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By Dene McGriff
Gideon's Chronicles is about an average person and a small band of friends who
find themselves in the middle of a great tribulation “left behind” and
bewildered. It leads to their search for where he got it wrong but unfolds
into a glorious witness as he makes a real connection with Jews, survivalists
and others as they struggle against the Satanic forces of the antichrist.
 Some people suspect the eternal consequences of taking the “mark of the
beast” and begin to notice the not so subtle changes in those around them.
They slowly begin to grow, reach out and see their calling as a part of the
two witnesses during the great tribulation. This may appear to be more “Left
Behind” fiction, but could it become our reality?

It is our belief that we are about to enter the world’s finest and most
terrifying hour – those very events prophesied thousands of years ago to occur
at the end of the age.. The Bible talks about tribulation and trial. In fact,
everyone will have to choose who they will serve – the forces of the antichrist
or the spirit of Jesus. This can’t be faked. You either know Him or you
don’t, and I hope and pray that if you don’t you will come to know Him.

Rather than a theological work, Gideon’s Chronicle tries to show that this is
not just theory but can get down home and personal, making us question our
life, our priorities and our preparation. This is fiction, but down through the
ages much “fiction” has found its way to being “fact.”

Corrie Ten Boom, the famous death camp survivor who gave aid to Jews during WWII
“There are some among us teaching there will be no tribulation, that the Christians
will be able to escape all this. These are the false teachers that Jesus was warning us to
expect in the latter days. Most of them have little knowledge of what is already going
on across the world. I have been in countries where the saints are already suffering
terrible persecution.

In China, the Christians were told, "Don't worry, before the tribulation comes you will
be translated – raptured." Then came a terrible persecution. Millions of Christians
were tortured to death. Later I heard a Bishop from China say, sadly,
"We have failed.
We should have made the people strong for persecution,
rather than telling them Jesus would come first.
Tell the people how to be strong in times of persecution,
how to stand when the tribulation comes,
– to stand and not faint."

I feel I have a divine mandate to go and tell the people of this world that it is possible to
be strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are in training for the tribulation, but more
than sixty percent of the Body of Christ across the world has already entered into the
tribulation. There is no way to escape it.
We are next.”

So for those who are counting on being NOT “left behind”, please consider the
consequences if you get it wrong and “stay behind”. The Tribulation is about
the “wrath of Satan” not the “wrath of God”. It is not about hiding or
escaping, but being a glorious testimony to the world around who will have to
choose one side or the other. This should not cause us to fear or shirk back
but to realize we may have the glorious privilege of actually being a part of
those great events that lead to the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ. Speaking of ‘end times’ saints Revelation 12;11 says, “And they
overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,
and they did not love their lives to the death.” That is my heart’s prayer for
those who dare to read on.

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             Table of Contents
1. My Present Day – Some years in your future

2. War in the Middle East – the Burden of Damascus
3. One more war major Middle East War – Gog Magog

4. Peace at last

5. The Temple Rebuilt

6. Update and Early Misgivings

7. We see the light and the search begins

8. What is America? Good or evil?

9. Is America found in the Bible?

10. “And they shall deliver you up…”

11. Fleeing into the unknown

12. What happened to the rapture?

13. A few months ago – the frog in the pot

14. Why is this happening?

15. Our first encounters with other dissidents

16. We met the resistance

17. On changing locations and the “hive”

18. An interesting Jewish encounter

19. Economic meltdown, riots and war

20. We pow wow and share stories…
21. We forage for supplies

22. New Additions settle and questions continue…

23. We find our purpose

24.There’s going to be a wedding

25. Crash Course

26. Go Figure – Stuff Happens!

27. Our Fortunes can Turn on a Dime

28. Time to Move On

29. A Meeting with the Mormons

30. Let's Go Shopping!

31. How do we go on?

32. We Reach Out - Plus Self Defense

33. We Meet with Another Group

34. A Dangerous Confrontation!

35. A Trap is Sprung

36. Meeting with Our Family and Thor's Group

37. About Laura
38. Why Didn't We Get It?

1. My Present Day – Some years in your future

I’m Gideon and I’m hiding here in the basement of a gutted old
hotel…sorry I can’t tell you exactly where. Things have been
totally spinning out of control. Military are combing the area
looking for us, well actually anyone who hasn’t been
“vaccinated” yet. I’m going to be writing this just to try and make
some sense out of the past few years. Nothing has gone the way we
thought it would. We’re totally confused and trying to figure out
what happened and what to do next. Living underground is not
what we had in mind…

But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Let me briefly tell you why I
call this “Day 5”. You see everything changed five days ago. We
had gone through a series of economic disruptions, Middle East
wars and finally a period of peace as the American President
kept his word with Israel by signing a defense treaty. Let’s see.
That was three and a half years ago. Jews and Christians alike
applauded his accomplishment and he rose to such world fame
that all the peoples loved and admired him. He was such a
wonderful man of peace.
Eight days ago, an assassin shot him in the head and he died (or
at least so we thought) in the streets of Jerusalem where he was
visiting the newly rebuilt Jewish temple. He lay there in state
under a glass coffin for three days. Suddenly his wound was
healed and he came to life. The world was astounded when he
got up. The crowd around him fell to their knees in awe and
adoration. He walked into the Temple and into the most Holy
Place, offering sacrifice and declaring that what they were seeing
was proof that he was God, the true messiah come to earth. That
was Day 1 and anyone who has read Daniel or Revelations
know, we have three and a half more years to go.

Here’s our situation right now. They say a pandemic broke out in
China that has a kill rate of about as close to 100% as you can
get and everyone must be vaccinated. In order to show that you
have been vaccinated, they make an indelible mark on your
hand or forehead where it can be seen by the authorities. Unless
you have the mark, you are “quarantined”. What that means we
don’t know for sure. People seem to disappear and are never seen
again. You can’t be seen in public without the mark or you are
arrested. That means you can’t buy or sell (as it says in
Revelation 13:17). Besides, there is no money in circulation.
The “vaccination” contained some kind of code that they use to
keep track of your income and expenses. People get “credits”.
This system was set up because the world economy was imploding
anyway. By then everyone knew paper currency was a joke.

The excuse for the mark to begin with was the killer virus. They
said it was a vaccination but there was obviously more to it than
that. Those of us Christians had read about the “mark of the
beast” with its economic ramifications. But there was more to it
than that. Everyone was expected to pledge their allegiance to the
new Messiah and when they received their “vaccination”
something physical seemed to happen to them.

Those of us raised in church knew what it was about but none of
us saw it coming this way. We talked about it and decided to
take our chances and avoid the “mark” at all cost.     I may not be
the sharpest tool in the shed, but having been raised in church
we were taught not to take a “mark” like this so you may say I
have joined the resistance. I just don’t see how this could be

We are on the run from the authorities. We constantly move from
place to place but have to basically stay literally underground
because our infrared signatures will show up on satellites and on
their scopes. They can literally see through ordinary buildings.
This has only been going on for a few days but it is pretty scary.
There are seven in our little group: Dana an 18 year old first
year college student, Brett who used to be a group leader in our
church and ran a small hardware store in town (he lost his
family in the early days of the big “round up” as we call it – we
aren’t sure what happened to them and hate to guess), etc. There
are others who you’ll meet later.

A lot of crazy things that were impossible are now possible
including limited time travel. I’ve got this super genius friend,
Karl, who says he can send this diary back through time so
hopefully you can read this and learn from our mistakes and
maybe prepare for what is to come.
   2. War in the Middle East – the Burden of

I have to tell you. We were blindsided. We thought events were
unfolding according to the script we had been taught in church.
We were told that America was a “Christian” nation, founded on
Bible principles and the bearer of truth, justice and blah, blah,
blah to the rest of the world. We were supporting democracy
around the world, even the Middle East with the great
experiment of transforming Iraq into a model democracy. We were
perhaps Israel’s only real friend in the world and God was
blessing us accordingly.

Things seemed to be going pretty well although there were
economic meltdowns, defaults and bailouts. The thorny problem
continued to be Israel and what to do about the Palestinians. In
early 2012 Israel was invaded by Syria, Libya, Gaza, etc. with
Iran’s help. Israel’s back was to the sea and they had no choice
but to use the nuclear option – reducing Damascus to dust in the
sand. After the use of nuclear weapons for the first time in
nearly three quarters of a century, world opinion turned
completely against Israel. They had no choice. Israel had to
disarm and had to sign a defense treaty with the United States.
The UN would have let the Arabs have their way and so would
NATO. But Europe was in disarray as half of Europe was facing
debt default and couldn’t decide on anything. We American
Christians praised the President for his actions, for saving God’s
chosen people and keeping them in the land, for imposing peace
on the land.
If it weren’t for the American President stepping in all hell
would have broken loose and Israel utterly destroyed. He basically
put down his foot and said “no more fighting! There will be
peace!” The conditions were the complete disarmament of Israel, a
Palestinian state on the West Bank, and American troops on the
ground to guarantee that peace whether the parties involved liked
it or not. We Christians thought this was a great move, more
proof of our “Christian President’s” support for Israel. In
retrospect we learned that this was the “Treaty of Hell and Death”
of Daniel 9:27. The antichrist imposed this defense treaty on his
terms. Israel had no choice even though she had always defended
herself. Now she was forced to depend on the United States, her
only long term friend and ally.

3. One more war major Middle East War – Gog

Sorry, I couldn’t write yesterday. We had to move.

We people are so trusting. We want to believe everything we are
told by our government and even our church leaders. It had been
drummed into our little heads that the antichrist would come out
of Europe, that America was a nation set on a hill chosen by
God, and that we would rapture before any of this stuff happens.

This was our first mistake. Even though Bible scholars had
warned that the antichrist would make a treaty with Israel none
of us suspected it would be an American President. We had been
told clearly that America was not mentioned in Bible prophecy
and we were the good guys bringing truth, justice and the
American way to the world. Not only that there was no way we
were going into the tribulation (that terrible seven year period of
trouble and persecution) because God wouldn’t dare let His
precious church suffer! The rapture would take us out and
everyone else would be “left behind” to suffer the consequences of
their unbelief! So there! Take that bad guys! We were sure
nothing horrible could happen to us because we were still here!
Second mistake!

After the destruction of Damascus, the Arab world was incensed
and threatened to pile on Israel and push every man, woman and
child into the sea, obliterating any memory of the Jews in the
world. The US and the President seemed to be good to its word to
defend Israel. The Islamic world massed troops on the northern
and southern borders of Israel led principally by Iran and
Turkey to the north and Egypt and Libya to the south.
Fortunately, America had troops prepositioned in Israel and
Kuwait as well as huge stockpiles of weaponry left over from the
Iraq wars. Although we didn’t see it at the time, this turned out
to be the much prophesied Gog-Magog War. Jewish and
American troops fought side by side. We decimated Islamic
forces: It was such a huge battle, they say it will take years to
clean up. We’re not sure if they used nuclear weapons or not
because it wasn’t reported in the news but rumors suggest that we

The President and America seemed to be good to its word to
defend Israel. Many of us evangelicals became even stronger
supporters of the President for saving Israel and stood up to the
whole world in the process. What more could we want? Peace in
Jerusalem, a President and nation supporting Israel and on the
verge of bringing the gospel of peace to the whole world! We were
absolutely convinced that God would save Israel and to think he
used us to do it!

After the great Middle East War, the American President went on
a liberation rampage around the world. Secretly, the U.S. had
been developing super weapons and genetically modified soldiers
who were the most effective killing machines the world has ever
seen – impervious to small weapons, fearless, strong, fast and
uncannily intelligent. Link these with unmanned killing
machines on the land and drones in the air that took out
anything in the way, and there was no stopping America’s armies.

People around the world lauded the President as a great leader
and welcomed his heavy hand in return for peace and security.
After so many years of turmoil, peace was welcomed. There
seemed to be no arguing with this determined man. This
neutralized Islam for now and consolidated America’s power,
access to oil and other resources and reconfirmed that there is
only one superpower in the world. No country could stand against
our military might. It doesn’t seem that anyone would even want
to. We were keeping the peace (with threat of using the sword),
but it seemed to be working.

                          4. Peace at last

The world sighed with relief as peace seemed to settle in around
the world even though it seemed to be a peace imposed by the
President. There seemed to be a trade off most people were
willing to make. Get along. Hold elections or pay the
consequences as the threat of US military power hovered over a
good part of the earth.
The American church was giddy with pride for their nation and
the peace that had finally come upon Israel. Even the Jews who
were not too happy with the loss of control over their destiny,
seemed relieved to finally have peace and not constantly looking
over their shoulder for the next suicide bomber, sniper or
missile. The walls were down. The President had shown he
would protect Israel. The masses adored, almost worshipped the
man who had brought peace.

Churches declared the kingdom had finally come and Israel had
been saved from certain destruction by their saviour/president.

                5. The Temple Rebuilt

Once the war was over and peace established, Israel began to
fulfill her greatest dream – to rebuild the Holy Temple in
Jerusalem. For years, Israel had been stock piling building
materials and staging for the construction of the temple. They
began construction within days after the end of the Gog Magog
War. It only took a few months to complete. All the pieces were
there. They just had to be put in place. Once finished, Jews and
Christians alike rejoiced as the Temple was rededicated after
nearly 2,000 years. It seemed the Jews were finally at home in
their land again in every way. The temple was officially opened
on the Feast of Dedication.

The American church was ecstatic. America and its President
had once again saved Israel. They saw this as an answer to
prayer, a vindication of the church support for the
administration and proof that the President was on their side.
How foolish we were. Once Islam was no longer a major factor,
construction on the temple mount got under way and finished in
short order. After 2,000 years the magnificent temple was finally
rebuilt. Surely we were on the brink of a thousand year peace led
by the savior of the church and Israel.

At this point in time the President said he was a Christian, went
to church, sounded and acted like one. He was a real uniter,
charismatic and persuasive as can be. Even though troops were
fighting all over the world, it seemed to be for a good cause – to
bring free markets, self-determination, democracy, capitalism
and America enforced “peace” to the whole world. Hard to see
how it could get any better than that. We were on a roll! Israel
was finally safe and the church was moving on.

            6. Update and Early Misgivings

We are now hanging out in an old hospital down where they did
autopsies, MRI’s and such. Some people stored food down here. It’s
quiet right now. We tapped into an old electrical box so I can at
least write tonight. The round up continues. We hear that it is
being announced on television that the inoculations are working
and that the pandemic is being controlled because of the
wonderful cooperation of citizens. Strange things seem to be
happening to those who received the vaccine. Word is it
introduced some kind of animal DNA which not only cures the
disease but has other mysterious effects. It allows people to
communicate telepathically and kind of connect with one
another. They seem to be changing in inexplicable ways – more
on this later. Back to my little history…

Some were getting a little suspicious. Things seemed a little too
good to be true. There were a few people who were warning us
that all was not as it seemed. Some actually told us that America
wasn’t what it appeared to be, that we wouldn’t escape the
tribulation by rapture and that, it had in fact already begun.
These people were ridiculed and even turned into the authorities
for their seditious behavior. How dare they go against the pastors
and teachers, this godly country and wonderful president who
was supporting Israel all the way!!! Couldn’t they see the good we
are doing for the world?

Any talk of the antichrist was easily dismissed. We Christians
knew he was coming from Russia or Europe – maybe the Vatican.
Please remember, we thought that as far as the Bible is
concerned, America does not even exist! (third mistake) What
basis was there to think differently? We thought the antichrist
would either be a non-believer, New Ager or universalist. He
would never claim to be a Christian. We seemed to miss the
Scriptures that said the antichrist would appear to be a Christian
and be so convincing that “even the elect would be deceived.”
Besides, he wouldn’t support Israel. Wait a minute! Daniel 9:27
says he makes a treaty with Israel and then breaks it. Isn’t that
what just happened? We thought he was a kind of messiah. How
could we have been so wrong? (Fourth mistake!)

Dude, let me tell you. We are so confused. Everything we were
taught seems to be wrong. How could America possibly be bad?
How could a President and country that supports Israel possibly
be wrong …??? How could I still be here if these things really
happened? I’m not supposed to be here. Right? (Fifth mistake)

Well, you can see I have a lot to figure out. Gotta go now. More

     7. We see the light and the search begins
Today I’m going to tell you about our little band of stragglers. It
seems like forever but it was just a couple of weeks or so ago when
we were talking this over. We were having a meeting in Brett’s
home with a few families from church. We were discussing the
recent happenings. Brett was the group leader. He’d been a realtor
about ten years. He did pretty well in the beginning but after the
housing crash he began been helping folks who were under water.
He’s a pretty traditional type, conservative, Reagan republican.
His wife Doris home schools their kids – a full-time job in my
opinion. Then there’s Dana who is now a college student (or at
least was). She used to be our baby sitter. There’s Max who is a
local sheriff – or at least was as we say. He’s helpful because
knows how to get on the police channels and follow their
movements as we try and keep one step ahead of them. His wife,
Claire, was a legal secretary in town. Then there’s Joe, the youth
pastor. He’s fresh out of Bible School and Seminary. Rounding out
the seven is Joe’s girl friend Etta. My wife, Jane, of course was
there that night also but she was detained a few days later. There
were a few others with us that night but they aren’t around any

We were sitting in the family room, a slight chill in the air so
the gas was turned on in the fireplace, giving a nice glow – but
little heat. We were mulling over the recent events – the two wars
in the Middle East, the treaty, the President saving Israel twice
now, the rebuilding of the temple. Joe, the youth pastor said, “It
almost seems as if these events have been scripted, but whose
script? Things have moved so fast. There is a rising swell of
patriotism and support for the President – not just here but
around the world. We seem to be entering a time of peace and
prosperity.” He concluded, “it almost seems too good to be true.”
Across the room Dana frowned and looked at Joe and said, “I
know that’s how it looks Joe but I don’t have a good feeling about
this. Something doesn’t seem right. As I was praying this morning
it seemed like the Lord was telling me this is all wrong. People
who aren’t excited by this new world order are being denounced
as unpatriotic. But beyond I feel that a terrible persecution is
coming and we are being called to stand up and be witnesses.”

Everyone looked at her incredulously and I said, “But Dana,
you’re talking like we’re somewhere in the tribulation and we all
know that just can’t be. Our blessed hope is to rapture before any
of this happens.” “Look around” says Dana. “It already is and we
are still here. Next thing we know, they’ll be requiring us to take
a mark.”

Max piped in. “Guys, I think she’s right. You can’t believe what
they are telling us at the precinct. There seems to be some kind of
crack down coming – rumors of a deadly virus. Everyone needs to
be vaccinated and if they aren’t, they are rounded up and
quarantined in some special camps that are set up outside of
town. They are going to put a mark on the hand or forehead so
everyone can see who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t.”

“Wait a minute,” I said. “This can’t be happening. Why? Because
we are here and this just can’t be. Guys, if we missed something
as important as this, what else could we be missing? Does that
mean we have just days left to come up with a plan? What should
we do?”

