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									Battlefield 1942

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Gareth Homewood

Press ~ during game play in single player mode. Enter one of the
case-sensitive codes to activate the cheat function.

Effect                    Code
Invincibility           - aiCheats.code   Tobias.Karlsson
Kill enemy bots         - aiCheats.code   Jonathan.Gustavsson
Kill bots               - aiCheats.code   Thomas.Skoldenborg
Bots cheat (2)          - aiCheats.code   BotsCanCheatToo
Toggle AI statistics    - aiCheats.code   TheAllSeeingEyeOfTheAIProgammer
New spawn location (1) - aiCheats.code    WalkingIsWayTooTiresome
Super jumps             - aiCheats.code   moonwall
Automatic loss          - aiCheats.code   Hitler.Rules

(1)Spawn at the the location of the camera (this command may crash the
(2)Bots will cheat. I've seen tanks go faster than usual, troops
   under the ground, tanks strafe.

Example: aiCheats.code Jonathan.Gustavsson

NOTE: The codes are tested in 1.1 retail. They do not, will not, cannot
in multi-player (not even coop with bots)! Beware that some of these
are unstable as I mentioned above. It is important that you spell the
exactly as written, they are case sensitive and getting it wrong brings
team to 1 ticket ;-). Also note that the developers were bastards --
the cheats causes a "penalty" to be paid. For example, using godmode
in 60-70% of your tickets "disappearing". But this is better than

Battlefield:1942 cheat CORRECTION:
Submitted by: Kevin Kelly

The cheat listed at the bottom for Battlefield 1942 is inaccurate.
You do NOT shout Shiranimo. It is GERONIMO :)

Geronimo is the name of an Apache indian and has been used as a warcry.
2. If you drive a plane, if you are over the water(land OK too), you can
Enter/exit vehicle button and you will fall down and scream: Shiranimo!

Good combo:
Submitted by: Eduardo

If you are playing coop with 2 people have 1 be anti-tank and the other
this way you have a good chance surviving most attacks.

Capture the flag (tip):
Submitted by: Eduardo

When your ally has captured the flag fly very close to the carrier if he
"E" at the right time he can get into the plane and then just fly him

Easy plane fly:
Submitted by: Eduardo

When you fly a plane you have to use the mouse to aim your flight if you
the controls from using the mouse to using the directional-arrows instead
fly alot easier.

Submitted by: Eduardo

Some funny things to do, is if you take a jeep, you can drive on people!
kind of funny becaus they stay on the motor! 2. If you drive a plane, if
are over the water(land OK too), you can press Enter/exit vehicle button
you will fall down and scream: Shiranimo! Then you die, of course, you
survive the fall from a higher place. Good luck!

This one takes some teamwork and coordination, but you'll be cooler than
and Goose if you can pull it off. Have one player snag a two-seater
aircraft and
take off flying solo. Now position a friend high upon a hilltop or in a
clearing, and get ready to have him jump into your aircraft for a quick
Here's how you do it: the pilot needs to fly slow, steady, and directly
at the
player on the ground -- be as close to his elevation as possible without
turning him into ground chuck as you pass overhead. At the key moment
that the
aircraft meets the player, the grounded solider can quickly hit the "E"
key to
hop into the cockpit and be whisked away into the clouds. Use this one to
a wounded teammate in a hot zone, or deploy a comrade as a paratrooper
deep behind
enemy lines. Just be sure to practice this one before you try it out in a
match -- a plane-to-player collision is quite an ugly sight and really
hurts the
team score.

The Healing Dead:
If you're out in the field and hurting for ammo or health with no hope of
one of those handy dandy bunkers, just take a look around you. If there
was a
firefight recently, chances are some people recently died. And as you
should know,
players leave their equipment behind on the ground when they fade away.
You should
also be aware that you can pick up any of these packs for yourself. So if
you notice
a medic pack on the ground, switch out really quick and use the health
After that it's up to you whether you want to change back into your
former gear.
The same goes for running low on ammo. There's nothing worse than getting
stuck with
a pistol in the middle of a machine gun fight. So if you're out, find a
dead guy and
steal his stuff. If you're lucky, he'll have some ammo left on him and
you'll be back
in business.

Explosive Jeeps:
The Engineer's most powerful weapons are the Explosive Packs, but it's
getting them close enough to the target to do any damage. Here's a useful
use a jeep to deliver the payload. Grab a jeep (the Axis jeeps work best,
they have a deep back seat and tall sides) and throw a couple of expacks
in the
back or passenger seat. If they're placed well, they'll stay in as you
towards the target. When you see a target, "ghost-drive" the jeep close
to it
-- i.e., point it in the right direction, floor it, and then hop out with
the E
button, so the jeep coasts close to the target. If you time this right,
be out of range of the explosives and the jeep will be right next to the
Then, hit the button and watch the fireworks. This is a great way to take
tanks, APCs, and closely-packed groups of enemies. Try coasting exploding
into the middle of enemy spawn bases to do serious damage.

