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									       TABLE OF CONTENTS
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2        GETTING STARTED – Information for your first 30 days at Ft. Stewart


                2      Utilities and Services

                5      Vehicle Registration

                7      Georgia Driver‘s License

                9      Weapon Registration

                10     Hospital Information

                12     DEERS Registration/ID Cards

                12     Job Search

                14     Hotels Convenient to Ft. Stewart

                14     Transportation/Travel

17       GETTING AROUND – Everyday information that will get you there

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         21     On and Off Post: Elementary – University

         25     Homeschooling Information


     28     Restaurants

     37     Bars & Pubs

     40     Movie Theaters/Entertainment/Fun Stuff to Do

     47     Historic Sites & Recreational Areas

     52     Sports/Fitness/Dance

52   SERVICE PROVIDERS – Personal/Medical/Automotive/Etc.

59   SHOPPING – Lots of Places to Get More Stuff

62   ODDS & ENDS – This doesn‘t fit anywhere else





70   RECOMMENDED WEBSITES – Military & Civilian


74   FT. STEWART/HAAF OPERATING HOURS – also phone numbers

76   FT. STEWART MAPS – includes unit areas

                         Getting Started
                 (Good Stuff to Know for Your First 30 Days at Fort Stewart)

                      UTILITIES AND SERVICES
Ft. Stewart
On-Post Housing Electricity is always turned on.
If you have maintenance issues, call 1-800-569-3014 (ISTA)

Hinesville, Richmond Hill, Ludowici, Midway, Allenhurst
Coastal Electric Cooperative            (912) 884-3311

Hinesville, Ludowici, Savannah, Ellabell
Canoochee EMC                            (912) 368-2252 or 1-800-342-5890

All Surrounding Areas
Georgia Power                                  1-888-660-5890

Fort Stewart
On-Post Housing that has gas will be turned on.
If you have any maintenance issues, call (912) 408-2466

Hinesville, Richmond Hill, Ludowici, Midway, Allenhurst, Savannah
Amerigas (propane)
(912) 964-4534

Hinesville, Pembroke, Richmond Hill, Savannah
Pembroke Gas (propane)
(912) 653-2393 or (912)756-2927

Atlanta Gas and Light
Service Area includes all surrounding areas.

Ft. Stewart
Water in on-post housing should always be turned on.
If you have maintenance issues, call Balfour Beatty at (912) 408-2466.

City of Hinesville Water Department                          Hours: M-F, 800-1700
115 E. Martin Luther King Dr.                                (912) 876-8216
        To qualify for a military waiver of $100 deposit
           Active Duty must provide: 1) Rental, lease or sales contract on residence;
           2) Copy of orders; 3) Military ID; 4) Driver‘s license
           Spouse of US Army must provide: 1) Rental, lease of sales contract on residence;
           2) General Power of Attorney; 3) Copy of orders; 4) Dependent ID; 5) Driver‘s

Richmond Hill
OMI (Richmond Hill Public Works Dept.)                      (912) 756-3803
115 Bass Drive
City of Ludowici                                            (912) 545-9611
P.O. Box 800/47 N. Macon St.                                Hours: M-Th 830-1630
$115 Deposit                                                closed 1200-100
City of Midway                                             (912) 884-3344
9397 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.
$100 deposit/$25 Administrative Fee - bring a copy of lease or settlement agreement
City of Savannah Utility Services Dept.                      (912) 651-6460
132 E. Broughton Street
If you lease/rent, you will have to come in and speak to a customer service representative.
Bring a copy of your lease, picture ID, and $75 deposit

Hinesville/FT. Stewart
Comcast                                      1-800-Comcast
Coastal Communications/CenturyTel            (912) 369-9000
115 Patriots Trail                            Monday – Friday 8:00 A.M. – 6:30 PM.
CenturyTel                                   (912) 369-9000 or 1-800-201-4099
Comcast                                      (912) 368-5800 or 1-888-COMCAST
Richmond Hill
Coastal Communications                       (912) 756-9000
Comcast                                      1-800-Comcast

Ft. Stewart& Surrounding Areas
Comcast Cable                               (912) 368-5800 or 1-888-COMCAST

Direct TV                                   1-800-557-3877

CenturyTel                                  (912) 369-9000 or 1-800-201-4099

First Coast Cable                           1-866-530-9162 (except Savannah)

Ft. Stewart & Surrounding Areas
Comcast High-Speed Internet                 (912) 368-5800 or 1-888-COMCAST

Coastal Communications/CenturyTel           (912) 369-9000

CenturyTel                                  (912) 369-9000 or 1-800-201-4099

Earthlink                                   1-888-932-1802

Ft. Stewart
Frontline                                   (912) 767-3440
3ID weekly newspaper – FREE - click the Frontline Newspaper Icon to view

Coastal Courier                             (912) 876-0156
125 S Main St, Hinesville

Savannah Morning News                       1-800-533-1150 or (912)236-0271

Alltel and Verizon are recommended by Raiders for the best coverage in the Ft. Stewart area.

   2409 Hwy. 17, Richmond Hill…(912)756-2330
   103 W. Gen Screven Way, Hinesville…(912) 369-2355
   184 Pooler Pkwy., Pooler…(912)748-0987

       345 Lindquist Rd., Ft. Stewart…(912) 368-3310
       552 W. Oglethorpe Hwy., Hinesville…(912) 877-3388
       (Kick‘s Electronics) 3741 Hwy. 17, Richmond Hill…(912) 459-2355
       1909 Victory Square, Savannah…(912)354-8569
       (Global Solutions) 11258 Ford Ave. Rich. Hill…(912) 756-7050
       319 Gen. Screven Way, Hinesville…(912) 876-3270
       537 W. Oglethorpe, Hinesville…(912) 408-0012
       7426 Hodgson Memorial Dr, Savannah…(912) 644-5454
Cricket - Hargray Wireless
       563 W. Oglethorpe Hwy… (912) 877-3663
       9 Mill Creek Circle, Pooler…(912) 450-1300
       7929 Abercorn, Ste. 620, Savannah…(912) 920-0009

Ft. Stewart
Child & Youth Services Center               Operating Hours M, T, TH, F 8-5 W 9-6.
Central Registration                        (912)767-2312 to register
Gulick Rd. Building 443                     (912) 767-3202 for reservations
Hunter Army Airfield
CYS Central Registration                    M-F 800-1700
Bldg. 1286                                  (912) 315-5425
Hinesville/ Midway
Liberty County/Armed Forces YMCA            (912) 368-9622
Prime Time - after school program
201 Mary Lou Drive
Conducted at the Elementary School before/after school care. Each school has a different
waiting list – very popular program. Must register your child, call for info and fees.

                       VEHICLE REGISTRATION
Fort Stewart
Soldiers' Service Center, Bldg 253, upstairs in Room 2064A
Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: (912) 767-5195 or 767-8484 (DSN 870)
       You must present the following items to register your vehicle:
           o Certificate of registration
           o Valid driver‘s license
           o Military ID card/civilian ID card or statement of employment from contractor
           o Proof of insurance, MDDC or MSF card for motorcycles
           o Valid safety inspection (if required by licensing state)

Hunter Army Airfield
Building 1240
Hours: Monday through Friday; closed on federal holidays. 9:00 am to 5 pm.
Service members will have priority from 9:00 to 12:30, Mon - Wed & Fri.
Phone:(912) 315-5049 (DSN 971).
       You must present the following items to register your vehicle:
           o   Certificate of registration
           o   Valid driver‘s license
           o   Military ID card/civilian ID card or statement of employment from contractor
           o   Proof of insurance MDDC or MSF card for motorcycles
           o   Valid safety inspection (if required by licensing state)

Vehicle Registration (on a Military Base) Frequently Asked Questions
Q. If I am a dependent, can I register a vehicle in my sponsor's name?
A. If the dependent's name appears on the registration or the dependent has a notarized
letter giving them permission to register the vehicle, or power of attorney over the property.
Q: I don't have a Department of Defense decal in my windshield. Am I still eligible to access
Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield?
A: Yes. You (and all occupants 16 years of age and older) must present a valid matching form of
photo identification (driver‘s license, State ID card, etc.) and you will be eligible for access at all
gates except Rio Gate at Hunter Army Airfield (decaled vehicles only authorized access at Rio Gate).
Q. I am a contractor but I do not have a contractor's I.D., can I get a sticker?
A. No, but you can get with your company liaison in order to go to the CPO office and get the
paperwork for a contractor's ID. Once you have the ID, you can get your vehicle registered.
Q. I am selling my car, what do I do with my stickers?
A. You must remove your stickers and turn them in at the vehicle registration on your post. You
are responsible for those stickers.
NOTE: If you are PCSing, you do not have to turn in your stickers. But if you are being
chaptered out of the military, you need to turn in your stickers.

Bryan County
Richmond Hill Vehicle Registration & Tag Renewal.
185 Richard Davis Drive Suite 101         (912) 756-2434
Monday – Friday 8-5

Chatham County
Chatham County Tax Collector            (912) 898-3307
461 Johnny Mercer Blvd. #C7
M, Tu, Thurs, Fri 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm (closed for lunch 12pm-1pm)
Wed 8am-12pm & 1pm-7pm (closed for lunch 12pm-1pm)

Liberty County
Liberty County Tax Commissioner‘s Office (912) 876-3389
Mon – Fri 815 - 445 or

A new Rincon resident may receive their license/car registration at the Effingham County Tax
Assessor‘s office at the Effingham County Government Annex, 768 Highway 119 South. All
fees must be paid by the birthdate of the car owner.

                    GEORGIA DRIVER’S LICENSE
Hinesville                                (912) 370-2604
Georgia State Patrol (Hinesville)
2301 Airport Road
Issued every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Hours are 9 A. M. to 4:30 P.M.

Richmond Hill
The closest location is either Liberty County or Chatham County.

Georgia State Patrol (Savannah)               (912) 651-3002
1400 Dean Forest Road
1117 Eisenhower Dr. (This is a full testing facility including motorcycles and reinstatements.)
Hours are M, Tu, Thu, Fri 8am-5pm, Wed 8am-7pm.
State of Georgia Department of Public Safety website
Applying for a Georgia driver‘s license or identification card can be quick and easy if you are
prepared before visiting a customer service center. Please be sure to bring all of the documents
and information that DDS needs to process your application.
 First, you need proof of your identity. The DDS accepts any of the following documents as
proof of identity:
               a.   Original birth certificate;
               b.   Certificate or birth registration;
               c.   Certified copy of birth certificate;
               d.   Certified copy of court records (adoption, name, or sex change);
               e.   Certified naturalization documentation;
               f.   Immigration ID Card;
               g.   Valid passport;
               h.   Military identification card issued by the United States armed forces.

Next, you need proof that you are a United States citizen, or if you are not a citizen, you must be
lawfully present in the United States.
Documents that are accepted as proof of United States citizenship:
   a.   Original birth certificate issued by a United States jurisdiction;
   b.   Certified copy of birth certificate issued by a United States jurisdiction;
   c.   Valid United States passport;
   d.   Original certificate of citizenship (Form N560)
   e.   Certified copy of certificate of citizenship (Form N560)
   f.   Original certificate of naturalization (Form N550)
   g.   Certified copy of certificate of naturalization (Form N550)

Documents that are accepted from non-citizens as proof of lawful presence in the
United States:
   a.   Foreign passport with appropriate immigration documents;
   b.   Resident Alien Card (Form I-551);
   c.   Temporary Resident Alien Card (Form I-668);
   d.   United States Department of Receptions and Placement Program Assurance Form (for

*Military identification cards are not accepted as proof of citizenship or lawful presence in the
United States as the armed forces will accept applicants who are not citizens and non-citizen
applicants need not be lawfully present in the United States.
Third, DDS needs verification that you are now a Georgia resident. Documents that are accepted
as proof of Georgia residency:
   a. Utility bill issued within the last sixty (60) days with valid Georgia residence address;
   b. Bank statement issued within the last sixty (60) days with valid Georgia residence
   c. Currently valid rental contracts and/or receipts for payments made within the last sixty
      (60) days for rent payments with valid Georgia residence address;
   d. Employer verification;
   e. Non-expired Georgia driver‘s license, permit or identification card issued to parent,
      guardian, or spouse.

 Other things to know:
 All documents presented must be the originals issued by governmental entities or certified
DDS typically uses the name reflected on each customer‘s birth certificate as the name that will
be used on the driver‘s license or identification card. If your name has changed from that
reflected on your birth certificate due to marriage, divorce, adoption, or court-ordered name
change, please be sure to bring a certified copy of the document(s) reflecting this as well.

DDS will also need to verify your social security number, so be sure to have it or documentation
from the Social Security Administration verifying that you are not eligible for a social security

 Most customers are required to surrender any driver‘s license or identification card previously
issued by another jurisdiction. If you have lost the driver‘s license or identification card
previously issued to you by another jurisdiction, please bring a certified copy of your driving
record from that state issued within the past thirty (30) days.
Customers who surrender a valid driver‘s license issued by another state or the District of
Columbia are not required to take a written test or road test to be issued a Georgia driver‘s
license. Customers surrendering licenses issued from other countries and the United States
territories, including Guam, are required to take both the written and road tests.
 If you need to replace a Georgia driver‘s license that has been expired for more than two (2)
years, you will also be required to complete the written test or road test.
Need More Information?
 If you have any questions relating to driver‘s licenses, identification cards, driver education or
other topics within the jurisdiction of the DDS, please visit the website,, or call
the customer contact center at ( 678) 413-8400.

