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									             How to hack a SCHOOL Network? All typed by The Evilhacker
                           How to hack a SCHOOL Network ][


        The following information is for the purpose of knowledge and
else. The character "The Evilhacker", is purely fictional and does not
All those exploited in his actions have his apologies.


         Hey what's up fellow computer phreaks, too bad I ain't one...
before we begin to learn to hack a school network I would like to
advise that you do not do this, due to the fact that penalties are very
If you are caught in the act of hacking you will be either:

        1.        Suspended.
        2.        EXPELLED!
        3.        Forced to pay for all damages or loss of data.
        4.        Humiliated because your whole school will know that you
                  are a computer nerd.

That is all I have to tell you about penalties, and I totally wash my
from any incident which may happen to you due to this text file...
So it has been said so let it be done...

[=Chapter 1=]

        Ok, the first step in hacking is understanding the concept. Most
school run their computers on networks, because it is alot easier for
students and teachers to access their files (work). A network is simply
group of copmputers hooked up to a main computer, which enables people to
use their computer, save their work, and retrieve it on another computer.
This concept is used Ticket Reservation systems and eeve by police. The
common brand of network that a school would use is IBM SHOOL LAN. Lan is
a simple abrieviation for Local Area Network. The reason for this is
most computers are either IBM PS\1 in AT 286, or 386 SX, format. And
they are IBM they get a discount on the LAN software. Another common
is Novell but since their prices are steep chances are it will not be
available for student use.
         Another thing you should know is the Operating System (OS). A
will use an uncommon version or brand of OS which is not likely to be on
most computers, due to the fact that students may create boot disk and
them to school. The most common would be MS-DOS v3.1 and PC-DOS V3.0.
these DOS versions are old considering that Microsoft currently has
MS-DOS 6.2 and IBM has released PC-DOS 7.0.

[=Chapter 2=]

        Well an easy way to access the command prompt is simply by
the start up files. It is highly unlikely that your computer is equiped
DOS 6.0+ so using the [F5] key will be hopeless. Your best bet is to
down the [SHIFT] and hopefully the files will be passed and you will be
granted access to the command prompt. Sometimes this may not work so you
have to do more work. Since batch (.BAT) files can be aborted by the
[Ctrl] + [C] command or [Ctrl] + [Pause/Break] commands it fill be easy
abort the AUTOEXEC.BAT (The computer start up file). Simply abort when
see programs being loaded and you should see a message:

        Terminate Batch File (Y/N)

And then press [Y] and BINGO.

[=Chapter 3=]

         If that did not work don't fret, simply ask your teacher what OS
on these computers and when he/she (I'm not sexist) tells you say you
have the
same on your computer. Then later (like a week or two) go back and tell
her that you have a virus and could you make me a boot disk. He or She
certain to make you a boot disk of that version and brand OS. Once you
your boot disk, "Bull's eye", you have the key which gives you access to
command prompt. If you do not know how to operate a boot disk, all I
have to
say is that you are an "IGNORANT FOOL". Even a MAC (Apple McIntosh)
figure out how to use one. Well all you have to do is stick the disk in
before you start your computer... Easy! By the way if you do have MAC's
your school I'll show you some tips in the MAC Chapter at the end...
And if
you have a Commodore, Amiga, Atari or anything else go and make some

[=Chapter 4=] "IBM LAN"

        Ok that did not work so we'll have to do this through the NET
since Networks are basically a string of batch like files run through a
executable (.EXE or .COM) file it is likely to be simple to abort these
Well after you login (Try logining in as a friend in the SAME class as
The reason is that I logged in as some guy with the logon of IGNATIUSX
his password was BUSY; well obviously the teacher knew that there was no
one of that name in our class and since my login was totally different I
busted, but since I had a kind teacher I was let off the hook), pick a
selection and at the second menu just abort. You can abort by pressing
[Ctrl] + [C] or [Ctrl] + [Pause/Break]. It will ask you if you wish to
terminate the batch file and obviously you will answer with [Y].
        Well if you don't know where to break why don't you try these

        2.   DIR OF DRIVE A: (B:)

These are the most likliest places to be able to abort because it uses

[=Chapter 4b=]

        Simple... There's a secret passthru command built into IBM LAN.
To access it you must be at the Main Menu screen (some schools may have
hexed this out). Simply hold down the [Alt] key, then in this sequence
press [A], then [T], then [E]. Bam, your into DOS.