Dana says, “When I was praying this morning I had the strongest
sense from the Lord that we did miss it. We are not called to
escape but to witness! We need to forget all the things we believe
so strongly and start listening to the Lord. We are of all people
most blessed, given the privilege to suffer and probably die for
our Lord following the martyrs of old.”

“Wait a minute, Dana”, I said. “If what you are saying is true,
everything we have been taught about prophecy is wrong. We
aren’t going to disappear in some secret rapture, leaving everyone
behind. Instead we are being left here for a reason. Okay, brothers
and sisters, this could be much more serious than any of us
imagined. I propose we meet here every night until we figure this
out. We’ve got to throw out everything we’ve been taught for now
and take a fresh look. Joe, what do you think?”

“You both have a really good point. Come to think of it, all the
stuff I was taught goes back to the Scofield Bible and beyond. How
could they possibly have known the world would look like it does
today? We can’t deny what we have seen with our own eyes these
past few years. The first war when Damascus was destroyed, the
treaty signed by Israel and the US. We never even considered that
could be the treaty referred to in Daniel 9:27. After all, that
would make the President the antichrist and America prophetic
Babylon, the great apostate superpower of Revelation. America
was supposed to fade away and disappear because we were told it
wasn’t even mentioned in prophecy. But maybe it was? Maybe we
missed the elephant in the room because we are prophetic
Babylon! Guys, this is all too much. Let’s go home and think
about it.”

Suddenly George Blaino, one of the church old timers, stood up
and said, “You guys are all nuts. This is seditious talk and I can’t
allow it. I’m going to talk to the pastor about this. We don’t have it
wrong. This is God’s country and God’s president supporting Israel.
Nothing is wrong. We are about to enter the millennium - the
greatest era of peace and prosperity the world has ever seen and
you are talking like traitors to God and country. I can’t support
this. You go on and have your stupid meetings but watch your
back!” George stormed out of the room and slammed the door as
he was leaving.

Brett, the group leader asked, “Anyone else uncomfortable with
this can leave if they want.” Two more got up and left. “I for one
have a strange feeling. Dana may be right. We may have it all
wrong and time may be running out? Let’s pray.”

With that everyone left. I felt like someone had hit me in the
stomach and knocked the breath out of me. That meeting marked
a turning point and nothing has been the same since.

         8. What is America? Good or Evil?

As decided, our little group met again the next night – remember
this was a few weeks ago when things were more “normal.”
Anyway, when Blaino and a couple of others accused us of being
seditious, and stomped out we thought the first thing we needed
to talk about was America. After all, other than the military, the
most patriotic institution in America is the church. We have been
taught that our nation was founded on Christian principles as
refugees fled Europe to escape persecution. They found a safe
haven here. America is a chosen nation.

We sat around the living room that night – Brett and Doris, Max
and Claire, Dana, Joe and Etta and my wife Jane and I. We
began to talk about the recent conference by “Gatekeepers , the
roots of American Exceptionalism”. Gatekeepers seemed like an
amalgamation of “Promise Keepers” and Wall Builders.” It
followed the old line of America being founded as the “light on
the hill”, the ground that preserved the evangelical spirit of the
Church while Europe slipped into the post-Christian world.
There was a historical precedent believing that America had a
“manifest destiny” to lead the world. Over the past few years,
America was carrying on wars of liberation throughout the
Middle East, earlier in Eastern Europe and even Asia – attempts
to bring them into democracy, self-determination and as full
members of the global economy and new world order.

Support for the administration by churches was great because to
one degree or another, every administration since Truman had
supported Israel. This was interpreted by Christians as further
proof of our calling to be the light on the hill. As a history
teacher, I brought in a slightly different view. “Guys”, I said, “I
have always wondered about this because one might just as well
argue that America is as much a product of the French
Enlightenment and secularism as Christianity. Many of the early
founding fathers such as Jefferson, Madison and even Washington
were diests, what we would call today “new age”. Maybe Dan
Brown had a point. The Masons left their mark on the capital. We
discussed this for a while. What if all was not as it seemed?

But on the other side, you have the people like Dave Wilkerson
who pointed to the decline in morality and falling away from
the faith. America was the center of the entertainment industry,
pornography, drugs and a politically correct attitude that seemed
to believe that anything or any lifestyle is okay. These modern
day prophets concluded that America had to be destroyed – first
because of its decadence and second because it wasn’t even
mentioned in the Bible and needed to move out of the way so the
antichrist could emerge from Europe (which was the most
common opinion at the time)”, Russia, the Middle East, Israel or

We went on to discuss, which is it? Is America the redeemer
nation that saves the world or the evil nation that is polluting
the world and needs to be wiped out because it is in the
prophetic way? Or, was there another explanation? We realized
that we couldn’t have it both ways.

Joe, the youth pastor, who had just recently graduated from
seminary piped in, “maybe there is another explanation.
Scholars get the idea that the antichrist comes from Europe
because it is a federation of ten nations making up the old Holy
Roman Empire spoken of in Daniel 7 and 8. But Daniel 7:8 and
8:9 speak of a little horn coming out of the ten and then
dominating them. Isn’t that what America did? Maybe we are the
upstart nation that carries the Christian mantle, and is
economically and militarily the most powerful nation on earth
and supporter of Israel. The only problem is that in the last days,
the leader of that eleventh nation is the antichrist.”

That comment caused quite a commotion so Brett, our leader,
said. “We have some good points here. Let’s go home and get
together tomorrow night and see if we can come up with
something more. I would remind you that Revelation 16-19
describes a prophetic nation that dominates in the last days. Let’s
check that out and see where we go from here.” With that, we all
went home.

            9. Is America found in the Bible?
The next night, we got together in Brett’s home. Joe introduced the
concept explaining that Revelation 16 describes the destruction of
a great ‘end times’ nation prophetically known as Babylon – but
certainly not Iraq, because it doesn’t fit the description. Surely, it
has a lot of potential wealth but after two decades of devastating
wars, it is slowly rebuilding. It is neither Christian, a consumer
nation nor a superpower.

After talking for a couple of hours, here is a short summary. The
four chapters described the judgment of a powerful end times
nation in three aspects: religious, commercial and
political/military. Joe explained that chapter 17 describes an
apostate (fallen) Christian nation in which the church (the
woman) aligns herself with the state (the kings) and is eventually
destroyed by the beast, the antichrist/beast that rises up and
turns on them. It had once blessed the nations with her golden
cup (maybe something to the light on the hill concept) but
became a fountain of abomination, filth and fornication. This
satisfies the idea that America was used for good as the
Wallbuilders claim but became evil and worthy of destruction as
Wilkerson and others claim – Christian roots but corrupted.

Chapter 18 describes a country that dominates the world
commercially and is in fact the great consumer nation that buys
the world’s goods. The nations get rich trading with her and all of
that trade is by sea. That could be none other than America. We
buy the world’s stuff whether we have money or not. They loan us
money so we can buy even more . And everyone whether from
Europe, Asia, Latin America or Africa must trade with us by sea.
I quote, “Alas, alas, that great city that was clothed in fine linen,
purple, and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones
and pearls! 17 For in one hour such great riches came to
nothing.’ Every shipmaster, all who travel by ship, sailors, and as
many as trade on the sea, stood at a distance 18 and cried out
when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, ‘What is like
this great city? They threw dust on their heads and cried out,
weeping and wailing, and saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city, in
which all who had ships on the sea became rich by her wealth!”
(Revelation 17:19-19) Hard to argue with that one. The whole
group agreed that even in the midst of wars and economic
turmoil, we are still the great consumer nation. None other fits
that profile.

Finally, we see the military dominance of Babylon and the
antichrist. America spends more on their military than all the
nations of the earth combined. China has resources but can’t
begin to catch the US, not with one and a half billion mouths to
feed, clothe and house. Recently we have seen that China’s great
spurt to dominance fizzled as unrest began to erupt throughout
the country.

One last item was discussed. The Tribulation was to begin when a
nation signed a mutual defense treaty with Israel. Israel has only
one friend in the world – America (thanks in large part to the
Christian churches support), and only one country has the power
to enforce a treaty. This is exactly what happened just over three
years ago. Israel was dragged kicking and screaming to the
negotiating table by the President after their triumph over Syria,
Hezbollah and Gaza. But that left her in the middle of a den of
vipers more intent than ever on her destruction.    This led to the
Gog Magog war I referred to earlier in these chronicles. It was a
much larger conflict – nearly the whole Islamic world coming
down against Israel, but this time with America firmly on her
So where does this leave us? There is more in prophecy which we
discussed. But what should have been a prophetic warning was
now merely history. We know since these meetings a few weeks ago
that the president is the antichrist. He has broken his word with
Israel and has turned on Israel and the church. He has sacrificed
in the rebuilt temple and declared himself to be the new
messiah. He is now requiring everyone in the world to receive a
mark on their hand or forehead to prove they have been
vaccinated against some deadly virus they claim will decimate
the population. This was just too much proof for our little band
so we decided to escape the tentacles of government and their

It is now clear that we missed the prophetic warnings. Our pastors
and teachers preached the old hackneyed doctrines based on
19th and early 20th Century politics. They couldn’t take their
rose colored glasses off and see prophecy in a fresh way. We
trusted them. We believed we would never suffer, but would
rapture. We believed our nation, although not perfect, was going
to bring in the kingdom of God. We believed in our president and
our country. We believed that if we blessed Israel, we would be
blessed. But we didn’t listen to our God. We didn’t study for
ourselves. We didn’t pay attention. We sat in our pews and
listened to the experts pontificate!

       10. “And they shall deliver you up…”

We hear helicopters overhead and see search lights so the
authorities are out on the hunt tonight. We have to be very
careful to keep the lights off and the noise down when this
happens about every third day. They must follow a search pattern
in their round up for “vaccinations” and marking the people. We
don’t know what happens to some people who we never see again.

As I write by penlight, tonight I wanted to continue with what
happened a few days after the meeting when George Blaino and
the others stormed out. Brett and I were called before the Pastors
and Elders of the church. Here’s how it went down.

The senior pastor, Dr. Marks, began the meeting by telling us we
were called here because George had reported that we were way
off base in thinking that the American government had anything
but the best of intentions. “We are still the savior nation bringing
the good news of the gospel, peace and justice to the world. How
could we possibly doubt that, especially after what America had
done for Israel?” But beyond that, the pastor continued, “we must
be united behind our government and its leaders. This is what
God expects us to do and it is our highest calling. The government
expects me, as an agent of the federal government, to report any
disunity or subversive activity. After two wars in the Middle East
and various smaller military actions throughout the world, our
enemies are looking for weakness. Now is not the time to question
the government that God has established over us.”

“Come on pastor,” I begged, “Things have been happening lately
that makes it appear that we missed the rapture. A defense treaty
was signed with Israel. Just because we can’t imagine that
America could be involved or the President could be the
antichrist, what other explanation do we have? People have been
disappearing before our eyes. Sure the world is supporting the
President and hailing him as the great leader who is bringing
peace and order to this chaotic world…but isn’t that what the
antichrist would do? Wouldn’t he deceive the whole world and
even the elect?”

“How dare you even think this” shouted Dr. Marks! “It should be
obvious to all that if this were as you say, we would be raptured
and not sitting here talking to one another. So Gideon, you are
wrong, wrong, wrong! Unless you publicly repent to us right now,
we will have no choice but to report you to Homeland Security.
That is my solemn duty and I cannot shirk it. As a Christian and
as a leader of a non-profit Church, I am bound to support God
and country. Does anyone else have any comments?”

A few of the elders, including George Blaino, piped in, “Gideon,
this is a sad day when you no longer respect the authority of God,
your country and the church. Unless you repent right now, you
will face the consequences of your willful, devilish disobedience.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Our President is a great man. He
has done great things. We the church stand behind our nation
and its leaders. We are on the threshold of the greatness this
nation was destined for. Fortunately, there aren’t many like you,
Brett and your rag tag home meeting. You leave us with no

With that, we were asked to leave as they further deliberated our
fate. This happened just days before it all came down. That
evening, we decided we had better get the heck out of Dodge if we
were to survive and have any chance whatsoever to warn others of
this great deception. Our home church, and many of our best
friends were about to turn us over to what had become the most
effective police state since Nazi Germany. Ever since 9/11,
Homeland Security had been spreading fear and increasing
surveillance over every aspect of our lives – not just in the
airports but with cameras on every street corner and most shops
tied into a super computer with nearly instant facial recognition.
Our smart phones, lap tops, I-books, Droids and everything in
between were all GPS equipped and allowed us to be tracked
anywhere within a few feet. Some people even allowed tracking
devices like you would use on a pet to be placed in their
children or on an elderly person for “health or safety” reasons.
Drivers licenses and most credit cards had RFID chips which
could be read by sensors that were found in almost any public
location and who knows where else.

We realized that if we were to go off the grid, it would be much
easier said than done. Even satellites could look down and
recognize faces or see through ceilings and walls. There was
nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. We were going to have to
find people to help us. Our only concern at this point was to
stand up against this beast and warn people. It was becoming
evident that we had completely missed the signs, as had many
others. Rumors were already starting to spread that there was a
terrible, deadly virus loose that would wipe out the population
and people may be required to have a visible mark to prove they
were vaccinated. At least we were hopefully smart enough to
recognize this for what it was.

So that was our “D-Day”. It was the day we suddenly realized we
had to do something and fast. Needless to say our meeting that
night was interesting. Talk about shock and awe! We looked
around Brett’s living room at one another stunned, not knowing
what to say. That night there were eight of us including my wife
who was unlucky to get caught in one of the sweeps a few days
“Okay” said Brett, “we are out of time. We can’t be seen rolling
suit cases along the street. Each person has to ditch all electronics
except Max who can monitor police channels. We’ll have to rely
on internet cafes for brief internet access now and then and even
if we set up new emails, user names, nothing is safe so we will
have to be very careful. Each person should bring one over the
shoulder bag with a change of clothes, underwear and basic
toiletries. Before we leave, we should try and change our
appearance – hair style and color, get some hoodie sweatshirts
and good water proof shoes. That’s about it. We should meet back
here in two hours and just leave everything else behind. Gideon
is the only one with school age kids so that will make it fairly
easy if the rest of us pitch in.” With that, we all went our
separate ways not knowing how quickly the pastor would act in
his role as “agent” for the state. More tomorrow....

             11. Fleeing into the unknown

“D-Day” was the day we realized we had to go to ground or be
detained. We saw people around us disappearing and we were not
really sure what happened to them. We just hoped we got out in
time. We figured we would make it because they still went
through the formality of arrest warrants and the like. They don’t
now. If you don’t have the mark showing you have been
vaccinated you are picked up and “disappeared”. It is our
understanding that these people are eliminated for fear of
spreading the infection. However, none of the people we know
that were picked up seemed to be sick. We suspect there is more to
this than meets the eye. There is a rumor that you also have to
take an oath of allegiance to the new world
leader/liberator/messiah/President in order to be vaccinated and
receive the mark.

Anyway, back to our escape. All we knew is that there will be a
few who may help us but all would have to eventually take sides.
We just didn’t appreciate quite how definite and traumatic it
would be. For the last time we met at Brett’s home. Each of us
carried a small backpack or duffle with all of our belongings in
it along with some gold and silver coins and anything else we
thought we might be able to barter with. We brought some food.
We talked about where we might go. There were many abandoned
houses that people had just left because they had no job and
couldn’t afford the payments, or that had been cleared by bands
of looters during the “black out”. Houses were risky because of
the searches that were being carried out and the walls were too
thin to avoid surveillance. Infrared can see through ceilings and

We settled on an old area of abandoned warehouses where we
could hide within a large building that would give a lot of cover.
That first night we carried what we could in the way of food we
could share with one another. We drove to the general area but
didn’t want to chance leaving a vehicle that could be connected
to any of us so we walked quite a ways once we got to the
warehouse area. This was not a populated area. There were no
neighborhoods or businesses around. The real hunt wasn’t on yet
anyway. This was just an informal round up of dissidents who
were turned in by the churches which had pretty much become
the eyes and ears of the government. A lot of people were upset by
what was happening, but at least the so-called plague hadn’t
begun yet.
We walked in the dark without the aid of flash lights. We sensed
there was something very final about our choice. There was no
turning back, no way of knowing what was in store for us, just
the gut level belief that God knew what He was doing. It may
have been safe to stay in our homes but something inside told us
that would be an even bigger mistake. We had already made too
many by not paying attention to the signs.   So off we went.

We tried to make beds out of cardboard and we found tarps, cloth
and packing material laying around. We all found a spot in the
cool damp warehouse and curled up for the night...

         12. What happened to the rapture?

Day 1 of our new life, we woke up with the light. All was quiet
so we decided we would just hang out and rest for a while and
continue our discussion. We knew about the treaty with Israel but
none of us put two and two together with prophecy. The President
was spending quite a bit of time in Israel since the two wars and
the rebuilding of the temple, but for the first three and a half
years, everything seemed fine. It never occurred to us that
America would have anything to do with the antichrist or Israel.
If anything, we were surprised that America was still around and
strong economically and militarily. We had been clearly told
that since it was not found in prophecy, it would either be
destroyed or fade away into nothing. The other thing we clearly
missed was the rapture. We had been steeped in the idea that the
church would never suffer the wrath of God and would escape
before the tribulation.
The discussion began with our youth minister, Joe, who had just
finished seminary began by laying it all out, “Most of us have
been taught that there would be a pre-tribulation rapture. I
think we know by now that we were wrong. So I began taking a
second look. A straight forward reading of Matthew 24 clearly
gives the order of events – persecution, the abomination of
desolation at the midpoint of the tribulation (which we just saw),
followed by intense persecution and ending with the return of the
Lord and the saints (dead and alive) meeting Him in the air. It
seemed pretty straight forward reading it this time. Why the idea
of a pre-trib rapture? I think the main justification for it was the
idea that the church shouldn’t ever have to suffer the wrath of
God, but as I began to reread Revelation, I realized that indeed,
the bowls of the wrath of God are not poured out until after the
return of Christ and the rapture. Up to this time, persecution was
coming from the apostate church and the world – what else is
new? In this world, Jesus said we would experience persecution
just as He did. Frankly, the rapture doctrine was beginning to
look like more deception from the apostate church. If we all
counted on escape, why prepare, why worry?”

“This is probably the greatest deception for Christians,” I said.
“And now that I think about it, it is counter to the entire history
of the church. It was always considered the greatest privilege to
suffer and die for Christ as He did for us. Now we are so invested
in the things of this life, we can’t imagine how anyone could feel
that way. The pre-trib rapture doctrine was tailor made for the
lukewarm Laodicean Church, which is what we are. We were
lulled to sleep in our complacency and this was reinforced by
our churches.”
Dana had been sitting on a crate taking this all in. “Well we sure
weren’t paying attention. It’s not that we weren’t warned. A good
part of the Bible deals with prophecy in the last days, so it is
probably important to take a fresh look and see if there is
anything else we may have missed. Like, if we are supposed to be
here, what is the reason? Why are we here?”

