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The first thing that everyone should know is there is always money to be made in Real
Estate. There are also rules that we all must learn to abide by, in order to prosper in this
market. To become a part of real land ownership must be taken step by step to reach your
goal. Our first step is to go out and survey the area to see what people need as far as
living accommodation.

Owning property is one thing but having the right property for the area is another part of
our study using our geographical survey. In which we make a summation of different age
groups and family sizes to determine the amount of space per unit.

Single men and women usually only require a smaller space to live. The one bedroom
unit with a small kitchen and storage area is enough for each of them to live and display
their life styles. So for all real estate investors this would be a great place to start and to
realize that the unit size is a big factor in real estate development. The next type of
housing to discuss would be for the small family units just starting out their life with no
children in the plan.

Let us take a closer look at what we have thus far of becoming property owners. This is
to create recursive income path in which we continue to collect every month. The first
unit of course was an apartment with one, two and sometimes three bedrooms. Most first
time renters either singles or small families would fit into this size of rental property. The
second model of real estate was a single family home this unit is separate and in its own

Our case study showing the land available and the type of homes being built make it
clear. That is why more multilevel housing is the only thing that would fit in this specific
area. The priorities that you want to keep in mind are they occupied? How long were the
rentals empty over the years? Our survey today was about property already available to
use as rental properties.

First Hot Tip: For your first rental property I would like to recommend a multi-unit
building with at least four units or six units.

This is because multi-unit properties are so plentiful in most cities and towns. Now! If
you are ready, let us begin to learn all the skills sets that are needed to maintain this type
of structure. This might also be something that you will outsource to a professional. What
I recommend for anyone doing any type of business is that first of course, learn to operate
it all yourself.

That way you can show others exactly how it is to be maintained for all the tenants. This
is just the beginning of your career as a real estate investor. Please do not take it lightly!
It is so exciting each and every time you find a new piece of property to buy or even
build. How will I make it better? Who will the next tenant be that will be living in one of
your rental properties?

What I would like to offer you! Is a step by step opportunity to learn, all the knowledge
required to be a Real Estate Owner collecting a monthly income. Not to be stuck
wondering what you need to do next... Exciting guidance showing you every step of the
way from the beginning when: filing of a credit report for tenant, your first tenant,
signing the rental agreement, getting your first months rent and laws.

Finally, take a step into the future! You have come a long way and you have prospered
ten fold, it's time to build a ten unit complex from the ground up. We need to check the
zoning requirements for these types of buildings so that they could be built in this
neighborhood. It's really starting to get exciting now!

It is not overwhelming at all because we are just starting out and there are so many
requirements that we need to think about and keep on track. This is where Riches with
Rentals World real estate investor training comes in on top not leaving anything to
chance step by step to completion. When you have a mentor that has been there and done
that you know that it will work. Why? It is a proven fact!

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