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					          Either Dream Will Come True, So
                   Choose Which !
                                                      not mean that he is already in the land of

                                                      his vision or dream. That he is born in a
         dream is a series of images and              place where people cannot come to love
        feelings occurring in the mind of             and comfort him, does not mean that he is
        a person during sleep. And on the             his destiny.
        other hand,
                                                      He was born already a King in himself,
A dream is a wish or an ambition.                     but he was not born in a palace. He had to
Whereby an ambition is a strong desire to             labour for the palace he was going to live
achieve something.                                    in as a King and the only LORD and GOD
One different persons, and two different              for the whole world.
landscape.                                            …behold the wise men from East came to
Once one has a dream or a wish, his life              Jerusalem, saying, “ Where is He who has
divides into two persons living in                    been born King of the Jews? …Mathew2:1-2
different landscapes. He automatically                And she brought forth her firstborn Son,
becomes in the land of “facts” and the                and wrapped Him in a swaddling clothes,
land of “realities” at the same time.                 and laid Him in a manger, because there
The Land of Facts.                                    was no room for them in an inn.Luke2:7

The land of facts is where you have all               The Land Of Reality.
reasons why you look and feel like this in            As Jesus was born in a manger
your life.
                                                      The most important thing about the
The land of facts is where;                           dream is that, when you have dreamt you
                                                      have to become a servant and labourer
       You don't have to ask anyone
                                                      for your dream, and if not ,
        about why you are hungry because
        you know;                                     there is somebody who is dreaming
                                                      about your funeral and about you in
        It is a fact that your parents have
                                                      grave, he is in the process of labouring
        no money to buy food because they
                                                      and working very hard to see his dream
        are unemployed.
                                                      coming true of seeing you in the grave
       It is a fact that you have proof of           ( John10:11).
        medical record that you are
        suffering from incurable disease,             (The thief comes only to steal and kill and
        even the pain in your body proves             destroy…)
        it to you.
                                                      Mathew2:16-18 ; Mathew4:1-11
It is a fact that you are staying in a shack
                                                      You might be going through an agony,
because you have no organised home. But
                                                      check if that the source of that agony is
the land of facts is only when or where
                                                      not a process of someone who is
you are born.
                                                      working very hard to see you not only in
That Jesus is born in the place of cows               the grave, but also in hell where he is
where there is cow dung and smell, does               also going to.
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Ask yourself,                                         you might have a dream of death fulfilled
                                                      about you…
do you have a dream or have allowed
someone who dreams that you have life                 The good shepherd.
and have it more abundantly to
accomplish his dream through you. John                To ensure that your dream comes true,
10:10                                                 you must first have a shepherd for your
(I came that they may have life and have it
abundantly.)                                          The one who dreams about your death
                                                      does not only end up dreaming about
 (…, if not, take quick steps to block and            your death and funeral, but he also
cut off the process of someone who is                 labours for his dream to come true even
labouring for your funeral day, by                    before your are born. He even waits for
allowing someone who dreams eternal                   you by the labour ward where you are
life for you.                                         going to be delivered. Think about the
                                                      lives of Moses and Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
                                                      The beginning of the plan and the
All the dreams, visions and wishes are                process of your destruction while you
true. As much as your dream is true, the              are in the womb, indicates that there
dream of being in a grave that someone                should be the shepherd who takes care
dreams about you is also true, the thing is           and lead your life till the end,
that he is working very hard to hasten it             otherwise either dream will come true.
so that you go into the grave before the
set time.

