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									Kate Chopin

     Women’s Activist
   “The Story of an Hour”
Troubled life
 Husband died young, leaving her to raise 6
  children on her own
 Ran plantation by herself for many years,
  then sold out and moved in with her mother
 When her mother died a few years later, she
  fell into a deep depression.
 Encouraged by her family doctor, she began
  to write as a way to encourage better
  emotional health
 The Awakening (1899)—a psychological
 account of a woman’s search for
 independence and fulfillment. Because the
 novel explored the issue of infidelity, it
 aroused a storm of protest.
      severely attacked by critics and eventually
     Resurrected in the 1950s (2nd wave of
     Today, the book is among the five most-read
      American novels in colleges and universities.
“The Story of an Hour”
 Story: connotations?
 Hour: time frame/setting
 Phonetically hour/our: connotations?
 Protagonist vs. self
 Internal
 Conscience and dealing with her husband’s
Diction and Word Choice
 Double meaning: “heart trouble”:: physical
  ailment and trouble in her relationship
 Par. 5 “twittering” “aquiver with life” “Delicious
  breath” “crying (double meaning) his wares” all
  add to the tone. Not sadness as you would
  expect, but expectant, ironic, and even giddy
 Par. 11 she feels free not hemmed in—keen and
  bright almost vibrant
 Par. 12 “Monstrous Joy” bigger than life, makes
  you wonder what made her life so terrible in the
  first place.
 Situational Irony
      Mrs. Mallard’s reaction to her husband’s death
 Verbal Irony
      “of joy that kills”
 Dramatic Irony
      Mrs. Mallard’s cause of death
 Climax
      Mr. Mallard’s return—irony?
 weather and season: spring=life but the
  story is about death (irony)
 briefcase=gripsack: gripping on to the
  wife and not letting go
 going up she’s feeling heavy with guilt,
  coming down she feels lighter as if she’s
  leaving things behind
 The wrongfulness and weakening power
 that emerges with the repression of
 women (or any group) and how wrong and
 damaging it can be.
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