Choral Department Handbook Music can change the by jennyyingdi


									Choral Department Handbook


        “Music can change the world
       because it can change people."
                     ~ Bono, U2~

                    Park View High School
                     400 West Laurel Ave.
                      Sterling VA 20164

              School Main Office – 571-434-4500
                Choral Office – 571-434-4505

  Please keep this handbook for reference throughout the year

                                  PARK VIEW HIGH SCHOOL
                                                 Choral Handbook
                                                        Table of Contents

I.       Learning Goals...........................................................................................            3

II.      Course Descriptions .................................................................................                3

III.     2010-11 Choral Program Events Schedule..............................................                                 4

IV.      Course Activity Fees and Mandatory Forms ..........................................                                  5

V.       Uniform Information ..................................................................................               5

VI.      Classroom Expectations............................................................................                   5

VII.     Concert Expectations ................................................................................                7

VIII.    Ensemble Expectations .............................................................................                  9

IX.      Grading Procedures ...................................................................................               9

X.       Service Hours and Student Recognition ..................................................                             10

XI.      Student Leadership. .................................................................................                10

XII.     Student Auditions                .................................................................................   11

XIII.    The Park View High School Choral Boosters Organization ....................                                          11

Self Evaluation Grade Sheet ..................................................................................                12

Choral Awards Point Record Sheet ......................................................................                       13

Receipt of Handbook Form ..................................................................................                   14

                      Park View High School - 2010-2011 - Choral Handbook
I.    Learning Goals
      The choral program is open to any high school student who wishes to sing, further his or her knowledge of
      music, and improve vocal technique and musicianship skills.
      The main aim of the program is to enrich the lives of students through the study and performance of a
      broad variety of music in the spirit and pursuit of excellence.
      Students will learn of other cultures, historical time periods, and will gain an appreciation and respect for the
      importance of the choral art to American society and world culture. Students of the Park View High School
      Choral Program will…
      A. Become competent users of musical notation
          - read and interpret musical scores
          - have a strong foundational music vocabulary
          - have a strong foundation in music theory
      B. Become skillful and acute listeners.
          - develop personal vocal skills
          - develop secure part singing skills and sing in tune in harmony (accompanied and acappella)
          - develop secure skills in sight singing, ear training and rhythmic accuracy
      C. Become sensitive, spirited and superior performers.
          - develop habits for accurate score interpretation and execution
          - develop the art, ear and integrity for singing in an ensemble
          - identify and develop the skills necessary for excellence in practice, performance and evaluation
      D. Become kind, caring and positive members of the choral program.
          - demonstrate positive attitudes as members of an ensemble and of the choral program
          - demonstrate excellent and exemplary behavior in all venues and situations
      E. Have opportunities to experience great music.

II.   Course Descriptions
      For the 2010 – 2011 School Year the Park View Choral Department Ensembles will be as Follows;
      A. Varsity Treble Choir …
          … is an Advanced-level women’s choir. The ensemble performs treble choir literature from all time
          periods, cultures and styles. Members should have adequate or emerging vocal and sight reading skills
          and will be selected by audition.
              Outside-of-class rehearsals may occur occasionally, and are part of class grade.
      B. Concordia Chamber Ensemble …
         … Is an Artist-level mixed choir. The ensemble performs challenging choral works from all musica
         periods, styles and languages. While a cappella singing is a staple of their performance style, they
         will take advantage of opportunities to perform with available instrumental ensembles. Members should
         Have strong or developing vocal and sight reading skills and will be selected by audition. Students are
         required to attend extra-curricular concerts and performances.
               Outside-of-class rehearsals may occur occasionally, and are part of class grade.
      C. Persuasion Show Choir …
         … specializes in pop, jazz and Broadway literature and choreography. Members should have highly
         developed vocal and sight reading skills and are selected by audition. Participation in Persuasion
         USUALLY requires students to be enrolled in one additional PVHS choral ensemble.
            Outside-of-class rehearsals will be graded / required to properly prepare for performances.
      D. Patriot Concert Choir …
         … is an ensemble that will meet before school one day a week at 8:00 AM. All choral members are
         required to be a part of this ensemble and anyone from the student body is welcome to join us. For
         students enrolled in chorus … special exemptions will be made by the director (on a case by case basis)
         to excuse them from the participation requirement if there are extenuating circumstances. This ensemble
         will explore chorale literature of all types with emphasis on the “larger concert choir” sound. This
         ensemble WILL concertize, and participate in All District and National adjudication events.
      E. Special Ensembles …
         … will be prepared and perform as the interest and available time arises. In addition, students are
         encouraged to prepare solo work and form their own small ensembles to further explore and enhance
         their musical experience.

