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									                                      H4616                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                     June 27, 2006
                                      Gordon              Matsui             Rush               the financial solvency of the national                     Holden             Meehan           Salazar
                                      Granger             McCarthy           Ryan (OH)                                                                     Holt               Meek (FL)         ´
                                                                                                                                                                                               Sanchez, Linda
                                      Graves              McCollum (MN)      Ryun (KS)
                                                                                                flood insurance program, and for other                     Honda              Meeks (NY)         T.
                                      Green, Al           McCrery            Sabo               purposes, pursuant to House Resolution                     Hooley             Melancon         Sanchez, Loretta
                                      Green, Gene         McDermott          Salazar            891, he reported the bill back to the                      Hostettler         Mica             Sanders
                                      Grijalva            McGovern            ´
                                                                             Sanchez, Linda     House with sundry amendments adopt-                        Hoyer              Michaud          Saxton
                                      Gutierrez           McIntyre             T.                                                                          Hulshof            Millender-       Schakowsky
                                      Gutknecht           McKeon             Sanchez, Loretta
                                                                                                ed by the Committee of the Whole.                          Hunter               McDonald       Schiff
                                      Hall                McKinney           Sanders              The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under                           Hyde               Miller (FL)      Schmidt
                                      Harman              McNulty            Saxton             the rule, the previous question is or-                     Inslee             Miller (MI)      Schwartz (PA)
                                      Harris              Meehan             Schiff                                                                        Israel             Miller (NC)      Schwarz (MI)
                                      Hart                Meek (FL)                             dered.                                                     Issa               Miller, Gary     Scott (GA)
                                      Hastings (FL)       Meeks (NY)
                                                                             Schwartz (PA)
                                                                                                  Is a separate vote demanded on any                       Istook             Miller, George   Scott (VA)
                                      Hayes               Melancon                              amendment? If not, the Chair will put                      Jackson (IL)       Mollohan         Sensenbrenner
                                                                             Scott (GA)
                                      Hensarling          Michaud                                                                                          Jackson-Lee        Moore (KS)       Serrano
                                      Herseth             Millender-
                                                                             Scott (VA)         them en gros.                                                (TX)             Moore (WI)
                                                                             Serrano                                                                                                           Sessions
                                      Hinchey               McDonald                              The amendments were agreed to.                           Jefferson          Moran (KS)       Shadegg
                                      Hinojosa            Miller (FL)        Sessions                                                                      Jenkins            Moran (VA)
                                                                             Shadegg              The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                                                                 Shaw
                                      Hobson              Miller (NC)                                                                                      Jindal             Murphy           Shays
                                      Holden              Miller, Gary       Shaw               question is on the engrossment and                         Johnson (CT)       Murtha           Sherman
                                      Holt                Miller, George     Shays              third reading of the bill.                                 Johnson (IL)       Musgrave         Sherwood
                                      Honda               Mollohan           Sherman                                                                       Johnson, E. B.     Myrick
                                                                                                  The bill was ordered to be engrossed                                                         Shimkus
                                      Hooley              Moore (KS)         Sherwood                                                                      Jones (NC)         Nadler
                                      Hoyer               Moran (VA)         Shimkus            and read a third time, and was read the                    Jones (OH)         Napolitano
                                      Inglis (SC)         Murphy             Skelton            third time.                                                Kanjorski          Neal (MA)        Skelton
                                      Inslee              Murtha             Slaughter            The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                             Kaptur             Neugebauer       Slaughter
                                      Israel              Musgrave           Smith (NJ)                                                                    Keller             Ney
                                                                             Smith (TX)
                                                                                                question is on the passage of the bill.                                                        Smith (NJ)
                                      Issa                Nadler                                                                                           Kelly              Northup          Smith (TX)
                                      Istook              Napolitano         Smith (WA)           The question was taken; and the                          Kennedy (MN)       Norwood          Smith (WA)
                                      Jackson (IL)        Neal (MA)          Snyder             Speaker pro tempore announced that                         Kennedy (RI)       Nunes            Snyder
                                      Jackson-Lee         Neugebauer         Solis              the ayes appeared to have it.                              Kildee             Nussle           Sodrel
                                        (TX)              Ney                Spratt                                                                        Kilpatrick (MI)    Oberstar
