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                     NIPPA 2007 CONFERENCE

                                        r Within”
                           “The Innovator W

         S              INFORM
                              MENZIES HOTEL, SYDNEY
                                                                                                                             Nadia Hollins, CITY OF MANNINGHAM COUNCIL

                                                                                                                             Nadia has over 20 years working experience within the printing industry, and 12 of those years
                                                                                                                             have been working at Fuji Xerox Australia. During her time at Fuji Xerox, she managed the training
                                                                                                                             department in Victoria. In her role as Training Co-Ordinator, she conducted various training
                                                                                                                             sessions for staff, and customers on various types of production equipment, quality and leadership
                                                                                                                             courses. She wrote various training manuals, which include a National Officeworks Training
                                                                                                                             Manual, and an Advanced Problem Solving Manual of which she received National and State Awards.

                                                                                                       Nadia has been a member of the NIPPA group since 2001, and is now the Southern Branch Secretary. She currently
           M HE        EN                                                                              works at Manningham City Council in the Copy Centre. She manages the day to day running of the internal business
                                                                                                       herself. In her presentation she will share with us, the working operation of printing in the Government Sector.

          gica             ng              n
Technological changes being introduced into our industry in recent times and the ever changing
demand from our customer b
      nd f                   base (and our owowners) are challenging us more than ever before. This
means that in-house print and publishing professionals are going to have to search high and wide
   ans                        d                of                                                                            Sally Sleigh, WAIKATO UNIVERSITY
to make sure they acquire the m
 om                            most appropriate technology and learning to ensure customers
                                                                                                                             Sally Sleigh has been the Manager of Waikato Print in the University of Waikato since April 2006
satisfaction and even survival. Installation of the latest hardware/software is not enough and
                                 n                e                                                                          and has qualifications and experience in Librarianship, Photography and Management but not
alone will not ensure improvement in effectiveness and value.
                                 e                  s                                                                        print. As a result 2006 has been a very interesting year as she learnt about a completely new
                                                                                                                             field. She will share the highs and lows of her first year with Waikato Print in her presentation.
The 2007 NIPPA conference “The Innovator Within” w provide the right combination of
technology, learning and networking with our peers a vendors so critical in ensuring our
                                  i                  and
valuable position within the industry. The 2007 conference will be the biggest, and arguably the
                                  t                  re
best, NIPPA has ever held with an array of expert speakers, workshop activities and a couple of
                                 n                    a
innovative surprises guaranteed to stimulate all those in attendance. As always the conference is
                                                                                                                             Barry Rowan, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN QUEENSLAND
heavily subsidised to NIPPA members and I strongly suggest booking early. See you there.
                                m                      u
                                                                                                                            Barry came from a communications security background in the Defence Forces where he enjoyed
                                                                          David Harrison, President                         his career, for over 20 years. He was introduced into the Printing Industry as a Graphic Artist in
                                                                                                                            1992. The firm, McDonald Printing Group provided excellent training and development in the
                                                                                                                            commercial field which allowed him to be rapidly promoted to art room supervisor, 2IC customer
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS                                                                                                            service and eventually employed as the estimator.

                                                                                                       This backgrounding in the commercial field has contributed to the successful business developed at USQ, in Toowoomba.
                     Craig Rispin
                                                                                                       He often highlights the fact that no two print businesses are alike, though has proved that his belief in the Digital and Off-
                     Today’s speaker is a business futurist, trends tracker and technology guru.       set mix has worked well in his particular organisation. Always mindful that with technology and the introduction of study
                     From age 10 (yes 10!) he began teaching business people about the trends          notes to CD and WEB, he knew he had to build the offset business to compensate for any shortfalls in income.
                     and technology that would change their businesses… and lives… forever!
                                                                                                       The business grew beyond what was first planned and is now a well recognised trade printing and binding facility which
                  With an innate ability to spot trends and to create new markets, he went             offers its services to the local printing companies and wider community. As part of the growth, new relationships and
                  on to design and launch hundreds of products for major companies in the              partnerships were developed with such companies as Currie & Co, Canon Australia and an even closer working
computer, consumer electronics, multimedia, internet and broadcast industries.                         relationship with Canon Toowoomba. The partnership culminated in major sponsorships for an Open Day in June last
                                                                                                       year, which improved our standing within the community and other businesses. Three full scholarships were provided by
He has worked with Apple Computer, Philips Consumer Electronics and served leading blue-chip           Canon and further funding towards a water mitigation project at the Japanese Gardens on campus. This was officiated by
companies worldwide including Disney, Fairfax, Canon, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, GE,               Mr Tsukahara MD Canon Australia.
Sony, American Express and the ABC.
                                                                                                       This serves to highlight the importance of building and consolidating partnerships with our suppliers and that
                                                                                                       opportunity flows both ways.