[=Chapter 5=]

        Well if none of these worked then you are messed. You could try
to hack through programs but there will be little memory and it will take
longer but nevertheless you are in. Here are some tips for certain

[Turbo Pascal/C ++]
Here is a good source good which should work:
        Check the file HACKDEMO.PAS which is included in this ZIP

Go to the command menu and type ":sh" or ":shell" or ":SHELL"
        Note: All commands are case sensitive!

Heres a quick source that should access the COMMAND prompt.

%       Program_Name : DOS SHELL
%       Purpose : To access DOS.
%       var s: int
%       system ("command.com",s)

Go to the menu and select "Shell to DOS".
If that doesn't work select run a program and run "C:\COMMAND.COM"
These should be enough to run the program.

[Microsft Works]
In the main menu go to the run and type "C:\COMMAND.COM"

[Other programs]
There are so many programs it is hard to tell you what to do so try to
and to run the COMMAND.COM

[=Chapter 6=]

        Finally if all fails, for IBM LAN, if you can't get in I
included the SYSTEM BOOT-UP OPTION disk in this packet. Use it
to modify the whole network! Hahaha. Try it. The file is named

[=Chapter 6 for NOVELL USERS=]

        The archive NOVELL.EXE contains password attainers for use
on Novell Networks. Use it to create havoc. Have fun!

[=Chapter 7=] What do I do when I am there?

        Well there is not much to do once you are at the command prompt.
You should notice that the drives are partitioned into many drives in
order for the LAN to work properly and to confuse hackers. If you are
looking for programs it will be or either drive W: or E:. Student files
are also on W:. It all depends on the way it is setup but it will
be a partioned hard disk drive. You could leech all the school programs,
play games and impress your friends, or be EVIL. I never had the chance
to do this because I had to sit right up front by the teacher because of
that damn alphabetic seating plan and my last name didn't even start with
an A or a B,C,D... Anyway you put virus on the computer. It is simple.
Download a virus from your favourite Pirate Bulletin Board System and
uncompress it onto a disk. Copy the school's COMMAND.COM file onto that
disk and then WRITE PROTECT your harddrive and MEMORY! Run the disk
COMMAND.COM and then the virusized program. Once done replace the
school COMMAND.COM with this virusized copy. If you were unable to run
the CCOMMAND.COM just copy the virus infected program to the school
computer and add it to the autoexec.bat file, hopefully to the beigining
of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file so that all the autoexec files that are run will
be infected. This is 100% fool proof. But before you do that have fun
supply teacher classes and play games if you even bother going to class.


        Yo, Yo, YO! What is up my MAC frieneds. MAC's suck but are
pretty cool for an over-rated, over priced and under powered machine.
Elementry schools are the main schools with Apple McIntosch computers
because they are so easy to use. If this in the USA or anywhere else
I doubt you ever have computers in Elementry Schools because the US is
a hood. Washington is like the only place that ain't a ghetto...
Anyway back to the subject. To Hack a Mac is easy. Teachers often
try to hide their files. A maze of directories is very common, but to
outsmart your teacher go to seacrh and search for all files. When you
find a file with a long directory sort of path you know it is hidden.
Sorry I don't know much about MAC's but all I have is one year's
experience with them back in grade eight, which was a LONG time ago.


I would like to thank you [censored-censored-censored-censored-censored]
for reading this, and hope you are successful in your quest to hack
your school. I must tell you I have nothing to do with what happens
to you.

Greets to those people who try and get me FREE things like I dunno,
computer parts, weapons, and of course FREE Internet Accounts for
my personal abuse.

Contact me by Internet Email at : evilhacker@apc.tor250.org

Note: If you are wondering why all my real names at my email accounts
seem to be different, gee I wonder.. It ain't my real name fools.. But
they are REAL people, just no me though stupid LAMERS.

                       How to Hack School Networks ][
                  1995 Evilhacker Productions, The Evilhacker.

             This text file was not proof read, nor spell checked.
I'm never going to update this again.. So the rest is up to you!

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