More tomorrow…

   13. A few months ago – the frog in the pot

Today I’m going to reflect on what happened. Just a few weeks ago
things were pretty normal. There was peace in the Middle East
and it looked like Israel was okay since they signed the defense
treaty with the American president. There were warning signs but
none of us seemed to recognize them.

Meanwhile, I got up and went to work every morning. My wife
drove the kids to school, soccer practice on Tuesday and
Thursday, games every Saturday, church on Sunday. A little TV –
those NCIS reruns and a little Hawaii 5- 0. Life was okay. We
struggled like everyone to pay our bills, keep our credit cards
paid off. Unemployment was still high but I felt lucky that I still
had a job although you know how it is for teachers – they pay
less and expect more every year.

We suspected that some of our police actions around the world
were more than that, but news was getting pretty restrictive. Cell
phone use was controlled. No more networking, tweeting or texting
so no way to mobilize crowds for demonstrations. The teenagers
went crazy for a while. But we were told that the continued
threat of terrorism made it too easy for them to organize and
coordinate. The whole cell phone world was basically taken over.

We began to see more censorship on the internet as well. They
apparently had developed super computers to such an extent that
everything we said was scrutinized and people were called in for
questioning. This never happened a few years ago. But in recent
years the “cyber cops” really got active. Once the Middle East blew
up and it was full on war between us and radical Islam, it was a
game changer. Just like most people willingly went along with
the ridiculous airport screening (because they felt safer), people
became accustomed to greater controls on their lives for the sake
of safety.

Along came video surveillance – cameras everywhere, sensors that
could map your every move (as long as you had a cell phone)
plus RFID chips in your Driver’s License and most credit cards.
They knew when you entered and left any building. Again, this
was all for our “protection”, so people just went along with it.

Once war broke out, it was way too politically incorrect to talk
about the first amendment, freedom of the press or any of that
nonsense. Terrorists had reportedly been captured in major cities
with portable nuclear devices. People were terrified so no one
raised a fuss. And if they did, it seemed maybe someone had a
little “come to Jesus” talk with them. They never uttered a
negative word again or else they were “processed”.

At the same time laws against “sedition” were being passed easily.
There is no such thing as “Wikileaks” anymore. All media is
heavily controlled but this happened gradually just like the frog
in the pot of water and rather than complain, people accepted it.
The fear factor was huge and the consequences were beyond what
anyone was willing to pay.

The amazing thing is how quickly this all came about and how
easy it was to impose. Instantly we went from life as normal to a
police state. There were other disruptions as well. I’ll never forget
what happened in December of 2012. They say several
electromagnetic pulse devices took out satellites, power grids and
most things that ran on transistors. Luckily it wasn’t a total wipe
out but it disrupted life as we know it for about three months
before they were able to reestablish order. Stores were emptied
within hours. Anarchy reigned for days and days in the cities as
looting was rampant, burning, killing and pillaging everything
in sight. Rural areas fared a little better as long as roving gangs
from the cities didn’t attack.

If it weren’t for a rapid and harsh response by the military, it
seemed like it could have been the end of the world. The average
American welcomed troops with open arms. Millions of terrorist
sympathizers (remember “Occupy Wall Street?”) were rounded up
and put into camps that had apparently been staged strategically
around the country years ago. Amazingly the authorities were
prepared. We still don’t know what happened to a lot of people
because they were never seen again. But the violent and swift
reaction of the government was the answer to the horror of the
chaos so no one complained.

This happened before the Middle East wars but it got our
attention. We realized we lived in a very fragile society and only
a strong central government was capable of keeping the peace.
This was a game changer.
Even the most hard core evangelicals supported the government
because they believed they were put there by God to be respected
and obeyed. These were unusual circumstances and called for
unusual measures. Once the treaty was signed to protect and
defend Israel, Christians were completely behind the government
because this was one of their “prophetic imperatives”. Who knew
that the government would soon turn against them all?

Upon reflection, it is interesting to see how easily we were
manipulated by the government and even our churches and
leaders. What part of “deception” didn’t we understand? Did we
expect some really bad guy to stand up and say, “I’m the
antichrist. I’m taking over and you will worship me and I will
run your lives?” No, we elected a guy who said he was a
“Christian”, who said he would protect us and Israel. What more
did we want? And we all bought it hook line and sinker!

              14. Why is this happening?

There’s such a thing as the “normalcy bias” that causes smart
people to underestimate the prospect of calamity. By the end of
1935 a hundred thousand Jews left Germany but millions
remained. They had grown complacent having lived for so long,
being so ensconced in the culture, many felt more German than
Jewish. As we know, that “normalcy bias” had deadly results.

It was the same way with us. We thought life would go on like it
always did. Our kids would play more soccer, go to college. We’d
sit by the fire and watch reruns or Netflix, play the Wii, mow
our lawns, clean the pools, build up our 401ks. In short, we
nothing could interrupt our good life except the rapture, and how
cool would that be?

Let’s move on to another subject. Our little group began to consider
not just what had happened but why and if there was any good
reason for it. We were told that there was no way Christians
would go through the Tribulation. God wouldn’t and couldn’t
allow His people to suffer. We were told our great hope was that
we would rapture, and the Jewish people would return to center
stage and wrap things up until Messiah returned (they weren’t too
keen on that idea).

Obviously, we blew it because we know of no one who was caught
up in the clouds. Not only that, there was no “wrath of God”
coming down on us – just the wrath of Satan, the antichrist and
those devoted followers who took the “mark of the beast” which
was related to that vaccination that all were required to get.
Whoever received that mark certainly went through a change and
became a totally devoted supporters of the beast system.

Instead of leaving the Jews holding the bag, we had run into
small groups of Jews who were also avoiding the mark for the
same reasons we were. It was Dana who pointed out the “two
witnesses” in Revelation 11 and proposed to us the idea that
these two witnesses – two olive trees and two lampstands referred
to God’s people on the earth (Jews) and those in the heavenlies
(Christians). She pointed out that the theme of these two people
groups ran through the whole Book – Revelation 7 referring to a
group of 144,000 Jews from the twelve tribes and Revelation 14
referring to 144,000 believers who had robes washed in the
blood of the Lamb.
Wow! What an instant revelation this was to us all. It suddenly
became clear. We had been looking for two supermen like Moses
and Elijah, but instead there were two corporate witnesses.
Somehow, God had called the two groups to be a testimony of
what God had done with His people. Surely He had been faithful
to the Jews because after thousands of years they were still here,
and even more, they returned to their land of promise – Israel.
All the nations raged around that tiny nation and wanted to
push it into the sea. Now, even the President of the United States
had betrayed them, breaking the defense treaty he had made
with them after three and a half years – just as predicted in the
book of Daniel.

We read the letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3
and realized that even though the people may have been less
than perfect, there were still some “over comers” in each. The
institution of the church (the shell) was a typical manmade
institution but within it there were a few believers who saw that
it had nothing to do with religion but having a relationship
with God. Being a Christian had nothing to do with the
buildings, the forms, doctrines and meetings but consisted of a
“called out” people who had received the Messiah into their
hearts and drew them together as a tiny community.

Those who went through the motions of going to church and
accepted everything they were told were caught up in the apostate
church which consisted of well meaning but deceived Christians.
Those who had any sense of the Lord’s presence in their lives, and
an open and inquiring mind took the time to search the
Scriptures for themselves to determine their direction. These were
the ones that were literally driven outside the camp and into
hiding like us. By now the “beast people” had taken over the
churches and everyone was forced to be vaccinated and “take the

Now as we move about in our little underground world, we
discover other groups such as ours, some Christians, some Jews
and some just confused people who don’t trust the government.
Going forward, I will share with you some of our encounters. Oh,
and by the way, we don’t know of a single person who ever got
sick or died from any super flu.

So as we consider all these things, it becomes clear why we are
still here. We are here to reach out to whoever will listen and
help one another. There are many people who are really open
and now we see how intertwined our destiny is with the Jews. We
realize we may not make it all the way to the end, but again, our
dear sister Dana reminded us of Revelation 12:11. “”They
overcame by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their
testimony and loved not their lives even unto death.” We are
scared but prepared and know that we have a relationship with
Jesus and His Holy Spirit dwells in us and will give us the words
and the courage none of us have naturally. Shame on us for
wanting to escape when we can witness the greatest events in the
history of man – those few months left before our Jesus returns to
establish his kingdom on the earth. Our prayer is that we will
live now in the light of eternity, not the fleeting months ahead.

My prayer is that our time traveling computer guru can get this
back to you to warn you of the coming trial and glory.

 15. Our first encounters with other dissidents
Today we met another group of dissidents. It was a mixed group
– a few Christians like us beginning to smell something wrong, a
few Jews who were not too happy about taking a “mark” like
their ancestors did under Hitler, and a few libertarians and
survivalists that didn’t trust the government as far as they could
throw it. They had also gotten out just in time. The fact that the
President actually went into the temple and declared himself to
be God blew their minds. For the most part, these were not
religious people.

We began to explain how this time period had been laid out in
some detail in the Bible in many different places surprised them
greatly. We explained that this was all part of a struggle between
good and evil, God and Satan. Both wanted our allegiance. We
were being given a choice as to which we will serve. This seemed
to register well with all of them.

We then shared with one another our ideas as to how we should
proceed. I’ll share more on this tomorrow.

                16. We met the resistance

Today I’m going to share with you our first encounter with other
resistors (for lack of a better word – those who refuse to take the
“mark” and be vaccinated). As you recall, we are hold up in an
old abandoned hospital down in the subbasement. It is a pretty
good location because no one can see or hear us and the floor
above us is lead lined because nuclear medicine, radiology and
imaging used to be up there so we can’t be seen by any other
remote surveillance (satellite, helicopter, etc.) The problem is, it
may be obvious and a place they want to check out regularly.
You can imagine how much we freaked out when we heard voices
from above. They didn’t sound or act military so we just waited
to see who it was. A group of eight came through the door
sweeping their guns ahead of them but when they saw we were
civilians we all relaxed. They were a scary bunch to behold,
wearing camouflaged fatigues and bearing automatic and
semiautomatic rifles (some with infrared sights on them), side
arms in their belts, military looking back packs with sleeping
bags and mats on the back. They certainly looked loaded for

After a brief intro of the two groups, we sat down to chat. The
leader of the group who called himself Thor explained where
they came from. Prior to the turning point which we all defined
as the requirement to get the “Mark”, they had been a loosely
affiliated group of survivalists/libertarians who didn’t trust the
government and were getting more and more upset as it became
more controlling. They didn’t believe in vaccines and thought
they were part of a government conspiracy to infect the
population so the weak would die off. They didn’t allow their
kids to be vaccinated. When it began to be spread across the news
that all would have to be vaccinated because of the deadly super
virus, they said no way and set their plan in motion to start an
underground war against the government.

Thor told us that they had been preparing for this day for years
and had stored up food, supplies and weapons in various
locations around town. They could have gone to the rural areas
as others and tried to set up little self sufficient communities.
But they felt that the best place to hide was in plain sight. They
would be too easy to find out in the boonies. They also could
mount a more effective resistance if they stayed in the city. He
told us that one of the places they had stored supplies was right
here in the old hospital. They were linked with other groups of
people but wanted to be dispersed in case one of them were

They took one look around at our rag tag little group and saw no
weapons and few supplies. What on earth were we doing? I
explained that we didn’t have much time to get ready because we
just figured out what was really happening. Now Thor and his
group were not particularly religious, but they had their
suspicions. I explained that many of the things that had
happened were specifically prophesied in the Bible – the wars,
the treaty with Israel, the betrayal of Israel and even the
churches. But we all knew something really big was up when the
previously dead American President went into the newly rebuilt
Jewish temple and declared that he was the Messiah returning to
bring peace. We heard he was shot in the head but came back to
life in three days supposedly proving he was God. After his
“resurrection”, he announced the vaccination/mark program.

We began to compare notes and all agreed that something
happened to people as soon as they took the mark/vaccine.
People who weren’t sure about the New World Leader all of the
sudden became devoted followers, worshipping the ground he
walked on and doing whatever they were commanded by the
Leader’s lieutenants. They eagerly denounced anyone who
refused to take the mark.

Brett told Thor that they admired their bravery but didn’t really
think there was much they could do to resist since most of the
people whole heartedly supported the Leader. We explained that
the next three and a half years were going to get pretty tough, but
at the end the real Messiah would appear and defeat the
antichrist and his armies.

Meanwhile, we were here to be foolish messengers and tell anyone
who would listen about the real Messiah, what He had done for
them and how we could each have a life changing relationship
with God. Our choice was becoming more and more clear.
Either we were on God or Satan’s side in this battle. Even if we
didn’t make it, we could be sure we would spend eternity with
Him. Eventually, this is a choice we would all have to make and
to not choose was a choice. We asked if they would like to side
with the real Messiah and follow Him. Two said they would so
we bowed our heads and prayed and they asked the Lord to come
into their lives and be their Lord. Another said she had asked
Jesus into her heart years ago but had strayed and would like to
rededicate her life to him. She also wanted to stay with our
group – partly to help protect us and also to coordinate with
other groups. Laura became the eighth member of our little
band. This was okay with Thor. We just encouraged the others to
think about what we shared.

They hung out until the next evening, giving us lots of tips on
survival, places we could go to, people we could trust and ways to
find supplies when we needed them.      Although not all believers,
we still felt an incredible bond as they went on their way. Thor
told us he would keep in touch and direct others to us so they
could hear our story. I think he was really impressed but maybe
a little too proud to take the leap of faith at that time. Don’t
worry. We’ll see them all again. Laura would know how to stay
in touch. We felt it was time for us to move on as well so we gave
them a couple of hours head start and then packed our stuff and
headed on out. The journey continues to our next encounter.
   17. On changing locations and the “hive”

Thor and his band left this morning and strongly suggested we do
the same. We're new to this game. According to him, the old
hospital is just too good of a place to hide and will therefore be
checked out by ground troops on a regular basis. He gave us tarps
that are made out of some special military issue material that
hide infrared heat signatures. This opens up more possibilities as
to where we can stay. Thor gave us survival suggestions. Since the
wars began three and a half years ago, and the economic and
housing crisis, entire areas of the city have been literally
abandoned - schools, businesses, strip malls, neighborhoods. And
since the "round ups" began a few weeks ago, thousands have
disappeared leaving behind not just houses, but food, clothing
and other supplies. Talk about "left behind" - we never thought it
would be like this.

Fortunately, it is a rainy, misty day. That gives us an excuse to
put on ponchos and hoods so we can carry our supplies out of
sight, not that we are going to run into many people. We decide to
go to an abandoned school and stop along the way for supplies in
some of the empty houses. The sky is grey with a heavy mist
falling like a Seattle rain. This is one of those areas the gangs
cleared out several years ago after the 2012 black out. No one
bothered to move back. Joe and Brett followed the new girl,
Laura, since her group had scoped out most areas of town over the
past few years. Laura told us to go in pairs, act normally and try
not attract any attention to ourselves - just pretend we were out
for a walk. There were a few people wondering around. We just
ducked out of sight and waited for them to pass. We went in and
out of a few abandoned houses and scrounged for supplies. It is
bizarre walking through a neighborhood that was a thriving
suburb but is now deserted. A third of the houses have been
burned down and the rest vandalized leaving little of value. We
walked on through this no man's land until we come to the old
middle school.

We finally arrived at the old school house. It didn’t look like
anyone had been there recently. There are some inside rooms
that have no outside windows that were used for audio visual
and performing arts. It gives a certain sense of privacy and no
light can be seen from the outside. No one has been here for a
while. We look around the room and just see trash left behind by
people passing through. Although there is no electricity, the water
is still running so there is a place to wash. Laura told us we
aren’t far from an area with recently abandoned homes that still
had food and supplies. We found a large AV room upstairs in the
middle of the building that had no windows. We draped our
tarps across the ceiling and finally sat down, emotionally and
physically exhausted after a day of wandering around in the
open. It was hard to imagine going on like this for the rest of our

Laura had a different experience than we did. She and her
survivalist group hung out with different people than we did and
had a definite opinion on what was happening.      "Do you
remember the movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? Well, that
is the way it seems. People are not just intense and focused but
each person seems to have a task assigned. There is no small talk,
just people who are busy taking orders from some unseen entity.
They appear to be able to communicate at a psychic level. If they
run into a person who doesn't have a "mark" they don't stand
around them and screech like they did in the movie, but they do
send two or three people to collect that person. A call is made and
a "Health Department" vehicle with people dressed in white
protective clothing comes along and drives them away to one of
the “vaccination centers”. Word is, they are given a choice to be
vaccinated and "marked" or they are taken to one of the detention
centers. Once a person is "vaccinated" it's as if they become a part
of the "hive". If they were unemployed before, the "hive" has work
as “outreach workers” for the health department. It is odd that
these folks don't need protective clothing in their jobs but they
wear it in public to keep up the myth of a pandemic."

We wondered how long we could go on like this. How long before
we ran into trouble? The answer to the first question was three
and a half more years. The answer to the second was probably not
very long. There were roving groups of resistance - some friendly
and some not so friendly and then there were the minions of
those who had taken the "mark of the beast". We started calling
them the "beast people" because something seemed to be
happening to their humanity. It appeared to be slipping away.
They showed no emotion other than total dedication to their new
leader and following his orders.

Brett responded, “Laura, you have confirmed our suspicions.
Something is happening to people. It is almost as if they were
possessed by something when they are vaccinated/marked. We are
happy you decided to join us. We can certainly use your
experience and advice.    I was surprised to see how open your
group was to our explanation of events, including the prophetic
elements." Laura jumped in, "yes, we talked about this extensively
but no one was able to explain it like you did. You gave me a
new meaning to life beyond just surviving. It makes sense. This is
God's plan and even though we may suffer for a little while, we
are close to the most exciting event in the history of the world,
the return of Jesus." Dana added that "there is a timeline and
plan. We may have trials in this world but God will protect us.
Do you realize that we too have been marked by God and will
be protected from the plagues that are coming? They won't effect

"Dana, that is fantastic", I said. "I think we can all see why we
are here. There are plenty of people that we will run into that
are open to hear what we have to say. After all, these recent
events were prophesied to happen thousands of years ago and we
are right on schedule. We can all sense the presence and power of
the Lord with us even now. Let's take some time to praise and
thank Him." We all reached out to Him with our hearts and
began to praise and thank Him for the wonderful opportunity to
be a little testimony to His love, His plan and His faithfulness to

We realized that we may or may not make it to the end but we no
longer had any stake in this world. We had already lost it all -
the normalcy of our lives, our homes, cars, tvs, furniture and all
the things we worked so hard to get, our jobs and our titles, our
degrees and our resumes. What difference did all that make now?
What counted is that we were called by God to stand and testify
to a world that was about to end, that a relationship with Him
was real here and now and for eternity which was a long, long
time (that's an understatement). We were so privileged to witness
events that had been revealed thousands of years ago to the
prophets such as Daniel, Isaiah and Zechariah. They were
happening! And even though it meant persecution and loss, His
presence and life was so real, our bond with one another was so
vital, nothing in the world could be more precious. What a
contrast with the “beast people” in the hive!!!

