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									Born July 29th 1883 in Italy
Born into a poor family
Dad said the world was unfair
  said rebellion was the only option
Was a bully and had very few friends
Sent to a Roman Catholic boarding
  Sent at age 9
  Was expelled
After WW1, Italy was going through a
hard time
Even though Allies won, still had financial
Took power when people needed a strong
Worked up crowds with exciting
Founded the Fascist Party
Used military to enforce power
Fascist style of government
  People had few rights
Totalitarian State
  Removed mayors and local leaders from power
  Controlled political, and economic matters
  Tried to control the citizens (beliefs, thoughts,
  opinions etc.)
Teachers had to wear uniforms, children
learned specific things
Friends with Hitler
  Based his army off of Hitler’s
  Made Anti-Jewish laws
Used Censorship
Newspapers filled with stories making
him seem like a great man
A poster of him hung in every classroom
saying “Mussolini is always right”
Promised more than he could do
No one had protection from Mussolini
Waged war against Ethiopia
  Wanted to create a Roman Empire
  Died April 28, 1945 killed
alongside his mistress
Murdered by a mad group of
Italian partisans who beat him
rabidly then shot him in the head.
Later he was hung by his feet.
 Act seen as a form of “Supreme
Mussolini’s legacy is the farthest thing
from good.
  Known for killing off Fascist leaders who
  abandoned him.
Constantly blamed the Italian people
for not being good enough to accept
his dream for them
Positive things he did accomplish:
  Made the trains arrive on time
  Relieved Italy of the mafia
                    Vittorio Orlando
• Born in 1860 in Palermo, Sicily.
• Well educated; became a law professor and in 1916, he entered
  government as Minister of Justice. During the height of the Caporetto
  disaster, he was appointed Prime Minister.
• During the closing of WWI At the Paris Peace Conference, Orlando was
  soon side-lined by the ‘Big Three’.
• Fell out with Woodrow Wilson over Italy’s territorial demands which
  Woodrow Wilson felt were unacceptable
• What Italy got out of Versailles did not satisfy those in Italy
• Orlando’s failure at Versailles ultimately ended his political career.
• In June 1919, Orlando resigned and withdrew from politics
  when Mussolini came to power in 1922.
• Orlando died in 1952.
              March on Rome
• This was an event that signified Mussolini
  being declared Prime Minister on October
  30th, 1922.
• To let everyone know that Mussolini and the
  Fascist party was the top political party in Italy
                  Black Shirts
• Mussolini’s military force
• Also known as the National Security Volunteer
• Organized by Mussolini
  – Helped enforce his laws and ideas
• Told Mussolini about any opposition
• Motto was “Me ne frego”
  – Translates into “I do not give a damn”
• After WWI, Italy suffered from economic and
  political problems. They, along with many other
  countries, were consumed with post WWI
  – They looked for a leader who would lead them out of
    these tough times
• Benito Mussolini organized a military group of
  fascists known as the “Black Shirts”.
  – Mussolini led the March on Rome with the Black
    Shirts, and eventually crowned himself dictator of
• He gave himself the name “ II Duce”, which
  means leader.
Italy going through a hard time during Great
Fascist increased public spending
Many citizens were poor and hungry
Italy greatly influenced by Hitler
  Was a puppet ruler
  Passed Anti-Jewish Laws
       1. Benito Mussolini was born on July 29, 1883.

            2. Mussolini was the president of Italy.

3. He was born into a very wealthy family and grew up living a
                           fabulous life.

  4. Mussolini became the leader of Italy when the people
                   needed a strong leader most

5. At one point in his life, Mussolini was expelled from school.
  1. Benito Mussolini was the leader of _____.
A. Italy B. France C. Germany         D. Britain
2. Mussolini gave _____ which worked up
   crowds and got his people excited.
A. Bread B. Feasts C. Speeches D. Money
3. Mussolini founded ________.
A. Democracy B. Dictatorships C. Communism
                    D. Fascism
4. Benito Mussolini created anti-______ laws.
    A. Polish B. German C. Jewish D. Christian
5. One good thing Mussolini did for his country was
             A. Eliminate all the poverty
      B. Made the country wealthy once again
        C. Trained their military to be strong
          D. Made the trains arrive on time
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