                                                                                                  Mr. OXLEY. Mr. Speaker, on that I                                                            Solis
                                      Jefferson           Norwood            Stark                                                                         Kind               Obey
                                      Jindal              Nunes              Tanner             demand the yeas and nays.                                  King (IA)          Olver
                                      Johnson (IL)        Nussle             Tauscher             The yeas and nays were ordered.                          Kingston           Osborne
                                      Johnson, E. B.      Oberstar           Taylor (MS)                                                                   Kirk               Otter
                                                                                                  The vote was taken by electronic de-                                                         Stearns
                                      Jones (OH)          Olver              Taylor (NC)                                                                   Kline              Owens
                                      Kanjorski           Osborne            Terry              vice, and there were—yeas 416, nays 4,                     Knollenberg        Oxley
                                      Keller              Owens              Thomas             not voting 12, as follows:                                 Kolbe              Pallone
                                      Kelly               Oxley              Thompson (CA)                                                                 Kucinich           Pascrell
                                                                                                                   [Roll No. 325]                                                              Tanner
                                      Kennedy (MN)        Pallone            Thompson (MS)                                                                 Kuhl (NY)          Pastor
                                      Kennedy (RI)        Pascrell           Thornberry                             YEAS—416                               LaHood             Paul
                                      Kilpatrick (MI)     Pastor                                                                                           Langevin           Payne            Taylor (MS)
                                                                             Tiberi             Ackerman           Cantor               Emerson                                                Taylor (NC)
                                      Kolbe               Payne              Tierney                                                                       Lantos             Pearce
                                      Kucinich            Pelosi                                Aderholt           Capito               Engel              Larsen (WA)        Pelosi           Terry
                                                                             Towns              Akin               Capps                English (PA)                                           Thomas
                                      Kuhl (NY)           Pence                                                                                            Larson (CT)        Pence
                                                                             Udall (CO)         Alexander          Capuano              Eshoo                                                  Thompson (CA)
                                      Langevin            Peterson (MN)                                                                                    Latham             Peterson (MN)
                                                                             Udall (NM)         Allen              Cardin               Etheridge                                              Thompson (MS)
                                      Lantos              Peterson (PA)                                                                                    LaTourette         Peterson (PA)
                                                                             Van Hollen         Andrews            Cardoza              Everett                                                Thornberry
                                      Larsen (WA)         Pickering                                                                                        Leach              Petri
                                                                             Velazquez          Baca               Carnahan             Farr                                                   Tiahrt
                                      Larson (CT)         Poe                                                                                              Lee                Pickering
                                      Latham              Pombo              Visclosky          Bachus             Carter               Fattah                                                 Tiberi
                                                                                                                                                           Levin              Pitts
                                      LaTourette          Pomeroy            Wasserman          Baird              Case                 Feeney             Lewis (CA)         Platts           Tierney
                                      Leach               Porter               Schultz          Baker              Castle               Ferguson           Lewis (GA)         Poe              Towns
                                      Lee                 Price (GA)         Waters             Baldwin            Chabot               Filner             Lewis (KY)         Pombo            Turner
                                      Lewis (GA)          Price (NC)         Watson             Barrett (SC)       Chandler             Fitzpatrick (PA)   Linder             Pomeroy          Udall (CO)
                                      Linder              Pryce (OH)         Watt               Barrow             Chocola              Flake              Lipinski           Porter           Udall (NM)
                                      Lipinski            Putnam             Waxman             Bartlett (MD)      Clay                 Foley              LoBiondo           Price (GA)       Upton
                                      LoBiondo            Rahall             Weiner             Barton (TX)        Cleaver              Forbes             Lofgren, Zoe       Price (NC)       Van Hollen
                                      Lofgren, Zoe        Ramstad            Weldon (PA)        Bass               Clyburn              Ford               Lowey              Pryce (OH)          ´
                                      Lowey               Rangel             Westmoreland       Bean               Coble                Fortenberry        Lucas              Putnam           Visclosky
                                      Lungren, Daniel     Reichert           Wexler             Beauprez           Cole (OK)            Fossella           Lungren, Daniel    Radanovich       Walden (OR)
                                        E.                Reyes              Wicker             Becerra            Conaway              Foxx                 E.               Rahall           Walsh
                                      Mack                Ross               Wilson (NM)        Berkley            Conyers              Frank (MA)         Lynch              Ramstad          Wamp
                                      Maloney             Rothman            Wilson (SC)        Berman             Cooper               Franks (AZ)        Mack               Rangel           Wasserman