       18. An interesting Jewish encounter

Our first night in the school was uneventful – pretty quiet
outside – no patrols or helicopters. If you are reading this pre
2012, Karl’s plan to get these messages back to you in time may
be working. I hope you pay attention and get ready. Your life is
about to be turned upside down and you don’t even know it. But
if you see more war in the Middle East followed by a treaty, that
is the beginning of the end. The time to get ready is now.

About noon today, we heard some people enter the school and we
were pretty sure they were stragglers like us. Max, the ex-sheriff
went downstairs to check it out. Max got his degree in Criminal
Justice and was with the Sheriffs Department for about ten years.
He had been the head of a criminal investigation unit. Max
began to question as he saw the increasing brutalization of the
department, more of an “us versus them” mentality. In a way, it
is understandable. Everyone was a suspected terrorist and
subversive. After years of the “Occupy Wall Street” and the
increasing radicalization of the disenfranchised poor, the police
had become the targets of not only rocks but hand guns, Uzzies
and grenades. Understandably they became less trusting of the
people they were hired to protect.

As Max opened the door to the lower hall, he had his hand on
the gun behind his waist. Upon seeing the group, he realized
they were civilians like we were. He brought them upstairs to
meet the rest of us. Avi, the leader of the group, was the Cantor of
a local Synagogue. He introduced us to his wife Helen, Curt and
his wife Kathy, Bill and Marta. They had been wondering
around like we have trying to figure out what on earth had
happened and what they should do.

We pooled our resources and made a respectable lunch for all to
share. It is always so interesting to find out what other people’s
“story” was. We were anxious to get to know one another. Brett
said, “well it looks like we have a lot in common. How did you
happen to go rogue?” Avi said, “well, as you can see, I’m the old
guy of our little group. I was the Cantor of Beth Shalom and
have been watching events in Israel with great interest. Ten years
ago I immigrated to Israel and lived there for four years. Having
been raised by a Cantor, it was expected of me. I enjoyed being in
Israel but it was hard to imagine living under the constant threat
of violence and possible annihilation. I had an opportunity to
come back to the states and take over my father’s position in the

“Once my wife and I returned we began to share with a few in
our congregation the feeling that world changing events were
about to take place in Israel. We all wanted peace but it was
clear the Islamic community didn’t share our concern. Our hopes
rose during the “Arab Spring” with the anticipation that
Democracy would catch on in the Middle East. The
demonstrators were not able to overcome the money and
organization of the Islamic Brotherhood and other Islamic
radical organizations. They began to take over in Egypt, Syria,
Yemen, Libya and other countries with the tacit support of the
military. They had already taken Turkey and Iran was
spreading its influence throughout the region. Things weren’t
looking good for Israel.

“The Holocaust is ancient history to most Jews these days, but my
grandfather lived through it in Germany and my father never let
me forget. The reality of that fear is only felt by those who live
in Israel. Every concession is met with more and more demands,
but you know that Islam will never be content until we no longer
exist. Palestinians that lived in Israel since independence have
benefited greatly and had no complaints until recently, but they
couldn’t help but be radicalized. Their population is increasing
and soon we will be a minority anyway.

“When we got back, we tried to tell our friends about what was
happening in Israel, but most didn’t seem to care. They didn’t
feel that “Jewish” and certainly didn’t identify with the plight of
Israel. If anything, they felt we should just give the Arabs what
they want and be done with it. Most were living the American
dream, were well educated and successful. A small group took an
interest including the two couples you see here with us. Others
might have wondered about what was happening but just
couldn’t pay the price, especially when it came to the vaccination
and the mark. The idea of giving up everything for a stupid
vaccination hardly seemed important. We have been taught to
trust the authorities and our government so the idea of going
against the establishment and leaving everything behind was just
too much for the average Jew.

Brett piped in, “we understand. It is pretty much the same with
us. Our friends at church should have known better but there
was too much to lose. Not only that, as you well know we were
great supporters of Israel and thought that the American President
and the rest of the government was as well. There were other
factors but we were shocked. Now we know better. ”

Avi continued, “The issue of taking a “mark” was the final straw
for me. I remember the numbers on my granddad’s arm. But we
were also taken by surprise as well. We always thought America
was a “fair weather friend” the way it courted Saudi Arabia but
we never expected it to turn against Israel. When faced with
leaving everything or taking the mark, the rest of our little group
basically went with their gut feeling. They just had a sense
something was wrong. Now we wonder why? What is the reason
for all of this?”

Joe, the youth pastor, interjected “Exactly our thought as well.
Something big must be going on. Just bear with us. We’re not
going to beat you over the heads with the Bible, but let’s look at
what we have in common. We can both agree that the Old
Testament was written over thousands of years and has a common
thread – to communicate God’s plan and purpose for Jews and
Gentiles alike. Right? The big difference between us is we
believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah. You’re still waiting but expect
Him to come right? So we can agree to disagree with that.

“I think we can both agree that the Bible is a book full of
prophecy. Jews return to the land, the wars against the new
nation of Israel, the Muslim opposition, including the huge war a
few years ago referred to as the “The Gog-Magog” conflict (Ezekiel
38) are clearly described in your Scripture. We can sit down and
show this to you without ever going to the New Testament – in
great detail and with accuracy as to the countries involved in
each war. The Book of Daniel is clear about the rise of the
antichrist, the defense treaty he signed with Israel and his
betrayal of not only Israel but Christians as well. Jeremiah 51
and 52 deals with “Prophetic Babylon.” Zechariah 4 and
Revelation 11 both deal with two witnesses – two olive trees and
two lampstands.” Joe went into a long explanation of what these
passages were referring to.

He continues, “I know evangelicals came off as ‘fair weather
friends’ to Jews when they were told that Christians were going to
rapture and leave the Jews holding the bag – the full on
persecution of the Great Tribulation, but we were wrong. You
really are God’s chosen people and He has been faithful to keep
you all these years – nearly 4,000 since Abraham. As much as
many wanted to forget their “Jewishness” and blend into the
surrounding society, you just couldn’t do it. The fact is, God loves
you and has protected you. Now, bear with me a minute. Let’s
assume Jesus was the Messiah – not the reigning king you wanted
and expected, but “the Passover Lamb of God” that restored man’s
personal relationship with God. You should be proud of the fact
that through you all the nations of the earth have been blessed
and salvation came to the Gentiles.

“Okay, let’s also assume for a moment that we are in the “last
days”. I think we would all agree that it certainly seems like it.
The God of Abraham, and David is going to judge the earth and
your Messiah is going to set up His Kingdom on earth. Okay, Avi,
in a Jewish court, how many witnesses does it take to convict
someone?” “Two” says Avi. “Exactly” says Joe. “In this case, God
has two witnesses – Jews and Christians, the two Olive Trees and
the two Lampstands, signifying two corporate entities. That
means we have been thrown together whether we like it or not,
whether we understand it or not. Our destinies are completely
intertwined. We are here because we are both His chosen people
and we stand to prove His faithfulness.

“I don’t want to put a trip on you. Just consider these things.
Does it make any sense to you? There is a lot more to it and we
can continue dialogue if you like.”

Avi was in deep reflection. Finally he looked up and said, “A
few years ago I wouldn’t have given it a second thought but after
all that has happened, we have to keep an open mind. And we
certainly need to help each other and stand together because we
are facing a formidable foe. We thank you for sharing and want
to continue these discussions. What do the rest of you think” he
says looking at his little band? Bill said, “Joe, we are desperate
and don’t have many options. We feel G..d told us to flee and we
did. We trust Yeshua with our lives. Thank you for your

The conversation went on the rest of the afternoon. We didn’t
want to push but let God open their eyes and let them find their
answers. This comes by revelation so we pray for them knowing
only God can remove the scales from their eyes. More tomorrow.

      19. Economic meltdown, riots and war

I wanted to share with you what happened with the world
economy the past few years. As many of you may recall there was
the bust in the early 2000’s which was followed by a
huge real estate bubble in the mid 2000’s followed by the bank
bust at the end of the decade. This led to the Wall Street and big
business bailouts. These were somewhat interrelated because the
housing crisis began with excessive lending to people who
couldn’t afford homes. So called “liar loans” were based on
fictitious income, and as housing prices soared, some people were
often making as much on house appreciation as they were in
their job. It was easy to refinance or get home equity loans so
people borrowed heavily against the asset they thought would
never go down in price. By 2011, the average price of a home
had dropped in half and in the next few years it dropped in half
again, leaving just about everyone “under water” – owing more
than the property value.

The implosion of the housing market caused the mortgage and
securities markets to crash because of packaging of mortgages in
derivatives. One type, the credit default swap, insured these loans
and when they failed, the insurance giant AIG had to be bailed
out in order to save some of the major banks in the US and
around the world who had invested heavily in these derivative
instruments. The response of the government and the Federal
Reserve was to pour trillions of dollars into Wall Street. Did they
learn their lesson? No. In five years, the number of derivatives
had nearly doubled.

And to make matters worse, they put the “Sovereign Debt’ of the
Euro nations into derivatives which multiplied the effect of the
default. The first US company to fall, MF Global Holdings had $6
billion in European Sovereign debt but the effect of derivatives
was to multiply the amount by a factor of 40! Derivatives
eventually brought down the entire world economy. The world
GDP was just over $50 trillion but the derivative debt exposure
was over $1.2 quadrillion! Once it began to unwind, there was
no stopping it. It didn’t stop with the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy,
Ireland, Greece and Spain) but quickly spread to England, France
and beyond……
Just as the economy was beginning to implode the “Occupy Wall
Street” movement began and quickly spread throughout America
and the world. It began as an amorphous, unfocused movement
expressing outrage at the bailouts and huge salaries and bonuses
paid out to the executives who caused the problem in the first
place. The gap between the rich and the poor was growing all
over the world. The violence began to slowly escalate and spread
like wildfire from one city to the next. Violence begat more
violence. The authorities had no choice but to crack down. This
continued to escalate until downtown business centers were
charred ruins.

This ironically led to more unemployment. Rich, middle income
and poor were angry. The movement was made up of long term
poor, college graduates unable to find jobs, youths, middle
managers, and even executives. The “Occupy” protests eventually
began to take shape. The two sides hardened and the clashes
grew more serious.

In the spring of 2012 war broke out in the Middle East as Syria
and the Palestinians began an all out attack against Israel. With
its back to the wall Israel nuked Damascus and threatened to do
the same to Iran. The war came to a halt. America was furious
with Israel for going nuclear and imposed the defense treaty on
Israel which included the stationing of thousands of American
troops supplies, missiles and air craft on Israeli soil. The defense
treaty was signed on Passover.

Islamic hatred of Israel and America spread. Militant terrorists
successfully brought down the greater part of the power grid in
America by a well coordinated attack on strategic targets along
with a suitcase nuclear weapon in Chicago resulting in hundreds
of thousands of casualties. Loss of the grid resulted in the
breakdown in communications, delivery of goods to stores, massive
looting and utter chaos as gangs roamed freely through urban
and surrounding rural areas.

The 2012 election was canceled and marshal law declared.
Check points around the country screened everyone traveling
whether by air, bus or personal auto. The army and National
Guard eventually restored order. The grid was restored in a few
weeks but it took months to get the supply lines flowing with
staples to stores. People began hoarding food and fuel. It became
hard to keep anything in stock.

Well, this gives you a better idea of the events leading up to now.
Our Jewish friends decided to stay with us. We are now one big
happy family of 14. It’s great! I’ll share more on that tomorrow.

         20. We pow wow and share stories…

The day after the arrival of Avi and his little company, we all
collected whatever we could sit or lay on and gathered in the big
media room on the second floor of the school. There was a fall
chill in the air as we approached Halloween. This was bound to
be more surreal than ever this year as the “beast people” did
everything they could to find the hold outs. Talk about trick or

We were anxious to hear one another’s stories about how we all
ended up here. Brett started by telling how he had run his
family hardware store for years, done a little real estate on the
side. But when the trouble began three years before, the rioters
cleaned out the store and burned it down. You know what
happened to real estate. It kept going downhill. Brett continued,
“You all have to know that we Christians were totally blindsided
by what happened. We thought America was exceptional, moral,
a leader for good, a friend of Israel. We opposed dictators and
fought evil. As a matter of fact, the church was instrumental in
supporting successive administrations, especially because of their
stand on Israel. As you know, we have always felt the nation of
Israel’s rebirth was a fulfillment of prophecy. So when this
happened, we were all shocked. Well, just to let you know what
happened recently. Our two kids are grown and don’t live in
town. We haven’t heard from them for months. My wife and I
were planning to get away but the day before we were to leave,
she was caught up in one of the sweeps of those who hadn’t been
vaccinated in the shopping mall. They took her their
“quarantine center” where she would be given a choice to be
vaccinated or not. We had talked about it and she was clear on
what not to do…so I can only assume the worst.” But before we go
on, tell us about yourselves and how you got here.

“Well, as you know, I’m Avi. I’m the cantor in the synagogue. My
relatives are death camp survivors from Poland. We have
experience with “marks” and one way trips to the nice hot
showers. I wasn’t about to cooperate in that. I have to tell you
that I also was impressed with the administration and Christian
support for Israel. Having lived there several years, I knew how
real and sincere that support was. We couldn’t have made it
without you. However, I must say that we were not very happy
about the Defense Treaty your President made Israel sign. When
the huge war broke out (what we are now calling World War III),
there was America fighting by our side. We were somewhat
reassured by that and completely elated by the rebuilding of the
temple. That was a 2000 year old dream finally come true. We
thought our long sad history was finally coming to an end.
Imagine our shock when your President entered the temple to
sacrifice and the sacrilege of declaring himself to be God. It all
happened so quickly. Jews revolted against your leader and his
troops and were slaughtered without mercy. Within days there
was the announcement of the pandemic and the requirement that
everyone be vaccinated and be marked. Since I’ve been back here
in the states I try and explain the importance of all this to the
congregation, but as usual American Jews don’t really care that
much about what goes on in Israel. I suppose most consider
themselves to be more American than Jew anyway so there was no
outrage on their part. So I talked to my wife and two closest
friends here, Bill and Curt and we decided we would rather die
than succumb to this treachery.”

“Hi everyone. I’m Helen, Avi’s wife. I don’t understand all that
has been happening but I will tell you all this. I think we made
the right decision. Not only has America and this
administration showed itself to be untrustworthy, there is a
religious undercurrent that I don’t like. It is as if you President
has declared himself to be the Messiah and believe me, the
Messiah of our Bible is nothing like that.” A chorus of “amens”
echoed throughout the room. “Not only that, but something is
happening to the people who are vaccinated and marked. They
seem to lose their personality and have some kind of psychic
connection with one another that is eerie to say the least. People
seem to have lost their conscience as they turn in friends and
neighbors they have know their whole life as if duty supersedes
all else, or as some of you have put it, the collective “will of the
hive.” As to hooking up with you guys, we know we need friends
and deep down know we can count on you with our lives. Don’t
ask me how, but I know.”

“Hi, I’m Bill and I’ve know Avi and Helen for many years. In my
past life I was an MD specialized in Internal Medicine – guess I
still am – just nowhere to “practice”. We have been in the same
synagogue and our families are close. We have been talking
about all this for years now, wondering what is happening and
what the real agenda is. When the so-called plague story came
out (and that is all it is), Avi asked me about it. I went on what
is left of the internet (it is so controlled by the government now)
and all I could find were a few stories with pictures of people
hemorrhaging and dying in hours. They looked more like
pictures taken years ago of Ebola victims. There was no hard
data, nothing. I also observed the results of the vaccinations. I got
a vial of the vaccine and tried to study it. It looked like some
kind of complex DNA was mixed into it. It was not like any
vaccine I had ever seen before. When you talk about the hive
mentality, otherwise flamboyant personalities seem to go flat and
people have a weird connection. I got out just in time. I’ve
actually been in hiding for several weeks. There is no way a
health care provider can get away with not being vaccinated.
The strange thing is that colleagues that at one time opposed the
President became ardent, almost worshipful supporters.”

“Hi folks, I’m Cathy. I’m a pediatrician and my experience is
similar to my husbands. We’ve both been into our career rather
than family. I guess Avi and the others have been our family.
We’ve been very close. We first had our suspicions at the time of
the treaty. Israel has always depended only on itself for defense,
but once they used the nuclear option, the only way to keep the
entire world from turning against them was to bow to the
administration’s insistence that they sign. Once WWIII broke out,
we felt better about it because America really did come to her
aid. But the sacrifice in the temple was beyond the pale for most
Jews. We knew we had to run but had no idea where to or even
why. Surely, there must be a reason for this mess. Where is it all
headed? I must admit I am really afraid. How could G..d let this

“Hi, I’m Curt and this is my wife Marta from Argentina. We met
while I was doing a project down there – love at first sight I must
say. We just got married but I have known these folks our whole
lives or so it seems. Marta went to the largest synagogue in Buenos
Aires. I’ll let her tell her story. I’m in international business and
have been working for an Israeli technology company that sells
products around the world. I travel frequently to the Middle
East, Europe and Latin America overseeing our sales operations. I
have connections to the Mossad. I guess I can tell you now
without having to kill you (kidding of course). According to
them America was always playing both ends against the middle.
They needed Israel as a counter balance in the Middle East but
also had to be on good terms with the Islamic countries because
they had the oil America so badly needed. The political forces in
America began to see Israel as an ultimate liability. After the
“Arab Spring” radical Islamic forces seized power in most of the
moderate countries and with the radicalization of Turkey, Egypt,
Morocco and Libya and Iran leading the charge, it was just a
matter of time before they began their march to the sea. When
the Syrian regime was pushed to the wall by the west, Assad
launched a massive attack on Israel with help from Gaza and
even Egypt indirectly. Israel responded in the only way they
could, a nuclear strike on Damascus. That ended the war
temporarily but everyone knew it was just a matter of time before
the whole Islamic world came down on Israel. Israel was forced to
sign the Defense Treaty and we thought that a good thing at first.
Meanwhile, Mossad remained suspicious of your President and
his intentions. But the temple rebuild came off without a hitch
and Israelis rejoiced as sacrifices resumed for the first time in
nearly 2,000 years. I heard about the attempt on your President’s
life and the sacrifice in the temple and I knew it was over. I told
Marta it was time to pack her things and we were off. Off to
what? I had no idea but I had a sense that G..d had something
for us in this. I didn’t know what.”

