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Jonathan Underhill Profile 2012


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									                               Jonathan Underhill

Year Called
to the Bar:                  2008 (Inner Temple)

Degree:                      LLB (Hons) Cardiff Law School (Law & Politics)
                             Graded Outstanding
                             Inner Temple Prize Winner

Teams:                       Criminal

Memberships:                 Wales & Chester Circuit

Jonathan comes to 12 College Place having completed his pupillage and
practicing in a mixed common law set in South Wales.

Prior to completing pupillage Jonathan gained considerable experience as a
civil litigator first with Hugh James Solicitors in the areas of Employers and
Public Liability, and secondly with The Co-operative Legal Services in the
areas of Road Traffic and Personal Injury litigation.

Jonathan also spent a year as a County Court Advocate with the internal
advocacy department of Lyons Davidson Solicitors; regularly conducting small
claims hearings and varied applications, as well as advising on both quantum
and liability matters.


Jonathan is regularly instructed for the Defence to conduct contested trials in
the Magistrates Court. He has extensive experience in Domestic Violence
matters particularly relating to admissibility issues with complainant evidence.
Jonathan also regularly appears for clients charged with motoring offences
often conducting abuse of process arguments relating to mechanical defect
and retention of evidence. He has experience of defending prosecutions
brought by the DWP relating to benefit fraud. He appears in the Crown Court
for Defendants in Appeals against sentence and conviction, and is instructed
on behalf of the Defence in Crown Court matters generally.

Jonathan prosecutes in both the Crown and Magistrates Court conducting
breach hearings and trials for the National Probation Service. He is a Grade 1
Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service conducting magistrates lists
and trials as well as prosecution Appeals against conviction and sentence.

              12 College Place, Fauvelle Buildings, Southampton SO15 2FE
                       Tel: (023) 8032 0320 Fax: (023) 8032 0321
Prison Law

Jonathan has experience of representing serving prisoners at prison
adjudication hearings.


Jonathan has built upon his previous experience in civil law continuing to act
for both Claimants and Defendants in both Small Claims and Fast Track

He is often instructed to deal with RTA Portal hearings at Stage Three as well
as other disposal matters relating to personal injury litigation. He has
particular experience of dealing with credit hire matters both inside and
outside of the RTA Portal Scheme. Jonathan continues to advise on both
quantum and liability, and will consider cases under
Conditional Fee Agreements.

Jonathan also acts for residential and commercial landlords and banks
relating to property possession and other housing matters. He is keen to
develop this area of his practice.

Employment and Tribunal

Jonathan has maintained a mixed tribunal practice appearing before the
Employment, Social Security, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and
Immigration Tribunals in a variety of appeals and claims.

Jonathan wishes to move forward in this area, and to continue to development
in the field of Employment in particular.


Jonathan acts for both Applicants and Respondents in Private Law matters
relating to children, including contact and residence. He is instructed in Re: L
fact finding hearings dealing with matters both of domestic violence and
sexual abuse allegations, often in cases which include a child's Guardian.

                                 Notable Cases

R v Jones (2011): burglary charge based solely on forensic evidence,
successfully submission of no case.

DWP v Davies (2011): Defending a charge of a fraudulent benefit claim of
approximately £20,000 pounds.

             12 College Place, Fauvelle Buildings, Southampton SO15 2FE
                      Tel: (023) 8032 0320 Fax: (023) 8032 0321
R v Lawrence (2012): Burglary case involving a successful application to
exclude improperly obtained confession evidence.

DVLA v Connelly (2012): Defending the DVLA in a claim relating to breach of
the data protection act and Human Rights act: protracted application for strike
out and summary judgment against a litigant in person.

Re: B (2012): Acting for father in an ongoing private contact dispute involving
allegation of sexual abuse against father


'I would not hesitate in instructing Mr Underhill - cases are always thoroughly
prepared, time and care taken with clients, and outcomes reported back
promptly. The client feedback has been excellent, and often accompanied
with a request that he represent them again. The quality of his representation
is first class'.

                           Lucy Taylor (Solicitor) - Watkins and Gunn Solicitors

'I have found Mr Underhill to be an excellent advocate who is always well
prepared and courteous to all. I have had positive feedback from clients in
cases he had conducted on my firms behalf. I would not hesitate to instruct

                                 Paul Lewis (Partner) - Quality Solicitors, HPJV

             12 College Place, Fauvelle Buildings, Southampton SO15 2FE
                      Tel: (023) 8032 0320 Fax: (023) 8032 0321

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