Grand Theft Naval:
This one is pretty hard to pull off, but pretty damn funny if you get the
There's a couple of ways to get it done, but both are pretty hard to pull
The first involves you grabbing a plane and flying out to the enemy
destroyer or
preferably the aircraft carrier. Jump out of the plane, open your
parachute and
land on the deck of either ship. If you manage this, you'll be able to
run on
board and take control of the thing. Then just take the sucker out for a
joy ride
turning it to evil purposes. You could even turn it out to sea and move
it so far
away from the objectives that it becomes totally useless to anyone. The
other way
I've seen the theft go down is someone parking the battleship to close to
leaving it vulnerable to incursion. That's probably not going to happen
all that
often, so you may only be able to consider the first option as really
unless you can get hold of a landing vessel and pull off a pirate type

Grenade Launch:
Sure, it may sound a little suicidal (okay, a lot suicidal) but if you're
or playing on a friendly fire off server, you could be in for quite a
Just drop a grenade on the ground, scream "Grenade!" at the top of your
and step right on top of the thing. If you don't die a horrifying death,
go launching high into the sky. Why in the hell is this useful? Well, I
it's not that useful, but it sure is fun and provides a couple of
opportunities. First off, if you do it right, you can fly up into the
air, hit
your parachute button, and float down on top of a building for a nice
point. Second off, wouldn't you be a little frightened if an enemy came
down from the sky to land on your head? Third off, it's fun!

Leave No One Behind!:
If you grab a jeep, landing boat, or multi-person plane, don't leave on
your own
unless you're fairly certain that no one else will be there anytime soon.
always better to have more than one person fighting along side you when
you reach
your destination. And it's certainly better to have someone man the guns
that are
attached to many of these vehicles to provide some extra support against
forces. So take a moment to check around your area to make sure there
aren't more
friendlies to join you before you take off. If you can't see anyone on
just look at your map for the friendly arrows.

Grenades make good starting signals. Have one of the players toss a
grenade in
front of the vehicles, and then punch the accelerator when it blows.

Sniper Tip:
Submitted by: John Kurian

When the Game Starts, be a Scout and enter the battle field and look for
that holds ammunition (a picture of bullets will appear at bottom right
of the screen when you stand near the crate). Find a good spot for
sniping near
the crate (prefrably very near to it as you automatically pick up ammo)
OK pick
off your enemies 1 by 1 if any tanks appear take off the person at the
top who
is firing the machine gun. When i follow this trick I kill atleast 70
in a battle!!

Submitted by: Ethan

Okay first off in order to do this youll need to know how to bunny jump
and move
around really fast.When the game starts pick engineer and take a plane,
fly it
around to stall the time so you can give the enemy a chance to get out
off there
spawn points.Fly the plane over a tank and press \"e\" to jump out, then
hit the
parachute button and land close to the tank.Use the Kar98k or No.4 to
take out
the gunner if there is one.If not bunny jump and then in mid air go prone
repeat this process until your right next to the tank.If you come close
to the
tank but it starts to drive away walk next to the track and it will speed
forward to the front of the tank.Once your infront of the tank jump onto
the top
not on the turret but on the base and select the Exp. Pack and plant them
on the
base and or the turret.If you plant it on the turret they are more likly
to fall
off.Plant different explosives according to the tank.For instience,Place
3-4 on
a Tiger or M-10 (and all the single person tanks) and 2-3 on the double
tanks. When your done run away and hit the plunger and watch the 4th of

Remove start logo:
Go you go to the folder it's installed and delete or rename the folder
called movies. You can also delete all the files in the folder without
bacground.bik if you want the background video.
Faster start up:
Note: This procedure involves changing game files; create a backup copy
of them
before proceeding. To eliminate the introduction and start the game
faster, remove
the movie files in the movie map.

Alternately, start the game with the +restart 1 command line parameter.

Quick attack:
When you are parachuting or just jumping out of a plane, wait until you
are about two
seconds from hitting the ground before opening your parachute, This is
useful when
making a quick attack on the enemy.

Jeep bomb:
When playing in any level, get into a jeep. If you see an enemy tank
nearby, ride the
jeep at full speed into the tank. Jump out immediately before it hits so
you do not
die. If you do this to a light tank, it will only have about three bars
of health
remaining. If there is a friendly tank nearby, they will finish the job.
Note: This only works with the jeep, as it is the only vehicle that can
go fast

Easy win:
Take an airplane, fly it to the other team's side, then drop out and land
on their
side of the map. In there base, hide in a building and kill them as they

Secret airport:
Play the Gazala level and start at the main base when you begin. Get into
a fast
vehicle (plane or jeep recommended) to get there before of any bots. Go
to square
1-B, or just go to the edge of the base facing the nearest area boundary
then follow
the boundary all the way to the left until you get there. On the map,
there should
also be a small gray dot signifying an AA Gun at the secret airport to
point you in
the correct direction. Once you get there, you should immediately see two
planes and two buildings, one with the repair, and one with health for
you. There
should also be an ammo supply.

