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JUL-AUG-08-NTQG-NEWSLETTER by gegeshandong


									Needles and Threads Quilters Guild Newsletter                                                               July/August 2008

                                                         2008 NTQG Meetings
                                          Aug 23 - Sept 27 – Oct 25 - Nov 8 – Dec (No Mtg.)
                              Fernwood Park Fieldhouse - Every Fourth Saturday (2nd Sat. in November only)
                                                  10438 South Wallace, Chicago, IL

                         8TH BIENNIAL NTQG QUILT SHOW, “Quilting in the City”,
                  October 18 – 19, 2008, Saturday, 10 – 5, Sunday, 10 – 4, Fernwood Park,
                                         10438 S. Wallace, Chicago, IL
                                             Dear Quilting Sisters:
  Your 2008 Raffle Quilt tickets will be available at the July 26 meeting along with a picture of the raffle
 quilt. If you are not available to attend the meeting, please make arrangements to get your tickets from
  Shirley Gray at (773) 233-7344. We would appreciate if you will get your tickets and have your money
   turned in as soon as possible. Tickets should be collected and paid for by our September meeting.
                         Respectfully submitted by Shirley Gray, NTQG Treasurer
                              Publicity Pens/2 Pens for just $1.00
  The purpose of these pens are to help You, the Members, Advertise the “Quilting In the City”
 2008 Quilt Show!“Please hand them out to people while talking up and publicizing your quilt
                              show!” Style & Color Will Change.
 The pens will have printed on them our guild name, address where we meet, and time we meet.
                      Questions? Contact Cheryl Tolbert, (219) 885-5006
COMMUNITY NEWS: CYNTHIA VARNADO: We want to thank each and every one who participated in the last
                                             Nashville Quilt Show
       August 20 - 23, 2008 - Price is $280.00 Per Person 2 in a room -$50.00 Deposit Due Immediately –
        Make Checks Payable to NTQG - For More Information Contact Verna L. Gordon 773/233-5574
Dear Members:
I'm proud to announce the winners of the 2008 Quilt Show Challenge:
                                    1st Place Winner - Adrianne Bryant
                                    2nd Place Winner - Evelyn Williams
                                      3rd Place Winner - Erma Johnson

I would also like to thank all those who participated:
                                          Frances Palmer & Ruby Black

Thanks again, for taking part of this challenge. I hope you had fun! To me everyone who accepted this
challenge is a winner!
                                       Elanda Shannon, Quilt Show Chairman

Needles and Threads Quilters Guild Newsletter                                                               July/August 2008

                                              Info below sent in by Trish Williams:

                                             The Alliance for American Quilts

Greetings Quilt Guild Friends,
For those of you who are not familiar with The Alliance for American Quilts, we are a national nonprofit
organization dedicated to documenting, preserving and sharing the history of quilts and quiltmakers. Our hope
with this email is to invite you to visit our website,, to find out about our four core
projects: the Quilt Index, Quilters S.O.S. – Save Our Stories, Quilt Treasures and Boxes Under the Bed.

Contact AAQ executive director Amy Milne at or call (828) 251-7073 for more

All Aboard the Quilt Train!: If you’re traveling to Tennessee for the AQS show in August, add this fun event to
your travel plans! Thursday, August 21 in Knoxville , Tennessee (the 2009 home of the AQS show). This event will
include a wine and cheese reception aboard the Three Rivers Rambler, an historic tourist train, followed by a tasty
southern buffet at a riverfront restaurant, where we’ll honor one of our favorite Knoxvillians, Merikay Waldvogel ,
the noted quilt historian and longtime Alliance board member. Email for an order form.


Greetings, Let me introduce myself. I am Sandy Schweitzer, an AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser from
Crystal Lake , IL . I am also a member of PAQA (Professional Art Quilters Association) and know Trish Williams. I
would like to offer my appraisal services for your Oct, 2008 quilt show. I do charge $40.00 to appraise each quilt and turn
$5.00 back to the guild. It takes about ½ hr to complete each appraisal. Also, if you would be interested in a program I
would love to do that as well. There would be a program fee. (Fee depends on length of time.) I can appraise quilts
hanging in the show as well as quilts brought in. I can appraise all types of quilts: Antique (made before 1900), Vintage
(made between 1900 and 1970), newly made traditional, innovative and art quilts.

I noticed the link to “A Piece of My Soul” on your web site. I am thrilled to note the acquisition of several African American
made quilts. I, too, am committed to the preservation and documentation of African American quilts and have recently
facilitated a donation of three quilts to the Illinois State Museum in Springfield by an Illinois resident. These are the first
African American quilts in the State’s collection. A fact that had saddened many of us! My commitment continues to have a
two hundred year representation of African American quilts (1800-2000 and later). This seems like a daunting goal but I
must recall that a year ago we didn’t have any and now have three!!!