Soldiers' Service Center, Bldg 253
upstairs in room 2064A (Same as Vehicle Registration)
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: (912) 767-5195 or 767-8484 (DSN 870)

      To Register a Weapon

           o If you own a weapon, you must register in accordance with Fort Stewart
             Regulation 190-2.
           o Weapon registration is required just like vehicle registration on Fort Stewart and
             is recorded in the same COPS database.
           o The owner of a weapon must submit a completed and signed AFZP Form 2027 at
             Building 419 at the same counter during the same hours as a vehicle registrant.
           o PLEASE DO NOT BRING THE WEAPON into the registration office.
           o A blank AFZP Form 2027 may be obtained at the registration office.

                       HOSPITAL INFORMATION
Fort Stewart
Winn Army Community Hospital (WACH)
1061 Harmon Avenue
Central Appointments         (912) 435-6633
Toll-free appointment line   1-800-652-9221
You can also make appointments and refill prescriptions ONLINE at

The Emergency Room at WACH operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.
Emergency ambulance service at Fort Stewart can be contacted by calling 911 or 435-6161.
Remember if you live off post in the Hinesville area and dial 911, you need to ask for a Fort
Stewart Ambulance. For routine or minor ailments, treatment should be sought by appointment
through the Troop and Family Medical Care Clinic during normal operating hours.

The Lloyd C. Hawks Troop Medical Clinic
192 Lindquist Road, Bldg. 412 next to Heritage Bank (and the Commissary)
Hours: 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday; 8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m., Routine Appointments
(The clinic is closed weekends and Federal holidays. Operational during some training holidays.)
Phone: Clinic Information Desk (912) 435-5364
         Clinic Appointment Line (912) 435-6633 or 1-800-652-9221
 A full-service facility for Soldiers that includes laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and optometry

Hunter Army Airfield
Tuttle Army Health Clinic (Tuttle)        M-F 0800 - 1700
230 Duncan Drive, Building 1440           (Closed weekends, Federal & training holidays.)
Phone: Clinic Information Desk (912) 315-6500 or (912) 315-6811
Appts (912) 435-6633 or 1-800-652-9221 Patient Advocate (912) 315-5731
Medical Records (912) 315-5217            Dental Clinic # 3 (912) 315-6590
*Primary Care                *Optometry                     *Behavioral Medicine
*Immunization Clinic         *Chiropractic Clinic           *Pediatrics
*Physical Exam               *Pharmacy                      *Physical Therapy
*Visiting OB/GYN             *Hearing Conservation          *Laboratory
*Radiology                   *Diabetic Clinic               *Dental Clinic # 3

Driving directions: From I-16 East- Get off at exit 164A (I-516 East). Travel approx. 4 miles and
this will turn into W. Derenne Ave. At the first stop light (Montgomery Street) turn right and
follow directions to Hunter Army Airfield main gate.

Phone: General information: (912) 435-6040 (Winn Pharmacy)
        (912) 315-3004 (Tuttle Army Health Clinic)
Refills: Automated Call-In for Refills: (912) 435-6576 or 1-800-652-9221 (toll-free)
Select Option 3 for Fort Stewart PX Refill pickup
Select Option 2 for Tuttle AHC Refill pickup

Main Outpatient Pharmacy- fills only new prescriptions.
Location: 1061 Harmon Ave. Bldg 301 (Main Hospital), 1st Floor
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 0730-2000.; Thursday, 0830-2000
Training holidays: 0830-1630 (Closed weekends and Federal holidays)
Fort Stewart PX Refill Pharmacy – refill pick-up only.
All refills must be requested via the website or called in via an automated system one working
day prior to desired pick-up date; same day pick-up after 1600 is available for refills phoned in
before 9:00 a.m. Refills not picked up after 10 days will be returned to stock.
Location: Main Post Exchange Mall, Fort Stewart
Hours: Monday – Friday: 0900-2000. Training holidays: 0900-1630
(Closed weekends and Federal holidays)
Lloyd C. HawksTroop Medical Clinic Pharmacy – fills new prescriptions for active-duty
members only.
Location: 192 Lindquist Rd., Bldg. 412, Fort Stewart
Hours: Monday – Friday: 0730-1630. (closed noon- 1300 p.m. for lunch)
(Closed weekends, Federal and training holidays)
Tuttle AHC Pharmacy – fills new prescriptions.
Prescription Refills: Called-in or ordered online ONLY and are ready for pickup after 1400. two
duty days after the order was placed.
Drop-off: NEW PRESCRIPTIONS ONLY (hard copy or computer generated by provider) are
ready for pickup the next duty day after 1400.
Select option 2 to pick-up your refills at the Tuttle Pharmacy.
Location: 230 Duncan Drive Bldg. 1440, Hunter Army Airfield (Savannah)
Hours: Monday – Friday: 0800-1700. 4th Thursday: 1300 – 1700
(Closed weekends, Federal and training holidays)
Over-the-counter medications available
Selected over-the-counter (OTC) medications are available to beneficiaries without seeing a
doctor from the pharmacies at Winn Army Community Hospital and Tuttle Army Health Clinic.
The over-the-counter pharmacy card is no longer used. Simply come to any pharmacy, take a
number and when called, tell the pharmacist your symptoms. Certain over-the-counter
medications will be screened against your current medications and given based on age
restrictions. A valid ID must be presented at the time of request. Limited quantities per visit. For
more information, call 767-2672.

Fort Stewart
Bldg. 202                                   (912) 435-6230 / (912) 435-6716
852 Harmon Ave.                             M-F, 0730-1630

740 General Stewart Way                     (912) 368-3048
Units 9 & 10                                0830-1700, M-F

Hunter Army Airfield
230 Duncan Drive                            1-800444-5445

                         DEERS Registration/ID Cards
Fort Stewart
Soldier Service Center                      (912) 767-4909
55 Pony Soldier Road                        Call for appt. to get new ID cards.
Bldg. 253, Ste. 1103

                                    JOB SEARCH
Fort Stewart
Army Community Services (ACS)-Main           (912) 767-5058/5059
201 Lindquist Rd. Bldg. 86
ACS provides Employment Readiness Classes/Coaching, Job Search Assistance, Job Bank Book
(Federal and Private), Resource Library, access to computers/fax machines/copiers.

Fort Stewart
Stewart Army Lodging                            (912) 368-4184
McDaniel Hall, 304 Coe Ave, Building 4951,
Both double and single rooms are furnished with kitchenettes, microwave, dishware, flatware,
pots, pans, toaster, iron, ironing board, hair dryer and coffee maker with complimentary
continental breakfast and daily coffee. Call for more details. Renovations completed Summer
2009. Pets OK in some rooms ($45 non-refundable pet fee + $3/per night/per pet. Max 2 pets.)

Fort Stewart Pet Boarding Facility             (912) 435-8052
Near Holbrook Pond on Fort Stewart (off of HWY 144)
Mon & Fri             9am – 6pm                Tue/Wed/Thu              9am – 3pm
Sat                   9am – Noon               Sun & Holidays closed
Dogs (Required shots: rabies, dhptl, bordatella - neg fecal)
Cats (Required shots: rabies, sdrct, feline leuk - neg fecal, feline leuk siv blood test)
All pets must be over 4 mos old and had shots within 14 days of stay. Fairly new facility

Hampton Inn                                   (912) 877-4090
1148 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.
Pets no / $110 per night (2 double beds or 1 king)

Best Western Inn and Suites                     (912) 408-4444
773 Frank Cochran Drive
Pets: Yes, if the pet is under 15 lbs. they charge $15 the first night and $5 each additional night.
If the pet is over 15 lbs. they charge $30 the first night and $10 each additional night.
$75 per night (2 double beds or 1 king size)

Holiday Inn Express                           (912) 877-5611
1388 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.
Pets: no / $70 per night (2 double beds or 1 king)

Budget Motel of USA                           (912) 368-3596
744 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.
Pets: Yes, they charge $10 extra per night or $40 extra for the entire week.
$50.80 per night (2 double beds, 2 burners for cooking, refrigerator, microwave)

The Inn at Hinesville                          (912) 368-5858
1024 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.
Pets: Yes, $15 pet fee first night and $5 each add‘l night. $45 per night (2 doubles/ 1 king)

Comfort Suites                                (912) 877-3000
70 Wallace Martin Drive
Pets: no / $70 per night (2 double beds or 1 king size)

Palmyra Plantation at Melon Bluff              (912) 884-5779
5836 Island Hwy.
Bed and Breakfast

Richmond Hill
Quality Inn                                    (912) 756-3351
4300 Hwy. 17 (I-95 interchange)

Comfort Suites                                 (912) 756-6668
4601 Hwy 17

Days Inn (Behind Denny‘s – near I-95)          (912) 756-3371
3926 Hwy. 17

Best Western Inn (near Arby‘s and I-95)        (912) 756-7070
4564 Hwy. 17

Hampton Inn                                 (912) 756-2272
I-95 and Hwy. 17 Interchange

Knights Inn                                  (912) 756-3376
4494 Hwy. 17 (near I-95)

                      TRANSPORTATION/ TRAVEL
Gray Line Savannah – Oglethorpe Tours   (912) 234-8687
(Group Sales & Charters)
215 W. Boundary St., Savannah, GA 31401
Greyhound Bus                               (912) 232-2135
610 W. Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah
Savannah Amtrak Station (Train)          (912) 234-2611
2611 Seaboard Coast Line Drive, Savannah
Savannah/Hilton Head Int‘l Airport         (912) 964-0514
To reach Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport, take Exit 104 from I-95.
Jacksonville International Airport
2400 Yankee Clipper Dr., Jacksonville, FL

Yellow Cab Co.                              (912) 876-6191
315 S. Welborn St. # A
Blue Line Taxi Services                     (912) 368-4077
820 E. G. Miles Pkwy.
AAA ADAM Cab                                (912) 927-7466
2101 Price St.

Yellow Cab                                  (912) 236-1133
1500 Stanley Ave.
Savannah Airport Taxi Counter               (912) 964-8016
400 Airways Ave.
According to website (5/09), cost from airport to Ft. Stewart is $75/Hunter AAF is $36.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car                      (912) 877-2117
633 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.                     M-F 0800-1800; Sat 0900-1200; Sun Closed

U-Haul (National Auto Center )             (912) 876-3473
940 E. G. Miles Pkwy., Hwy. 196            M-F 0900-1700; Sat 0900-1600; Sun Closed
VERY good customer service, call for specific vehicles available

Budget Truck Rental                         (912) 368-3535
760 E.G. Miles Parkway
Cargo vans and 10-, 15- and 24-foot trucks for one-way or in-town do-it-yourself moves


                         Getting Around
*See Map Section for Gate Locations*
Gate 1 (Main Gate) (General Screven)           24 hours daily        MAP 1
Gate 2 (Troop Gate):                          5 a.m. to 9 p.m.       MAP 2
Gate 3 (Harmon Ave) :                         24 hours daily         MAP 2/3
Gate 4 (Austin Rd):                           7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on 3ID PT weekdays        MAP3
Gate 5 (Gulick Ave) :                         24 hours daily         MAP 1
Gate 6 (Wilson):                              (Closed)               n/a
Gate 7 (15th St.):                            24 hours daily         MAP 1
Gate 8 (Frank Cochran) :                      5 a.m. to 9 p.m.       MAP 1
Gate 9 (WAAF) :                               24 hours daily         MAP 2

Wilson Gate:                                  5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily
Montgomery Gate:                              24 hours daily
Rio Gate:                                      24 hours daily (Only vehicles with decals)

Fort Stewart to Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF)
Via Wilson Gate
I-95N to Exit 94 (GA 204). Turn right on 204 (East) towards Savannah. Stay on 204 to White
Bluff Road. This will be about 10 miles. Oglethorpe Mall will be across White Bluff Road and to
the right.) Turn left on White Bluff Road. Go several blocks to Stephenson AVE. Turn left into
Wilson Gate. This gate is always open. If you're not sure about the hours of the other gates - this
is your sure bet.
Via Montgomery Gate
I-95N to Exit 94 (GA 204). Go approximately 6 miles to the Veterans Parkway Bypass. Bear
right and go over the overpass to access the parkway. Follow the parkway to I-516. Exit toward
Savannah, following the signs to Hunter Army Airfield. This road will turn into DeRenne Ave.
in Savannah. Stay in the right lane, turning right at the first light, onto Montgomery Street. About
2 blocks down Montgomery Street, you will enter Montgomery Gate. If you arrive at this gate,
and it is closed, don't make a full U-Turn. Just turn enough to follow the fence surrounding
HAAF. Go to White Bluff Road, which is the end of the street and turn right. Go several blocks
and turn right on Stephenson Ave, into Wilson gate.

