
       implementation-independent interfaces
                 Look for software that can be encapsulated into these components
   All experiments agree that ROOT is an important element of LHC
       Leverage existing software effectively and do not unnecessarily
         reinvent wheels
   Therefore the blueprint establishes a user/provider relationship
    between the LCG applications area and ROOT
       LCG AA software will make use of ROOT as an external product

   Draws on a great ROOT strength: users are listened to very carefully!
       So far so good: the ROOT team has been very responsive to
         needs for new and extended functionality coming from POOL

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 18    Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                Blueprint RTAG Outcomes

   SC2 decided in October…

        Blueprint is accepted
        RTAG recommendations accepted to
            Start common project on core tools and services

            Start common project on physics interfaces

      Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 19   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
       Applications Area Personnel Status

   18 LCG apps hires in place and working; +2 in Jan, Feb
   Manpower ramp is on target (expected to reach 20-23)
   Contributions from UK, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Israel,
    Portugal, US

   ~10 FTEs from IT (DB and API groups) also participating
   ~8 FTEs from experiments (CERN EP and outside CERN) also
    participating in (mainly) POOL, SEAL, SPI
       CERN established a new software group as the EP home of the
         LCG applications area (EP/SFT)
                 Led by John Harvey. Taking shape well. Localized in B.32
        Fraction of experiment contribution which is US-supported
         (CERN or US resident) is currently ~30%
                 US fraction of total effort is <10%

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 20       Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
        LHC Manpower needs for Core Software

From LHC Computing (‘Hoffman’) Review (FTEs)
            2000         2001       2002     2003                                  2004         2005
               Have (miss)
ALICE                      12(5)           17.5         16.5             17              17.5     16.5

ATLAS                      23(8)            36           35              30               28       29

CMS                      15(10)             27           31              33               33       33

LHCb                       14(5)            25           24              23               22       21

Total                    64(28)           105.5        106.5           103              100.5     99.5

Only computing professionals counted

        Agency Review, January 14, 2003     Slide 21           Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
Personnel Resources – Required and Available

                          Estimate of Required Effort
            60                                                                                                            SPI
            50                                                                                                             Math libraries
            40                                                                                                             Physics interfaces

            30                                                                                                             Generator services
            20                                                                                                             Simulation
            10                                                                                                             CoreToolsS&Services






                                                     Quarter ending

                            Blue = Available effort:
          FTEs today: 18 LCG, 10 CERN IT, 8 CERN EP + experiments
               Future estimate: 20-23 LCG, 13 IT, 28 EP + experiments
         Agency Review, January 14, 2003                                Slide 22                         Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
     Current Personnel Distribution

                                  FTE assignm ents


Agency Review, January 14, 2003     Slide 23    Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
Summary of LCG-funded Resources Used - Estimate to end 2002
Experience-Weighted FTEs
CERN Special Funding
Applications                                     8.9
          Persistency                      1.8
          Software Process Support         2.0
          Simulation                       1.8
          Root                             1.4
          Architecture                     0.0
          Grid Interfacing                 1.1
          Training                         0.7
Fabric                                           5.4
          System Management & Operations   1.6
          Development (e.g. Monitoring)    1.8
          Data Storage Management          0.8
          Grid Security                    1.1
Grid Technology                                  3.0
          Data Management                  2.3
          Grid Gatekeeper                  0.7
Grid Deployment                                  4.6
          Int                              2.1
          OPS                              2.5
Management                                       2.1
          LCG                              2.1
EU Funding
DataGrid                                         6.9

Total Weighted FTEs in calendar 2002             30.8
                                 U.S. Leadership

   Direct leadership and financial contribution: T.Wenaus as AA
       In addition to contributions via ATLAS and CMS

   A .75FTE job requiring CERN residence
   Salary support from the BNL base program (is this fair?)
   CERN residency and US travel costs borne by CERN
   Together with the strong U.S. presence in CMS and ATLAS
    computing leadership, this role gives the U.S. a strong voice in the
    LCG applications area
   Not a dominating influence of course; e.g. at this point all the
    applications area project leaders are Europeans
       Presence at CERN is very important, like it or not

       Importance is increased because of the utterly deplorable state of
         the CERN infrastructure for both audio and video conferencing
                 The U.S. should put up the money to fix this, if no one else will; it
                  is in our own vital interest

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 25     Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
Schedule and Resource Tracking (example)

   Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 26   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
              Apps area planning materials

   Planning page linked from applications area page
   Applications area plan spreadsheet: overall project plan

       High level schedule, personnel resource requirements

   Applications area plan document: overall project plan

       Incomplete draft

   Personnel spreadsheet

       Currently active/foreseen apps area personnel, activities

   WBS, milestones, assigned personnel resources

    Follow Applications Area planning link on the review web page
       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 27   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
    Core Libraries and Services (SEAL) Project

     Launched in Oct, led by Pere Mato (CERN/LHCb)
         6-member (~3 FTE) team initially; M.Marino from ATLAS

     Scope:
         Foundation, utility libraries

         Basic framework services

         Object dictionary

         Grid enabled services

     Many areas of immediate relevance to POOL; these are given priority
     Users of this project are software developers in other projects and the
     Establishing initial plan, reviewing existing libraries and services
         Process for adopting third party code will be addressed in this project

     Initial workplan will be presented to SC2 on Jan 10
     2003/3/31: SEAL V1 essentials in alpha

         Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 28   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                        SEAL Work Packages