“Well, as Bill told you. I’m Marta from Buenos Aires and I too am
from WWII holocaust survivors. We had always wondered if
anything like that would ever happen again – well in Israel,
maybe, but we felt safe being so far away. Bill traveled but I was
never concerned. I always wondered why we were “G..d’s chosen
people”. What was there about us that was so special? I never felt
very special. If anything I just wanted to blend in with the
people around me whether here or in Argentina and just exist.
But Avi is the one that kept telling us he had a feeling that God
wasn’t done with us yet and that we may have an important role
to play. Yeah! Right? This never made sense to me…but now I

“Hi everyone. We’re so glad that you joined us. I’m Gideon. In
my former life I was a history teacher in the community college. I
loved history and the kids. It was really my passion. I followed
the continued expansion of the American empire with great
interest. All of the commentators and pundits were calling for
America’s demise and Europe, China or India to replace it as the
world power, and couldn’t believe what was happening. The
PIIGS led the meltdown of Europe. There was no way to keep
Greece from imploding and the others followed in rapid
succession. The banking industry in Europe is much more tightly
tied to the government and they all participated in the bailouts,
but eventually debt sunk the euro-ship. And even though China
appeared to be growing by leaps and bounds, it was all artificial
– supported by a government that suppressed wages and their
currency, smashing competition around the world. But
eventually, their own population growth to one and a half
billion made such demands on basic staples such as food, water
and basic necessities, that the miracle collapsed from its own
weight. As India’s population moved past China’s, they fell apart
as well, especially after the nuclear exchange with Pakistan.
Meanwhile, America kept winning battle after battle. It revved
up to a war economy, producing planes, tanks, missiles, drones,
fighting robots – you name it – a 21st Century arsenal that no
longer had soldier’s on the front line, impervious to IUDs and the
pea shooters others may throw against it. Of course, there was
plenty of cheap oil after she established her absolute control over
the Middle East from her bases in Israel, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi
Arabia. There was no one who dared stand against her. We
thought this may be the beginning of a new Millennium of peace
and prosperity. When the administration turned against Israel
and even Jews and Christians, I couldn’t believe it. The little
group had been meeting in Brett’s home weekly and we were
beginning to not only question who and what we really were, but
to plan our escape. Unfortunately my wife, Jane, also was caught
in a sweep.”

“I’m Dana. I was a first year college student and part of the
group. I’m not as smart or well read as most here but a few years
ago the Lord came into my life and the more time I spent in the
Bible (both Old and New), the more He showed me things that
were happening and about to happen. I kind of approached it
with an open mind and just took what I read at face value. My
reading had to do with the return of Jews to the land and events
that lead up to the last days and the tribulation. From my
reading, I was convinced that we would all go through that seven
year period of trouble and persecution – not necessarily in a bad
way but in a triumphant way because God was with us and
wanted us to stand as a testimony against the antichrist and the
“new world order”. I knew we were in the “last days” and we
were here for a reason. Somehow, God had a plan for us and I
was anxious to see what it was.”

Hope you aren’t bored. We went on like this all day. Here’s Max!
“Hi folks. Welcome. I’m the local sheriff, or at least used to be. I
was a part of the same little group from church. As the local
sheriff, I have been watching Homeland Security extend its
authority and reach over the years and the gradual erosion of
individual liberties. This really bothered me because it almost
seemed to be a conspiracy. Threat by threat more and more was
taken away, and good old law abiding Americans seemed to take
it pretty well. When the riots and looting started, people
clamored for more law enforcement. Reaction met counter
reaction as the troubles escalated. The straw that broke the
camel’s back for me was the events in Israel. Our little group
realized we had completely misread prophesy. We expected to be
raptured (you’ve heard of this term?) and yes, we were going to
leave you Jews holding the bag. But it didn’t happen that way
and we are all here. Anyway, I keep my ear on the police band
and try and pick up on troop or homeland security movements in
the area. Welcome aboard.”

“Hi guys. I’m Joe and this is my girl friend/fiancée and
hopefully wife some day, Etta. I was the Youth Pastor of our
church, just graduated from Seminary. I have always been a
little outside the box and kind of rebelled at Seminary as they
appeared to be teaching the same old things for the past 200
years. Some of it just didn’t ring true. For example, they say
America isn’t in prophecy and therefore has to be destroyed or
slip into irrelevancy. That just didn’t make any sense. America
was still the biggest economy, biggest military by far with over
half the military expenditures in the world. It was a “Christian”
country and supported Israel – the perfect description of
Revelation 17-19. But New Testament aside, Daniel 9:27 is very
specific about the returned Israel being forced to sign a defense
treaty with the antichrist (referred to in other parts of the Old
Testament as well), making a covenant which he would break in
three and a half years – which he did. Other parts talk about
rebuilding the temple, resuming sacrifice and so forth. Guys, we
have seen that happen. We think we know why and can talk
about that later. There is no doubt, something heavy is coming
down and we are in it together.”

“Hi guys, I’m Etta. I grew up in New York City. My dad was a big
Wall Street Banker – not exactly the most popular job in this
world. We lost everything. My dad was thrown in jail. I moved
out here looking for a reason to live and found Messiah. We must
all be exhausted so I’ll just leave it at that.”

With that, we said our good nights, established a watch with 6
hour duty and crashed – more tomorrow.
               21.    We forage for supplies

Today we need to venture outside of our little refuge and look for
supplies. Laura is in charge of the group since she came from
Thor’s survivalist group and has the most experience. Here is
what she had to share with us.

“The secret to not getting caught is to hide in plain sight. We
have to learn to act like everyone else does. Luckily it is raining
today so we will not be conspicuous in rain gear with hoods.
Notice that everyone that has been “marked/vaccinated” has kind
of a flat look. They don’t smile and hardly even talk to one
another unless they have to. They look straight ahead and seem
to be doing whatever they have been assigned. We suspect they
may be telepathically connected – at least to the “Beast” if not to
one another. We can fake a mark but it won’t hold up under
scrutiny because the mark they use does something weird under
ultra violet light. They don’t show much emotion unless they are
listening to a message from the “Beast/antichrist”. There is no
room for small talk. So when we go outside, follow me. Walk
purposefully, as if you know where we you going and what you
are supposed to do. If someone talks to one of us, answer in a
simple, matter of fact, way. Tell them you have been tasked to
carry supplies, find the unmarked or something like that. Okay,
let’s go.”

So Laura led a group of eight of us outside the school building.
We began to walk deeper into one of the abandoned
neighborhoods. The best place to find supplies was in a house
someone left behind unless it had already been picked over.
These weren’t exactly the safest places to be but there was safety
in numbers. It was kind of eerie. Neighborhoods that once
teemed with life were abandoned. Lawns and shrubs were
unkempt. Cars with flat tires and broken windows littered the
driveways. Not a soul was in sight. We tried to look like a patrol,
looking for stragglers. One person at a time would slip off into a
house – mainly in search of canned goods. The rest of us would
stand in a clump outside staring at the house so that in case
people were watching they would think we were assigned to
round up the “unmarked”. With that we were able to go from
house to house in broad daylight looking like we belonged.

Now it was one thing to try and fool the people but we wanted to
avoid police or military patrols so we kept our eyes and ears
open. On our way back a cute black lab came up to us. He was
probably an abandoned stray. We tried to ignore him but he kept
running ahead wagging his tail like crazy and then running
back to us. We thought he might leave and go off to his owners
but he followed us back instead. We decided that a good watch
dog may not be a bad idea. We named him “Noche” because he
was black as night.

After depositing our treasures, Dana said she felt we missed
something so we decided to make one more foray back into the
neighborhood again. This time we went down the other side of
the street. We came to an old two story tract house. The front
door was off the hinge but Dana pointed to it and said, “We have
to go in here.” This time the whole group went in. We heard
something upstairs and Dana rushed up, calling out, “It’s okay
kids. Come on out. We’re not one of them. It is safe with us.”
The door in front of her cracked open and there were two scared
and lonely looking kids. She walked up to them. “Hi kids. I’m
Dana. I was a college student when this all started. I understand
what it’s like to be scared. I lost my family too. Come on out. We
won’t hurt you. Your parents told you we would come.” The kids
walked out into the hallway and looked down the stairs at the
little group of us. Dana approached them slowly, holding out her
arms. “It’s okay. I’m just a big kid. We want to help you.” With
that, they rushed into her arms sobbing, after so long being left
on their own. “Come with us and we’ll get you something to eat
in a warm safe place.

We went back to the school and made some hot oatmeal for the
kids. Dana said, “we’re all scared too. We’ve been on the run for
a few weeks now. How about you? Can you tell us a little about
yourselves?” The boy said, “I’m Craig and my sister Kendra were
at school one day when they came for our parents. They told us
if they were ever taken to avoid getting caught at all costs and to
NEVER take the mark. They said God would send someone for us
and He did. We know He sent you. People have come in the
house before. This time we felt it was different so we came out.
You would have never found us. We have a secret compartment
in the closet of our bedroom – a place dad made for us just in
case something bad happened. We know God is in control and we
were supposed to meet you.”

“Wow,” Dana exclaimed. “We all feel that God has brought us
together too. Just consider us your big family.” Dana introduced
the kids around to everyone and we just sat around talking like
old friends.

What a day. We not only got some supplies but added a dog and
two kids to our family. Where on earth is this going?
     22. New Additions settle and questions

Well, yesterday’s foray out into the community yielded surprises.
We decided to name the black Lab, “Noche” would be our
watcher because he was extremely alert.   If there was a noise
outside, he came running up to one of us and quietly whined
letting us know someone was out there but he knew not to bark.
We discovered this because shortly after returning, he came up to
Dana and let out a low growl. None of us heard anything but we
sent Laura out to check and sure enough a small patrol passed by
outside. Noche seemed to know if they were friendly or a threat.

The other surprises were Craig and Kendra, ages 13 and 11.
They were pretty brave kids. Their parents had told them that if
for some reason they didn’t come back to hide in the room they
had built for them behind their bedroom closet until someone
came for them. They had gone out to get supplies but never
returned so they were undoubtedly caught by the authorities.
They carefully explained to them what was happening and to
never take the “mark of the beast” – never, ever! They had
dropped out of church because they felt it was ignoring the
prophetic happenings. They met in their homes much as our
little group did and were doing what they could to prepare. They
assured the kids that they would be okay and God would take
care of them. The kids were amazingly calm considering they
had been hiding for nearly two weeks all by themselves. It is
amazing that the same day we found the kids we found the dog
and “watcher” and the kids took to each other like best of
friends. They were both lonely and needed a friend…and they
are already best friends as I watched them roll around on the
floor, play fetch and all.

Craig and Kendra have no thought they will see their mom and
dad again. What happens to people who refuse the “mark”?
According to reports we have been getting authorities are trying to
scare and intimidate anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. They
tell them they are dead anyway but because they refuse the mark
and recognize the leader, they are sorry but they will have to
make an example of them. We have heard from several good
sources that they have set up banks of guillotines and are
publicly beheading those who refuse to receive the mark. I hate
to even write this, but Revelation 20:4 says, “I saw the souls of
those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about
Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped
the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their
foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with
Christ a thousand years.”

We sat around in the afternoon and talked about our chances of
getting caught. The odds were pretty high that we would and that
meant certain death. It would be almost impossible to last
another three plus years before the Lord returned

Dana said to the whole group, “I don’t want to push anything on
any of you, especially our Jewish friends, but we feel
particularly indebted to you although many Christians may have
not always shown it. If there is one thing that all of this has
taught us, it’s that our lives here aren’t about things, position and
prestige. We all know this life isn’t the end. Our concern is this.
You have always celebrated Passover – the blood of the lamb on
your door posts so the angel of death will pass over you. If you
read the Psalms you know that the heart cry of David was to live
in God’s presence and have a relationship with Him – in spite of
his sin and imperfection. It is about relationship, not keeping
law, going through forms (and the same could be said for
“Christians”). God had a plan to bring the Messiah to earth –
“the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”.
Everything you have believed and practiced points to the reality
of restoring man’s relationship with God. This is an issue for
every single person. Do we go on in our pride, our own goodness
and self sufficiency or do we cry out as David did for mercy?’

Brett continued, “You have noticed by now that we find the
events of the past three and a half years are clearly spelled it in
your sacred scriptures as well as ours. This all screams plan and
purpose.” Dana added, “God has been working in and through
His peoples (whether Jews or Christians) so we will stand up to
the world and declare that our God is good, loving and kind.
Our God has chosen weak, unworthy earthen vessels and all we
can do is declare that He is sufficient. He is faithful. Whether
we live or die, we belong to Him.” Finally, I piped in, “we can’t
convince you but ask you to simply open your hearts and pray
and ask God to reveal His Messiah to you personally. We believe
we have all been chosen to stand together and declare His
goodness, love and faithfulness to this deceived world. People are
blindly following and even worshipping a madman who thinks
he is god. They are rounding up and killing all who disagree.
Surely there are some “undecided” who have not bowed to this
antichrist. We need to help them however we can.”

It was getting late now. The kids were cuddled up with Noche
over on a mattress in the corner. The rest of us sang some Hebrew
hymns we all knew, and gave thanks to the Lord and for one
another, committing ourselves to Him for as long as He gives us
breath. The whole group was visibly and emotionally touched as
the presence of God filled the place. There was no denying, we
had all had an encounter we would never forget. Avi, the cantor,
said, “thank you brothers and sisters for we truly are family. We
will carefully and prayerfully consider these things. I would
urge my fellow Jews to do so quickly for time is not on our side.
If we are all part of the same plan, then we need to come to terms
with our God and Maker and see if these things are true.”

                23. We find our purpose

The day began uneventfully. We woke up and prepared
breakfast. Things were quiet outside, kind of cold and foggy after
the rain the past few days. We decided it was time to sit down
and talk as one big group about what we were going to do next.
The school seemed pretty safe for now, but we couldn’t just sit
here and do nothing. We needed to be active doing something. So
Brett threw out the question to the group.

To our surprise, the kids jumped in first. Craig said, “We need to
find as many people as we can and help them see what is
coming. They have to keep from taking the “mark” at all costs.
And they need to get into a relationship with God because that is
the only thing that will last.” Wow, we all thought. Pretty
profound for kids! “But isn’t that dangerous,” I asked? “Of
course said Craig but we’re all going to die someday anyway so we
might as we die trying. Our mom and dad knew the dangers but
they felt their resistance to taking the “mark” was nothing
compared to the price believers have paid down through the ages.
What is a little suffering compared to eternity? I believe them
with all my heart.” “So do I” said his sister Kendra. “We have to
stand strong at all costs and God will help us. He will give us

“Well,” Brett said, “God said the children will lead us. They
speak the truth.” Dana, the 18 year old ex-college student said,
“brothers and sisters, we have to look at the big picture. Here we
are two groups of people brought together in these circumstances
representing in microcosm God’s two peoples: Jews who brought us
the Messiah and Christian followers of the Messiah. The first
group has struggled for 4,000 years against all odds as Satan tried
his best to wipe them off the face of the earth and now he is
making his last stand trying to wipe all of us off. But the God of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who brought you out of
Egypt, through the wilderness and into the Promised Land more
than once (parenthetically), is asking His peoples to stand one
more time before He ushers in His kingdom. We are so close,
within a few years. And this time our dear friends, you will see
the reigning King, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He will come
in great glory, and little groups of people like us all over the
world will usher in the way for Him to come back.”

We were stunned by the truth of her words and so touched by the
Presence of God, we dropped to our knees and began to pray as we
realized how unworthy and yet privileged we were to be allowed
to live in such a day. The Rabbi prayed, “King Yeshua, I repent
for my stiff neck, for hating You and Your people all these years.
Be my Messiah and Lord. Come into this old temple of my body
and breathe your life into these dry bones as you promised in
Ezekiel 37. From this day forward I am yours and you are
mine.” In turn, each Jew asked Messiah to come into their lives
and each Christian rededicated themselves to the Lord. At that
point, we all knew that whether we lived or died, we would soon
be with the Lord for all eternity. We had already lost everything
we had, including our careers, our friends, our reputation, our
homes, many loved ones but saw more clearly than words could
express the glory set before us. This world had nothing to offer
any longer. Somehow God had brought us together as a family
and a witness.

After an hour of prayer and sharing, I said, “well our young
friends are right. Somehow, God will have to lead us to people in
hiding like us so we can increase the testimony and stand against
the darkness that is t aking the earth. Our goal isn’t survival but
to stand as a testimony to our God. And if our time comes to
leave this clod of dirt, we do so with joy just as Craig and
Kendra’s parents did joyfully and without looking back. “For we
look for a city whose builder and maker are God.” (Hebrews

For the rest of the afternoon we talked about their experience. We
explained that God’s plan was to not just have a temple made of
stones, but that we human beings were His temple and He wanted
to dwell in our spirit – that God shaped vacuum we have all
experienced and heard about. What happened to them today is
the same thing that happened to the Apostle Paul who was once
the enemy of the Christians, leading the persecution. We can’t
explain it but it happens and our lives are changed.

From that subject we talked about our mission. We had to really
be guided to the right groups of people. There could be spies and
people who weren’t really sympathetic. We would travel by twos
thereby limiting any losses if caught. And we wouldn’t bring
people back to our group for the same reason but would help
them establish their own little hub. We would set up a network
and secure communication between groups. We realized some
would join us in our mission. Others would be willing to help
while others would just be out for themselves trying to survive
and stay away from the government forces. But even some of them
may see the big picture we had to share.

We could point them to Scripture which clearly describes the
events leading up to the Tribulation and to the present time. It
was apparent to all that had not taken the “mark” that what was
happening had a spiritual component. And if something
demonic could take control of these people’s lives, why couldn’t
God take control of ours and fill us with joy and purpose? Never
before in history had the choice been so blatant – “Choose this
day who you will serve” – and on a worldwide level. Our job
was to find as many as we could and present the alternatives.

Our little group took this Scripture as our motto, “And they
overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their
testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”
(Revelation 12:11)

         24. There’s going to be a wedding

We all woke up early the next day and had a big surprise
waiting. Joe and Etta had been dating for a while but ever since
things had gone crazy, their engagement seemed to be on hold.
They came to the group and said they felt they should get
married and maybe the Cantor could perform the ceremony.
They saw no reason to wait, not knowing how long they had, but
at least they could get married until “death do them part.”
They had met in college through a Christian group on campus.
They were just friends for a while, part of a larger group. It
wasn’t until the last year that things began to jell. Jo had been
raised in a traditional Christian home but like most kids
experimented with life during high school. It wasn’t until he got
to college that he realized he needed focus in his life. His love
was working with kids and the Bible so he did everything he
could to prepare for a youth ministry. Etta was raised in a more
liberal home but found the Lord early in college. She was
hoping to find the perfect husband who would love God, her and
kids and when she found Joe, she knew she had found the right

Once the troubles began they thought they may have to forget
getting married. After all, how do you have a relationship when
you’re on the run? They thought about it and said – the same
way you would if you weren’t. This way they still had each

We all thought that was a great idea so we quickly planned it for
the evening. The girls did their best preparing a wedding feast.
We even found some Champaign for toasts. Avi did a great job
with the ceremony. Joe was the happiest vagabond we had ever
seen and Etta was glowing as they went walking off hand in

                     25. Crash Course

After the wedding, Avi asked if we could spend the next couple of
days bringing them up to speed on things they needed to know
and especially wanted to know when it came to how the Old and
New Testaments were intertwined when it came to Messiah and
prophecy. They all had a good background in the Old Testament
and needed to be brought up to speed on the new.

