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									Strategic engagement
  and the Courtauld
       Mark Barthel
        Special Adviser, WRAP
Presentation outline
• Strategic engagement
• How can retailers and brand-owners
Strategic engagement

The Courtauld Commitment
   Courtauld Commitment: Phase 1 - Retailers
The signatories commit to supporting WRAP in the achievement of its
objectives, as follows:
•To design out packaging waste growth by 2008

•To deliver absolute reductions in packaging waste by 2010

•To identify ways to tackle the problem of food waste

  Signatories represent over 90% of the UK
Courtauld Commitment: Phase 2 Brands
Expansion of Courtauld Commitment to include top UK selling
brands and suppliers;
   Influence the brand sector
   Influence own brand
   Influence consumers
   Partnership working with retailers / WRAP
Focus on suppliers to household grocery sector

New brand signatories now in double figures…and more to come!
Retailers: Supermarket ‘Green Wars’
   Strategic targets on:
    – Reduction in waste and packaging
    – Specifying recycled content / biodegradable packaging
    – Recyclability / access to recycling facilities
    – Sustainable materials
    – Carbon foot-printing
How can retailers and
brand-owners help?
        How can retailers and their suppliers help?
   Raise awareness and provide information
    –   On-pack, POS, till receipt, leaflets \ cards, magazines, on-line
    –   Promote and support planned buying & meals
    –   Cooking (amounts) and storage instructions (e.g. use of freezer)
    –   Clear labelling (dates; storage)
    –   Recipe \ “leftover” suggestions
   Provide and promote solutions
    –   Meal ingredients & combinations
    –   Appropriate portion sizes
    –   Maximised shelf-life
    –   “Functional” packaging (e.g. re-sealable, re-closable)
    –   Cooking & storage “tools” (e.g. portion guides for rice, pasta; “active” tuppaware)
   Provide incentives \ remove disincentives
    – “Intelligent” offers
    – Benefits of longer shelf-life options (e.g. frozen v’s fresh vegetables)
    – Pricing v’s portion size and single v’s multi-packs
Supporting communications
Customer resources
•   On-line list building and
    meal creation
•   Meal / menu driven on-
    line shopping
•   Meal suggestions /
    alternative menus
    delivered with on-line
•   In-store shopping lists
    and navigation
•   Meal creation and
    ingredient selection
The iFood terminal at Nordiska Kompaniet’s food hall lets customers hook up their iPod and
download audio recipes. 70% of UK teenagers and 41% of adults own an MP3 player!
The process is described in five simple steps: 1) Plug in 2) Download 3) Purchase 4) Listen and 5)
Cook. After choosing from a wide range of recipes and downloading audio instructions to their iPod
or other mp3 player, shoppers can purchase all necessary items from a colour-coded deli area.
Improving on-pack information

    Clear storage
 Communicating food condition
                                    • Developed by Cryolog
                                      ( a French
                                      company with strong scientific
                                      and industrial partners (e.g.
                                      Institut Pasteur)
                                    • Two versions - (eO)® for
                                      consumers and TRACEO® for
• Colour change represents a pH change due to microbial growth
  of food grade micro-organisms within the label gel itself
Helping customers in store
Portioning and pack flexibility
Pack functionality


Improved pack seal and shelf life
‘Integrity Seal’ jaws fitted
 to bagging line

- 10% less material,
- less energy
- guaranteed hermetic seal
- improved shelf-life
- faster line speeds
- easier openability
- low capital expenditure
= good ROI
Use of optimised MAP
Helping customers at home
Helping consumers to store food at the correct
Thank you

Mark Barthel
Special Adviser, WRAP
M: 07950 664501

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