                     Ken Macro is an assistant professor in the Graphic Communication                   Premier conference venue MENZIES HOTEL, SYDNEY
                     Department at California Polytechnic State University. He specializes
                     in print production management, marketing and sales, knowledge
                     management, Lean manufacturing, and training program development.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Registration fee: AUS $699.00 + GST
                       He has an affinity for print history and printed incunabula. He is the faculty                                                                               Partners fee: AUS $400.00 + GST
advisor for University Graphic Systems (UGS)—a student-managed, student-run printing
enterprise on the campus of Cal Poly. Prior to academia, he was the director for Reprographics,
Mailing and Shipping Services at Cal Poly and The University of Akron. Ken’s prior career portfolio
consists of facilitation the roles of graphics manager for Alltel Directories Publishing in Hudson,                Members what your conference fee covers: Accommodation from Wednesday to Friday night; Breakfast,
Ohio; marketing director for various healthcare facilities in the Pittsburgh area; owner and                       lunch and dinner (excluding drinks) for Wednesday to Friday; Breakfast only for Saturday. What is NOT
                                                                                                                   covered in your conference fees are: meals for the Wednesday night and lunch, free time and dinner on
president of a printing and copying business in central Pennsylvania; regional sales coordinator
                                                                                                                   the Saturday. The conference is essentially for members/sponsors and invited industry guests. Due to
for Kinko’s of Ohio; and, a radio broadcaster for small radio station in central Pennsylvania. Ken                 the high demand for places, the organising committee is unable to guarantee places for non-members/
holds an AA and BA from the Pennsylvania State University an MA from the University of Akron                       sponsor registrations. Non-members may apply and will be subject to availability. Conditions apply. *This
and is currently a doctoral candidate pursuing studies in education and knowledge management                       is only available to sponsors as per sponsorship category document.
from Walden University. He resides in Atascadero, California with his wife and three sons.
                                                                                            Day 2:               Thursday 18th October 2007

                                                                                            TIME                 WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS                    PRESENTERS/FACILITATORS

                                                                                            9.30am               Members forum 2                                Rob Roberts and Brian Evans

                                                                                            10.30am              Interactive workshop 1:                        Ken Macro, Californina
  nfer      ge nda 00
Conference Agenda 2007: “The Innovator Within”                                                                   Desigining for digital part one -              Polytechnic State University.
                                                                                                                 understanding what it means.                   Anthony Parnemann, EFI.

                                                                                            11.15am              Interactive Workshop 2: “Getting               Clare Gillespie, Philippa Lowe
Day 1:                   Wednesday 17th October                                                                  noticed” (marketing yourself)                  and Dan Laybutt

                                                                                            12.00pm              LUNCH
                                                                                            12.45pm              Official Opening address &                     David Harrison and Karen Birch
                                                                                                                 Housekeeping information
1.00pm - 3.00pm          Conference Registration
                         Menzies Hotel, Wynyard                                             12.55pm              NIPPA Quiz 1                                   MB

3.00pm - 3.30pm          Visit Epicenter (members only)                                     1.00pm               Keynote Speaker                                Craig Rispin
                         Depart at 3.00pm sharp
                                                                                            1.45pm               NIPPA Quiz 2                                   MB

3.30pm - 3.45pm          Epicenter tour                           FXA Epicenter             1.55pm               Interview                                      Craig Rispin chats with Martin Booth

3.45pm - 4.45pm          Members forum 1                          Barry Thompson            2.30pm               “The New Manager”                              Sally Sleigh, Waikato University
                                                                  Peter Cuthbert
                                                                                            3.15pm               Afternoon tea
5.00pm - 6.00pm          Sponsor’s call:
                         An opportunity for platinum sponsors     Today’s hosts:            3.30pm               Give ‘em an inch                               Martin Booth chats with Gold sponsors of NIPPA:
                         to engage membersin a structured
                         activity of their choosing.