   Foundation and utility libraries
       Boost, CLHEP, …, complementary in-house development

   Component model and plug-in manager
       The core expression in code of the component architecture described in
         the blueprint. Mainly in-house development.
   LCG object dictionary
       Already active project in POOL; being moved to SEAL (wider scope
         than persistency). Will include filling dictionary from C++ header files.
   Basic framework services
       Object whiteboard, message reporting, component configuration, ‘event’
   Scripting services
   Grid services: common interface to middleware
   Education and documentation
       Assisting experiments with integration

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 29   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
             Physicist Interface (PI) Project

   Led by Vincenzo Innocente (CERN/CMS)
   Covers the interfaces and tools by which physicists will directly use
    the software
   Planned scope:
       Interactive environment: physicist’s desktop

       Analysis tools

       Visualization

       Distributed analysis, grid portals

                 Very poorly defined and understood
   Currently surveying experiments on their needs and interests
   In more of an ‘RTAG mode’ than project mode initially, to flesh out
    plans and try to clarify the grid area
   Will present initial plans (and possibly an analysis RTAG proposal) to
    SC2 on Jan 29

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 30   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
       Software Process and Infrastructure (SPI)

Components available:
      Code documentation, browsing Doxygen, LXR, ViewCVS
      Testing Framework                CppUnit, Oval
      Memory Leaks                     Valgrind
      Automatic Builds                 Probably the ATLAS system
      Coding and design guidelines     RuleChecker
      CVS organization
      Configuration/release mgmt       SCRAM
      Software documentation templates


           Agency Review, January 14, 2003      Slide 31   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                                     SPI Services

   CVS repositories
       One repository per project

       Standard repository structure and #include conventions being finalized
         this week
       Will eventually move to IT CVS service when it is proven

   AFS delivery area, Software Library
       /afs/

       Installations of LCG-developed and external software

       Installation kits for offsite installation

       LCG Software Library ‘toolsmith’ started in December

   Build servers
       Machines with various Linux, Solaris configurations available for use

   Project portal (similar to SourceForge)
       Very nice new system using Savannah (

       Used by CMS as well as LCG; ATLAS will probably be using it soon

       Bug tracking, project news, FAQ, mailing lists, download area, CVS
         access, …

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003    Slide 32   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 33   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN

   Pool of persistent objects for LHC, currently in prototype
      Targeted at event data but not excluding other data

      Hybrid technology approach

             Object level data storage using file-based object store (ROOT)
             RDBMS for meta data: file catalogs, object collections, etc (MySQL)
        Leverages existing ROOT I/O technology and adds value
             Transparent cross-file and cross-technology object navigation
             RDBMS integration
        Integration with Grid technology (eg EDG/Globus replica catalog)
             network and grid decoupled working modes
   Follows and exemplifies the LCG blueprint approach
             Components with well defined responsibilities
             Communicating via public component interfaces
             Implementation technology neutral

          Agency Review, January 14, 2003    Slide 34   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                         Pool Release Schedule

   End September - V0.1 (Released Oct 2)
      All core components for navigation exist and interoperate

      Assumes ROOT object (TObject) on read and write

   End October - V0.2 (Released Nov 15)
      First collection implementation

   End November - V0.3 (Released Dec 18)
      First public release

      EDG/Globus FileCatalog integrated

      Persistency for general C++ classes (not instrumented by
       ROOT), but very limited: elementary types only
      Event metadata annotation and query

   June 2003 – Production release
        Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 35   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                       POOL Milestones

Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 36   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                             Simulation Project

   Mandated by SC2 to initiate simulation project following the RTAG
   Project being organized now
   Expected to cover
       generic simulation framework

                 Multiple simulation engine support, geometry model, generator
                  interface, MC truth, user actions, user interfaces, average tracking,
                 ALICE virtual MC as starting point if it meets requirements
        Geant4 development and integration
        FLUKA (development and) integration
        physics validation
        simulation test and benchmark suite
        fast (shower) parameterisation
        generator services

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 37      Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
   Comment on Grid Technology Area (GTA)

Quote from slide of Les:
LCG expects to obtain Grid Technology from projects funded by national
     and regional e-science initiatives -- and from industry
concentrating ourselves on deploying a global grid service

All true, but there is a real role for the GTA, not just deployment, in LCG:
      Ensuring that the needed middleware is/will be there, tested,
      selected and of production grade

(Re)organization in progress to create an active GTA along these lines

Important for the Applications Area: AA distributed software will be robust
    and usable only if the grid middleware it uses is so

         Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 38   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN
                          Concluding Remarks

   Essentially the full expected AA scope is covered by the anticipated activities of
    the projects now defined
   Manpower is in quite good shape
   Buy-in by the experiments, apart from ALICE, is good
       Substantial direct participation in leadership, development, prompt testing
         and evaluation, RTAGs
   U.S. CMS represented well because of strong presence in computing
    management and in CERN-based personnel
   U.S. ATLAS representation will improve with D.Quarrie’s relocation to CERN
    as Software Leader; further increases in CERN presence being sought
   Groups remote from CERN are contributing, but it isn’t always easy
       Have pushed to lower the barriers, but still it isn’t easy

   New CERN EP/SFT group is taking shape well as a CERN hub for applications
    area activities
   POOL and SPI are delivering, and the other projects are ramping up
       First persistency prototype released in 2002, as targeted in March 2002

       Agency Review, January 14, 2003   Slide 39   Torre Wenaus, BNL/CERN

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