Via Rio Gate
I-95N to Exit 94 (GA 204). Turn right to Savannah on GA 204. Go about 6 miles to Rio Street.
Savannah Mall is just beyond the intersection, you will see RioGate on the left (through the
trees). This gate puts you onto Perimeter Road on Hunter Army Airfield, accessing Lott's Island.

Fort Stewart to Savannah's Visitors’ Center
Take 144 East (to Richmond Hill). Take I-95 (north to Savannah), take 16 East (Savannah), Exit
166 (Welcome/Visitors‘ Center) Louisville Road. Right at yield sign, onto Louisville Road.
Seaboard Freight Station on the right. Left at the light onto Martin Luther King. Visitors‘ Center
is on your left.

Fort Stewart to Savannah International Airport
I-95 North, Exit 104 East toward Airport Signs

Fort Stewart to Savannah Malls
Savannah Mall
(Target/Dillards/Burlington Coat Factory/Dave & Buster‘s)
I-95 North, Exit 94 (GA 204). Continue east on GA 204 (Abercorn) approx. 7 miles, mall is on

Oglethorpe Mall
(Macy‘s/JCPenney/ Sears)
I-95 North, Exit 94 (GA 204). Continue east on GA 204 (Abercorn) approx. 11 miles, mall is on

Downtown Savannah to Fort Stewart
Left onto Martin Luther King from Bay Street. Take 16 West toward Macon. Exit 157A to I-95
South (Brunswick/Jacksonville), exit 90 to 144 (Ft. Stewart/Richmond Hill). Right onto 144 to
Fort Stewart.

Hunter Army Airfield to Fort Stewart
Via Montgomery Gate
From HAAF Montgomery Gate to 144 towards Fort Stewart. Take Duncan Drive straight out
through HAAF Montgomery Gate (Duncan Drive becomes Montgomery Street). At the first
light, turn left onto Dereene Avenue/516. Exit right onto Veterans Parkway - the exit will loop
around and head southwest. Travel to the end of Veterans Parkway and exit right onto Abercorn
Street/204. Travel approximately 4.5 miles to I-95. Take I-95 South (towards Jacksonville). The
Exit is a left just under the overpass. Take Exit #90 right towards Fort Stewart/144.

Via Wilson Gate
From HAAF Wilson (Main) Gate to 144 towards Fort Stewart: Take the Wilson Blvd straight out
though HAAF Wilson Gate (Wilson Blvd becomes Stephenson Avenue). At the first light, turn
right onto White Bluff Road. At the second light, turn onto Abercorn Street/204. Follow
Abercorn Street straight approximately 15 miles towards I-95. Take I-95 South (towards
Jacksonville). The Exit is a left just under the overpass. Take Exit #90 right towards Fort

 (Distances and travel times from Fort Stewart are approximate and taken from Google Maps.)


      SAVANNAH (Southside) = 40 miles (54 min)
      SAVANNAH (Downtown) = 47 miles (58 min)
      MIDWAY = 15 miles (27 min)
      FLEMINGTON = 6 miles (16 minutes)
      RICHMOND HILL = 25 miles (about 35 minutes)
      POOLER = 41 miles (56 min)
      GLENNVILLE = 21 miles (47 min)
      PEMBROKE = 21 miles (about 35 min)
      JESUP = 29 miles (46 min)
      TYBEE ISLAND = 64 miles (1 hr, 31 min)
      JEKYLL ISLAND = 78.5 miles (1 hr, 42 min)
      SAVANNAH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT = 44 miles (59 min)
      JACKSONVILLE, FL = 124 miles ( 2 hr, 12 min)
      ATLANTA = 242 miles (4 hr, 19 min)
      CHARLESTON, S.C.= 146 miles (2 hr, 52 min)
      HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. = 83 miles (1 hr, 47 min)
      ST AUGUSTINE, FL = 164 miles (2 hr, 53 min)
      ORLANDO, FL = 264 (4 hr, 21 min)
      SEA WORLD/UNIVERSAL STUDIOS/DISNEY WORLD= approx 280 miles (approx 4
       hr 40 min)


      Chatham: Savannah, Skidaway Island, Thunderbolt, Garden City, Pooler, Oakhurst,
       Port Wentworth, Tybee Island, White Bluff, Wilmington Island
      Bryan County: Richmond Hill, Fort McAllister, Keller, Pembroke
      Liberty: Fort Stewart Housing, Hinesville, Midway, Gum Branch, Flemington,
       Riceboro, Sunbury, Walthourville
      Long: Ludowici
      Tattnall: Glennville
      Wayne: Jesup
      Bulloch: Statesboro


                  School Information
Screening may be scheduled at Winn Army Community Hospital for Fort Stewart (FSGA)
students or through Tuttle Army Health Clinic for Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF) students. Call
767-6633 for information/registration. Bring birth certificate, immunization records on GA state
form, vision, hearing and dental records, social security card, proof of residency, and previous
year‘s report card.
For Military Family members entering Georgia schools for the FIRST TIME… The screening
includes hearing test, vision test, dental exams, and immunizations. The Georgia Certificate of
Eye, Ear and Dental Screening and Immunization Form 3231 is provided at the screening. For
appointments, call 1-800-652-9221 or (912) 767-6633. Special Note: Please bring ONLY the
child or children being screened.

School Liaison Officer
Bldg. 622, Rm. 130                           (912) 767-6533/6071
1042 William H. Wilson Ave., Suite 130
Works to identify and resolve systemic educational issues impacting military families and
students by fostering proactive cooperation between local schools and the military community.
For more info about Ft. Stewart Schools:

Preschool Information                       (912) 876-0733

Fort Stewart
Brittin Elementary, PreK-6                  (912) 368-3324
2772 Hero Road

Diamond Elementary PreK-6                (912) 876-5797
482 Davis Avenue

Kessler Elementary,Pre K-6               (912) 368-3598
1127 Austin Road


Button Gwinnett                             (912) 876-0146

Jordye Bacon                                (912) 876-3959

Frank Long                                  (912) 368-3595

Liberty Elementary                          (912) 884-3326

Lyman Hall                                  (912) 368-3348

Joseph Martin                               (912) 368-3114

Taylors Creek Elementary                    (912) 369-0378

Waldo Pafford                               (912) 877-4188

Richmond Hill
Liberty Elementary                          (912) 884-3326
600 Edgewater Dr.

Riceboro Preschool Learning                 (912) 884-3556
10408 E. Oglethorpe Highway                 Hours: 630am-530pm
Before and after school care. GA pre-k program. Ages 2-12

Richmond Hill

Afterschool Program is available Pre-K through 8th grade. Currently $35 per week and there is a
$20 registration fee. Speak to Martha Hall (912) 459-5116. There is usually a waiting list.
Pre-K through High School
Richmond Hill Center Pre-K                    (912) 756-3335
Richmond Hill Primary School K-2              (912) 756-4161
Richmond Hill Elementary School 3-5           (912) 756-3323
Dr. Geo Washington Carver Upper Elem. 4-5 (912) 459-5111

Fort Stewart
Those children who live on/off post in grades 7-12 attend Liberty County Schools. Contact the
Board of Education.

Lewis Frasier Middle School                (912) 877-5367

Midway Middle School                       (912) 884-6677

Snelson-Golden Middle School               (912) 877-3112

Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Middle School 6-8            (912) 756-5225

Midway Middle School                       (912) 884-6677
425 Edgewater Dr

Bradwell Institute                         (912) 876-7682

Liberty County                             (912)876-4316

Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill High School 9-12             (912) 459-5151

First Presbyterian Christian Academy       (912) 876-0441
Preschool – 12th grade

First United Methodist Preschool & Kindergarten (912) 368-3355

Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Christian Academy (K3-12) (912) 756-2439

Richmond Hill Montessori Preschool       (912) 756-4554

Pooler Elementary                            (912) 748-3625
West Chatham Elementary                      (912) 748-3600
West Chatham Middle                          (912) 748-3650
Robert W. Groves High                        (912) 965-2520

Savannah Area
Elementary, Middle and High Schools for Savannah/Chatham County
Board of Education                        (912) 651-700 or (912) 201-5600

Pulaski Elementary                       (912) 395-6466
Derenne Middle                           (912) 201-5900

Beach High School                       (912) 201-5330$ols/Beach+High+School/
Benedictine Military School, 9-12 Male only (912) 644-7000

Memorial Day School, K-12                    (912) 352-4535
Bible Baptist School, K-12                   (912) 352-3067

Heard Elementary                             (912) 303-6630

J.G. Smith                                   (912) 303-6530
Parent information booklets are available through the Chatham County school system by request,
To register any child for public school, parents must provide the following documents:
Certified birth certificate                   Georgia Certificate of Immunization
Georgia Eye, Ear Dental Certificate           Social Security Card
Proof of address                             Most recent report card (except starting kindergarten

Link to Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools in GA:

Fort Stewart

Paul E. Smith Education Center                 (912) 767-2628
100 Knowledge Dr., Ft Stewart
Bldg. 100 (Located off post. Exit Main Gate, Left on Gen Stewart Way, Left into Ed Center
Parking Lot)
There are several other universities in the area—see Ed Center for more information

Brewton-Parker College – Liberty Campus (912) 448-2752
2140 East Oglethorpe Hwy, Hinesville

Armstrong Atlantic – Liberty Center         (912) 368-7140
740 E General Stewart Way, Hinesville

Hunter AAF
Army Education Center                      (912) 315-6130
Bldg 1290, 165 Markwell Street, Suite 16, HAAF

Whether you are new to homeschooling or a veteran, it is good to become educated on the laws
and regulations of your state. Home school laws and regulations vary from state to state.

Compulsory Attendance Ages: "between 6th and 16th birthdays." However, if a child is under 6
and has attended more than 20 days in a public school, he is then subject to the compulsory
attendance laws. The required days of instruction are 180 days, 4.5 hours per day. Parents are
required to teach a basic academic educational program that includes, but is not limited to,
reading, language arts, math, social studies, and science. Parents must submit a declaration of
intent to home study to the local superintendent thirty days after the establishment of the home
study program and by Sept. 1 every year thereafter. This declaration must include the names and
ages of students, the location of the home school, and the time the parents designate as their
school year. Attendance records must be kept and submitted to the superintendent each month.
Note: An exception to the rule pertains to military students residing on post where DoDEA
schools are present. Military children who live in the area designated to attend a DoDEA school,
must submit their intent and attendance to the local DoDEA School. For a more comprehensive
description of Georgia home school laws see

On Fort Stewart, a support group is available to home school families. These services include
monthly support group and planning meetings. Depending on the level of parental involvement,
the group has classes and field trips. The classes and field trips are determined by interest and
demand. Contact the Fort Stewart School Liaison program for more information about these

Fort Stewart School Liaison              (912) 767-6533/6071
Building 622, Room 130
1042 William H. Wilson Avenue, Suite 130
Fort Stewart, GA 31314

Hinesville Homeschool group:
H.E.R.O.H. (Home Education Resources of Hinesville) or contact

Georgia Home Education Association – statewide

HEIR of Georgia - A statewide, all-volunteer organization working to ensure that the people of
Georgia and their government recognize home study, freely practiced in its diverse forms, as a
legitimate choice and value it as a positive force for improving the quality of education. They
are non-partisan and non-sectarian. Website provides attendance forms and declaration of intent
forms to download and use for state requirements.

The following resources may assist you as you consider the homeschool option for your child
and family. The following sources are provided as an information service only. Families should
research them to determine their value and appropriateness for each home school situation.

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling – guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and
articles about home education on the web.

Homeschool Today – many articles on homeschooling

Homeschool Reviews - Lots and lots of homeschooling curriculum reviews written by
homeschoolers who have used the homeschool curriculum themselves.

Cathy Duffy Reviews - provides resources and reviews for the homeschooling community. The
author has over 25 years experience reviewing curriculum, how-to books, and approaches to

Georgia Virtual Academy - For grades K-8, the Georgia Virtual Academy (GVA) serves students
who reside within the state of Georgia. As part of the public school system, the Georgia Virtual
Academy is tuition-free. The entire K¹² curriculum is provided free of charge.

Georgia Virtual School - For grades 6-12, Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) is part of the Georgia
Department of Education's Office of Technology Services. GAVS is fully accredited and
operates in partnership with Georgia parents and schools to offer high school level courses across
the state. GAVS has a full high school curriculum with Advanced Placement and College Prep
level courses. It services grades 6-12.

The Homeschool Mom - Free homeschooling resources, including unit studies, lesson plans,
worksheets, homeschool planners, and software downloads. - offers free homeschool planners, school calendars, household planners,
printable in various subjects, and homeschool planning tips.


       Places to Go/Things to Do
                      A list of restaurants, attractions, parks (and more)

Fort Stewart
Club Stewart                              (912) 368-2212
1 Sunday of every month - brunch and kids‘ cooking class

Micheal's Deli                           (912) 408-3354
521-B, W. Oglethorpe Hwy.-next to Big Lots.
Great Deli for lunch.

