New Vending Machine Telecard International by jennyyingdi


									New Vending Machine
         Vends card based products
 Provides an E Top-up and other services for
                Mobile phones

                            Telecard International LTD
    Unit 8 Cowley Mill Trading Estate, Longbridge Way Uxbridge, Middx. UB8 2YG
     Phone. 01895 256 456 Fax. 01895 230 902
                                           GPRS antenna
                                                            LED display for fast card vending

19” Touch screen for Mobile Phone Top-up                      8 different card products to vend

            2 note reader validators                        Mag card/chip card reader
            1 for E Top-up
            1 for vending cards

                                                            Illuminated buttons – press to vend chosen card

            Card dispence slot                            Receipt printer to print E Top-up pin no vouchers
                                                          and confirmation of mobile phone top-up
E-Top Up Application
on Vending Machines








Mobile phone E Top-up
   sample screens
Please note opportunity to print
brand promotions on the receipt
Mobile Content

New channel to market for provision of mobile content

• Upsell of products and services

• Cost reductions

• Low investment – product can run on existing vending machine networks*

• Solution can be white Labelled

• Fully supported

• Managed content

• Network independent

* Subject to OS and peripheral devices
            Description of
       Service / Roadmap
E Top Up – ETU and E-Voucher available now

•   Games – available April 2005

•   Ringtones - available April 2005

•   Photo services - available April 2005

•   Music Download - available September 2005

•   Video Streaming - available September 2005
•   Fully branded portal
•   Provision and support of Vending Machine
•   DSL to retail outlet
•   Distribution of content via Bluetooth, Infrared, SMS, WAP push
•   MIS
•   Variety of payment methods
     – Notes
     – Credit card
     – Micropayment account
     – Reverse SMS
Mobile Phone Content
    Screen Shot
   Card Vending
on Vending Machines
Card Vending
                                Card Types
•   Magnetic cards
•   Plain cards
•   Designed cards
•   Branded cards
•   Phone cards
•   Gift cards
•   Loyalty cards
•   Prepaid Visa cards
•   Prepaid cards
•   Music cards
•   Wi-fi cards
•   Gaming cards
•   Adult cards
•   Mobile roaming cards
•   International phone cards
Televender Vending Machine

  A new global direction for vending
      and ambient multimedia

                           •Capacity to show still and full motion TV
Visa Prepaid Credit Card
                           quality advertisements
                           •Space can be sold to clients on both a local
                           and national level.
                           •Adverts are sold as 5,10,or 20 second ads in
                           a 5-10 minute loop, and changed monthly.
                           •Adverts shown on 19-inch LCD Touch

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