                                                                                            4.00pm               Sponsor’s call: An opportunity for             Today’s hosts:
6.00pm – 7.00pm          Cocktail party for members only          Sponsored by:                                  platinum sponsors to engage members
                                                                                                                 in a structured activity of their choosing.
7.00pm - 7.15pm          Return to Menzies Hotel
                                                                                            5.00pm               Day 2 close

                                                                                            7.00pm               NIPPA Awards Dinner                            Refreshments sponsored by:

                                                                                              DAY 2: PRESENTERS/FACILITATORS
DAY 1: FACILITATORS                                        FUJI XEROX EPICENTRE

                                                                                              Rob Roberts    Brian Evans            Ken Macro           Clare Gillespie        Philippa Lowe

Barry Thompson    Peter Cuthbert

                                                                                              Craig Rispin   Sally Sleigh           Anthony Parnemann   Dan Laybutt
                                                                                  TIME                WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS                 PRESENTERS/FACILITATORS

                                                                                  3.45pm              The NIPPA “Challenge”                       A range of invited guests pit their wits
                                                                                                                                                  against the NIPPA quizmaster

Day 3:    Friday 19th October 2007


9.30am    Interactive workshop 3: “Designing       David Weaver, Rod Webster
          for digital part two – applying the      and Karen Birch
          knowledge to improve your business”                                     4.00pm              Sponsor’s call: An opportunity              Today’s hosts:
          Case studies and real business examples.                                                    for sponsors to engagemembers
                                                                                                      in a structured activity of their
10.35am   NIPPA and the Beast                     Letters from members & public                       choosing.
                                                  at large

                                                                                  4.15pm              Closing Address                             David Harrison

                                                                                  7.00pm              Conference Dinner                           Refreshments sponsored by:
                                                                                                      Theme: Divas and Rock Stars

11.15am   Strengthening and growing               Barry Rowan, University
          an in-house business                    of Southern Queensland
                                                                                  DAY 3: PRESENTERS/FACILITATORS
12.00pm   LUNCH

12.45pm   Emergence of Knowledge                  Ken Macro, California
          Management: A research paper            Polytechnic State Univesity.

1.30pm    NIPPA Quiz 3                            MB
                                                                                  David Weaver   Rod Webster        Karen Birch           Barry Rowan        Ken Macro             Nadia Hollins
1.35pm    Interview                               Martin Booth chats with
                                                  Ken Macro

2.05pm    NIPPA Quiz 4                            MB

2.10pm    A Local Government perspective          Nadia Hollins,
                                                  City of Manningham Council      Day 4:              Saturday 20th October 2007

3.00pm    Afternoon tea
                                                                                  TIME                WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS                 PRESENTERS/FACILITATORS
3.15pm    Give ‘em an inch                        Martin Booth chats with a
                                                  range of Gold sponsors of       9.30am              Annual General Meeting                      Members only
                                                                                                                                        Karen Birch, UNITEC COPY CENTRE

                                                                                                                                      Karen is the manager of Unitec Copy Centre in Auckland, a business unit of Unitec that
                                                                                                                                      provides a full range of reprographic services, including photocopying, digital colour printing,
                                                                                                                                      wide format, plan printing, offset printing, lamination, binding as well as graphic design. The
                                                                                                                                      Copy Centre is also responsible for the management of all MFD’s campus wide. The Copy
                                                                                                                                      Centre not only services Unitec students and the faculty departments – a big job in itself – it
                                                                                                                   also has more than 350 private clients.