Kobe Japanese Steak House                   (912) 877-7112
1050 E. Olgethorpe Hwy.
Great Hibachi Japanese

El Cazador                                (912) 368-4144
809 Willowbrook Dr. (Hwy. 196 just past Frank Cochran)
Mexican food

Chili's Grill and Bar                   (912) 408-4800
623 W. Oglethorpe Hwy. (Hwy. 84 near Lowe‘s)

Buffalo's Cafe                            (912) 876-9464
811 E.G. Miles Pkwy. (Hwy 196 just past Frank Cochran)
Hot wings. Sundays, 2 Free Kid meals per 1 Adult Entrée

Korean House                                (912) 876-9604
809 Willowbrook Dr.
Great Bulgogi.

China Super Buffet                          (912) 369-3378
708 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.
Great Chinese/Seafood buffet

Sushi House                              (912) 369-3818
229 General Screven Way Suite L (Food Lion Shopping Center)

Baldino's Subs                              (912) 368-8093
456 General Screven Way
Sandwiches & party platters near Ft. Stewart main gate

Zum Rosenhof                               (912) 876-2191
Main St. (Downtown Hinesville)
Authentic German food, has a room upstairs available for small groups

Juan's Mexicali                                (912) 408-5826
2007 W. General Screven Way

Good 2 Go Jamaican                             (912) 369-3993
812 E.G. Miles Parkway

CiCi‘s Pizza                                   (912) 448-2777
230 W. General Screven

Wedgy‘s Pizza                                  (912) 368-6189
364 Memorial Drive
Near Ft Stewart main gate

Domino‘s Pizza                              (912) 368-3373
327-A Memorial Drive
Near Ft Stewart main gate. Fast & reliable. Order online and track your order

Ruby Tuesday                                   (912) 448-2552
543 W. Oglethorpe
Great dining, great salad bar, great service

Vann‘s                                     (912) 369-8266
35 W. Hendry St. (By Peebles)
Great Steaks (15% Military Discount); Service can be SLOW

Applebee's                              (912) 369-4904
1492 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.
Happy Hour 4 PM -7 PM with ½ price appetizers and $3 draft

Ida Mae & Joe's                                (912) 884-3388
N. Midway, Hwy. 84

Captain Joe's                                (912) 884-5118
317 S. Coastal Hwy.
Good food, friendly service, Seafood with a soup/salad bar

Sunbury Crab Co.                               (912) 884-8640
539 Brigantine Dunmora Rd.

Cone Zone                                      (912) 884-6105
9754 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.

Pizza Peddler                                  (912) 884-7827
40 Butler Avenue

Holton‘s Seafood Restaurant                    (912) 884-9151
13711 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.

Angie‘s Diner                                  (912 ) 884-3663
510 N. Coastal Hwy.

Richmond Hill
The Upper Crust                              (912) 756-6999
Highway 17
Cuisine: Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Salads – good kids‘ selection, Military discount.

La Nopalera
10060 Ford Ave.
Cuisine: Mexican Buffet

Asia Asian Cuisine                           (912) 756-8683
13250 Hwy. 144 (in the Publix shopping center)
Sushi, Thai, Chinese, they have friendly service and are working on delivery options

606 East Café                                  (912) 756-5985
10610 Ford Ave.
A funky, but friendly, place; great for date night or the whole family, it‘s also a great place to
meet with the girls for lunch and let the kids play in the play area while you talk with adults

China 1                                      (912) 756-7887
4110 Hwy. 17
Chinese – you can order off the menu or eat from the buffet, customer-friendly

Shogun Japanese Restaurant                   (912) 756-8803
9701 Ford Ave.
Cuisine: Japanese . Pricey, but fun for the whole family to watch them cook in front of you, or
you can sit and order off the regular menu

Steamers Restaurant & Raw Bar                  (912) 756-3979
2518 U.S. Highway 17
Cuisine: Seafood

Gianni's Restaurant                            (912) 756-7272
3741 Hwy. 17
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza

Plums Ice Cream Sandwich Shop               (912) 756-6000
2409 U.S. Highway 17
Cuisine: Breakfast, Sandwiches, Ice Cream, - There is a small town feel to this diner

Richmond Hill Café                           (912) 756-5985
10610 Ford Ave.

Sunshine Breakfast Restaurant                (912) 756-5767
13150 Hwy. 144

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse                     (912) 756-8088
3734 Hwy. 17
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi

Beef O‘Brady‘s                               (912) 756-4216
10010 Ford Ave.
Tuesday is Kids‘ Night– they usually have a magician, clown, or other program going on. Kids
eat free with paying adults. Military discount on Sundays. They also have a room in the back
you can reserve for a group.

Smoking Pig                            (912) 756-7850
3986 Hwy. 17 (near the BP gas station)
Award-winning BBQ, homemade desserts

Southern Image                               (912-756-2224
Hwy. 17 (near I-95)
Has a Southern Buffet or order off the menu.

Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub & Grill (912) 459-9600
3734 Hwy. 17
Cuisine: Scottish. Good food, but somewhat price for families. Save this one for ―date night.‖
Excellent variety of Northern European beers and Scotch.

El Potro Mexican Restaurant              (912) 756-2725
C4 Ways Station Shopping Center (Near Harvey‘s)
Cuisine: Mexican

Baldino‘s                                    (912) 756-2262
2285 Hwy. 17 (inside Clyde‘s gas station)
Cuisine: Sandwiches, - they have a drive-thru in the back

Papa's Pizza To Go                       (912) 756-5150
Highway 17, Ways Station Shopping Center (Near Harvey‘s)
Cuisine: Pizza

What‘s the Scoop?                            (912) 756-7747
2591 Hwy. 17 South, Suite 102 (Crossroads Center)
coffee, ice cream, smoothies, kids‘ menu, great chicken salad

B&D Burgers                                 (Southside by Lowe‘s and Home Depot)
13 E. Broughton St.           Or            11108 Abercorn Street
(912) 231-0986                              (912) 297-8700
Burgers galore! If you can dream up a burger combination - B&D Burgers can supply. Good
place to catch a game on one of their many big screens.

Pita Pit                                   (912) 927-2879
101 Little Neck Rd. (Hwy. 17 just past Wal-Mart and the Hwy. 204 overpass)
A great place for lunch.

Murphy‘s Law Public House                   (912) 443-0855
409 W. Congress St.
Located one block from City Market; this pub boasts Savannah‘s Best Fish and Chips.
Impressive list of draft and bottled beers.

Cotton Exchange Tavern                          (912) 232-7088
201 E. River St.
A local favorite, this tavern is in a 1790s former cotton warehouse that opens on to the riverfront.
It‘s a perfect place to stop for lunch if you take one of the tours in the historic district.

Kevin Barry‘s Irish Pub                       (912) 233-9626
117 W. River Street
Another local favorite and the owner is a HUGE supporter of the military. Check out the room
upstairs if you don‘t believe me. Irish food, beer, live music, atmosphere.

Coach‘s Corner                               (912) 352-2933
3016 E. Victory Dr.
Participate in karaoke, watch the big game, or just sit and enjoy some great food.

Fiddler‘s Crab House and Oyster Bar
131 W. River Street            OR            7201 Hodgson Memorial Dr. (Near Oglethorpe Mall)
(912) 644-7172                               (912) 351-2274
If you are looking for the hot spot for seafood and a scenic view of Savannah's River Street, you
have just found it.

Vic‘s on the River                            (912) 721-1000
15 E. River Street
A bit pricey for every day meals, but great for ―date night.‖

Carlito‘s Bar and Grill                     (912) 232-2525
119 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
If you are craving authentic Mexican food with great service, Carlito‘s is the place to go.

The Rail Pub                                  (912) 238-1311
405 W. Congress St.
Located next to City Market, this is a great place to chat with locals. Climb the stairs to the
second floor if the first is too crowded.

Love‘s Seafood and Steaks                    (912) 925-3616
Hwy. 17 South
This restaurant is located next to the Ogeechee River and was featured in the movie ―Forrest
Gump.‖ Service can be slow but food is very good.

Moon River Brewing Co                        (912) 447-0943
21 W. Bay St.
This pub brews their own beer. Great to go to with kids during the day, too.

Wild Wing Café                                (912) 790-9464
27 Barnard St.
The perfect place to watch a game or catch live music on weekends. Great menu, delicious wings
and a wide variety of patrons.

The Pirate House                               (912) 233-5757
20 E. Broad St.
Fun place for kids – especially boys.

Lady and Sons Restaurant (Paula Deen)           (912) 233-2600
102 W. Congress Street
Reservations can be made in person at the restaurant beginning at 9:30 A.M. for lunch or dinner.
*Can call for reservations if you are able to provide them with a local phone number.

Mrs. Wilkes‘ Boarding House                   (912) 232-5997
107 W. Jones Street
The REAL restaurant for Southern Cooking before Paula came to town. Family-style dining
experience on tables for 10 (yes, you sit with strangers). Worth the wait in line.

Sweet Melissa‘s Pizza                        (912) 341-0093
35 Whitaker St.                              Hours vary, call ahead
With gigantic slices of New York style this place is a local favorite.

Vinnie Van Go Go‘s Pizza                      (912) 695-1578
317 W. Bryan St.
Another great place to grab a quick slice of New York style pizza. Located in City Market.

The Olde Pink House                           (912) 232-4286
23 Abercorn St.
Locals and tourists rave about the delicious Southern cuisine served at this historic inn and
restaurant. A great date night place.

Jazz‘d                                        (912) 236-7777
52 Barnard St.
Stop at Jazz‘d for some light dinner and live music. Tapas bar known for their martinis.

BoneFish Grill                                (912) 691-2575
5500 Abercorn St.
 A great date night place.

Carey Hilliard‘s                              (912) 330-0700
198 Pooler Pkwy.
BBQ, Seafood; local chain

Cancun Restaurant                             (912) 748-5950
M103 Canal St.
Great Mexican food

China Linq LLC                                (912) 748-7500
104 Brighton Woods Dr.
Carryout was recommended

Cracker Barrel                                (912) 748-7411
1000 U.S. Highway 80 E.
Country style cookin‘, gift shop

Don's Bar-B-Que                               (912) 748-8400
217 E U.S. Highway 80

El Potro Mexican Restaurant                   (912) 748-9465
220 E. U.S. Highway 80

Foster's Steakhouse                           (912) 748-0744
1108 Hwy. 80E - Suite 600

Guerrero Mexican Restaurant                   (912) 748-9711
109 U.S. Highway 80E

G & B Ribs & Things                           (912) 748-5099
U.S. Highway 80

Hill & Brooks Coffee Co.                     (912) 964-1356
120 Pine Meadow Dr.

Longhorn Steakhouse                          (912) 330-8560
300 Pooler Parkway

Little Italy Pizza and Subs                  (912) 748-3456
708 W. U.S. Highway 80

Lovezzola's Pizza Family Restaurant          (912) 748-6414
320 E. U.S. Highway 80
Nice little Italian place with great food

 Mug Shots Coffee                            (912) 330-0811
1067 E. U.S. Highway 80

Nagano Japanese Restaurant                   (912) 748-1838
1105 U.S. Highway 80 E.

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse                    (912) 748-4994
211 W. U.S. Highway 80

Peking Gourmet Chinese                       (912) 748-3812
1017 U.S. Highway 80 E.

Ruby Tuesday                                 (912) 330-9754
110 Pooler Pkwy.

Spanky's                                     (912) 748-8188
U.S. Rte. 80

Sawa-Hibachi                                  (912) 748-3866
40 Traders Way
This restaurant specializes in Teppanyaki cooking and sushi cuisine. A personal chef prepares
dishes in the Hibachi style.. Great fun!. Great dining experience! They also have a sushi bar.

Old School Diner – Townsend                  (912) 832-2136
Big portions—specializes in seafood. $$

Sunbury Crab Company - Sunbury               (912) 884-8640
539 Brigantine Dunmore Rd.
(Beautiful setting on Intercoastal Waters)

Sybil's Family Restaurant - Jesup            (912) 427-3855
362 N. 1st St.


Fort Stewart
Rocky's Zone                                 (912) 767-8715
Bldg. 703 (off Gulick next to Popeye‘s)
Pool, Darts, Mobil on-line games, full service bar.

Vann's                                    (912) 369-8266
135 W. Hendry St.
Great Food and sometimes Karaoke after 10PM

Gilley's                                    (912) 368-4200
763 E.G. Miles Pkwy.

Doodles Billiards Bar & Grill               (912) 369-2211
105 W. General Screven Way

Jimbo‘s Lounge                              (912) 884-6493
11239 E Oglethorpe Hwy.

Richmond Hill                               (912) 756-4825
Augie‘s Pub
2518 Hwy. 17

Beef O‘Brady‘s                              (912) 756-4216
10010 Ford Avenue
 A great place to sit and watch the game.

Glazer‘s Pub and Grill                       (912) 756-6610
10104 Ford Avenue Suite F

Jukebox Bar and Grill                       (912) 756-6997
3741 Hwy. 17 Suite 500

Molly MacPherson‘s Pub & Grill               (912) 459-9600
3734 U.S. Hwy. 17 Unit 2

Steamers Restaurant and Bar          (912) 756-3979
404 U.S. Hwy. 17

Kevin Barry‘s Irish Pub                        (912) 233-9626
117 W. River Street
Irish beer, Irish food, Irish music. A favorite Army hang-out

Moon River Brewing Co                  (912) 447-0943
21 W. Bay St.
This pub brews their own beer.

