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									Keyword Research Tips

There are few experts who cringe at the word “research”. One thing I know the best ways to get your
article on the targeted traffic fast is keyword research.

Keyword research is the hands down the absolute base for any marketing or SEO campaign. Keyword
research is absolutely crucial when it comes to setting up an online business. If you get it wrong you
could end up wasting your time and money.

You should start with you expertise.

Here are some easy tips; you will forget that it is research:

       Jot down 1-3 phrases that are related to your niche, like for example, you are a Dietician who
        specializes in heart disease. Your keyword must be: low sodium, bad cholesterol etc. DO that in
        5 minutes.
       Once it is done, take the keywords out for a spin. Enter a keyword into a search engine, like for
        example as you begin typing “low cholesterol” four auto complete results begin to appear.
        These auto complete results will show some most searched phrases in your niche.
       Examine the results. Ask yourself some questions like “Are the site relevant”? “What sort of
        product/service do they provide”? “What type of site it is”? Those questions will help you
        measure the saturation of your niche and the quality of the keywords and which keywords in
        your niche using.

This is the easiest way to check keywords but it is even easier to check keyword out on keyword tracking
sites like Wordtracker, Google Keyword’ Tool and Good Keywords. You can build a list of the keywords
that are popular which is really useful to use to your articles. There are free keywords tool like the
Google keyword research tool, the one I have mentioned earlier. The problem with Google Keyword
research tool or other free tools, is the lacking the necessary experience the chances you will get it
wrong. Why? It is because there are many variables you have to take into the account so you really
can’t use Google research for the first time without knowing at least the basic.

In order for keyword research to be done properly you must do lot of brainstorming. You have to be
specific when targeting the keywords. Do not use general keywords like” flowers”. Using specific
keywords like “red roses flowers” will bring best results. If you are going to use general keywords,
narrow it down to the specific keywords.

Keyword research services need to be extremely accurate. You need to make sure that when
researching you only look at companies who know what they are doing or else you are only risking the
money you pay for those services.

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