As we laid it out, and started to read through the gospels and
some of the other books, they were amazed at how “Jewish” the
early Christians were including Jesus. Of course, they really
were, but that’s beside the point when you have been raised
thinking that all Christians hated Jews and just invented a new
religion out of whole cloth. They were also amazed at how much
of the New Testament consisted of direct quotes from the Old
Testament. All in all, it was two very intense days of Q & A and
exploration together. They caught on so quickly we couldn’t
believe it – understandable considering their spiritual eyes were
wide open. They were like sponges.

We laid out the importance of God’s peoples as the two witnesses:
Israel and the Church. What a miracle Israel is and the fact that
the Jews have maintained their identity for all of these years.
We began to develop a plan on how to approach the many Jews
that were in hiding just like we were. Surely, God would pull
together a peoples who would stand against the antichrist and the
insidious world he was creating.

I think we all realized that our chances of surviving to the end
were not good. We were all clear about the price we would pay if
captured. But we assured everyone that we would soon be with
our Messiah to rule and reign with Him for a thousand years and
through eternity.

           26. Go Figure – Stuff Happens!
Today we all talked about our situation. Again, we couldn’t
believe we were so blind to have missed all the signs. Whether
Jews or Christians, we should have recognized the defense Treaty
between the U.S. and Israel. But neither group paid much
attention to prophecy. In fact, we were surprised to learn that
most Jews know very little about the Old Testament. That is left
to the Rabbi, much like Christians leave matters of the “Book” to
the pastors and priests. The dead give away for both groups was
the “Mark of the Beast” – Christians because they had read about
it and Jews because the Holocaust was fresh in their memories.

But beyond all of that we realized that our senses and minds had
been deadened by the constant barrage of news, the “spin” and
the commentary. We believed and trusted what we heard, what
we had been taught in school, college and church/synagogue.
And most people were still following their leaders with blinders
on, thinking they were on the brink of a new world. The
American leader had mesmerized the world with his speeches,
his promises of peace and prosperity. He was absolutely the most
believable and persuasive person the public had heard since
Adolf Hitler. He seemed so kind and gentle, soft spoken, visionary
and strong. He insisted that he believed in the Judeo-Christian
religion and his sacrifice in the temple was just a way of
bringing them both together, including Islam, if they would
accept it.

Now that we look back with hindsight we are all surprised at
how gullible and easily deceived we were. First there was the
rapture. We had been taught and believed that we would be gone
when these events took place so we didn’t recognize it when it
happened. Second, we believed that the United States was a
source of good in the world (and maybe we were at one time) but
it turned out that it was all about domination – not always in a
military way, but economically. By tying producing countries
into us the penultimate consumers, we controlled their destiny.
Strange that we sided with the bankers every step of the way.
Things like the bailout of Greece, did nothing for Greece but just
paid the banks interest they were due. When Portugal, Italy,
Spain and other countries began to fall, the bailouts were always
for the major players.

For years, we didn’t understand that the money elite were merely
taking care of one another. Once we realized that “we the
people” had been reduced to serfdom, hopelessly over our heads
in debt, there was nothing more we could do. An “entitlement
society” was born that depended on government handouts. Taxes
were increased on all of us to the point that 70 percent of our
income went right back out to others. Something was wrong.
Going into debt was just too easy but it left the little people with
nothing and the few elites left with everything. We had no idea
how the global elites were tied together. One heck of a conspiracy
– better than anything the best fiction writer could ever come up

Social Security stayed increased slowly for the older ones who
were still qualified but their checks were ravaged by inflation.
The Younger people were encouraged to invest in private accounts
which had a way of ballooning up to a nice amount, only to be
wiped out by the next bubble. Foreclosures didn’t stop as the
price of housing dropped from an average of $300,000 in 2007 to
$125,000 by 2012 and ended up around $10,000 to $25,000 so
everyone was wiped out. There was no equity. Dot coms like
“Facebook” exploded in value only to be wiped out by the next
innovation. Even Apple fell to competitors. Globalization
continued to as a long term trend. The world became the market
place and wherever it could be made for lower cost, the jobs kept
moving. Countries like Mexico and Indonesia lost their jobs to
other countries. The few elites whether in China, Europe or the
Americas continued to prosper. The truth be told, Americans the
world over or their lackeys were sitting on the boards and in the
executive suites.

We kept being told the economy was turning around, jobs were
being created (and if not, the government would take care of us),
that these were temporary adjustments. We had no idea that we
were falling into a new kind of feudalism where the “haves”
lived the life of luxury in gated communities and the “have nots”
in ghetto suburbs riddled by drugs and crime. Families were
quickly becoming passé while young people hooked up and
babies became wards of the state – remember when we were told
that “it takes a village?” Children were housed and schooled in
orphanage/schools and raised to meet the needs of the elites –
channeled into various vocations.

The entertainment industry touted the enlightened approach to
child rearing. Two parent families (with a man and a woman)
made up less than ten percent. Meanwhile, young people were
provided with housing and employment along with free drugs,
partying and more partying. Since people couldn’t afford
housing, they were told where to live and work. Neighborhoods
turned into no man zones because no one could afford to keep up
a house. They few that were lived in had huge extended families
trying to make a go of it.

Given the backdrop of a society in retreat, the most prestigious
jobs became the military and para-military (elite units that used
to be CIA that infiltrated and destabilized any enemies). Both
men and women learned how to take orders and deal with
dissent harshly. The days of rallying on the campus lawns or
marching on the capital were over. Periodic “terrorist attacks” –
bombs in shopping centers, even bombs in cars and IUDs put fear
into people who became accustomed to checks going in and out of
most buildings, check points along the highway and in all
public transportation. Criminals and dissenters were taken to
camps/holding facilities where they pretty much disappeared.
But in the name of safety and security, the average person
embraced the end of freedom.

Political correctness reigned. Churches that benefited from “tax
free-501C3” status were not allowed to preach an exclusive
message claiming they are “right” and everyone else is “wrong”. It
was illegal to criticize anyone publicly for their lifestyle, beliefs
or choices. For that matter, a new religion of love and acceptance
was all that was tolerated. Up until recently, churches who
didn’t receive any money or special treatment from the
government were left alone. Once the “mark” began, even that
ended. Churches and synagogues were all taken over and policed
by homeland security. There was no more sin, no more right or
wrong, no more individual rights. We all lived for the whole
and did whatever the “whole” decided – the common good as
defined by the government.

We were all so passive, so accepting. It took years to evolve but
once the crackdown came, it was complete and rather than rebel,
people accepted it. What could they do? The collective was the
only solid thing left. There was no family, church, school of
neighborhood in the traditional sense. Early on, there were a
few dissenters but it wasn’t long before they either stopped
opposing the regime or they “disappeared.”

If you are reading this and can’t believe that it could happen,
believe me, it did… not overnight. Remember all the things you
have to do to get on an airplane? (take off shoes, throw away
liquids, take things out of your pocket, open your computer, go
through an x-ray or pat down) You know, surveys showed that
90% of the people didn’t mind because at least they felt safer. In
the same way, everything began to happen. Life style “changes”
would be glorified by the media and then start to show up in
society. Marriage was no longer necessary. Any combination of
people made up a family. It became impossible to control drugs so
they were legalized and doled out according to need. The
government realized no one cared about kids so “villages” were
created to raise families. I know this sounds farfetched, but it

The few of us huddled here in this school tried to hold on to our
families and friends. We had already been ostracized by our
church and found our real relation with God and one another in
the home meeting. Our Jewish brothers and sisters had been
meeting in the Cantor’s home and were desperately trying to hang
on. This may have been the only thing that saved us from the
brain washing machine that made up our society. We were
determined to hold on to God and one another. Both groups had
a deep feeling that we were not alone in our stand against the
war society was waging against us.

Hey friends. Hope you are hearing this. I wish someone had
warned me. Unfortunately we learned the hard way. More
tomorrow. Bye
          27. Our Fortunes Turn on a Dime!

Try to imagine being a peasant somewhere in Europe. You are out in
the field tilling the soil, minding your business. Your wife is taking
care of the kids in the house. Suddenly an approaching army can be
heard. I didn't say when or who, because it could have been the
Romans, the Vandals, Napoleon or Hitler. The sound could be horses,
elephants or tanks. The point is, live can change in a moment. The
army plunders everything of value, burns your farm and fields,
ravishes your wife and takes you and your sons to a work camp. You
have gone from freeman to prisoner in one day only to die of overwork
and starvation a few weeks later.

You could be a glass maker in Vienna living above your shop enjoying
a happy and contented life. Suddenly enemy troops are seen coming
down the street going from house to house rounding up your neighbors.
your are given two minutes to pack one bag per person and then
herded out of your flat and onto the street with the others. You are led
to the railroad station, stuffed into a cattle car on your way to
Auschwitz. When you arrive, they store the few belongings in a pile
and take your clothes and dignity. They usher you into the showers to
delice you and get you ready for your new life. You, your family and
over a million souls perish in that one camp.

We smugly think this can never happen to us, but tragedy has been
visited on the unsuspecting and ill prepared time and again down
through history. People living their lives in quietness and peace,
working, striving, loving, building only to lose it all in a single day.
But our generation is surely the exception. There has never been a
wealthier, more enlighten, educated and blessed people on the earth.
We live in a society that is tolerant and respects religion, lifestyle
choice and honors and respects our country and leaders. As Christians,
we are told that we are either on the verge of a millennium of peace
and prosperity or the rapture...and like most people we believed what
we were told by our teachers, our leaders and especially our churches

There seemed to be very few who questioned. Very few dared to question
even though a few saw disaster approaching. Few Christians read and
underestood the clear warnings in the Bible and even less paid any
attention. There were a few who warned that the rapture would not
come until the end of the Tribulation when the Lord returned just
before the judgments were unleashed. These "post-tribbers" were
ridiculed and held in contempt for stealing "our blessed hope." I know,
because that is what I felt.

Why were we so easily deceived? When I think back, I remember it said
that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. In fact, the
presidential campaigns had become more and more negative over the
years. It wasn't what you stood for so much as how much money you
could raise and how much mud you could sling at your opponent. The
results were clear. Negative ads worked. Society was becoming polarized.
Half wanted less government and more private initiative and the other
half wanted more government and more hand outs. Government wanted
more government too so they lobbied heavily for themselves, exacting
higher taxes and greater debt as if there would never be any
consequences. The so-called rich became the enemy so private jobs
evaporated. An unintended consequence was that the middle was taxed
as well and as the economy slowed, good, higher paying jobs became
scarce and people began to topple down to the bottom, losing houses
and jobs. The super rich survived but the growing number of poor
became more dependent on the government until, as I said in my last
entry, many of the "novoueau poore" (sorry French speakers. I just
invented a new word) had already been herded into public housing -
more like barracks and any children into "villages" where they were
raised by state workers. The newly poor were given "jobs" but could
never escape the clutches of the state.
Those of us hiding in the old junior high were among the lucky ones
who managed to hold on to jobs and homes until the end. We were the
last to have the American Dream and that was taken from us because
we refused the vaccination/mark and could no longer buy or sell or
even legally exist. We were no longer marked for rehabilitation but
certain death because they said that although we hadn't died, we were
were probably carriers of the supervirus. This is why they hunted us

I realized that few objected publicly to the government. How could
they? Terrorists were everywhere: car mombings, mass shootings in
schools and shopping malls, roving gangs (armed terrorists we were
told) burning down neighborhoods and looting stores. The only safe
place to get things was the government warehouses using electronic
government credits. Any dissent was taken as opposition to the
government. There was no conservative talk radio, no Constitution or
Bill of rights.

We had become world citizens and there was a "new world order"
headed by none other than the President of the United States. The best
job to be found was to be a part of his military force whose job was to
make sure that all the world experienced the wonderful peace - or else
(peace at gunpoint).

By the time things got really bad, it was too late. If we had just read
our Bibles we might have recognized the signs of the times - wars,
rumors of wars, pestilence, famine, earthquakes and other natural
disasters, brother turning against brother. There has been constant war,
wild weather, tsunamis, drought, flood. The intensity and frequency
had increased the past few years. Time and again people's lives were
turned upside down, sometime abruptly and sometime so slowly they
didn't know what was happening. No one saw anything wrong with the
politically correct revolution, with the government war against terror
and disease and bringing peace and safety to the world.
And the truly sad part is that 9 out of 10 willingly joined the
charismatic President and worked diligently to round up the 1 in 10
holdouts. And remember, this was done under the guise of a worldwide
pandemic and the need to vaccinate everyone. The mark was to show
who was vaccinated and who wasn't, sealing the certain death of those
who refused.

So here we are - this little band of survivors hiding in an abandoned
Junior High trying to avoid detection and networking with similar
groups. We were all wondering why and how this all happened. More

                    28. Time to Move On

We have been happily ensconsed in this abandoned Junior High for a
couple of weeks now. This morning one of Laura's old survivalist
friends, Ty, came by to warn us that we should move on. It is no longer
safe to continue here. The military is increasing its search for
stragglers. There seems to be an increasing urgency to make sure all
have been vaccinated (and received the "mark"). What's left of the cities
has been pretty well scoured clean anyway.

Our survivalist friends keep a pretty good eye out for supplies as well as
patrols. They have been scoping out some semi-rural areas that may
still have some food production capability. Ty suggested an old nearly
abandoned farming town a few miles outside of town. It would be a
dangerous trip but according to Ty there were fruit trees and some
gardens still producing vegetables. There were also some wild pigs and
chickens wandering around. An old farm house had a full basement
that gave fairly good cover. The trick was going to be getting there
without being caught.

Thor had the fore thought of sending work clothes issued to field
workers and a foreman's uniform along with wide brimmed hats to
protect from the sun and hide the fact that none of us had the "mark".
Thor also gave the "foreman" orders to move the work detail. We packed
quickly, bringing just the bare essentials and stored all we could in an
old school bus. It was not uncommon to use them to move work details
around. We would be much less exposed driving alothough we would
surely come upon some road blocks which would require a lot of
prayer and some fancy acting.

We set off about one o'clock staying on back roads as much as possible.
Ty had a little Vespa which he would use as a scout vehicle to go out
ahead of the bus and lead us to the farm. Thor's group knew the area
and the location of army check points pretty well. We were thankful
for the help. The Vespa sped ahead. If we had no other way through
but the check point, Brett was goint to act as the foreman to present our
transfer papers. Since we were all supposedly "marked" no other papers
were required. Let's just hope they don't check for each person's mark.

We made our way through the run down suburb and took back streets
to the northwest corner of town. Unfortunately, the road leading out of
town was our only out and the most likely place for a check point. We
arrived as planned right about 5 p.m. which was their shift change. No
one else was in line so Brett just flashed our papers and was waved on
through. Everyone in the back was praying earnestly that they would
be blind and distracted. It seemed to work.

A half hour later we arrived at the little community. As we looked
around, there were several farm houses in sight. Ty told us that one
was occupied by a group of Mormons - interesting, we thought. They
were not only prepared for something like this. They weren't about to
accept the "Mark." It ought to be interesting for them to meet our little
group of Christians and Messianic Jews. Ty had told them we were

We quickly unloaded and moved the school bus into the barn. Joe and
Etta walked down the way to the Mormon camp. Fortunately, they had
been warned we were coming. We invited them over after dinner (we
didn't have much left at this point). I'll share what happened

                     29. A Meeting with the Mormons
Well, we ended up with some Mormon neighbors. We thought it would be very
interesting to compare notes with them. Although our beliefs on essentials of the faith
are different, our views of the last days have similarities. Things haven't exactly gone
for them they way they thought they would either so here we go.

We both ended up in this little farming area. It looks abandoned. We are both underground
away from prying eyes, satellites, etc. and the grounds look abandoned. One could only tell on
close inspection that there are in fact some gardens, farm animals and fruit trees but only with
some difficulty. The Mormon family consists of an older couple and their two married children
and their families. They used to live in the city but spent several years developing this "non-
working farm" for a time such as this. So after dinner, they invited us over to share common

The bottom line is that both groups felt blindsided by events the past few years. Yes it kind of
matched our respective prophetic views, but the Devil is in the details so please read on. We met
in their huge basement - an underground area that was much larger than the house above - quite
deep in the ground with what appears to be several feet of concrete all around, especially
between the ceiling and ground level. They showed us huge storage rooms full of stock piles of
supplies they had laid up over the years.

As we gathered in what must have been their "family room", the father of the family, Sam began
his story. He said, "much like you evangelicals, we Mormons believe we are in the last days
(thus our name 'Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints'). We were taught that there
would be a great falling away accompanies by war, famine and other natural disasters.
Interestingly enough, Mormon beliefs are not that different. We not only saw the signs of the
times, but were taught to do something about it in terms of food storage and emergency
preparedness. We seem to be one of the few groups that took prophecy seriously. Unlike you, we
weren't expecting a rapture but we did expect a different ending.

I don't know if you knew this but from the earliest of Mormon history, we have felt a kinship
with America in particular (because we were taught that Jesus came here and preached to the
American indians in the Book of Mormon). We were also taught that the U.S Constitution is a
God-breathed document just like the Bible and Book of Mormon. About 200 years ago Joseph
Mormon prophesied that there would be a time when the Constitution was hanging by a thread
and a Mormon President would come in to save the day and bring revival. We thought that
would be George Romney.
We had no idea how critical the actual nation of Israel was to prophecy. We looked on Israel as a
self-fufilling prophecy - something so many wanted to see so it just happened but no more
significance than that. We can read as well and as we began to reread Isaiah, Daniel, Revelations
and other prophecy, we began to see another scenario unfolding - one we had not been taught. It
turned out that a Mormon President did not come to the rescue. Things continued to get worse in
the Middle East and around the world. The President signed a treaty with Israel and defended her
to the hilt and continued his war of liberation and conquest around the world. The rebuilt temple,
the President's assassination and rebirth or whatever you want to call it, came out of no where.
When he declared himself to be God and insisted we all take the "mark", we knew it was time to
get out of Dodge. Maybe you can tell us about your journey."

So with that we shared our story and how we were completely deceived and taken aback by
events as well. Unlike them, we were completely unprepared in terms of what to do. We ended
up here because Thor, a survivalist friend knew this place next to yours was available. It was
getting late so we said good night and agreed to continue the discussion later in the week.

                              30. Let's Go Shopping!
Now that we were settled in our new digs, we realized that we
needed supplies - we were a pretty good sized group to feed. We
had heard of - I don't know what you would call it - a
clandestine swap meet? A barter meet? I don't know what to
call it. But here's the problem. We don't have the "mark" so we
are not part of the system. We can't buy or sell. There is no way
to get food, health care or any supplies.

Every second of every day our greatest fear is that we will get
caught and forced to take the mark or have our heads chopped
off. Remember the ruse for the "mark" to begin with was a
supposed pandemic requiring everyone to be vaccinated.
Supposedly, or so the people were told, we were carriers and
they couldn't take any chances.