JT‘s Pub & Grill                               (912) 925-8500
7 Fort Argyle Rd.

Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos Saloon         (912) 527-6453
314 Williamson St.
High energy bar with great live music. This is a fun place to go for celebrations with a group of
friends. THE place for the military ball ―After Parties‖

Murphy‘s Law Public House                   (912) 443-0855
409 W. Congress St.
Located one block from City Market this pub boasts ―Savannah‘s Best Fish and Chips.‖
Impressive list of draft and bottled beers.

Coach‘s Corner                               (912) 352-2933
3016 E. Victory Dr.
Participate in karaoke, watch the big game, or just sit and enjoy some great food.

Saya Lounge                                 (912) 236-7272
109 W. Broughton St.
Saya is a martini bar with an exotic and modern feel. Come here to dance or talk with friends in a
dimly lit swanky feeling lounge.

The Mercury Lounge                          (912) 447-6952
125 W. Congress St.
Come to this lounge for live music every Friday and Saturday night. The basement level has
various pool tables and a packed juke box.

Tantra Lounge                                 (912) 231-0888
8 E. Broughton St.
Tantra serves a variety of delicious tapas and has live music on the weekends.

Carlito‘s Bar and Grill                     (912) 232-2525
119 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
If you are craving authentic Mexican food with great service, Carlito‘s is the place to go.

 The Rail Pub                                 (912) 238-1311
405 W. Congress St.
Located next to City Market, this is a great place to chat with locals. Climb the stairs to the
second floor if the first is too crowded.

Masato of Japan                                (912) 748-4490
1014 Hwy. 80 E.

Wild Wing Café                               (912) 790-9464
27 Barnard St.
The perfect place to watch a game or catch live music on weekends. Great menu, delicious
wings, and a wide variety of patrons.

Pooler - most of these are restaurants that are okay for kids during the day
Augie‘s Pub & Grill                            (912) 748-3200
200 Governor Treutlen Rd.

Monkey Love Dessert Bar & Grill          (912) 748-2824
115 Canal Street
Gourmet Coffees and Teas, Fabulous Desserts, Ice Cream

Cheddar‘s Casual Cafe                           (912) 330-9177
1425 Benton Blvd.
Great prizes and great food. Cheddars doesn't take reservations and is always packed, so get
there early if you don't want to wait for a table.

Robin‘s Nest Sports Bar & Grill              (912) 450-0900
101 Godley Station Blvd.

Jalapenos Restaurant                       (912) 450-1555
930 Morgan‘s Corner Rd. Suite 4D
Good Mexican restaurant with great cocktails


Fort Stewart
Woodruff Movie Theater (AAFES)              (912) 767-3069
Bldg. 410 (next to Library)

Ft Stewart Library                      (912) 767-2828
Building 411, 316 Lindquist Avenue
Children's Story Time Tuesday 9:30AM, Wednesday 3:30 PM

Corkan Family Recreation Center            (912) 767-4273/6708
Hero Rd. & Lindquist Ave.
(mini-golf, water park, bowling, Cypress Sam‘s tree house, laser tag, roller skating, more)

Child Youth Services                        (912) 767-2312
500 Lindquist Rd. Bldg. 443

Corkan Teen Center                           (912) 767-4273/6708
Lindqist Ave., Bldg. 6571
Wii Games, café, dancing, events for military teens 13-18 yrs old w/military ID

Marne Lanes (Bowling)                       (912) 767-4866
54 Steele Ave., Building 402

Stewart Lanes (Bowling)                  (912) 767-4273
Bldg. 450 Hero Road and Lindquist Avenue

Taylors Creek Golf Course                   (912) 767-2370
1766 Gulick Ave.

Bryan Village Pool (Open Seasonal)          (912) 767-2701/3034
841 Austin Rd., Bldg. 7099

Corkan Pool (main one with water slide)     (912) 767-8575
(Open Seasonal)
498 Lindquist Rd, Bldg 446

Newman Pool (Indoor, Open Year-Round) (912) 767-3034
Inside Newman Physical Fitness Center
215 W 6th St., Bldg. 439

Fort Stewart Leisure Activities Center      (912) 767-2841
500 Lindquist Rd., Bldg. 443
Leisure Travel (tickets) & equipment rental

Hinesville Area Arts Council                 (912) 408-6150
Check website below for listing of local plays and art displays

Liberty County Public Library              (912) 368-4003
(aka Live Oak Public Library, Liberty Branch)
236 Memorial Dr.
Children's Story Time 3-4 yrs. Monday 10:30AM/ 1-2 yrs. Tuesday 10:30AM

Brewer's Tree and Blueberry Farm      (912) 884-5292
Great place for kids!

Tree of Life Petting Farm                   (912) 884-9471/977-6381
910 Lewis Frasier Road
Camp Tree of Life is a petting farm with over 600 animals!

Richmond Hill
Midnight Star (Paint Your Own) Pottery        (912) 756-7446
1101-B Gandy Dancer (Station Exchange)
Weekly kids‘ program after school, ladies‘ night out, b-day parties, this is a great place to take
the kids or meet your friends for an afternoon/evening of fun! Pottery Summer Camp – For kids
7 and up. Very helpful and friendly owners.

YMCA – summer programs                          (912) 756-5856
10055 Ford Ave. Suite B

Bryan County Schools – summer camps             (912) 459-5116
This is done through the schools, but it is a first come first serve basis, so register very early.
Look for the “Good News” insert in your mailbox around April for more information.

Richmond Hill Aquatics Center              (912) 756-4858 (Register with NonStop Fitness)
9998 Ford Avenue
They are open 1 May - 31 August, offer pool memberships, swim lessons, and a swim team.

Kindas Amusement Source                     (912) 756-4407
286 Teal Lake Dr.
Kid Party Rental – gotta see the website! Lots of inflatables!
Richmond Hill Library                       (912) 756-3580
9607 Ford Ave.                              Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm; Fri & Sat 10am-5pm

Station Xchange Xtravaganza
10220 Ford Ave.
Monthly events –check the Bryan County News for dates and times
Movie Night in the Park     Music Night in the Park     Performing Arts Night in the Park

First Saturday on Historic River Street
From 9am - 6pm Free/Open to the Public
Arts & Crafts, Entertainment and fun for the entire family on historic River Street.
Carmike Cinema 10                             (912)353-8683
511 Stephenson Ave.
Eisenhower Cinemas                            (912) 352-3533
1100 Eisenhower Dr.

Regal Cinemas Savannah 10               (912) 929-7700
1132 Shawnee St. (behind Savannah Mall)

Wynnsong 11                                (912) 920-1227
1150 Shawnee St. (Next to Regal, also behind Savannah Mall)

Star Castle Entertainment Center             (912) 354-5437
550 E. Mall Blvd .
Has a good grades program, laser tag, skating rink, arcade

Chuck E. Cheese's                             (912) 355-0410
6700 Abercorn St.

Skukuzoo (inside the Savannah Mall)          (912) 921-7216
14045 Abercorn St.
13,000 sq. ft. jungle playground with tubes, mazes, and ball pits sure to entertain children and
adults as well. 18-hole indoor mini golf course, full concession stand, children's museum
Flying Frogs/Pizza Inn                        (912) 356-0075
1100 Eisenhower Dr
Kids‘ playland, arcade, games, pizza!

City Market                                   (912) 232-4903
219 W. Bryan St.
Shops, clubs, cool places to eat downtown

Forsyth Park (huge play area, live music, botanical gardens)
Bull and Gaston Streets

Jepson Center for the Arts ArtZeum          (912) 790-8800
Under $10; 2 floors devoted to kids; Best day for Toddlers (ages 2-5) is Thursdays
207 W. York St.

Lucas Theatre                                (912) 234-3200
32 Abercorn Street
 Performing Arts center offering plays, musicals, dramatic and comedic performances

Marine Education Center and Aquarium (MECA) (912) 598-FISH
30 Ocean Science Circle

Keller‘s Flea Market (just look for the cow)
Corner of Hwy. 17 and 204 (Abercorn)         Sat & Sun 8am-6pm (free admission)

Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens              (912) 921-5460
2 Canebrake Rd.        (near Richmond Hill & Hwy. 17)
Pick your own Strawberries/Blackberries. The mission of the BFCG is to provide education in
horticultural and environmental sciences to the citizens of coastal Georgia through plant exhibits
and demonstrations.

Putt Putt Golf and Games                     (912) 355-4795
202 Mall Blvd. (behind Taco Bell)

Savannah Children‘s Theatre                 (912) 238-9015
2160 E. Victory Dr.
The mission of The Savannah Children's Theatre (SCT) is to inspire, educate and entertain
children and families of Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas through the experience of
quality theatre both on and off the stage.
Savannah Safari                                (912) 356-9188
415 Kentucky Ave.
Kids‘ walking tour; has a Girl Scout Patch Program. Self-guided or Safari guides available; each
child gets a book that has an architectural treasure hunt and puzzles to solve.

Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah           (912) 236-0485
301 E. River Street
Green/orange pumpkin trolley
Historic Savannah Carriage Tours             (912) 443-9333

Old Savannah Tours                            (912) 233-0083
234 MLK Jr. Blvd.
They have several different tours, historic Savannah, Ghost tour, Paula Deen tour; just to name a
few. Military Discount (white trolley – tell them you‘re a local and you get a special card that
lets you ride free next time you bring someone)

Hauntings Tour                              (912) 234-3571
135 Bull St.

Olgethope Tours                             (912) 233-8380/ (866) 374-TOUR
7 Rathbone Rd.
Blue trolley

Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour               (912) 238-3843

6th Sense Savannah Ghost Tours              (866) 666-3323
A variety of walking ghost tours through downtown Savannah.

Greenfeet Walkabouts                         (912) 713-7792
143 Bull Street
"The gardener‘s walking tour" - A flowers, plants, and trees walking tour of Historic Savannah,
GA. Located at ―SMOOTH,‖ A Smoothie/ Coffee shop on Bull St. between Wright and
Chippewa squares in the Historic district, Savannah, GA

Hearse Ghost Tours                         (912) 695-1578
412 E. Duffy St.
Zoom around town in an old hearse and let your driver tell you the ghost stories that make
Savannah, ―America‘s most haunted city‖.

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum              (912) 748-8888
175 Bourne Ave. (off of I-95)
Kid-friendly tours, conferences, events

5 Star Family Fun Park                        (912) 330-9860
1040 U.S. Hwy. 80 E. (1/4 mi E. of I-95 exit #102)
 Putt Putt golf, go-karts. They have 3 levels of go-karts (Kiddy Karts - 3yrs and up; Road Course
& Figure 8 – 54‖, smaller kids can ride with older ones, High Bank – 16 yrs w/license), they also
have a playground for smaller children, mini golf and b-day parties. Fun for everyone! Open
year-round. Kids under 6 play mini golf free, with a paying adult.

Oglethorpe Speedway (dirt track)          (912) 964-8200
200 Jesup Rd.
Cars, Motorcycles and Go Karts, Monster Trucks

Tybee Island
Cspt. Mike‘s Dolphin Tours                 (912) 786-5848
180 Old Tybee Road/ 1 U.S. Highway 80 E
Tybee Breeze readers have voted Capt. Mike's Dolphin Tours as Tybee's Best Adventure tour
every year since 2003. They have a Girl Scout tour available among others
Tybee Marine Science Center                    (912) 786-5917
1510 Strand
Great for kids; they have exhibits at kids‘ levels and there is a touch tank .
10 AM-5PM daily. $4 adults/$3 kids
Splash in the Boro                             (912) 489-3000
Water Park

Leapin' Lizards                              (912) 826-3866
201 Commercial Ct.
This is an indoor Party Playground featuring huge inflatable jump houses, climbs, slides

Low Country Paint Ball                         (912) 663-2314/545-2369
Route 1 Box 216

Jesup Drive-In                               (912) 427-7254
3686 Savannah Hwy. Jesup, GA
Don‘t miss one of the last old-fashioned drive-in movie theaters left in the United States!

Poppell's Pumpkin Patch                     (912) 586-2215
1765 Hyma Poppell Loop, Odum, GA
Pumpkin patch, corn maze, farm activities. Seasonal

Summer Waves Water Park            (912) 635-2074
Jekyll Island

Holliday Amusement Co Inc                 (912) 965-0550
5127 Augusta Rd.; Garden City, GA

Bridge Center Bingo Inc                   (843) 815-7529
1540 Fording Island Rd; Bluffton, S.C.

Legendary Golf                            (843) 785-9214
80 Pope Ave.; Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Island Celebration Station                (843) 836-3991
1540 Fording Island Rd.; Hilton Head Island, S.C.