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Sandy Schweitzer


Check out this interview with Mississippi quilter Gwen Magee and you can check out some of her work on her
website. I hope that you enjoy.

Needles and Threads Quilters Guild Newsletter                                            July/August 2008

                                        Quilt Barns
                                      Reported by Jeanne Chaney

What is a quilt barn? Is it a place where quilts are made and/or purchased? Can you buy fat-
quarters, fabrics and quilting supplies at a quilt barn? Well, these certainly are possibilities. But,
the quilt barns I discovered while on a recent vacation are barns with large quilt patterns painted on
their exterior walls. Donna Sue Graves from Adams County in southern Ohio conceived the idea in
2001. Painting a quilt on the family barn, she believed, was a way to honor her mother as well as
five generations of relatives who loved the art of quilting. The concept sparked the interest of
neighboring enthusiasts and an original plan was initiated for a “clothesline” of twenty quilts in
Adams County. “The goal of the project [was] to increase the positive awareness of Appalachian
culture and strategically position the county as a tourist destination,” writes Jen Poellet, author of an
article about the project. Since its inception the idea of combining quilting and farming (agri-
toursim) as a tourist attraction has grown significantly. Today, visitors embarking on a quilt trail can
admire patterns such as friendship star, bowtie, flying geese and Grandma’s flower basket on more
than 900 barns in 16 states. Google reports over 1,860.000 internet sites for quilt barns. Residents
in McHenry County are preparing to launch a similar quilt barn project in Illinois.

 Needles and Threads Quilters Guild Newsletter                                                        July/August 2008

                                                                                                  Committee Chairs:
 FYI: NTQG remembers Ms. Taliece Edmond, a former member of the guild                                Benevolent:
      who passed away in June, 2008.
                                                                                                     Joyce Trice
                                                                                                  Block of the month:
        The Guild would like to our express sympathy with Francine Landrum
                                                                                                   Priscillia Groves
        upon the recent passing of her sister.
                                                                                                  Community Service:

                                  From The Editor’s Desk:                                         Cynthia Varnado
 Remember that each and every member of the Needles and Threads Quilters Guild is a               Education Classes:
 reporter for the newsletter. Any information you want to share with guild members is open to       Elaine Warren
 the possibility of being in this newsletter.
 Please send any information regarding tips, recipes, class information, personal quilt
                                                                                                   Norma Jackson
 excursions and upcoming shows to:
      Neva M. Rodez (773) 416-1888 - 7941 S. Dobson - Chicago, IL 60619                              Ruby Black
                       Deadline for newsletter entries:
               The 3rd Friday of Every Publish Month at Noon                                        Verna Gordon

                      Yearly Publish Months: Sept – Nov                                               Newsletter:
                                                                                                   Neva M. Rodez
      Newsletter Committee Members/Reporters: Sandra Smith, Florence Smith                             Program:
                                                                                                     Jean Cobbs
As the Quilt Turns! The time is flying fast, and our 8 BIENNIAL NTQG QUILT SHOW,                       Publicity:
“Quilting in the City” will be upon us before we know it. I have some stuff done, but I need        Cheryl Tolbert
to complete some quilting on some smaller projects for the show. And the new committee I
volunteered for, whew, why didn’t somebody STOP (shoot) me?….As the Quilt Turns!                        Social:
                                                                                                 Margaret Robinson
                                                                                                     Quilt Show:
                                                                                                   Elanda Shannon

             SUMMER DELIGHT CAKE                                                                    Webmistress:
                                                                                                    Trish Williams
       1 angel food cake, homemade or purchased                                                  NTQG OFFICERS:
         1 quart orange or lime sherbet, softened                                                      2008
              1 quart lemon sherbet, softened                                                    Adrianne Bryant-
                     16 ounces frozen whipped topping, thawed                                        Roberts

                                                                                                  Vice President:
                                    Preparation:                                                    Jean Cobbs
     Sliced cake horizontally into 3 layers, place each layer on a plate. Spread
    orange sherbet on 1 cake layer, and freeze. Spread lemon sherbet on 1 cake                      Secretary:
                                                                                                 Elanda Shannon
  layer, and freeze. Place lemon layer on top of lime layer, and top with remaining
    cake layer. Spread whipped topping on top and sides of cake. Freeze. Once                        Treasurer:
            completely frozen, wrap in aluminum foil until ready to serve.                          Shirley Gray
                               Serves 10 to 12 people.
                                                                                                Financial Secretary:
                                                                                                  Laverne Nichols

                                                                                                Sergeant at Arms:
                                                                                                Ruby Black & Ruby


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