People may die and leave the good
dreams that their parents, themselves
and God dreams about them                             The plans to destroy you.
unaccomplished, but their dreams will                 The first plan used to destroy your life is;
not die and leave.
                                                             Drugs and alcohol;
                                                              Which are all the source of living
                                                              for the country you are going to
Labouring for your dream.
                                                              be delivered, which is supposed to
No one can come or reach his destiny or                       mean that your blood is the
the land of his dream unless he works and                     source of living. You will take
labours very hard and steadfast for it.                       these drugs and alcohol while you
And none can labour for his dreams                            are in the womb through the one
unless he undergoes a certain training                        who conceives you.
and attain some skills to labour for his                      The second plan used to destroy
dream.                                                        you is a physical and direct
                                                              murder of your life while you are
As much as there is time for the fulfilment                   still in the womb which is called
of the dream, there is also a time to train                  Abortion;
to labour for it. And if you miss that time,                  When you are going to be killed
                                                              this way, three people get into
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        agreement of killing you, the first                  Freedom do abortion without
        of which is the democratic                            consultation of God and
        government of your country, the                       parents,
        second is your mother and the                         All these are the contraceptives
        third is the doctor. If by the mercy                  that prevents you from reaching
        of the LORD JESU CHRIST you                           out to your eternal life, but
        escaped all these plans, the many                     diverting you to hell without your
        others behind will be deprived of                     knowledge because this is done
        the chance thrive through;                            when you are still immature.
       Contraceptives.                                       Amongst other means of
        But all that does not end the a                       depriving you of protection is by
        strife to kill you because sa weak                    arresting your conscience and by
        and vulnerable as you are, as                         encouraging you not to fear doing
        immature to take wise decisions                       wrong things during your lifespan
        on your own as you are, all the                       by prohibiting what would instil
        plans set by God to accommodate                       fear to do wrong which is non
        your vulnerability would be taken                     other than;
        away around your life so that you                    Banning of corporal
        are left destitute of protection. All                 punishment.
        the anchors that keep you firm in
        the ground of your life are                           When you grow firm and become
        removed the same way as the                           grounded in doing wrong things
        contraceptives would be used to                       without fear,
        prevent thriving for those who                         Your are obviously going get into
        come behind you. When all that is                     immature sexual relationship, get
        done, will be done in the name of                     pregnant, contract aids, become a
        protection for you so that you do                     slave of a baby and sickness while
        not realize that the end result of it                 you are still having hell fire
        all, is to end your life.                             waiting unless you repent, and
        When you given the                                    when all this happen in you, it
       right to freedom                                      does not leave you as you were
        ( freedom of expression, freedom of                   before, but it ruins your life
        choice) , you must know that, that                    gradually,…the one who grants
        kind of freedom is setting you free                   you all of these rights is
        from the bondage from your                            actually…a silent and serial killer
        parents and God , your all means                      of your life. And when you get
        of protection, guidance and                           into an immature sexual
        source of life. Your freedom from                     relationship, you will be
        God and parental guidance which                       encourage to sleep around by
        is;                                                   being rewarded with
       Freedom to do family planning                        Child support grants.
        without consultation of your                          When you find yourself swimming
        God and parents;                                      in;
         as young as you are,                                     o Alcohol;
                                                                  o Drugs,
                                                                  o Pornography,
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           o    Aids and other chronic                        you and you may live long on the
                illness;                                      earth” Ephesians6:1-3
            o Leaving school before                          Be a labourer for education for
                matriculation,                                stipulated years so that is it will
            o Retrenchment from work                          labour for your when those years
                because of alcohol,                           are over, if not
            o Prostitution,                                  When the years of education are
            o Having many children                            over for you, you will have to
                from different may be                         labour for it for the rest of your
                unknown fathers.                              life.
            o Prison.                                        Along your way do not forget the
            o Hospitals and in graves ,                       word of God as the first and the
        is an achievement to the one who                      last in your life.
        dreams about your funeral.                           The word of God is able to pull
                                                              through boundaries of life as a
        Two dreams are hanging upon                           benefit for those who abide in it.
        your head, choose which one,
        you wish that it come true                    You might also have your own dream in
        because either of the two will                life that you wish it comes true.
        eventually come true.
                                                      If you have a shepherd you will go for a
                                                      right dream that aligns with His will.

It is in your hand to cut off the process             Hindrances of the dreams.
that is aimed at destroying your life by
denying and forgetting about yourself and
your friends and accept Jesus as your
                                                      It does not matter how many times you
personal Saviour and King, and reconcile
                                                      have failed to accomplish your dream, how
with your parents for your mistakes.
                                                      many times you have failed does not
And start to labour for God’s dream about
                                                      actually tell you how many few times are
you which is eternal life, and in a mean
                                                      left for you to quit, but it tells you how
time enjoy the benefits of real life.
                                                      close you are with your achievement.
Ways to labour for your dream.

       Obey, respect and live the life God
        commands through your parents
        and you will have long life.                  Do not lose hope that others started and
        Honour you’re your father and                 accomplished the same dreams as yours
        your mother, that your days may               before you because the strength, quantity
        be long upon the land which the               or the quality and the lifespan of yours
        LORD your God is giving you.                  might be different from theirs.
        Children, obey your parents in the
        LORD, for this is right. “Honour
        your father and mother,” which is
        the first commandment with
        promise: “that it may be well with
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Bear in mind that when others are                             You are a sweetener into the
accomplishing the same dreams as yours                        water, therefore don’t complain
before you, there are also others who are                     for being in there, because you
struggling and failing to begin the same                      have been trusted by God for
dream as yours. You have gained a lot of                      that.
experience, the only thing left for you is to                 It is so imperative for God to
get just one out the days to be approved.                     display to the devil the power of
Many times of failure might be postponing                     your viability and resilience in
and driving away the pains of waiting long                    whatever situation he thinks he
time before applying your accomplished                        can stop you with.
dream in real life.                                          Do not worry about any worry, let
                                                              worries worry about themselves
                                                              and make sure you worry about
Do not lay blame on any one for being                         the presence of God in you.
unsuccessful in life being in the land of                    The situation you find yourself in,
facts.                                                        is just an opportunity to prove
                                                              your strength and a platform to
       That you were born in a shack is a                    perform God’s power.
        fact, but how and where you were
        born does not determine your
        destiny, your destiny is within
        you. Therefore you have to ;
       Work hard to live in the land you
        saw or see in your dream as early
        as when you complete matric.
       That your body is sick does not
        mean is the end of your destiny,
        your destiny is determined by
        what is in you. The destiny of your
        flesh and of your spirit are
       That you are born now, do not
        blame the way you have been
        born, or the one who delivered
        you on earth, or the situation you
        were delivered into, but thank
        God, that he trusted and fashioned
        you to change that situation you
        were born into.
        Jeremiah 18;
        See, I have this day set you over the
        nations and over the kingdoms,
        To root out and to pull down,
        To destroy and to throw away,
        To build and to plant.
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