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									FFA   Plants   Animals Processing Misc.

100    100       100      100      100

200    200       200      200      200

300    300       300      300      300

400    400       400      400      400
The words for FFA.

         What is
Future Farmers of America
The act that established
Agricultural Education
        What is
Learning to do; Doing to learn;
Earning to live; Living to serve
             What is
          The FFA Motto
The city where the FFA National
       convention is held
              What is
        Louisville, Kentucky
A plant used to make lumber

          What is
          A tree
A word that means visually
          What is
The science and art of producing
       ornamental plants
             What is
He is the National FFA advisor.

              Who is
          Dr. Larry Case
These are the medals that can be
      worn on the jacket.
              What is
    Highest Degree, office, award.
These are the colors of the FFA

               What is
     Corn gold, and national Blue
 The FFA salute?

        What is
The Pledge of Allegiance.
      The FFA Motto

              What is
  Learning to do, doing to learn,
earning to live, and living to serve.
The four types of membership of
            the FFA.
                What are
   Active, honorary, collegiate, alumni
The newest degree of active
      membership .
            What is
       Discovery Degree
You must complete one semester of ag.,
  participate in 3 chapter activities and
 earn $150 or work 45 Hrs. to earn this
                What is
          Chapter FFA degree.
You must be out of school this
amount of time before earning
  the American FFA degree
            What is
           One year.
 Official dress for females

              What is
FFA jacket, FFA scarf, White blouse,
   black skirt, and black shoes.
The Mena FFA president

         Who is
      Rebecca Allis
The official FFA magazine?

           What is
   FFA New Horizon magazine
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

            Who is
         Ann Veneman
The Arkansas FFA Advisor

          Who is
      Marion Fletcher

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