So who could we trust? Any time you get a strangers together,
you take a great risk. One of them could be a spy. It could be a
set up. But we all knew we had to take chances so we decided
to send two. Here's how it happened.
The morning began in our new farm house. We were all so thankful that we had made
it out of the city and could hardly believe we got through the check point. We were
also thankful for Thor making it possible to get here safely. The night before with we
learned from our Mormon neighbors that this little group of farm houses had been
built by friends from their church. Unfortunately they were one of the few to get away
before the round ups began. They had been camping that weekend and were tipped off
not to return to their home so they came straight out to the farm.

This farm house was much like theirs. More of it was underground than above. The
part above ground was little more than a facade and just looked like another
abandoned building. Below ground was where all the real living takes place -
bedrooms, baths, kitchen, family room, storage and so forth. The farming part
appeared unkempt although the fruit and nut trees were bearing, the vegetable gardens
were hidden in camoflauged greenhouses for year round growing. The authorities
would have to trip on it to realize what it was. We also had a windmill for water and a
few solar panels that looked like roof tiles to provide just enough juice to light the
downstairs. We also had a diesel generator which we used sparingly that was vented
through an old chicken coop in our effort to keep the heat signature down.

We have lots of mouths to feed. t looked like we would be eating a lot of squash,
potatoes, sweet potatoes and the like. Fortunately, a loose organization of groups has
already formed and a market exchange of sorts had been organized. I There was an
underground exchange of survivalists, splinter groups of Jews, Mormons Christians
and libertarians - all who strongly objected to the "mark". We each had something to
trade that the other group needed. In addition we had a doctor and a nurse which
proved to be in great demand. So a system of barter was set up - value for goods and
services along with some gold and silver coin - the only "currency" universally

The problem was you never knew who you could trust or if you would be picked up
along the way. Forgive me if I seem paranoid. The disparate groups who chose not to
receive the mark could have a spy. We take elaborate measures about meeting. First
we have a courier collect lists from each group (only the courier knows their locations
and has a cyanide implant in case he or she is caught.) as to what they will bring to the
"market". Each group selects two people to attend market day. They are collected just
before the meeting and taken to a secure location. Our group selects Curt and Kathy to
go shopping for us.

They arrive at an old barn and are surprised that it is full of
80 to 100 people. It is hard to believe that this may represent
up to 50 groups of dissidents (for lack of a better term.)
Everyone has brought what they have to offer and the fun
begins. How do you value 10 ears of corn with a doctor's visit, a
piece of silver, ammunition or fresh squash? Negotiations get
underway with little fan fare or discussion. Everyone is
absolutely terrified to be in such a large group, not knowing if
the AC's storm troopers will come barging in any minute to
arrest everyone.

Fortunately, the trade goes off without incident. Maybe
paranoia pays off. Only 90 minutes later, we all scuttle off to
our respective lairs. We can only hope the next exchanges go so
well. We have traded some coins for seeds, some potatoes and
squash and other food to get us by for a while - bags of flour
and rice, powdered milk, etc. We also agreed to let our doctor
and nurse treat some of the folks at an impromptu clinic at a
to be disclosed location that will be set up with appropriate
security and so forth.

How much longer can we survive this way. What are our next
steps? We were shocked that the dissident community was so
large - the hundred attendees represented thousands of people.
Time to get on with our job. More on that tomorrow.

                   31. How do we go on?

Our shopping trip yesterday was extremely risky but interesting. As we
all sat around at breakfast this morning, we were both thankful and
surprised that there were so many other groups like ours in hiding. It
was exciting to know that there are many who are resisting the mark. It
also occurred to us that although there are many reasons to refuse the
mark, not all understand how important it is to avoid the mark and
learn what God is doing in all this.
The fact that we discovered so many people and groups when Curt and
Kathy went to the swap meet was encouraging. There were still a lot of
people who resisted the mark. There may be a way for us to survive
longer with each others help. We had to walk a fine line between
reaching out and being paranoid. We all had a target on our backs so
how did reach out to others and protect our group at the same time?

Now that we were beginning to read and understand Bible prophesy we
knew the second half of the "Great Tribulation" we were living through
would last for three and a haLf years (just like the first half). Wow!
Three and a half years was a long time to survive when the whole
world was looking for you and you couldn't buy, sell, work or get
caught. Our goal wasn't necessarily to survive. We weren't afraid to die
because we had the deep assurance that we had a wonderful eternity
ahead of us with our Lord and our loved ones that have gone on before.
We were here to be light and life to those who were still undecided,
who had refused the "mark of the beast". We knew that the chances we
would make it through to the end when Jesus returned - that blessed
Second Coming we have long anticipated were small, but the longer we
lasted, the more sticks we could put in the wheels of the beast's
machine, the more people we could snatch out of hell's fire.

We need to share with people the significance of the "mark". Now we
know it isn't about a vaccination against a pandemic. It says in
Revelation 13:17 that we can't buy or sell without the mark but
something happens to those who receive the "mark". They become
devoted followers of the antichrist and worship the beast (Revelation
14:11). We're not quite sure what this means but it says they receive
the "mark of his name and worship the beast and his image". Every
man, woman and child has to choose who they will worship, who they
will follow - Satan or God. In the past people could always ride the
fence, not knowing that a non-decision for God's free gift of life in
Jesus Christ, was a choice. Revelation 19:20 speaks of a final judgment
for those who received the mark.
All of the sudden life had become pretty simple. We didn't have to
worry about work, education, paying bills, cleaning the house, mowing
the lawn, getting the kids to soccer, saving for college and retirement,
the next vacation... All we had to worry about was that dividing line
between real life and death and getting people onto the "life" side.

So as a practical matter, how do we go on? We sat around in our farm
basement this morning and strategized. We decided we would ask the
messenger from Thor's group (because he knew the location of the
different groups) if he would deliver a message tothe various groups. We
would send out two people at a time to go to a group (location of their
choice) and meet with them. Our goals were simple - establish a
relationship with other groups, share our perspective and see how we
could help and learn from one another. One thing we had discovered
in our limited contact with outsiders like us, is that everyone knew
something monumental was up and they were looking for answers.
They were running for their lives, not knowing where they were going
or why. We felt God had given us some answers so we offered Him our
lives that others might be saved.

More tomorrow...

 32. We Plan to Reach Out - Plus Self Defense
We knew we would need Thor's help if we were to contact the other
groups so we got together to plan. We all knew how risky it was to
reach out but it was important to get a feel for the various groups and
do an initial analysis of their assets and liabilities - what they had to
offer the dissident community and what their needs were likely to be.
Thor agreed to make someone available to set up the meeting and
vouch for our people (some groups were a little trigger happy - shoot
first and ask questions later).
We worked the rest of the day on how we would conduct the
inventory. We would have to keep it low key and casual so they
wouldn't think we were being nosey or wanted to rip them off. We
would start by sharing our history and hearing their story. How long
do they think this will last? Where did they see it going? Once we
told them we thought it would go on for three years plus and get pretty
hairy toward the end... we hoped that would open up the discussion.
Then we could go on and explain how we had the vision of working
loosely together by finding out what each group had to trade with
others (if anything). Explain next steps

This also brought up the issue of other groups contacting us. Some are
good. Others are just gangs of thugs with lots of guns seeking to loot and
pillage...We told Thor we weren't into killing people so what can we
do? He suggested shotguns with buckshot - a great deterrent but non-
lethal (if far enough away). He recommended a Remington reduced
recoil 8 pellet. Our idea is deterrence.   If the gangs see we are armed
they will most likely leave us alone. With a shotgun, you don't have to
be the best shot in the world and anyone in front of you will feel
rather uncomfortable.

Not don't get me wrong, we are more than willing to reach out and
help anyone in any way we can, but there are lawless gangs roaming
around stealing and killing at random. In times like this some people
don't exactly act in a civilized way, especially if they are on the run
from the government as well. We realize we need to keep a low profile
all the way around.

Anyway, back to the mission...after much discussion we decided on
teams and discussed the schedule with Jamie, the guide/look out Thor
was loaning to us. Jamie would take us to the meeting place and wait
outside. We all had small walkie talkies so we could stay in touch. He
was going to set up the first meeting for tomorrow morning and Max
and Claire would be the first to go out. Max had been a sheriff and
would be alert for anything odd about the meet.

             33. We Meet with Another Group

Today Max and Claire meet with a dissident group. We have no way of
really knowing but by putting together bits and pieces we estimate that
in the first three and a half years, we may have lost about 20 percent
of the people due to starvation caused by disruptions in the food
supply, gangs, violence, looting etc. Somewhere around three quarters
of the people remaining people were "vaccinated." We may have lost
another 10 percent to what do they call it? Pandemic isolation centers
- basically death camps people are taken to and never heard from
again. These are those who refuse to be "vaccinated" and "marked".
That leaves about 10 to 20 percent of the population at least here in
America who refuse to "take the mark." Let's just call it like it is - the
"mark of the beast."

Once a person "takes the mark" they become slavish followers of the
beast, doing his bidding through some kind of telepathy. It is as if
they have lost their soul, their personality, their will. Their only real
intention is to make sure everyone becomes like they are - thus the
constant hunt for the "unmarked."

We are amazed that those who oppose the takeover of their soul are a
diverse group of people - politically running the gambit from liberal to
conservative, from all walks of life, race, religion. They seem to have
one quality in common - some kind of innate ability to see through
the lies of the beast and his prophets. Most people, including
"Christians" just stepped into it without question. I think as we will
see, the other stragglers like us followed our gut. Something just didn't
ring true.
When we went to the barter swap meet and discovered so many like our
group were also in hiding, we were shocked and knew that even then
these represented the tip of the iceberg. We were made up of two groups
- Christians who finally understood the prophetic warnings in the
Bible, and a group of Jews with a history of "marks" going back to the
holocaust during WWII. But we had also run into survivalists,
Mormons and just plain folk on the lamb.

This much we knew. We had just under three and a half years before
the end and everything was happening just as it was written. We knew
we were on the brink of the most glorious event in history, the long
awaited Second Coming of our Lord. But meanwhile everyone's lives
were on the line. None of our group were that worried because we
knew we of our eternal destiny. We had been called to this moment
and would not likely make it to the end in this earthly body. But
most people were only vaguely aware of the titanic struggle taking place
before their eyes as Satan himself was trying to lay claim on as many
people as possible in his last ditch effort to take over the world.

So with that here's what happened today. The first group Thor was
going to introduce us too wasn't too far away. Walking was too slow
and driving too dangerous so Andy showed up to take Max and Claire
to the first group by bicycle. The idea was to look like a "work detail"
on their way to a farm somewhere. It was a warm sunny day and it
felt invigorating to be outside with the wind in their face. It only took
a half hour and they didn't really pass anyone other than a few
people out working in their farms. They arrived at an old barn down
a dirt path off the road.

They got off their bikes and looked around at a motley crew - some
dressed in sweats, others work clothes and a few in slacks and nice
shirts as if they were going to work in their, women and a
few older children, about 30 in all. Andy introduced Max and Claire
around and everyone seemed friendly in a guarded sort of way. They
were offered some coffee and sat around on hay bales.

Max began by thanking them for their trust and hospitality. "I
appreciate how stressful this is for all of you but somehow I think we
all know we need to 'hang together or hang separately' as the old saying
goes. Like you we want to reach out to others who have refused the
vaccination/mark and see how we can help each other survive the
next few years. It may be a very scary ride.

Let me tell you about us just briefly. I was a local sheriff for 22 years
and my wife here was a legal secretary. We've been on the run for
about six weeks now and have linked up with some friends from
church and another group we met along the way. One of them is a
doctor and the other a nurse in case you ever have medical needs." He
shared a little more but was careful not to be too specific. "How did
you all meet - just in general, okay?"

One of them said, "I'm Paul and in my past life I was an accountant.
We all lived in the same neighborhood. Most of us have known one
another for years. As things began to go downhill we started a
neighborhood meeting and got together regularly to talk about the
situation and what we would do if things got worse. We gradually
realized we were probably going to have to leave, especially when talk
of a pandemic began. Most of us sensed it was a cover story for
something else and we were not about to let the government start
"vaccinating" us - turns out it was a good decision as we began to see
what it did to those who went along. We all left a lot of good friends
behind but knew we had to get while the gettin' was good as they say."

Max asked Paul, "Do you understand what is really happening and
where this is headed?" "We have a lot of opinions," Paul said. "Some
say it's the end of the world and others think it will blow over and we
will be able to go back home soon. The fact is, we don't really know."
Max asked, "What if this is much bigger than any of us can possibly
imagine? How many of you are church goers?" About half raised their
hands. "Did you ever study prophecy?" A few raised their hands.
"Would it be okay with you all if I shared some things with you?"
With that Max said, "I don't want to preach or get all technical with
you, but everything that has happened the past few years was foretold
in prophecy thousands of years ago. And I have to tell you many of us
"Christians" missed it too. We were deceived as well. Remember that
first war between Israel and Syria, followed by the defense treaty
between the US and Israel? That goes back to the book of Daniel 9:27.
Yeah! You heard about the guy in the lions den? That's him. The
whole scenario that followed, the wars in the Middle East, the
rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, the assassination of the
antichrist, the offering in the temple, the mark - all of this is found
in both the Old and New Testament and in great detail. These are all
events that occur in the last seven years which some call the

"Okay," Max continued, "what does this mean to us in a practical
sense? Well we have seen what taking the 'mark' does to people. They
not only seem to become different people but they worship the person
we all now call the antichrist. We know what happens if we are
caught and what our choices are. Now here is the hard part which
may be a little easier to believe than it would have been a year ago.
There is a war going on over our souls. Satan wants to own us and
possess us. You know what? God wants to have a relationship with us
too, but he is holy and righteous and we aren't. That's what Christmas
and Easter are all about although muddied by Santa, bunnies and
all. Putting it simply, God sent his Son to the earth and he lived a
sinless life and the Father allowed Jesus to offer his life as a sacrifice
for our sin. He did this so that through what Jesus did we could know
Him and have a relationship with God. There was a big deal about
rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem That Temple is just a type. We
are the real temple. If we take the "mark", Satan comes into man and
inhabits that temple - the human spirit which is that "God-shaped
void" inside a man. When we ask Jesus into our heart, He comes into
our human spirit and fills that void. Christianity isn't about church
buildings, programs, sermons and all that. It is about who we let in,
especially now."

"This is why the "mark of the beast" issue we are all facing matters so
much. This is the reason why you fled, leaving everything behind to
avoid it. You all know what a big deal this is. Now we may or may
not make it to the end, but there is only one inoculation that well save
you not just in this life but for all eternity and that is you asking
Jesus to come into your heart and make your human spirit alive.
That's what "being born again" is all about. It is receiving a new life,
God's life, into you."

"After all we have been through, I know this makes a lot more sense to
you. God not only wants to know you. He has called you to stand with
Him in these difficult times. I'm not forcing anyone but if this makes
sense to you, I'm asking you to bow your head and ask Him to come
into your life." Everyone bowed their head and Max prays, "Heavenly
Father, we are afraid, more afraid than we have ever been in our
lives. We've done nothing to deserve You but we know we are in the
valley of decision and it is time to choose sides. Jesus we choose you.
Come into our lives and fill us with joy, purpose and resolve to stand
with You in these last days as you make Your home in us. We ask this
in Your name. Amen."

There wasn't a dry eye in the group but a sense of great relief, a sense
that the dark fear that had gripped us was chased away by a great
light. Something extraordinary had just happened and we all knew
it. Max opened it up for questions and answers giving everyone a
chance to talk. One after another they shared their great relief and
how it all made sense now. We talked about how we could help one
another and planned some next steps. Max and Claire will be back

           34. A Dangerous Confrontation!

This morning after breakfast, the kids we sort of adopted (Craig and
Kendra) were outside playing with Noche, when suddenly, we heard
the dog barking and growling like crazy. The kids came running into
the house telling us that some guys on motor cycles were coming up the
driveway. They had guns. We called Noche into the house so he
wouldn't get hurt. Max, a couple of others and I grabbed the shotguns.
It looked like one of the biker gangs we heard about from Thor. Max
stepped out the front door and the rest of us opened the windows and
covered him. Max held his shotgun pointed down in front of him and
told the bikers to turn around and leave. Seeing the shotguns pointed
at them through the windows was enough to discourage them for now
and they turned around and left. Good reason to keep our 24 hour
watch and the dog close by.

After the visit from the biker gang our concern increased. If they could
find us so easily, so could the authorities. We decided to lay low today
in case they decided to return and post guards. Seeing our readiness
may have merely peaked their curiosity.

Sure enough, they showed up again in the afternoon in force. We
really didn't know what to do. We had a ham radio and codes we
could use to ask Thor and his group for help so we called him up.
They drove up the drive way and one of them, clad in leather and
using a bull horn shouted, "Surrender now or face the consequences."
Great. All of the sudden our shotguns looked like pea shooters
compared to the array of men and guns against us.

Brad, trying to buy us some time, asked, "what exactly is it you want?"
Their leader answered, "We don't want. We are here to take what you
have. We only offer you your lives if you let us in." Wow! We had a
whole group praying down in the basement. We knew the authorities
were bad but this? We were into scaring them away but not whole
scale war and killing!

With that, we heard the rumble of trucks and SUVs as Thor's small
army started to arrive, surrounding the bikers. Thor spoke through his
own bull horn. "Bikers, we suggest you leave and leave now and do not
return. We know where you are and will come looking for you if you
do. So get on your bikes and leave NOW"

What an answer to prayer - not a shot fired and off they went!

We couldn't thank Thor enough and asked if there was anything we
could do for him. He said some of his group could use some medical
care so we sent Bill and kathy (both doctors) back with him to help his

It was a relief to have dodged that bullet!

                    35. A Trap is Sprung!

Today, it was Curt and Marta's turn to visit one of the groups. Curt
had met Marta in Argentina and they had married and moved back to
the states. Andy was to take them to meet a group of survivalists with a
libertarian bent. They didn't like government and just wanted to be
left alone. Andy drove them this time since it was too far away to
walk or bike to. As usual, Andy waited outside to keep watch for any
trouble. He parked a few blocks away and found a place to hide in
the bushes overlooking their compound in the mountains. The meet
was on!

We found out what happened later from Andy who rescued one of
their group during the raid. Curt and Marta were greeted somewhat
coldly by the others, sensing something was wrong from the start. They
seemed friendly enough but weren't that eager to talk. They started
pumping them with questions. They did share how they had started
out as a group of Jewish friends who later joined with some
Christians. They told them the idea of taking a mark just didn't sit
well with them because they had Holocaust survivors in their family.

The survivalists seconded that opinion. They just didn't trust
government but didn't seem to have any major objection to the mark or
other policies of the government. Curt and Marta didn't find them
particularly open to the idea of prophecy or any supernatural events
that had taken place. They seemed to be just content to be left alone.
They were distracted and not really concentrating on the interchange.

