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					                                                                                                      CASE STUDY

                 A Streamlined Ticket Admission System

Overview                                    Executive Summary
Industry – Ticket and Event                 Companies such as Ticketcorner that supply admission tickets to
Management                                  entertainment and sporting events increasingly rely on Internet-based
                                            ordering systems. Ticketcorner has developed its own automated ticket
Application – Mobile admission system       checking system in conjunction with OPAL Associates. This is based around
for checking tickets at events (concerts,   Dolphin® 9500 mobile computers from Hand Held Products. The Dolphins
theatres, open air, sport)                  recognise all types of tickets – from classical paper tickets through to
                                            print@home tickets. They also support the latest RFID (radio frequency
Product Solutions (hardware and
                                            identification) technology.
software) – Dolphin® 9500

Partner(s) – OPAL Associates AG             Company Profile
                                            was founded in
                                            1987, and has
                                            since become
                                            one of Europe’s
          •        •          •             leading ticketing
                                            organisations and
                                            software solutions
                                            providers. The
                                            company has
                                            extremely high
                                            expectations for
                                            the efficiency
                                            of its ordering
                                            processes and
                                            the dispatching
                                            of tickets. Some
                                            200 employees
                                            help to ensure
                                            optimum service

                                            Customers can obtain their admission tickets from some 5,000 Ticketcorner
                                            sales points in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – either from a call centre
                                            or via a modern Internet portal. The tickets are printed on forgery-proof
                                            blanks. It is also possible to book at short notice via www.ticketcorner.
                                            com. After payment, the user prints out the ticket directly from the computer
                                            (print@home) or on an ATM printer (print@bank).
                                                                                                         CASE STUDY

The Business Challenge                                        The Dolphins are very robust, which enables them to be
                                                              used outdoors (for example, at open air concerts). A further
Although paper tickets are largely copy and forgery-proof     advantage is their ability to operate for several hours without
due to various characteristics, this is not the case for      recharging, even at high scan volumes.
print@home tickets. Therefore, Ticketcorner needed a
solution that could reliably read and accept both ticket      When the visitor arrives at the admission area, the ticket’s
blanks and print@home and print@bank tickets at the           barcode is recorded by the staff. A check is then carried
entrances to events.                                          out to see whether the ticket has actually been purchased,
                                                              is valid for the current event, and is recording an admission
The company decided upon a mobile admission system,           for the first time. At the same time, the person is counted
using handheld data capture devices. These had to be          as a visitor, so that the security organisation always knows
able to read the 1D and 2D codes of the tickets. They also    the current number of visitors. This process also enables
needed to be equipped with GPRS, WLAN and Bluetooth           the organiser to maximise the number of saleable places
interfaces to enable online comparisons of ticket data with   in advance, as they can control the number of visitors and
stored information, to prevent multiple admissions using      avoid overcrowding.
copied tickets. The handheld devices will eventually be
equipped with the latest RFID technology.                     The Benefits
The Solution                                                  The mobile admission system can be used in different
                                                              locations and is considerably more flexible than classic
Ticketcorner devised a solution in collaboration with OPAL,   turnstiles. It can also be adapted to RFID ticket solutions, as
a German-based Business Solution Partner                                                               the required reading
of Hand Held Products. This partnership                                                                module (which
played a decisive role in the development                                                              was developed by
and implementation of the mobile admission                                                             OPAL) can simply
system, which is based around Dolphin®                                                                 be plugged into the
9500 mobile computers.                                                                                 Dolphin 9500.
“Through the Dolphin 9500, Opal has                                                                    Ticketcorner is
provided us with a solution that is tailored to                                                        delighted with the
our precise requirements,” says Philipp Gihr,                                                          new product. At the
Chief Operating Officer at Ticketcorner. Event organisers     first large event, the system delivered impressive proof of
can buy the admission devices from Ticketcorner or hire       its performance. Long queues of visitors are now a thing of
them for a particular event.                                  the past, as waiting times at the admission points have been
                                                              noticeably reduced.
The 9500s are equipped with Easy Access software,
developed by Ticketcorner, and are very easy to use, with     The benefits for the customer include a convenient choice
little staff training required. The integral 2D imager can    of seat, and easy payment, along with the ability to obtain
read both 1D and 2D barcodes. Depending on the location       tickets until shortly before the event. The organisers benefit
of the event, the Dolphin’s GPRS, WLAN and Bluetooth          as they can maximise the number of tickets sold and – very
capabilities provide optional data transfer technologies.     importantly – they can also fulfil their security requirements.
These help to verify ticket data with the centrally stored
data within a fraction of a second.

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