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									                                Silk Sherwani
Silk Sherwani is one of the most preferred traditional clothing for men in India. Men also
prefer to wear them at special occasions and festivals such as Diwali, Eid and also love to
use on occasion of the wedding. The sherwani collar does it with style and fashion.

The style of the neck in a sherwani after 2 depends on basic factors
Your face cut-For instance, if you have all the jawlines you should choose collars large
proportion In the same way, if you have a narrow jaw structure to go for small round

The structure of the shoulder helps define the space between the rings, for instance, if you
have your shoulders square and shades are always wide collars and V shape neck.

Choice of the collars in Indian sherwani depends from one person to another. Few of the
most common style of necklaces Sherwani are -

1) Round Neck Silk Sherwani -

 .   Stiffed round neck is in the form of English letter "O"
 .   It has a short width
 .   Create a look quite chubby around the neck
 .   If the collars are very close to point also called round neck

2) V Neck Sherwani - V necklines are always in style and fashion

  . Available as English letter "V"
  . It is one of the most attractive styles available for dressing men neck
  . Make you look thinner. They take the focus away from the zone round the neck and

3) Chinese Mandarin collars or collars or neck cadet
 . It is a small standing collar and open front
 . They are very popular and traditional Indian sherwanis jackets

Cbazaar and Homeindia offer a wide range of online design sherwanis for various
occasions and festivals like weddings, parties and special events.

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