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									Gloria Houston
An Author that …. Hits Close to Home
             Getting Personal
 Born:
   March 24 in Marion, NC
   Ruth (Ruthie) Greene and J. Myron
    Houston (Littlejim)
 Childhood:
   Sunnybrook store
   Played piano
   Wrote stories and plays
 Education:
   ASU: Bachelor’s Degree In Music
   University of South Florida: Master’s in
    English Ed.
   University of South Florida: Ph. D.
 Educator:                        Writer:
   Began teaching in                1976-Tried to get My
    Winston-Salem, NC                 Brother Joey
   Relocated to Dallas               published
   Then to New Orleans                 • Rejected 54 times
   1981-Tampa University of         1982-My Brother
    South Florida                     Joey was finally
   Author-in-Residence and           published
    Visiting Assistant Professor     Next wrote The Year
    in College of Education
                                      of the Perfect
    Western Carolina
                                      Christmas Tree
                Published Books
 Picture Books:
    My Brother Joey Died (1982)-Written to help adopted daughter to
     deal with birthmother’s death.
    The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree (1988)
    But No Candy (1992)
    My Great-Aunt Arizona (1992)Dr. Houston’s favorite
    Littlejim’s Gift: An Appalachian Christmas Story (1994)
 Novels:
    Littlejim (1990)
    Mountain Valor (1994)- Civil War Dr. Houston’s favorite novel;
     Worked on this book 10 years, while she was getting her Master’s and
    Littlejim’s Dreams (1997)- Coming of age
    Bright Freedom’s Song (1998)- Underground railroad
               Who’s Who…
                  in Education
                 of American Women
                 in the South/Southwest
“Mountains”      International …. of Authors
               Something About the Author
    of         Contemporary…
  Awards         NC Authors
               Forever-Young Author Award,
   and          NC Reading Association
Recognition    Junior Authors and Illustrators
               National Literacy Award from
               1990 Distinguished Alumni Award,
                Appalachian State University
               Distinguished Educator-Internationa
                Reading Association
 The Author’s Guild
 Society of Children’s Book Writers
  & Illustrators
 National Council of Teachers of
 Children’s Literature Council
 International Reading Association
 Phi Kappa Phi, education honor
         Personal Contact
Three page letter concerning a field trip to
 Spruce Pine, NC
Follow-up letter concerning field trip
Confirmation email about field trip
Field Trip details – photos
Phone call to confirm date/time of trip
Email after trip
Responses to 4 students about their field trip
    “We have lost the concept of reading for
     pleasure, for the experience. Dr. Louise
Rosenblatt at NYU says we do not teach students
to read aesthetically, for pleasure. The questions
at the end of books or chapters, the analyses we
subject children to in the classroom is creating a
   world of little word processors, not readers!
        This is one of my soapbox issues.”
                         Levi Houston

“Valor”-Mountain         John Houston

Arizona Houston Hughes      Jim Houston
 My Great-Aunt Arizona     “Bigjim”-Littlejim

                                                   J. Myron Houston
                                                   Married Ruth (Ruthie)
                                                  The Year of the Perfect
                                                      Christmas Tree

                                    Gloria Houston
                                   “Lee”- ButNo Candy

A Fieldtrip
    The Year of the
Perfect Christmas Tree
              The Year of the
          Perfect Christmas Tree
   Setting: Mountains of North Carolina
   Main Character: Ruthie Greene Houston
   Illustrator: Barbara Cooney

   1988 Publisher’s Weekly Best Seller List

   Published in Japanese

   Sold over 500,000 copies worldwide
    The Year of the
Perfect Christmas Tree
My Great-Aunt Arizona
 Setting: Mountains of North
 Main Character: Arizona Houston
 Illustrator: Susan Lamb

 Awards:
    Named Notable Children’s Book (ALA)
     Notable Trade Book in the Language
My Great-Aunt Arizona
Plan of study for the classroom:
 Gloria Houston’s Family Tree
 Read The Year of the Perfect
  Christmas Tree -Noting Sunnybrook
  Store, the Train Depot, Pine Grove
  Church, Grandfather Mountain
   Have students write Dr. Houston
   Plan a field trip to Spruce Pine Visiting
    the places that the children read about in
    the book and meeting Ruthie.
Plan of study (cont.)
 Students will take pictures
   The pictures will be scrap booked-children will
    write captions or paragraphs relating the picture
    to the book or connecting it to the fieldtrip.
   Students will illustrate a cover for the
   Maps will be added to the scrapbook to
    encourage students to use map skills.
   Dr. Houston’s family tree will be included to help
    children see the connection between the author
    and the characters.

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