American Revolution

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					                              American Revolution
Use A for True, B for False

   1. The sole purpose of the Stamp Act was to raise revenue for Great Britain.

   2. Colonists were angry at the taxation practices of the British by claiming
      they didn’t have representation.

   3. The Sons of Liberty operated only through peaceful means and didn’t use
      coercion and mock executions to threaten tax collectors.

   4. The British revoked the Stamp Act bringing about joy throughout the

   5. The Stamp Act Congress was called in response to British policies of

   6. The colonists began a very successful policy of non-importation—this had
      dramatic impacts on the British economy.

   7. Non-importation and non-consumption hi-lited the powerful role that
      women played in the colonies.

   8. The Boston Massacre was the violent response to the Boston Tea Party.

   9. The Gaspee was a British ship that was chasing down smugglers and ran
      aground which was subsequently burned to the waterline by angry

   10. Colonists were taxed heavily and were primarily angered by their
       excessive tax burden.

   11. The Sons of Liberty who dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor dressed
       up as Mohawk Indians.

   12. The response to the Boston Tea Party was the Coercive Acts or the
       Intolerable Acts.

   13. As the British returned to Boston after the skirmishes in Lexington and
       Concord, militiamen attacked from the roadsides, wounding or killing 273
       British soldiers. It was April 19, 1775, and the Revolutionary War had

14. The Second Continental congress appointed George Washington as its
    first commander in chief of the continental army.

15. Thomas Paine’s Crisis encouraged the colonists to rebel against the
    English promoting Independence.

16. Ben Franklin wrote the Declaration of Independence.

17. The Continental Army was well funded and well staffed.

18. Loyalists were American citizens who remained loyal to the Sons of

19. The Battle of Saratoga was the turning point of the war as it inspired the
    French to support the colonists.

20. Yorktown ended the American Revolution and gave rise to the


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