All American Tour Boat Co                  (843) 681-9800
43 Jenkins Island Rd # A; Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Carter Amusement                          (912) 966-1696
100 Prosperity Dr ; Garden City, GA


Fort Stewart
3rd Infantry Division Museum             (912) 767-7885
Bldg T904, 2022 Frank Cochran Drive (Closed Mondays)
Holbrook Pond                               (912) 767-2717
Equipment rental, Boat and Trailer Storage, Fishing Ponds
Fishing & Wildlife                          (912) 767-2584
Environmental Division/ Directorate of Public Works
1177 Frank Cochran Dr.

Old Liberty County Jail                       (912) 877-4332
302 S. Main St.
Built in 1882

Fort Morris Historic Site                     (912) 884-5999
2559 Fort Morris Road
canoeing, bird watching, & museum
Midway Congregational Church & Cemetery (912) 884-2037
8815 E. Oglethorpe Hwy.
Originally built in 1752, Gen Screven buried here
Historical Seabrook Village                   (912) 884-7008
660 Trade Hill Road                           Tuesday -Saturday, 10-4
African American living history museum
Melon Bluff Nature & Heritage Reserve         (912) 884-5779
2999 Islands Highway
Nature preserve for hiking, biking, picnics

Midway Museum                                 (912) 884-5837
Georgia‘s only Colonial Museum
Martin Road & Route 17 S

Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge                 (912) 652-4415
Open to the public during daylight hours. The park is a 2,765 acre Saltwater Marsh, grasslands,
freshwater ponds and mixed deciduous woodlands. Directions: Exit 12 off of I-95. Travel 17 S.
apx. 1 mile. Travel East on GA Hwy. 131 (Harris Neck Rd), 7 miles to main entrance of gate.

Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Museum
11460 Ford Avenue                          (912) 756-3697
Exhibits from the Colonial era through Henry Ford‘s era (he had a winter home here)
Fort McAllister State Park                   (912) 727-2339/2956
3894 Ft. McAllister Rd
Park Hours: 7AM-10PM                  Office and Museum Hours: 8AM-5PM
Historic Site Admission: $2.50–$4
They have some terrific re-enactments throughout the year. Kids will love seeing life like it
really was back then. Tent, Trailer, RV Campsites, Backcountry Campsites, Cottages, Picnic
Shelters, Group Shelter (seats 150), Pioneer Campground, Earthwork Fort, Civil War Museum
and Gift Shop, Boat Ramps and Dock, Fishing Pier, Playgrounds
Fort McAllister Marina
3203 Fort McAllister Rd                     (912) 727-2632

KOA Campground                                (912) 756-3396
Hwy 17 and I-95 (exit 87 - just past the hotels)
Waterway RV Park                            (912) 756-2296
70 Hwy. 17
Campsites, game room, showers
GA Offshore Scuba Charters
82-B Longwood Drive (I-95, exit 90)         (912) 756-5260
Scuba instruction and equipment sales

Kilkenny Marina/Campground                  (912) 727-2215
3083 Kilkenny Road
Savannah Ogeechee Canal Museum              (912) 748-0868

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace              (912) 233-4501
10 E. Oglethorpe Ave.
The Girl Scout national center in Savannah, Georgia—has something to offer everyone.
Oatland Island                              (912) 898-3980
711 Sandtown Road
Toddler Tuesday - 10:30-11:15 a.m. Bring your child (ages 6months to 4 years) to Oatland
Island Wildlife Center in a weekly program featuring stories, games, songs, crafts and animal
visitors. Free with regular admission.

Old Fort Jackson                                (912) 232-3945
1 Fort Jackson Road                             Hours: 9-5 daily
Oldest standing brick fortification in the state of Georgia
Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum              (912) 232-1511
41 MLK Blvd                                   Hours: Tues-Sun 10AM-5PM

Roundhouse Railroad Museum                    (912) 651-6823
601 W Harris Street                           9AM-5PM daily
$4.25 adults/$3.75 military, seniors/ under 6, free

Savannah Science Museum                      (912) 355-6705
4405 Paulsen Street
Bring the family for a day of exploration and discovery at the Savannah Science Museum. The
museum features special exhibits geared towards children.

Skidaway Island State Park                 (912) 598-2300
52 Diamond Causeway                        Hours 7AM-10PM
RV/Tent campsites, picnic area, shelters

Telfair Museum of Art                         (912) 790-8800
121 Barnard St
Gallery, sculpture gardens, auditorium, café, and museum store.

Bull River Charters At Bull River Marina      (912) 897-7300
8005 U.S. Highway 80 E

Ogeechee River Rentals                        (912) 964-0202
Kayak, and Canoe Trips

Tybee Island
Tybee Lighthouse & Museum                     (912) 786-5801
30 Meddin Dr. (off Hwy. 80)                   Wed-Mon 9AM- 5:50 PM                       $6 and under
Fort Pulaski National Monument                 (912) 786-5787
E. Hwy. 80
The Battle of Fort Pulaski in April 1862 marked a turning point in military history. It featured the
first significant use of rifled cannons in combat.
Tybee Island Beach – 15th Street Pier
15th Street and Butler Ave.
seasonal food vendors, boardwalk, tidal pools

Brown‘s Reel‘Em N Deep Sea Fishing            (912) 897-4990

Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center           (912) 884-4440
622 Ways Temple Road
Center created to preserve the African culture that is unique to the Southeastern United States.

LeConte-Woodmanston Plantation and Botanical Gardens
4918 Barrington Ferry Road              (912) 884-6500

Rye Patch Clubhouse and Horse Farm          (912) 545-2289
Hunting, horseback riding, buffalo pasture & petting zoo, fishing, and a restaurant

Raptor Center (GA Southern Univ)            (912) 478-0831
Georgia Southern University Campus (directions online)
Wetland preserve, tours, programs

Okefenokee Swamp, Folkston, GA                (912) 283-0583
Kayaking, canoeing, camping

Cumberland Island National Seashore        (912) 882-4336 ext. 254
St. Mary‘s, GA
Hiking, camping, boating, fishing, and more. Directions on website.



Fort Stewart
Taylors Creek Golf Course                   (912) 767-2370

Newman Physical Fitness Center              (912) 767-3031
215 W. 6 Street, Bldg. 708/ or Bldg 439
(Childcare available at certain times—see CYS for registration)

Caro Physical Fitness Center                (912) 767-4763
919 William Wilson Ave., Bldg. 708

Jordan Gym (Youth Gym)                      (912) 767-5060
Bldg. 608, Gulick Ave. & 6th St.

Cherokee Rose Country Club (Golf)           (912) 876-5503
225 Cherokee Trail
Hinesville, GA 31313

Liberty Co/Armed Service YMCA             (912) 368-9622
201 Mary Lou Dr.
Gymnastics, Fitness, Weight Watchers meetings, swim team

Cheryl Brett Dance Studio                   (912) 369-4872
Hwy. 84, Hinesville
Tap, pointe, jazz, ballet, gymnastics

Dance Unlimited                             (912) 369-3255
1661 E Oglethorpe Hwy.
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, and Acrobatics

Liberty County Recreation Center            (912) 876-5359/(912) 448-5273
607 E. Oglethorpe Hwy., Hinesville
Sports programs

Curves                                      (912) 876-6615
230 General Screven Way # 106
Exercise and fitness center

Dorchester Shooting Preserve                  (912) 884-6999
Quail, duck, pheasant hunting

Richmond Hill
Life Moves Dance Studio                    (912) 756-8482
1747 Ford Avenue, Sawmill Plaza
Ballroom dancing – FREE for military and family members!

Kelly Creek Studios                           (912) 756-7426
2701 Hwy. 17
 (Dance, voice, music, theater) Military discount available

Waterford Landing Golf Course
731 Waterford Landing Road                    (912) 727-4848
 They have golf lessons for kids and adults, there are ladies‘ clinics, couples‘ leagues, glow in the
dark golf, men‘s leagues, parent/child golf scrambles

Sterling Links Golf Course
774 Port Royal Road                           (912) 727-4653

Ozzy Skate Park
Located inside Richmond Hill Recreation Park, near baseball fields 1 & 2, behind the tennis

Richmond Hill Recreation Center (RHRA) (912) 756-4075
Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer, Football, Baseball/Softball/Tee-ball

J. F. Gregory Park                            (912) 756-3345
Cedar St. and Hwy. 144 (next to City Hall)
Veteran‘s Monument, Wetlands Education Center, Playground, Covered Pavilion, Nature Trail
The playground is great, and the pavilion is a terrific place for an outside gathering. They even
have ―real‖ bathrooms, not just a port-a-potty!

Curves                                        (912) 756-6611
10104 Ford Avenue STE G-1

Crossroads Fitness                            (912) 756-4858
2641 Hwy. 17

Energy Oasis                                  (912) 756-5865
111 Market Street

Southern Light Wellness                       (912) 756-9701
Interstate 95 and U.S. Highway 17

YMCA of Coastal Georgia                       (912) 756-5856
10055 Ford Ave. Suite B

Boy Scouts – Richmond Hill                    (912) 927-7272

Girl Scouts – Richmond Hill                   (912) 236-1571

Henderson Golf Club                           (912) 920-4653
1 Al Henderson Blvd.

Savannah Sand Gnats                           (912) 351-9150
Grayson Stadium
Victory Drive, Savannah, GA
Baseball Farm team for the N.Y. Mets
Lots of fun for everyone (families or singles) military discount tickets

Cheer Savannah                                (912) 927-4646
1871 Grove Point Rd #B
Home of the 95-time National Champions, the Cheer Savannah All Stars! Provides children
with quality athletic training and promoting the sport of all-star cheerleading. Also tumbling
classes, custom choreography, private lessons, summer camps, and school squad training.

La Vida Country Club                          (912) 925-2440
525 Windsor Rd.

Miss Judy Fishing Charters                   (912) 897-4921
124 Palmetto Drive
Inshore, offshore and Gulf Stream fishing for anglers of all levels and ages

Woody‘s Skate Park                         (912) 925-3777
218 Windsor Road
Skatepark open to boards & blades. Lessons available upon request. Summer Camp

RH Fitness and Tanning                      (912) 480-0879
1370 E. Hwy. 80 Unit K
YMCA                                      (912) 748-9622
165 Isaac G. Laroche Dr.

Curves                                    (912) 330-9393
111 Canal Street Suite 101

24 Hour Family Fitness & Tanning Centers (912) 330-0235
862 U.S. Hwy. 80 W

Crosswinds Golf Course                    (912) 966-0674
232 James B. Blackburn Drive

Black Belt Academy                        (912) 826-3045
135 Goshen Rd. Ext. Ste. 156

Bodyworks Athletic Club                   (912) 826-5246
473 S. Columbia Avenue

Curves                                    (912) 826-6611
586 S. Columbia Ave. Ste. 6

Ladies Workout Express                    (912) 826-7138
586 S. Columbia Ave.

Yawn‘s Professional Karate and Fitness Ctr (912) 826-5008
250 Chimney Road

YMCA                                      (912) 826-2119
1224 Patriot Drive

Black Creek Golf Club
277 Canterwood Dr, Black Creek, GA
(912) 858-GOLF

Brown‘s Reel‘Em N Deep Sea Fishing        (912) 897-4990
Tybee Island, GA


Fort Stewart
The Spa                                      (912) 332-7314
112 Vilseck Rd., Fort Stewart

Hinesville Day Spa                           (912) 876-2206
110 MLK Jr Dr, Hinesville

Classic 1 Hour Photo                         (912) 368-3456
204 W. Oglethorpe. (Hwy. 84)

Richmond Hill
Impressions Dry Cleaners & Shirt Laundry (912) 756-6436
10275 Ford Avenue Ste. A

JJ Dry Cleaners & Alterations                (912) 756-3790
3801 U.S. Hwy. 17 Ste. 500

Miller Cleaning Services                     (912) 756-5004
128 Frances Meeks Way
Small business and residential cleaning
 Milan Salon & Day Spa                       (912) 756-7968
3766 Hwy. 17
Lavender Hill Spa Salon                   (912) 459-2757
2709 Hwy. 17
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
This is an Aveda Salon, and LOTS of people get their hair cut here! All the stylists are great.

Cobblestone Photography Studio               (912) 756-7376
10646B Ford Ave.

Rowe Photographers                             (912) 756-6161
2591 Hwy. 17 (Crossroads Center)
They have an estork program - if a father-to-be is deployed and unable to return for the birth of
his child, they will take a free photo session of the newborn within the first four weeks of birth.
The mother receives a disk, free of charge, with images of the baby, ready to email to Daddy.
They also give a military discount for regular sessions.

Vanilla Day Spa                            (912) 232-0040
1 E. Broughton Street (above the Kayak Café‘)

Savannah Day Spa                              (912) 234-9100
18 Oglethorpe Ave.

Poseidon Spa at Mansion at Forsyth Park        (912) 721-5004
700 Drayton St.
Looking to relieve a little stress? Then, Poseidon Spa is the place for you. Offering a wide
variety of spa services and located in one of the most beautiful buildings.


DAM Design                                   (912) 370-304
229 W. General Screven Way

Bee's Creations                               (912) 368-4774
229 W. General Screven Way, #14
Plaques, trophies, engraving, screen printing.

Victory Trophies                             (912) 368-3227
315 W. General Screven Way
Gifts, engraving, trophies

VIP Office Supply                            (912) 370-2847
109A Memorial Drive
Office supplies, gifts, embroidery, engraving, you name it – they got it!