                                                                                                                   Karen has 15 years experience in the print industry as well as extensive design experience in both Civil and
     WORKSHOP SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES                                                                                  Structural Engineering and Graphic Design. Karen has a passion for great customer service, leadership and
                                                                                                                   managing people to get the best out of themselves and the outcomes of the business.
                     David Weaver, PIRION

                     David has a diverse operations, sales and business leadership background in
                     construction, advertising and, since 1999, print. He brings a client focused, practical and                        Phillippa Lowe, JUST GO WRITE - SIGNATURE PUBLIC RELATIONS
                     commercial view to the table and regularly looks to question convention or “that’s the
                     way we’ve always done it” style of thinking. In his current business development role                              Philippa has a Masters in Communication and over fifteen years radio, TV, and print media
                     with Pirion he is responsible for strategic alliances, product positioning and managed                             experience in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
                     solutions with a key focus on mutually beneficial partnering.
                                                                                                                                       Having taught journalism at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, she has an unerring sense
His direct print experience relates to the establishment and operation of commercially viable digital                                  of what is newsworthy, giving clients a valuable media perspective on PR. Combined with
production hubs, in-house copy/print centres, office fleets and customised online applications                                           her extensive planning and management experience (head of a PR agency, award-winning
for estimating, ordering, tracking, cost recovery and reporting digital works within corporate,                                        documentary maker and magazine editor) she understands the power of integrated
government and educational environments.                                                                           communications within a business. Specialty areas include information technology, telecommunications, graphic
                                                                                                                   arts, medical, consumer goods and (for light relief) wine and beverage marketing.

                     Anthony Parnemann, EFI

                     Anthony is EFI’s Senior Sales Development Manager for the Asia Pacific Region. In
                                                                                                                                        Ken Macro, CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY
                     his role he spends much of his time in training and business development with EFI’s
                     partner companies and industry bodies.                                                                             Ken Macro is an assistant professor in the Graphic Communication Department at California
                                                                                                                                        Polytechnic State University. He specializes in print production management, marketing and
                     Having worked in Engineering, Sales and Marketing throughout his career, he is
                                                                                                                                        sales, knowledge management, Lean manufacturing, and training program development.
                     able to draw from many areas of experience during his presentations. In preparing
and delivering presentations Anthony is always looking to provide a simple overview of technologies and                            Ken holds an AA and BA from the Pennsylvania State University an MA from the University
indsustry trends and explaining clearly how they can benefit business. Anthony has been with EFI for 9                              of Akron and is currently a doctoral candidate pursuing studies in education and knowledge
years and previous to this has held several roles with “Pre-Press Services”, “Fuji Xerox” and “Canon”.             management from Walden University. He resides in Atascadero, California with his wife and three sons.

                     Rod Webster, OPEN LEARNING INSTITUTE OF TAFE                                                                       Daniel Laybutt,
                     Rod commenced working in the finance industry and entered the commercial printing                                   Over 20 years of experience in a range of industries including 5 years as Assistant
                     industry about over ten years ago when he established his own printing centre. While                               Legal Counsel for American Express, 12 years in the office solutions industry in senior
                     operating his own business, Rod received numerous awards for the technical ability                                 management roles for Ricoh and Canon, and 6 years in the financial service sector
                     and the business models developed during that time. An early adopter of digital                                    including MLC and Capita.
                     workflows, Rod became acknowledged as an expert on PDF workflows.
                                                                                                                                         Daniel has fulfilled roles in direct and indirect sales, strategic consultative sales, credit control,
Today, Rod manages the Document Production function for five of the fifteen TAFE institutes in                       customer services, telesales, channel management, training and behavioural change, coaching at senior management
Queensland. His unit is responsible for about 50% of the annual production of learning materials                   levels through to coal face sales and telesales with organisations such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers and GE.
consumed by TAFE Queensland. He has applied his innovative approach to workflows, logical
business problem solving and the strategic management of print units to the enterprise environment.                Daniel has a demonstrated track record in successful ROI selling techniques, coaching, motivating and
Last year Rod developed the PCP/IP Networking model of the enterprise print function as a tool to                  developing senior sales managers and sales “eagles” across multiple industries including professional services.
communicate to senior decision makers the immense strategic importance that should be given                        Daniel is a dynamic and youthful presenter adept at connecting with a range of personalities from all levels and
to Document-IP in any Enterprise. The model provides a logical platform that is developed from a                   backgrounds. He presently consults with Huthwaite Saia Pacific in sales performance improvement.
timeline of evolution since the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press to the present day. It accounts
for the changes in our industry from producing exact copies of an analogue original to the current
process of rendering a printed page from a digital mark up language.