                                      Markey              Roybal-Allard      Woolsey            Berry              Costa                Frelinghuysen      Maloney            Regula             Schultz
                                      Marshall            Royce              Wu                 Biggert            Costello             Gallegly           Manzullo           Rehberg          Waters
                                      Matheson            Ruppersberger      Wynn               Bilbray            Cramer               Gerlach            Marchant           Reichert         Watson
                                                                                                Bilirakis          Crenshaw             Gibbons            Marshall           Renzi            Watt
                                                        NOT VOTING—8                            Bishop (GA)        Crowley              Gilchrest          Matheson           Reyes            Waxman
                                      Abercrombie         Evans              Ortiz              Bishop (NY)        Cubin                Gillmor            Matsui             Reynolds         Weiner
                                      Cannon              Johnson, Sam       Strickland         Bishop (UT)        Cuellar              Gingrey            McCarthy           Rogers (AL)      Weldon (FL)
                                      Carson              Lewis (CA)                            Blackburn          Culberson            Gohmert            McCaul (TX)        Rogers (KY)      Weldon (PA)
                                                                                                Blumenauer         Cummings             Gonzalez           McCollum (MN)      Rogers (MI)      Weller
                                         ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE ACTING CHAIRMAN                    Blunt              Davis (AL)           Goode              McCotter           Ros-Lehtinen     Westmoreland
                                        The Acting CHAIRMAN (during the                         Boehlert           Davis (CA)           Goodlatte          McCrery            Ross             Wexler
                                                                                                Boehner            Davis (FL)           Gordon             McDermott          Rothman          Wicker
                                      vote). Members are advised there are 2                    Bonilla            Davis (IL)           Granger            McGovern           Roybal-Allard    Wilson (NM)
                                      minutes remaining in this vote.                           Bonner             Davis (KY)           Graves             McHenry            Royce            Wilson (SC)
                                                                                                Bono               Davis (TN)           Green (WI)
                                                       b 1657                                   Boozman            Davis, Jo Ann        Green, Al
                                                                                                                                                           McHugh             Ruppersberger    Wolf
                                                                                                                                                           McIntyre           Rush             Woolsey
                                        Mr. CONYERS and Mr. BURTON of                           Boren              Davis, Tom           Green, Gene        McKeon             Ryan (OH)        Wu
                                                                                                Boswell            Deal (GA)            Grijalva
                                      Indiana changed their vote from ‘‘no’’                    Boucher            DeFazio              Gutierrez
                                                                                                                                                           McKinney           Ryan (WI)        Wynn
                                                                                                                                                           McMorris           Ryun (KS)        Young (AK)
                                      to ‘‘aye.’’                                               Boustany           DeGette              Gutknecht          McNulty            Sabo             Young (FL)
                                        So the amendment was rejected.                          Boyd               Delahunt             Hall
                                        The result of the vote was announced                    Bradley (NH)       DeLauro              Harman                                   NAYS—4
                                      as above recorded.                                        Brady (PA)         Dent                 Harris             Higgins            Rohrabacher
                                                                                                Brady (TX)         Diaz-Balart, L.      Hart
                                        The Acting CHAIRMAN. Under the                          Brown (OH)         Diaz-Balart, M.      Hastings (FL)
                                                                                                                                                           Inglis (SC)        Tancredo
                                      rule, the Committee rises.                                Brown (SC)         Dicks                Hastings (WA)                        NOT VOTING—12
                                        Accordingly, the Committee rose;                        Brown, Corrine     Dingell              Hayes
                                                                                                                                                           Abercrombie        Garrett (NJ)     Ortiz
                                      and the Speaker pro tempore (Mr.                          Brown-Waite,       Doggett              Hayworth
                                                                                                                                                           Cannon             Johnson, Sam     Shuster
                                                                                                  Ginny            Doolittle            Hefley
                                      BISHOP of Utah) having assumed the                        Burgess            Doyle                Hensarling
                                                                                                                                                           Carson             King (NY)        Strickland
                                      chair, Mr. BONNER, Acting Chairman of                                                                                Evans              Markey           Whitfield
                                                                                                Burton (IN)        Drake                Herger
rfake on PROD1PC77 with HOUSE

                                      the Committee of the Whole House on                       Butterfield        Dreier               Herseth
                                      the State of the Union, reported that                     Buyer              Duncan               Hinchey                                b 1719
                                                                                                Calvert            Edwards              Hinojosa
                                      that Committee, having had under con-                     Camp (MI)          Ehlers               Hobson                Mr. FLAKE changed his vote from
                                      sideration the bill (H.R. 4973) to restore                Campbell (CA)      Emanuel              Hoekstra           ‘‘nay’’ to ‘‘yea.’’

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