Cross Screen Printing & Embroidery           (912) 369-2252
144 E. MLK Jr. Drive

Celebrations                                 (912) 876-6205
551 W. Oglethorpe Hwy.
Party Supplies, great prices

Classic Country                              (912) 368-0110
101 S. Main Street
Gift Shop

New & Not Shop                           (912) 876-2689
127 S. Main Street
Consignment Shop - REALLY easy to sell. Drop off your stuff & they will price it for you.

Food Lion – grocery                          (912) 368-4266
103 W. General Screven Way

Kroger - grocery                             (912) 876-6010
555 W. Oglethorpe Hwy.

Peebles                                      (912) 876-5260
149 W. Hendry St.
Department store (Bealls). Clothing, gifts, more!

Wal-Mart Supercenter (24 hrs)                (912) 369-3600
751 W. Oglethorpe Hwy.

IG Factory Store                             (912) 884-9727
338 Industrial Blvd (inside the Midway Industrial Park)
Paper & Party Supply outlet store for International Greetings USA Call for hours.

Richmond Hill
Cadre Shop                                     (912) 756-2111
2451 Hwy 17

Coastal Celebrations                           (912) 756-8475
9998 Ford Avenue
Invitations, gifts, party supplies, balloons

Ella‘s                                         (912) 756-3552
10686 Ford Ave.
 Gifts, home accessories, gourmet, garden

Richmond Hill Pharmacy                         (912) 756-3331
2409 Hwy. 17
Gifts, RHMS/HS items

The Thrifty Teacher                            (912) 756-6544
4158 Hwy. 17
Teacher/school supplies, tutoring

Kroger - grocery                               (912) 756-4490
9701 Ford Ave.

Publix - grocery                               (912) 459-1171
12800 Hwy. 144

Harvey‘s - grocery                       (912) 756—4555
Ways Station Shopping Center (Hwy. 144 and Hwy. 17)

Mrs. T‘s Baked Goods and Catering              (912) 756-4226
100 A. Edsel Drive (near Ford Plaza)
Old Fashioned Bakery

Oglethorpe Mall                                (912) 354-7038
7804 Abercorn St.

Savannah Festival Outlet Center             (912) 925-3089
11 Gateway Blvd. S. (Hwy. 204 and I-95)

Savannah Mall                               (912) 927-7467
(otherwise known as the Target Mall)
14045 Abercorn St.

Little Blessings                            (912) 660-7954
6707B Johnny Mercer Blvd.
Childrens Consignment Boutique

The Children‘s Corner                               (912) 355-2661
(Open Tues-Fri 11-6 pm, Sat 11-4 pm)
15 E. DeRenne Ave.
Children‘s Consignment Store

Barnett Educational Supplies                (912) 356-1878
38 W. DeRenne Ave.

The Teaching Tree II                        (912) 927-0884
10010 Abercorn St.

River Street Marketplace                    (912) 495-0014
502 E. River Street
River Street has some nice shopping and restaurants to be explored.

Liberty Auction                             (912) 653-5500
101 S. Industrial Blvd.
Household auction every Thurs. 5pm (little bit of everything). Antique auction last Sat. of ―odd‖
months at 5pm (great value!) If you have never been to an auction, this is a great way to start.

Tanger Outlet Shopping I & II                (843) 837-4339
(There are two outlet malls on the same side of the street.)
1414 Fording Island Rd.; Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Jesup Furniture Store                       (912) 427-7727
167 S.E. Broad St., Jesup, GA

Preferred Outlets at Darien                 (888) 545-7224
I-95 (Exit 49)
1 Magnolia Bluff Way, Darien, GA

                       ODDS & ENDS
It is illegal in Georgia to buy beer, wine, or liquor from a store on Sunday (“Blue Laws”)

Chamber of Commerce                           (912) 368-4445
(Service Organizations)

Connect Stewart/Hunter
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Richmond Hill
Official city website - (for more information)

Richmond Hill Events Calendar

FYI: Hwy. 144 and Ford Avenue (Richmond Hill) are the same street

Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors‘ Bureau – (912) 756-2676 / 1-800-807-4848
Richmond Hill Police Department            (912) 756-2626
Richmond Hill Fire Department              (912) 756-3749

A great website for families in Savannah – (it will break down ideas for kids by age)

FYI: Hwy. 204 and Abercorn are the same street.

Official city website –
Recreational activities -

Official city website –

Great place to hold events – Vernon C. Hinely Community Center

Athletic Clubs - ATA                          (912) 826-2199


                       Army Acronyms
AAFES Army Air Force Exchange Services         DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility
ACS Army Community Services                    Reporting System
ACU Army Combat Uniform                        DENTAC United States Army Dental Activity
AD Active Duty                                 DFAC Dining Facility
AER Army Emergency Relief                      DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting System
AFAP Army Family Action Plan                   DOB Date of Birth
AFTB Army Family Team Building                 DoD Department of Defense
AIT Advanced Individual Training               DOIM Director of Information Management
ANCOC (A-knock) Advanced Non-                  DPW Director of Public Works
Commissioned Officer‘s Course
APO Army Post Office                           EFMP Exceptional Family Member Program
AR Army Reserve/Army Regulation/Armor          EML Environmental Morale Leave
ARCOM Army Reserve Command/Army                ER Emergency Room
Commendation Medal                             ERB Enlisted Record Brief
ARNG Army National Guard                       ESC Enlisted Spouses‘ Club
ASAP As Soon As Possible                       EST Engagement Skills Trainer
AT Annual Training                             ETS Expiration of Term of Service
AUSA Association of the US Army
AVCC Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator          FA Field Artillery
                                               FAP Family Advocacy Program
BAH Basic Allowance for Housing                FOB Forward Operating Base
BAS Basic Allowance for Subsistence            FRC Family Readiness Center
BCT Brigade Combat Team                        FRG Family Readiness Group
BDE Brigade                                    FRSA Family Readiness Support Assistant
BDU Battle Dress Uniform                       FSA Family Separation Allowance
BN Battalion                                   FSGLI Family Servicemen‘s Group Life
BNCOC (Be-knock) Basic Non-Commissioned        Insurance
Officer Course                                 FTX Field Training Exercise
BSB Brigade Support Battalion                  FY Fiscal Year
BTB Brigade Troops Battalion
                                               (G* - section in a Division, Corps HQ)
CAV Cavalry                                    G1 Personnel
CDC Child Development Center                   G2 Intelligence
CDR Commander                                  G3 Operations and training
CG Commanding General                          G4 Logistics
CID Criminal Investigation Division            G5 Plans
CO Commanding Officer/Company                  G6 Communications
COB Close of Business                          G7 Information operations
COLA Cost of Living Allowance                  G8 Resource management
CONUS Continental United States                G9 Civil-military operations
CQ Charge of Quarters – 24 hour duty           GED General Equivalency Diploma
CYS Child Youth Services
                                               HAAF Hunter Army Air Field
DA Department of Army                          HHC/HHD Headquarters & Headquarters
DCO Deputy Commanding Officer (BDE)            Company/Detachment
DECA Defense Commissary Agency                 HQ Headquarters

HRC Human Resources Command                        PNOK Primary Next of Kin
                                                   POA Power of Attorney
IG Inspector General                               POC Point of Contact
IN Infantry                                        POV Privately Owned Vehicle
IRR Individual Ready Reserve                       PT Physical Training
ITT Information, Tours & Travel                    PWOC Protestant Women of Chapel
                                                   PX Post Exchange
JAG Judge Advocate General
JR NCO Junior Grade Non-Commissioned               R & D Research and Development
Officer                                            R & R Rest and Recuperation
JROTC Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps        ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
JRTC Joint Readiness Training Center               RSVP ―Respondez s‘il vous plait‖ Reply
KIA Killed in Action                               whether or not you can attend
LES Leave and Earnings Statement
                                                   (S* - section in a BN or BDE HQ)
MACOM Major Army Command                           S1 Personnel
MEDCOM Medical Command                             S2 Intelligence
MEDDAC Medical Department Activity                 S3 Operations and training
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation                         S4 Logistics
MI Military Intelligence                           S5 Plans
MIA Missing in Action                              S6 Communications
MOBEX Mobilization Exercise                        S7 Information operations
MOS Military Occupation Specialty                  S8 Resource management
MP Military Police                                 S9 Civil-military operations
MPC Main Post Chapel                               SFAC Soldier and Family Assistance Center
MRE Meals Ready to Eat                             SGLI Servicemen‘s Group Life Insurance
MRX Mission Rehearsal Exercise                     SJA Staff Judge Advocate
MWR Morale, Welfare, and Recreation                SLO School Liaison Officer
                                                   SOP Standard Operating Procedure(s)
N/A Not Applicable                                 SSN Social Security Number
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer                       TDY Temporary Duty
NCOER Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation          TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command
Report                                             TRICARE Regional Managed Health Care
NCOIC Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge           program for active duty & retired members of
NG National Guard                                  the uniformed services, their families, and
NLT No Later Than                                  survivors
NOK Next of Kin
NTC National Training Center                       UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
                                                   UCOFT Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer
OB Obstetrics                                      USR Unit Status Report
OCONUS Outside Continental United States           USAR United States Army Reserves
OCS Officer Candidate School                       USO United Services Organization
OER Officer Evaluation Report
OPSEC Operational Security                         VA Department of Veterans‘ Affairs
OSC Officers‘ Spouses‘ Club                        WLC Warrior Leader Course
                                                   WO Warrant Officer
PAO Public Affairs Office                          WTB Warriors in Transition Battalion
PCS Permanent Change of Station                    WTU Warriors in Transition Unit
PDA Public Display of Affection
PMO Provost Marshal Office                         XO Executive Officer

                                    Army Terms
ACCOMPANIED TOUR tour of duty with family                      FAMILY READINESS GROUP organization of
members                                                        family members, volunteers, and Soldiers/civilian
ACTIVE ARMY on active duty, to include guard                   employees belonging to a unit/organization that
and reserve that have been activated                           together provides an aveue of mutual support and
ALERT emergency call to be ready                               assistance and a network of communication amon the
ALLOTMENT designated payment by Soldier or                     family members, the chain of command, and
civilian employee to bank or individual                        community resources
ALLOWANCE pay and special compensation                         FORMATION gathering of Soldiers in a prescribed
BARRACKS/BILLETS place where a soldier lives
BENEFITS medical, dental. Commissary, PX, etc.                 GARRISON post or community
                                                               GEAR equipment used by Soldiers or civilian
CHAIN OF COMMAND leadership structure                          employees
CHAIN OF CONCERN an informal self-help                         GI BILL education entitlement
channel for family members and others in a                     GI PARTY clean up duty
unit/organization                                              GRADE corresponds to pay level of Soldier or
CHAPLAIN military minister, priest, rabbi, or pastor           civilian employee (e.g. E-1, O-1, or GS-4)
CLASS A’s green slacks/skirt, light green shirt, tie or        GREEN BERETS Special Forces
neck tab, and jacket                                           GUIDON identification flag (―flag that troops rallied
CLEARING obtaining official release from post                  ‗round‘‖.)
COLORS national and unit/organization flags                    GUNNERY Practice and testing skills with the
COMMISSARY grocery store for military                          vehicles at the ranges on post
served in combat (6 months per stripe)
COURT-MARTIAL trial system within the Army                     HARDSHIP TOUR unaccompanied tour of duty
                                                               HAZARDOUS DUTY PAY Airborne; diving; EOD
DANGER PAY/HOSTILE FIRE PAY extra pay                          (explosive ordnance demolition) pay
for duty in a hostile area                                     HOUSING OFFICE where you check in for
DEPLOYMENT Soldier or civilian employee sent                   housing
on a mission without family members
DETAIL job or assignment                                       ID CARD identification card issued to legally
DIRECT DEPOSIT Soldier‘s or civilian employee‘s                recognized members of the Army family
guaranteed check to bank                                       INFO information
DINING IN formal social gathering for soldiers only            INSIGNIA indicates branch of soldiers
DINING OUT formal social gathering with spouses
DISCHARGE release from active duty                             K-9 dogs trained for military police service
DOGTAGS identification tags worn by Soldiers
DRESS BLUES informal attire with four-in-hand                  LATRINE toilet
tie/formal attire with bow tie                                 LEAVE approved time away from duty station
ESPRIT DE CORPS morale within unit or
organization                                                   MARNE A river in France where the 3rd Infantry
                                                               Division held off German forces
FAMILY ADVOCACY program that assists with                      MOTOR POOL area where official vehicles are
child and spouse abuse problems                                kept
FAMILY CARE PLAN written instructions for care
of family members while sponsor is away from duty              ORDERS spoken or written instructions to a Soldier
station (can include provisions for finances, wills,
and guardianship)                                              PLATOON several squads within a company
FAMILY FOCUS 2nd Brigade event for families                    POLICE CALL clean up
                                                               POST EXCHANGE Army department store