2006, Rod developed a Tprint, the first Printing Management Information System designed from                                             Clare Gillespie, ADOBE SYSTEMS
the ground up for the enterprise space rather than for a commercial printer. Tprint has since been
                                                                                                                                        Having been involved in the graphic arts market for almost 15 years, Clare Gillespie has
tested in a live environment with over 20,000 jobs, all of which are individually tracked through
                                                                                                                                        worked in a marketing role both in Australia and the UK.
the production system without the need for printed job tickets. Tprint job entry is 700% faster than
found in other commercial offerings. Tprint is now an integral part of the IT infrastructure of TAFE
                                                                                                                                       During this time she gained a great perspective in marketing, having worked on the client
Queensland and development continues to provide an interface between Document-IP and other
                                                                                                                                       side and within vendors. During the past five years Clare has freelanced with some of the
Enterprise wide MIS systems. Currently, Rod is working on a major automated workflow project
                                                                                                                   leading Australian Graphic Arts companies advising them on how to differentiate themselves through the power of
which is expected to deliver significant cost savings when implemented.
                                                                                                                   innovation in marketing. Clare is currently working full time marketing role at Adobe Systems.
                                                                                                      NIPPA - REWARDS EXCELLENCE

                                                                                                      The Network of Inhouse Print Professionals Australasia Inc (NIPPA) will present their inaugural
                                                                                                      NIPPA Awards in October 2007.

                                                                                                      The Awards will celebrate the excellence within the Inhouse Print Sector of Australasia.
YOUR HOSTS ......... THE C o M

                                                                                                      5 AWARDS WILL BE PRESENTED:

                                                                                                      Business Awards            Outstanding Business    Award
                                                                                                                                 Recognises innovation and management excellence in business.
David Harrison      Martin Booth         Graeme Pleming      John Kirk            Karen Birch
President           Vice President       Treasurer           Committee Member     Secretary
                                                                                                                                 Outstanding Contribution to NIPPA   Award
                                                                                                                                 Recognises the valuable input individuals make to our Association and industry.

                               As you can see from the map, The Menzies Sydney Hotel is ideally
                               located for both leisure and business travellers alike. Our Sydney
                               hotel is in the centre of the CBD, the financial district, stock                                   NIPPA Scholarship     Award
                               exchange and major corporate headquarters are all within easy
                                                                                                                                 Recognises the quest for professional development and learning, granting a
                                                                                                                                 $2500 scholarship for vocational studies at Diploma level and above.
                               For leisure, The Rocks, Circular Quay and Darling Harbour are all
                               within an easy stroll, as are major attractions such as Bridgeclimb,
                               Sydney Aquarium, the Art Gallery of NSW and more.
                                                                                                          Print Awards           Digital and Offset   Awards
                               The Menzies Hotel, Sydney                                                                         Recognises excellence in printing both digital and offset with Gold/Silver/Bronze
                               14 Carrington Street                                                                              awards being awarded to the three highest scoring submissions in each section
                               SYDNEY NSW 2000                                                                                   from a range of seven categories.

                               Phone: +61 2 9299 1000
                               Fax: +61 2 9290 3819                                                                              Entries close July 31st 2007. Details will be available on

October 17th - 19th, The Menzies Hotel, Sydney

Enter early to go into the Draw to win a prize.                                                                          PRINT

The lucky winner will be drawn on Day 1 of
the Conference. Get your registration to us by
30th June 2007 to be in the draw.


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