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            Turbosound Launches TCX Compact Install Series

Making their debut at The Namm Show, the all-new Compact series offers
four high performance passive two-way loudspeakers, and a choice of two
band pass subwoofers. Designed to be discreet in permanent installs, the
Compact series cabinets feature concealed pole mount sockets and rear
handles for an unobtrusive appearance, while being equally suited to portable

The Compact series comprises the 8” two-way TCX-8, 10” two-way TCX-10,
12” two-way TCX-12, and 15” two-way TCX-15 passive loudspeakers, plus
TCX-15B and TCX-18B subwoofers, all with Speakon NL4 and barrier strip
connectors. Internal M10 rigging points are provided for use with Turbosound
wall and ceiling brackets, and also for OmniMount™ loudspeaker mounting

The Compact series is supported by the latest GLL data file format for use
with the EASE acoustic simulation programme. The well-proven rotatable
Converging Elliptical Waveguide also features in the range, with the smooth
and even dispersion characteristics that are ideal for smaller clubs, cafés and
“The new Compact line offers best-in-class performance and an updated
component set over the range predecessors, making up a major part of our
business. We are confident the new products will continue to build our brand,
concludes Harter.


Editors’ contacts:
Allyson Dias, Turbosound
Tel: +44 1403 711447

           Milan gets off to a flying start with FX Rentals

Setting the tone for what is destined to prove a very fruitful partnership, 10 of
Turbosound’s brand new Milan M15 self-powered loudspeakers where
purchased by FX Rentals.
One of Europe’s leading equipment rental companies, London-based FX
Rentals has a wide range of clients whose requirements range from large PAs
to musical instruments, effects processors, DJ equipment and recording
systems. Versatile loudspeakers are always in great demand, servicing
multiple events including corporate presentations, club gigs, parties and artist
The full-range Milan M15 is ideal for these types of events, being digitally self-
powered, portable and capable of delivering 450 watts of crystal clear audio
from its 15” LF driver and 1” HF compression driver. With an onboard Class D
amplifier, multiple ins and outs, two channel mixer, a calculated maximum
SPL of 125dB continuous (131dB peak), integrated carrying handles and pole
mount socket, it is suitable for a very wide range of applications. It was this
that attracted FX Rentals to purchase no less than 10 units for its rapidly
expanding dry hire business.
“We were very impressed listening to the M15,” says FX Group chairman
Roger Evan. “We have seen the hire demand for PA steadily grow over the
last five years and it is now an important area of our business.
“It is clear that careful design has gone into the M15. Issues such as weight,
ease of use and controls, as well sound quality, are all important and
Turbosound seems to have ticked all the right boxes.”
“We are very pleased that FX Rentals has become the first company to
benefit from our new distribution agreement with Turbosound,” adds SCV
London live sound sales specialist Reuben McCartney. “As soon as we heard
the M15, we knew that the new Milan range would be an exceptional choice
for rental businesses of all sizes.
“As the Milan range expands, we look forward to working with many
companies to bring them the benefit of these high quality and very cost-
effective loudspeakers.”
Pictured left to right: Roger Evan, Chairman of FX Rentals and Reuben
McCartney, Live Sound Sales for SCV London.

Editors’ contacts:
Allyson Dias, Turbosound
Tel: +44 1403 711447
    USB/Network Controllable 4-channel Amplifier
            Debuts from Turbosound

Combining four discrete 1250 watt Class D amplifier channels in a
lightweight 2U package, the RACKDP-50 provides a truly innovative
software-driven solution for network control of a touring Flex Array rig,
offering a very cost effective amplifier rack with extremely high power
density. TurboDrive™ control software is built right into the DSP platform,
allowing network control of multiple devices, and comprehensive fault


Editors’ contacts:
Allyson Dias, Turbosound
Tel: +44 1403 711447
PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

             Butter NC brings Turbosound club sound to Charlotte

Located in Charlotte’s Music Factory entertainment district, Butter NC is an 8,300
square-foot space that has taken the Charlotte club scene to a new level, with lush
design concepts, superior service, and a sound system that envelopes up to 400 guests
with an upbeat mix of electronica, hip-hop and top 40 music. Local design and install firm
Eye Dialogue chose Turbosound TCS speakers to pump up the volume and provide
distinctly different vibes on Butter’s two levels, each with its own DJ.

Mention the name “Butter” as a night club and most people think New York, where that
nightspot revolutionized the evening out by combining a high-end restaurant with an
exquisite nightclub experience on the same premises. With his North Carolina roots and
a passion for entrepreneurship, Butter co-owner Scott Sartiano decided to bring his
distinctive nightclub concept back home. “I wanted something intimate and classy, yet
not overdone. It has a touch of New York, South Beach and Vegas all rolled into one,”
he explains.