Andy was shocked to see a couple of Swat Teams drive up and
surround the compound, but rather than busting in as he would
expect, they knocked and entered simultaneously through the front
and back doors with guns trained on Curt and Marta. At first they
were shocked and then it suddenly dawned on them. They had
walked into a trap. The "survivalists" worked with the government to
locate dissidents - and were in fact paid in food and supplies every
time they made a successful capture.

Once Curt and Marta realized there was no escape and no help, they
calmly looked at their hosts and said, "we knew this would probably
happen one day. We didn't expect to live through this. Our only
consolation is that we are no longer just children of holocaust survivors
but we have found our Messiah so now we have a reason to live and
die. We spent most of our lives going through the motions of our
religion, not recognizing that it wasn't about works or traditions but
about a relationship with our God through our Messiah Jesus. Our
only hope is that you find Him, especially before you are "marked" as
one of Satan's followers because that will surely be your end once they
are through with you.
With that, Andy saw Curt and Marta being led out to one of the Swat
SUVs and stuffed into the back. Andy knew they would be taken
before their "court" and given the choice of the guillotine or the "mark"
and followed by a hasty cremation. He couldn't help but wonder what
gave them such strength to endure such an end. He waited hiding in
the bushes a few minutes when a young lady came out the front door

Andy called to her and she came over. That is when he found out
what exactly happened. The girl's name was Aisha, a 20 year old
black girl. She looked up at Andy and said, "I should have known
better. I was raised in church and got saved as a little girl. Once I
went to college I got in with this politically correct bunch of liberals
who seemed to accept a little black girl from North Carolina. I thought
I had found acceptance and didn't need a religious crutch any more.
Now I realize I need God in my life and I just can't be a part of
betraying people like that to the State any more. Would you please
take me back with you to their people?"

You can imagine our sorrow and surprise as Andy came back early
without Curt and Marta but with this darling young lady. We
immediately suspected what happened and all stopped what we were
doing to pray for strength for Curt and Marta as they went through
their final trial on earth. We rejoiced that we now had Aisha. She
told us how touched she was by their simple testimony and realized
she didn't belong with them and fled with Andy. She asked if she
could please stay with us.

Andy was touched by all that had happened and even more committed
than ever to help us reach out to those who would listen. He would
warn Thor of the threat this group represented to everyone's safety and
they discussed a plan to warn other groups to steer clear of that
traitorous group.
  36. Meetings with Family and Thor's Group

Today we got everyone together to talk about what had just happened
and what our next steps were going to be. The day before yesterday we
had been surrounded by a biker gang and yesterday lost two of our
family. We felt it was time to sit down and evaluate where we were
going as a group.

Avi led off the meeting with prayer for Curt and Marta, thanks for
Aisha coming and a general thanks for life and one another. Avi said,
"Brett, Gideon and others have been talking about our situation.
Fortunately, we have a well disguised compound and have been able to
keep our location somewhat secret. We're not sure how the bikers
found us but the threat from Thor's group seemed to be keeping them at
bay for now. The group Curt and Marta met with yesterday didn't
know where we lived so, so far so good. We need to be alert for signs.

"Noche, our black lab was very good at quietly alerting us when any of
the "marked" ones were near by. He seemed to have a tremendous sixth
sense for their presence. So let's try and stay here as long as possible.
The green houses will produce food all winter and the fruit trees will
give a good harvest if we make it to next summer. Chickens seem to be
multiplying so we have meat and eggs. We have no other larger
animals. Fortunately, the Mormons who set this place up stored plenty
of dry goods, dry milk, flower, beans and stuff like that. How do you
all feel? Should we hang in here?"

There seemed to be general consensus to stay. "The other thing we all
need to face," continued Avi, "is our real purpose here. God has
brought two groups - one Christian and one Jewish to stand together
and tell whoever will listen that there is a reason for all this craziness
we find ourselves in. At the same time, I think we all realize that our
chances of making it to the end (the return of our Messiah) are not that
good. What happened yesterday will happen again to some, if not all
of us here. We thought that maybe we should split our group,
especially if it gets any bigger, so we can't all be taken at once. Our
prayer isn't to avoid the certain death we await, but to extend our time
and testimony as far as we can."

There were a score of "amens, right on's and so forth" from everyone
present. Even our "kids", Craig and Kendra, who were now young
adults, having been forced to grow up quickly after their parents were
taken... but their faith was strong and their willingness to do whatever
is necessary was evident.

Brett continued, "We are thankful for the support we are getting from
Thor and his group and Andy is eager to continue to take us around to
meet different groups. As a result of the "Swap Meet"/barter session we
had the other day, we have agreed to let Bill and Cathy (both doctors)
put on a clinic at a neutral location on Saturday. Thor's group will
provide security and protection. Other groups will bring things we had
put on our wish list - things we need that they may have to barter. We
will also share with Thor and several of our people will go with them.
Unfortunately, we don't have much in the way of medicine or drugs so
we will just to our best with what we have. Our docs have been
studying up on natural remedies. They can also do minor surgery,
deliver babies and give advice."

We continued to talk about "family" issues - trying to match interest
and talents with the various jobs that needed to be done - everything
from cleaning, to taking care of the gardens, cooking, etc. We were
careful to keep most of our activity either hidden behind the buildings
where the green houses and gardens were, but most of our living was
confined to the huge basement compound below the farm house. We
also realized how important it was to keep a 24 hour watch with an
efficient warning system for everyone no matter where they were so
watches were assigned.
This was not a game. Authorities were looking for stragglers like us.
Any stranger could be an informant. Fortunately, our dog had a good
sense of a person's character and intent so we submitted strangers to the
"smell test" quite literally. Patrols were not common out here, but
neither were people since most had been herded into work camps
where they did their assigned jobs.

We thought it might be a good idea to have another meeting with Thor
and his group so we set that up for later in the day. Laura, who came
from Thor's survivalist group, and I went. When we arrived, we
expressed our profound thanks for their help giving Andy as a guide
and answer our SOS the other night with the biker gangs. We discussed
security and supply issues and Thor asked if we could stay for dinner
and maybe share some more with his group.

This time, we didn't have to go into the prophetic background so much
but addressed their skepticism about Christianity since they saw many
Christians support the antichrist and turned on their own brothers
and sisters. This was all very confusing to them. How could Christians
turn on one another? What kind of religion was this? How could they
support the AC?

Laura and I made a pretty good team, taking turns explaining things to
them. We told them that the danger with Christianity just like Islam
or any other religion is that It becomes a moral construct of rights and
wrongs, a set of expectations backed by a community of friends that
enforce certain behaviors and attitudes in the name of God. We
explained that a good many so-called "Christians" had no relationship
with God at all. They were cultural "Christians" who went through
the motions on Sunday and that was about it. Not only that, many of
the real ones were in deep deception as well. As a matter of fact, all of
us were at one time. We thought the antichrist was God's gift to Israel
until he turned on it and us as well. We were sure we would rapture
and not have to experience this tribulation.
Christians may have had a life change by being "born again" but
didn't know how to nurture their relationship with God. They
proceeded to learn to act like the people around them, steeped in
doctrines and Bible Teaching but with no real touch with the Lord
personally beyond their "salvation" experience. This was so common.
The pastor did the hard work and spouted the "truth" from the pulpit
every week and they were told what was right and wrong, what to
believe and what not to believe.

A real Christian experienced a noticeable change in his life. Heknew
he was a phony, a fake and a failure and would never measure up.
He needed a new life, a real personal relationship with God that
would change him or her from the inside out. That was a process, an
intimate relationship that grew every day as the new Christian pours
his heart out to God and God fills the empty places with His life. True
Christianity was not about religion but a relationship and an inward
change. It had nothing to do with church although there was a
natural drawing to others with the same experience. It had little to do
with meetings, doctrines or behavior. The Holy Spirit guides us into
truth and relationship with God and one another. It has nothing to do
with services or programs, Bible Schools or Seminaries. You either
have that relationship or you don't and in times like this the ONLY
thing that keeps you from the world system and protects you is that
relationship! The only thing that protects you from deception is
knowing Him and giving your life to Him.

We told them how much we appreciate their stand against the state.
The thing is, this problem isn't ever going to go away. Life will never
return to normal. Remember the first time we shared. Everything up
until now was prophesied to happen thousands of years ago and that
includes those events of the next three years and some months. We
know what will happen. This is a lot bigger than us. It is a titanic
struggle between the forces of evil and good, Satan and God. We can't
be neutral and we will eventually fall on one side or the other.
Satan offers the false hope of a kingdom ruled by him. We see what
that is producing. God is offering to share His life with us, to make us
a part of His family and His kingdom. Thor and the rest of you.
Whether we live or die we will either come out of this on the other side
with God for all eternity or suffer eternal separation from God. It is
not that hard but the decision is yours. God has a purpose for you. He
has something very important for us to do and you can join us. Think
about it and we'll get together again soon and see how you feel

We sat around and talked some more, answered some of their
questions. Laura shared her perspective as one who understood the
survivalist group since she had been a part of it. She said, "we had the
right idea to stand against the beast state, but we didn't see how it was
a part of a larger conflict. I know we are all afraid and fighting for
our lives but once you ask the Lord into your life, you will know and
experience His life so that no matter what happens to us, this isn't the

As Andy drove us back to our compound, Laura and I talked and
talked. I'll share that experience with you tomorrow.

                       37. About Laura

I guess it was inevitable that Laura and I would be thrown together.
Other than the kids and Dana, we were all couples except for Laura
and I, not that I'm looking for anything given our extreme
circumstances. I just lost my wife, Jane, and two children not too long
ago right after the edict that all be vaccinated went out.

It was nice getting to know Laura. I'm 35 and she is 30, never
married. Prior to that day that changed all our lives, she had been
living with a guy in the survivalist compound. Laura grew up in a
small town near Montgomery, Alabama. Her dad ran the local
pharmacy and her mom was a teacher like me. She had been raised
in a small Southern Baptist Church. She accepted the Lord as her
Savior as a young girl, but pretty much took church for granted
growing up. It was just something the family did on Sunday. She gave
the Lord lip service as they say. She felt him tugging at her heart now
and then, but she was a busy young girl.

All Laura could think about was getting out of small town America so
upon graduating from High School, she got a scholarship to Duke
University. Once free from family she was like most kids -
experimented with drugs, sex and alcohol, but spent most of her time
studying forestry. She loved the outdoors. Upon graduation, she got a
job with the Forest Service near here. She met a group of survivalists
headed by Thor and ended up getting more involved in what they were
doing. Thor was convinced the government was getting too powerful
and stomping all over the Constitution. We needed to defend ourselves
from the government over reach.

A couple of things happened at about the same time. In late 2012
record breaking solar storms assaulted the earth's atmosphere. This
resulted in massive black outs across the country. Entire grids were out
for weeks at a time. In the places most affected grocery stores emptied
within a matter of hours and shortly after that, looting and pillaging
began in earnest. It took months to reestablish power and order after
months of chaos. The fear of terrorism was already high whether local
or foreign.

In early 2013, war broke out in the Middle East between Syria and
Israel. Shortly after that, the President signed a Defense Treaty with
Israel. Any future wars would be led by America. Talk about stirring
a hornet's nest! The rest of the Middle East geared up for war to
implement their final solution - wiping Israel off the map! When the
war known prophetically as the Gog-Magog war broke out Islamic
countries such as Turkey, Iran, Egypt and others came against Israel,
America went nuclear. The fear of terrorism went to a new high in

By then, there were check points on all major highways going in and
out of cities. People were expected to carry identity papers and
everyone was subject to search. This drove people like Thor, Laura and
the rest of their group deeper into the wilderness as their paranoia of
everything governmental escalated.

Meanwhile Laura had hooked up with one of Thor's friends they call
Jason. Living with Jason was a long way from the way she was raised
and Laura didn't feel that good about it but, oh well, everyone was
doing it. She didn't really love Jason in a marrying sort of way but
did enjoy his companionship.

Once it was announced that everyone had to be vaccinated and get a
mark to prove it, Laura couldn't help but wonder if that was the "mark
of the beast" they had studied in Sunday School years ago. How could
that possibly be thought Laura? We should have raptured by now!
Laura couldn't help but wonder if this really was the end?

The night Thor and his group met our little group we shared with
them our interpretation of these events. Laura rededicated her life to
the Lord and felt she needed to do something radical. That's when she
asked Thor if she could stay with our group.

Laura proved invaluable. Not only did her Forestry background give
her knowledge of animal husbandry and agriculture, she knew all
about which plants were useable and which weren't. She also was a
handy outdoorswoman who could build a fire, a lean two, hunt, fish
and just about anything else you can imagine!

Until last night our relationship just consisted of small talk, but on the
way home I was finally able to talk about losing my family and how I
felt about that. If it weren't for my faith, I don't know how I would
have gotten through it. Laura shared her background and how she
had forgotten about her relationship with the Lord while she pursued
education, a career, fun and relationships. But if this really is
nearing the end, she realized she really wanted the time she had left
to count for eternity. We sat in the back of Andy's car and cried and
prayed together.

We arrived at the compound and continued talking into the night. I
knew we had connected but feel now was no time for romance. But ....

                   38. Why Didn't We Get It?
As I look back over the past few years, I realize that very few people
including me saw what's coming and I ask myself why? Why did we
miss it? Why were we so predisposed to believe everything we were told
whether in the news or the pulpit? Is critical thinking enough? There
are plenty of critical thinkers among the libertarians and survivalists.
They didn't trust what they were being told. Few understand what is
happening and hardly anyone grasps the "why."

I know I didn't have a close enough relationship with the Lord to
understand what was happening. Dana saw it coming, but she is a
young college student who has an open mind and heart and hadn't
been around long enough to be taught all the answers. I guess there is
the big difference. Once most of us are "taught" something whether in
school, church or just something we read or hear, that becomes our
"truth" and it is very hard to move us from that position once we have
taken it.

The government is certainly trying to get us to see things their way.
The statistics are always interpreted in their favor. We were told debt
was good - debt drives the economy and banking system. No worry. Of
course debt collapsed the entire European Union and nearly brought
America to its knees. The church was always trying to convince us that
we had to work with the government, to be a light on the hill, to
change government, to extend our influence in the world. The church
painted the Democrats as the bad guys and the Republicans as the good
guys - pro-life, family, private enterprise, etc.

The hard lesson we all learned is that 1) the system (whether
governmental, education or church) is designed to deceive and
brainwash us and 2) the whole world lies in the evil one - this is
Satan's kingdom whether good or bad, right or left. We can't put our
trust in the world's institutions. The same entertainment empires
producing children's programming for our kids, were making porn for
the adults. The schools were teaching our children to be broad and
accepting of families by any definition, learning that right and wrong
were situational. There is no absolute truth. There are many paths
and they are all okay.

We realized too late that the government lied about war, debt, the
economy, social policy, health care, and so on. Did the church lie to
us as well? Maybe not intentionally but there is a tremendous amount
of inertia in any institution like the church. Teachings and methods
are passed on from one generation to the next. The "truths" become
self-evident and accepted by all.

Over the years we saw so much strife within the church, so much
worldliness, programs and fads, we should have learned to be more
discerning. Churches, as 501c3's, were agents of the government,
especially if they were receiving money for schools, welfare or food
distribution. The "church" became beholden to the government and an
example of political correctness rather than the truth.

So here we are living in the very last days and the church was asleep
at the switch. It didn't get it at all. Events that were clearly foretold
such as the Syrian war, the defense treaty with Israel, the Gog-Magog
War, the Mark of the beast, all were missed by most Christians and
Christian leaders! The question is why? I can't help but think there
were three main reasons.

First, the church was asleep and caught up in the world. Either it
taught that things were getting better, we were already in the kingdom
or the end times have been here for the past 2,000 years or, for the old
line evangelical, these things couldn't have any real significance or
else we wouldn't be here. We would have raptured. Now I understand
why Corrie Ten Boom said, "There are some among us teaching there
will be no tribulation, that the Christians will be able to escape all
this. These are the false teachers that Jesus was warning us to expect in
the latter days." No other doctrine in my church was more damaging
to the understanding prophecy.

Second, church doctrine got rid of Israel or the church in the last
days. The more fundamental Christians promoted the idea of
dispensationalism which spun out of the rapture doctrine. The idea
was that the Israel had its time up to Christ. Then the dispensation of
the church began leading up to the rapture and removal of the
church. At this time the "church dispensation" was over and Israel's
was back on. The effect of this doctrine is to minimize the importance
of prophecy since, by definition, the church is removed prior to the
tribulation when Israel takes over.

The more socially active side of the church, some of whom are called
"dominionists" or are into covenant theology (Catholics and liberal
protestants) believe there will be no millennium and the church will
bring in the kingdom. The net effect of this theology is to replace
Israel, say it was cut off, lost the blessing and that God is through with
the Jews who rejected Jesus. This position takes Israel completely out of
the picture. There is no Tribulation to worry about since the earth is
gradually taken over by the church. The church sort of slides into the
Because of these two belief systems, neither conservative nor liberal
could possibly comprehend prophecy. The final thing that blinded the
eyes of all American Christians was their failure to see any role for
America in prophecy. Either America was the exceptional nation, the
light on the hill to guide the other nations to the truth or she was seen
as particularly vile and worthy of destruction. The other reason to get
rid of America was to make room for Europe to unite and fufill its role
in the last days as the beast nation and seat of the antichrist. As we
have seen, Europe fell into total disarray while America, amazingly
enough, ended up on top, with the most powerful economy, the most
powerful military and a charismatic leader capable of commanding
the allegiance of the world!

Christians scholars knew full well that the final seven years kicked off
with a defense treaty between Israel and the antichrist (and the nation
he represented). They failed completely to make any connection for the
reasons given above: 1) they were into American exceptionalism or the
pre-tribulation rapture which means they couldn't possibly be here
when the treaty was signed. Finally, they were so enamored with
American support for Israel, they didn't see the trap that was being set
for them.

But beyond all this prophecy they should have understood, but were
too brainwashed and opinionated to even consider. Even if they did
see it, if they spoke the truth in their churches, they would be out of a
job in a New York minute.

I realized the real fault goes back to people like me, the individual
Christian. We accepted everything we were told as gospel and weren't
open enough to the Lord for Him to speak to us. I have heard since
that there was a small contingent of people who kept warning
Christians about the danger of the pre-trib rapture.

In retrospect, we all (among our group of Jews and Gentiles) see now
that the real issue has nothing to do with the timing of the rapture. It
has to do with the testimony of God's peoples who happen to be Jews
and Gentiles, referred to in Revelation as the two olive trees (corporate
Israel) and the two lampstands (the corporate church). God is about to
judge the world, and he needs two witnesses - two corporate peoples,
both heavenly and earthly which he is now bring together in a
marvelous way, two groups of witnesses who are willing to say, "God is
right. He had a plan. He did everything possible to bring us into
relationship with Him, and for those who were willing, to come into
their lives and change them and live and love the world through
them. We are nothing but unworthy, unlovely earthen vessels. Our
testimony is that He is the treasure within. He is the one we are
willing to give our lives to as He did for us.

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