Brief History of Music Videos

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					A Brief History of Music Videos

The first recorded idea of adding images to music was in 1894. An electrician
(George Thomas) was hired by Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern to project images on
the stage whilst their song was performed. At the time this would be known as an
illustrated song.

The first real example of music videos was during the
Hollywood musical era of the 1930’s – 1950’s. Although
they would not be in the same category as modern music
videos it was the first time that songs were on a screen
with a video, these were interwoven into the narrative of
the story.

The birth of music television (MTV) allowed artists to
display there videos on a national or international scale. At
one time, MTV had a profound impact on the music
industry and popular culture. The idea of a dedicated
video-based outlet for music was introduced, and both
                            artists and fans found a central
                             location for music events,
                             news, and promotion. MTV's
                             moral influence on young
                             people, including issues related to censorship and social
                             activism, has been a subject of debate for years. MTV's
                             choice to focus on non-music programming has also
                             been contested relentlessly since the 1990s,
                             demonstrating the channel's previous impact on popular

Once the internet was accessible to near enough anyone, artists and record labels
began sharing their music videos online. The most popular place to find music videos
on the internet is YouTube. Now that MTV shows a lot of non-music programming
and sites like YouTube are free it is the easiest way to spread awareness of the
latest music videos. There has been a lot of controversy with this site in the past as
it is fairly easy to upload and download
copyrighted material from it. These files
can then be shared on the internet
through P2P (Peer 2 Peer) file sharing

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