 “It’s a total visual experience; they pulled out all the stops in designing this space,” says
Entertainment Technology Designer Jack Kelly of Eye Dialogue Lighting & Sound in
Charlotte, who designed and installed the club’s audio systems. “But the big thing for the
owners was the sound. They wanted it to feel like the sound was all around you instead
of originating from one end of the room. That presented a lot of interesting problems.”

To address this “directionless” directive within a fairly limited budget and specific
limitations on the number and locations of loudspeakers, Kelly settled on a combination
of Turbosound TCS Series speakers to meet the club’s goals. “Replication of audio in a
club setting isn’t like a concert or trying to reproduce a CD. People expect to hear a lot of
sub,” he explains. “But at the same time, it’s got to be clean and distortion-free at any
volume. It’s a challenge. I was looking at several different manufacturers, but when I
heard a demo of these speakers, especially the subs, I really liked what I heard – big
sound, tons of headroom, and super clean. And they’re really not as expensive as their
reputation. They just sound that way!”

Butter is divided into two distinct areas, each with a separate DJ and sound system. The
main dance club is on the bottom floor, while the upper level houses a lounge with VIP
area. Clubgoers enter on the second floor, which features curving walls and 16-foot
ceilings. “It’s a difficult space. The curves help and they softened it up with fabric
treatments to make it less reverberant, but the building is an old warehouse with cement
floors, so there are a lot of reflective surfaces. Basically, we have one speaker up in
each corner of the lounge, aimed down and in. The subs are on the ground, inset in the
walls,” notes Kelly.

The four main speakers are Turbosound TCS122s, which radiate in a 60x40-degree
pattern. The two TCS-B218 subwoofers feature dual 18-inch drivers that can reproduce
frequencies down to 25 Hz at volumes up to 142 dB. “The 122 horns delivered exactly
what we needed, and those new TCS B218 boxes subs give us a really full sound, even
with the tall ceiling,” Kelly enthuses. “The sound of that sub just blows me away, and it’s
really not that expensive. It’s really an awesome box.”
Down on the first floor, Kelly used a similar scheme for both the main dance floor and
the lounge, adjusting his product choices to fit the size and shape of the spaces. The
dance floor is the loudest room in the club, requiring an immersive audio experience that
remains clean and undistorted, even when the room hits 115 dB. This is accomplished
with Turbosound TCS-1561 3-way speakers with 15-inch horns above each corner of the
main dance floor, radiating in a 70x40-degree pattern. These are augmented by four
floor-standing TCS-B218 subs spread evenly around the periphery to create the bass-
heavy club sound the club was striving for.

The first floor lounge, a smaller space with 9-foot ceilings and a slightly more restrained
vibe, employs four TCS-121C mains with a pair of TCS-218C subwoofers. “Those are
Turbosound’s Contractor Series,” explains Kelly. “The first floor lounge is a smaller
space, so it didn’t require quite the kick we have on the dance floor, and these boxes
were perfect for that.

With an open staircase connecting the two levels, the final key was finding a way to get
Butter’s two main sound systems to play nicely together. “Most of the time, they are
playing two different styles of music. The stairwell is the key, because there’s a landing
area where the bathrooms are, and that’s where the sound intersects,” explains Kelly.
“We had to find a way to make it the sound intelligible there without jumping through too
many hoops.”

The solution was to add a single 8-inch speaker on the landing, with a wall switch to
select the music from either space. “If you reinforce the mids and highs of the music that
is dominant on the landing – which varies from night to night – suddenly you’ve got clear
sound,” he notes. “Theoretically, if both sources are the same volume on the landing, it
wouldn’t work. But that hasn’t been an issue.”

The installation at Butter is perfectly aligned with Eye Dialogue’s emphasis on the
insightful use of new technologies and proven equipment to create elegant solutions in
both lighting and sound. “I like the scientific nature of audio design,” Kelly states. “You’ve
got a space, you’ve got a budget, and you’ve got a goal. So really, for any given situation,
there’s always a best solution. At Butter, we achieved the owner’s vision of world-class
audio in a visually oriented venue, and the new Turbosound TCS Series speakers were
a critical part of that equation.”

Co-owner Scott Sartiano emphatically agrees. “Great sound is vital in every club, so we
always use the best available,” he says. “In this case, that meant Eye Dialogue and, in
turn, Turbosound, and it has not disappointed. The sound in Butter is clean and crisp,
yet powerful. You can’t help but notice the sound quality while you are there. I’d like to
think it has become a welcome fixture and staple in Charlotte nightlife.”


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