Scaling for Justin Bieber traffic by jennyyingdi


									Scaling for Justin Bieber traffic
How we kept our website online during
our busiest ticket sales event

Background is an online ticket store, located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our website           Profile
launched in May 2003 and we provide online ticket sales for popular sporting and
music events in the region.
Business challenge                                                                             Online ticket store
Over the years, our business has gained popularity as the premier ticket platform              Location:
in Indonesia. By 2009, we were attracting very large events. However, when                     Jakarta, Indonesia
transitioning from local events to these larger events, our server couldn’t keep up
with the big surges in traffic. Our server would often go offline due to the number of         Member since:
people accessing the website trying to buy event tickets.                                      March 2011
As we continued to attract large sporting events like the AFC Championship
                                                                                               Monthly traffic:
(football) and popular music concerts, our technical operations team spent many
                                                                                               1.2 million page views
resources dealing with our growth. We upgraded our server and we continually
optimized our Apache web server and MySQL database.
In April 2011, we prepared for the sale of Justin Bieber Concert tickets. We
anticipated this to be our largest online sale yet! Just three days before the start of
the sale, we moved the site to a new server in a new data center. In five hours, we
had 550,000 visitors—a surge of five times our typical traffic numbers.
                                                                                               “With CloudFlare,
Although our server stayed online throughout this heavy load, we had a flood of                 the website page
complaints from customers about the slow website. A member of our IT team                       loading time went
suggested we try CloudFlare so we added the service. By the sixth hour, our server
was suddenly at peace. The CPU activity dropped under 3%. We could access the                   from 4.22 seconds
server remotely via SSH without problems. It was an awesome experience!                         to 1.49 seconds.”
CloudFlare’s impact
Based on the Bieber experience, we continued to use CloudFlare on a daily basis.
During the next big sale, the 2011 Korean Idol Music Concert, the traffic peaked at
100,000 page views and 490,000 visitors, using more than 4.9GB of bandwidth.

CloudFlare analytics shows traffic spike during sales of the 2011 Korean Idol Music Concert.

                                                                                               Have a website that
This time, we had absolutely no customer complaints about a slow website.                      gets surges in traffic?
With CloudFlare, the website page loading time went from 4.22 seconds to 1.49                  CloudFlare can help.
seconds. Our IT team was impressed by how easily our server could handle the
load because of CloudFlare.                                                          
CloudFlare allows our website to scale during large changes in traffic without having
to make large, unnecessary capital investments in servers.                                     650.319.8930

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