Honk motorcycle horn:
While driving a motorcycle, click the Left Mouse Button and it will honk.

Get your parachute out:
Get in a plane, go up in the air, drop out with E, then after two seconds
in the
air press the 9.

Next multi-player map:
Press K during game play to send a message to everyone, then type
!nextmap. The name
of the next map will appear in the console.

Steal Higgen's boat:
In single player mode play on the Wake Island map. Select the any spawn
point. Get
something to get over the sea to reach the Axis' small boat. When you see
a Higgen's
boat, just go. You must jump on it with the Axis and kill everyone on the
boat except
for the driver. Wait until the driver gets to the island, then kill him.
You can now
easily steal the Higgen's boat. Note: You may also need to enable the
Tobias.Karlsson code.

Last Jeep:
The last Jeep is hidden in Battle Of The Bulge. Go to the lumber mill,
and behind it
is the last Jeep. It does appear on the map as the Jeep symbol.

Farting noises:
In Mimoques, get in a Gremlin aircraft and fly straight up until the
camera starts
to slow down and the plane gets smaller. Jump out. You should hear your
character scream.
Keep falling and before you hit the ground you should hear your character

Bomb truck (Forgotten Hope mod):
Put a 5 or 10 second charge in a transport truck then drive it somewhere.
It is now a bomb truck.

Submitted by: jacob

At the start of any map pause it straight away select your gun and spawn
point hit
enter and unpause it and away you go.

Jeep bomb:
Drive a jeep to a opposing team's base. Exit the jeep and put a explosive
pack in it.
Then, hide so that the opposing team will not see you. Watch to see if
the opposing
team gets in it, then blow up the jeep.

No hangar damage to plane:
Take a plane and fly it fast. Then, fly directly into a hanger. Your
plane will hit
the back, but will not blow up or get any damage. This sometimes does not
work; try
to get close to the bottom of the hanger before hitting the wall.

El Alamein: Sniping location:
In the south flag, at the bunker, there are several barrels next to some
boxes on the
side of the bunker. Jump on top of the three barrels closest to the boxes
facing the
flag. Lay down, look downwards, and move back and forth. After a few
attempts, you
will fall in between the barrels and the box. The enemy cannot see you,
and you are
not vulnerable to attacks via helo, airplane, or tanks. This works in all
the mods
as well. If an enemy helo will try to hover at the flag to capture it,
you pop up
and shoot it with a Stinger.
Plane shadow:
Get into any kind of plane. Fly it very high, then crash it. When the
plane is shown
damage, it will have its complete shadow, even if it has a wing blown

El Alamein: Get tank on top or inside buildings:
In El Alamein, play as the Allies and spawn at the main base. To the left
of the
factory, there are two white or gray buildings. Take a light tank (for
example, a
Sherman or a Panzer IV) and drive in between them. Once you are between
them, either
turn left or right. Turning left will get you on top of the left
building, and turning
right will get you inside the left building, or in some rare cases, on
top of the right

Get jeep inside or on top of buildings:
In any map that has buildings with doors, take a jeep and drive through
it. The jeep will
now be inside the building. In some buildings, you can get on top of the
jeep, jump, and
then be on top of the building.

Get inside hangar or watchtower:
In El Alamein, or any map that has a hanger with smooth terrain in back,
take a jeep
and drive it to the back of the hanger. Have the jeep touch the back of
the hanger.
Have the jeep at an angle so that you can fit in between. Then, run
forward and jump,
but stay in between the jeep and the hanger. If done correctly, you
should now be inside
the hanger. Make sure to get the jeep at a certain angle, or it will not
This glitch can also be done with a watchtower. Also, instead of having
the jeep at an
angle, sometimes you can press 2 to get in the passenger's seat and press
E to get out.
You will then be inside that hanger or watchtower.

Air support for Iwo Jima---gone!:
Submitted by: John

Take an AXIS plane and fly to the carrier off shore. Parachute onto it
and run back to
the end of the ship. With a panzershrek wait until the corsairs appear
and then simply
shoot them while they sit there. There is an ammo box right there so you
will never run
out of ammo. Kill the planes and the ALLIES will have no air support.

Iwo Jima Win Easy:
Submitted by: kyle
Email: kyleanthonysmith@gmail.com

In SP, take an american tank, or a japanese, and go straight to the
airfield. There you
must drive the tank onto a repair pad. Then Happy Shooting! with practial

Iwo Jima Japanese Easy Win:
Submitted by: RJ M
Email: rjmiller9899@yahoo.com

Go as a japanese soldier get an aircraft or defgun (the costal artillery
guns) and keep
shooting or bombing the battleship and aircraft carrier when they are
destroyed take the
beach with your flag. Then the Americans have no spawn points!

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