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					Alien Shooter - Vengeance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Enter one of the following codes during game play.

Result                               Code
Level skip                         - cheate
50,000 additional money            - cheatm
Faster firing                      - cheatw
+ 10,000 money                     - stm
+ 50 speed skill                   - cheats
Gain experience for next level     - stexp or cheatexp
Level skip                         - stwnn
Download shop on the level         - stshop
1,000 HP                           - cheath
15,000 HP                          - st1
Spawn ammunition                   - stammo
Invincibility                      - st2
All skills except perk 100         - stgod
Remove gamma                       - remgamma
Stop current track                 - stmusstop
Kill all monsters on the map       - stk9
Toggle current statistics display - stat
Turn the indicated number tracks   - stmus[number]

Christmas Easter Egg:
If your System Date is set to Dec 25 then you'll see a
different Main Menu Screen(Background).

Max money, max atrtributes, max perk, etc:

I have the U.S version and it is not upgraded.

(0) you must have made it to at least 1 save point in the game.

(1) Go to your install folder ( where you installed the game) look
in the "RUN" folder, then look in the "SAVES" folder. You will see
"PROFILE0" and maybe more. Go into the relevant folder. Depending
on where you are at in the game you will see lots of ".cfg" files,
the only ones you care about are the files that are 2 digit numbers
like "01.cfg" - "15.cfg" the rest you can ignore.

(2) Right click on the highest number .cfg file as that is your
current save point in the game. copy and paste a copy of the .cfg
file to your desk top, but do not change this one as it is a backup,
just in case.

(3) Go back to the game folder , right click again on the .cfg file.
Open the 2 digit . cfg file in the game folder with the "notepad"
program on your pc .If you are further on in the game then you will
have to go to the highest number to have it change your current save
point. It should look like this sample below without my lists on the
right of the sample.

------BEGIN SAMPLE-------------------------------------BRC.


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