POWER OF ATTORNEY legal document                               SICK CALL specific block of time for medical
permitting a person to act on behalf of another                attention
                                                               SPACE A space available
QUARTERS government housing for married                        SPONSOR person who is salaried by Government
soldiers or with children                                      SUBSISTENCE food allowance

RANK official title of Soldier (also, relative position        TAPS last call of the day
within a military grade such as sergeant or Captain)           TA50 field gear
REGRETS ONLY respond only if not attending
RESERVES U.S. Army reserves                                    “NOUS RESERONS LA” "We Shall Remain" -
RETREAT bugle/flag ceremony at end of day                      motto of the 3rd Infantry Division
RE-UP reenlist
REVEILLE bugle call/ceremony at beginning of day               “SEND ME” – motto of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry
“ROCK OF THE MARNE” Nickname of the 3rd                        Division
Infantry Division                                              SPARTANS – nickname of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd
ROSTER list of members                                         Infantry Division
                                                               SPARTAN FOCUS Military Field Exercise for 2nd
SEPARATION PAY pay for unaccompanied duty                      Brigade Combat Team
SHORT TIMER person with short time left to serve
on active duty


Fort Stewart/HAAF Chapel Schedule

   Local Annual Events Calendar
MLK Parade                                January
Savannah Irish Festival                   February
St. Patrick‘s Day Parade (SAV)            March (second largest in the country)
Savannah Music Festival                   Mar – Apr
Shakespeare Festival (SAV)                May
Memorial Day Observance (RH)              May
Scottish Games (SAV)                      May
Asian Festival (SAV)                      June
River Street Fireworks (SAV)              July
4th of July Family Festival (RH)              July
Jazz Festival (SAV)                       September
Greek Festival (SAV)                      October
Oktoberfest (SAV)                         October
Jewish Food Festival (SAV)                October
Savannah Film Festival                    October
Pirate Fest (Tybee)                       October
Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival (RH)      October
Children‘s Book Fair (SAV)                November
Veterans Day Observance (RH)              November
Chili Cook-off (RH)                       December
Hometown Christmas Parade (RH)            December
Christmas Boat Parade (RH)                December
Holiday Tour of Homes (SAV)               December
Festival of Trees and Lights (SAV)        December
(SAV) = Savannah       (RH) = Richmond Hill

           Recommended Websites
MILITARY RELATED WEBSITES - 3rd ID website - Garrison website - 2nd BCT website - My Army Life Too website for spouses - Ft. Stewart MWR website - Army MWR website - Military One Source website - Army family toolbox - military home front - Fort Stewart housing - Legal assistance website - Army Lodging - Army Wife Talk Radio
- printable POV registration form - American Red Cross - Army and Air Force Exchange Services - Army Civilian Personnel online - Army Emergency Relief - The Frontline, the
official Ft. Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield newspaper - Army magazine - Army Times

                                              70 - Military housing on and off post listings - Army Wives - Defense Finance and Accounting services - military living - Military BRATS online - military post office overseas zip codes - Tri-Care online - Tri-Care Dental (United Concordia) - USO (United Services Organization) - Basic Allowance for Housing rates - One stop source for family housing information - worldwide - Deployment training and information for Soldiers and
Families - Official homepage of the United States Army - Army Virtual FRG (vFRG) website (access your unit vFRG here) - FREE space available vacations for military - Military Spouse career center - Resources & support for Army Spouses and Children Military Child Education Coalition

NON-MILITARY RELATED WEBSITES - Brittin Elementary website - Diamond Elementary website - Kessler Elementary website - Liberty County schools - Chatham County schools - Bryan County schools - Long County schools - Liberty County FreeCycle—people
gifting items - Liberty & Long county
online yard sales - online yard sale items from people on Ft. Stewart &
Hinesville - city of Hinesville website - Liberty Co. Recreation Center - Liberty county events calendar - Comcast tv/home phone/ internet - military homeschooling website - military homeschooling website - Georgia child safety seat laws

              COMING SOON!
Keep your eye out for details nearer the official launch date, but here is your ―sneak peek.‖
                  Cost = $1 per ride (transfer to another route for free)
            Proposed route above includes Ft. Stewart Family Housing, PX,
                        Commissary, Wal-Mart, and much more.

                                     Ft. Stewart/HAAF
                                     Operating Hours
Activity                              Hours of Operation                                                              Phone Number

Commissary                            Mon Closed/Tues - Fri 10am to 8pm    Sat 10 am to 7pm        Sun 10 am to 6pm   767-1392
PX                                    Mon - Sat 9am to 9pm                 Sun 10am to 8pm                            876-2850
Furniture Store                       Mon - Sat 10am to 6pm                Sun 11am to 6pm                            876-7558
Main Shoppette/ Class Six             Mon - Fri 7am to 10pm                Sat 9am to 10pm         Sun 10am to 8pm    876-0868
Bryan Village Shoppette/ Gasoliine    Mon - Fri 6am to 10 pm               Sat - Sun 7am to 10pm                      368-2237
Victory Shoppette/ Gasoline           Mon - Sun 24 hr a day                                                           876-8434
National Guard Shopette               Mon - Fri 9am to 4pm                 Sat - Sun Closed                           767-4462
Brigade Troop Store                   Mon - Fri 5am to 9pm                 Sat - Sun 9am to 6pm                       876-0340
Winn Hospital PX                      Mon - Fri 8:30a to 4:30 p            Sat - Sun Closed                           435-6895
Car Care Center                       Mon - Fri 7 am to 6 pm               Sat 9am to 4pm          Sun Closed         876-5265
Burger King                           Mon - Fri 6 am to 10 pm              Sat - Sun 7am to 9pm                       368-6617
Popeyes Chicken                       Mon - Sat 7:30 am to 8 pm            Sun 11am to 8pm                            368-0134
Anthony's Pizza (In with Popeyes)     Mon - Fri 11 am to 2 pm              Sat - Sun Closed                           368-0134
Blimpie                               Mon - Fri 10:30 am to 5 pm           Sat - Sun Closed                           368-2691
Cinnabon                              Mon - Fri 7 am to 8 pm               Sat 9am to 8pm          Sun 10 am to 6pm   876-4698
Anthony's Pizza (In Main PX)          Mon - Sat 10 am to 9 pm              Sun 11am to 7pm                            876-4698
Robin Hood                            Mon - Fri 11 am to 7 pm              Sat - Sun 11am to 5pm                      876-4698
Charly's                              Mon - Sat 7 am to 9 pm               Sun 9am to 7pm                             876-4698
Taco John's                           Mon - Sat 10 am to 8 pm              Sun 10:30 to 6pm                           876-4698
Military Clothing and Sales           Mon - Sat 10am to 6pm                Sun Closed                                 368-4572
Beauty Salon                          Mon - Sat 9 am to 6 pm               Sun 11am to 5pm                            876-2663
Barber Shop                           Mon -Wed, Fri 9am to 5pm             Thurs 12pm to 5pm       Sat - Sun Closed   876-4080
Barber Shop (mini mall)               Mon - Fri 10 am to 5 pm              Sat - Sun Closed                           876-4080
Barber Shop (Main PX)                 Mon - Sat 9 am to 7 pm               Sun 10am to 5pm                            876-0934
Alltell                               Mon - Fri 9 am to 6 pm               Sat 9am to 5pm          Sun 1pm to 5pm     368-3310
Petals and Blooms Flower Shop         Mon - Fri 9am to 6pm                 Sat 10am to 5pm         Sun 11am to 4pm    876-0598
GNC                                   Mon - Sat 9 am to 7 pm               Sun 10am to 6pm                            876-4994
Pharmacy in the Main PX               Mon - Fri 9 am to 6 pm               Sat - Sun Closed
closed for lunch                      Mon - Fri 1 pm to 2 pm               Sat - Sun Closed
Stripes (Alterations)                 Mon - Fri 9 am to 6:30 pm            Sat 9am to 4pm          Sun Closed         368-8233
E & L Car Wash                        Mon - Fri 9 am to 3 pm               Sat 9am to 4pm          Sun 9am to 12pm    408-9292
Urban Wear                            Mon - Sat 9 am to 7 pm               Sun 10am to 6pm                            368-7656
Gifts Galore                          Mon - Sat 9 am to 7 pm               Sun 10am to 6pm                            877-4734
Coin Operated Car Wash                Mon - Sun 24 hr a day
Laundrette                            Mon - Sun 24 hr a day
Starcade                              Mon - Sat 9 am. to 9 pm              Sun 10am to 7pm
Woodruff Theatre                      Mon/Tue/Thurs 7pm                    Sat 6pm & 10pm          Sun 6pm            767-3069
Sprint Barracks Phone Center          Mon - Fri 8 am to 5 pm               Sat - Sun Closed
Cyberzone Café                        Mon - Sun 24 hr a day

                                        Ft. Stewart/HAAF
                                        Operating Hours
Activity                                    Hours of Operation                                                                   Phone Number

Directorate of MWR                          Mon - Fri 7:30 am to 4 pm     Sat - Sun Closed                                       767-3319
Outdoor Recreation
              Equipment Checkout            Mon/Th/Fri 11a to 5:30p       Sat - Sun 7am to 3pm        Tues-Wed Closed            435-8205/8209
            Equipment Rental Annex          Mon/Th/Fri 11a to 5:30p       Sat - Sun 7am to 3pm        Tues-Wed Closed            435-8205/8210
            Holbrook Recreation Area        Mon/Th/Fri 11a to 5:30p       Sat - Sun 7am to 3pm        Tues-Wed Closed            435-8205/8211
                 Pass and Permits           Mon - Fri 11am to 6pm         Sat - Sun 7am to 3pm                                   435-8061
                 Rifle/ Pistol Range        Mon - Fri 11 am to 5:30 pm    Sat - Sun 7am to 2:30pm                                435-8061
              Skeet/ Trap Range             Mon/Th/Fri 11a to 5:30p       Sat - Sun 7am to 2:30pm     Tues-Wed Closed            435-8205/8209
Fitness Centers
             Newman Fitness Center          Mon - Fri 5am to 10pm         Sat 9am - 9pm               Sun 12pm - 9pm             767-3031
        Caro Physical Fitness Center        Mon - Fri 5am to 10pm         Sat 9am - 9pm               Sun 12pm - 9pm             767-4763
Corkan Family Recreation                    Mon - Thu 3pm - 9pm           Fri 3pm to 11pm             Sat - Sun 11:30am - 9pm    767-4273
           Corkan Treehouse tot Time        Mon - Fri 9:30a to 11:30p     Sat - Sun Closed                                       767-4273
                  Adventure Golf            Mon - Sun 11:30am - 7pm                                                              767-4273
               Corkan Teen Center           Mon/Thu/Sun 2pm to 9pm        Fri/Sat 3pm to 11pm         Tues-Wed Closed            767-4273
Library                                     Mon - Thu 9am - 9pm           Fri - Sun 9am to 4pm                                   767-2828
Vehicle Registration Office                 Mon - Fri 7:30am to 5pm       Sat - Sun Closed                                       767-5195
Red Cross                                   Mon - Fri 7:30am to 4pm       Sat - Sun Closed                                       767-2197
        after hours call 877-272-7337
Jordan Gym (youth gym) School/Summer Yr     M-Sat 2pm/12pm to 8pm         Sun Closed/Closed                                      767-5079
Swimming Pool                               Seasonal                                                                             767-3034
TriCare Office
             Health Benefits Advisor        Mon - Fri 7:30a to 4:30p      Sat - Sun Closed                                       435-6230/6716
     Beneficiary Services Representatives   Mon - Fri 7:15 am to 7 pm     Sat - Sun Closed                                       1-800-444-5445
            Mental Health Care Finder       Mon - Sun 24 hr a day                                                                1-800-700-8646
                       Claims               Mon - Fri 8 am to 7 pm        Sat - Sun Closed                                       1-800-403-3950
          Tuttle Army Health Clinic         Mon - Fri 8am to 5 pm         Sat - Sun Closed            Toll Free 1-800-652-9221   (912) 435-6633
Education Center                            Hours Vary see website                                                               767-8328
Dependent I.D. Card Section                 Mon - Fri 8 am to 4 pm        Sat by appt only            Sun Closed                 767-4909/2277
School Liaison Office (SLO) Fort Stewart    Mon - Fri 8am to 5 pm         Sat - Sun Closed                                       767-6533
School Liaison Office (SLO) HAAF            Mon - Fri 8am to 5 pm         Sat - Sun Closed                                       315-6586
Youth Center                                Mon - Sat 2 pm to 8 pm        Su 2 pm to 6 pm
Youth Center (Admin Office)                 Mon - Fri 9 am to 5 pm        Sat - Sun Closed                                       767-4493/4491
Legal Servioes
               Admiinistrative Law          Mon - Thu 9 am to 5 pm        Fri 9 am to 3 pm            Sun Closed                 767-2953
                       Claims               Mon - Fri 8 am to 4 pm        Sat - Sun Closed                                       767-8185
                   Criminal Law             Mon - Wed/Fri 9:30am to 3pm   Closed lunch 11:30a to 1p   Thurs/Sat - Sun Closed
            Consolidated Legal Center       Mon - Fri 9 am to 5 pm        Sat - Sun Closed                                       767-2639



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