III. 2010-11 Choral Program Event Schedule
     The calendar for the 2010-2011 year can be found on the choral website. Please check the menu item “calendar”
     whenever you need to get details about a performance or travel. However, for your convenience the following is a
     list of performance dates and program dates for this school year.

    Students are held accountable for being present at all required performances per the schedule. Please see the
    section in this booklet on attendance policies and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the
    director personally.

    Attendance at required performances is an integral part of each student’s quarterly grade; chorus is a
    performance class, and the importance of performing and supporting your fellow ensemble (team)
    members in a performance cannot be stressed strongly enough.

    Please add these dates to your family’s calendar as soon as possible. Rarely, dates may change and additional
    performances or rehearsals may be added; if that is the case, students and parents will be given as much
    advance notice as possible.

    September 2010
    Sept. 7, Tuesday - First Day of School for Students
    Sept 16, Thursday – Mandatory Choral Student/Parent Meeting (PVHS Auditorium)

    October 2010
    Oct. 1, Friday – All Fees and Forms Due
    Oct. 2, Saturday - Honor Choir Auditions @ Longwood Univ. (Selected Seniors)

    November 2010
    Nov. 2, Tuesday - All-District Chorus Auditions (location TBA)
    Nov. 5-6, Friday and Saturday - All County Chorus (Stone Bridge High School)
    Nov. 18-20 - Virginia Honor Choir Event, Norfolk, VA (Selected Seniors)

    December 2010
    Dec 13-16, Monday – Thursday – Morning Choral Rehearsals 8am (which choirs/which days TBA)
    Dec. 16, Thursday - Winter Choral Concert, 7 PM - ALL CHOIRS

    January 2011

    February 2011
    Feb 11-12, Friday and Saturday - District Chorus @ Park View High School (selected 9-12 graders)
    Feb 15, Tuesday - All State Chorus Auditions for Juniors and Seniors
    Feb 24, Thursday – PVHS Music Faculty Concert, 7 PM

    March 2011
    Mar. 16, Wednesday – Park View Cluster Fine Arts Night, 7 PM - ALL CHOIRS
    Mar 19, Saturday - District Choral Festival – Loudoun County High School (ALL CHOIRS - Times TBA)
    Mar 24-27, Thursday – Saturday – Spring Choral Competition Trip (Destination and Cost TBA)

    April 2011
    Apr 14-16, Thursday - Saturday – SPRING MUSICAL
    Apr 28-30, Thursday – Saturday All-VA Chorus (Selected Juniors and Seniors)

    May 2011
    May 17-20, Monday – Friday – Morning Choral Rehearsals, 8 AM (which choirs on which days TBA)
    May 23 – 26, Monday – Thursday- Morning Choir Rehearsals, 8 AM (which choirs on which days TBA)
    May 26, Thursday Spring Choral Concert, 7:00 PM

    June 2009
    Jun 2, Thursday - Choral Awards at 7:00 PM - All Chorus Students/Parents Invited
    All Chorus Members perform at Graduation

IV. Course Activity Fees and Mandatory Forms - Due Before September 30, 2010
    A. Choral Activity Fees and all required paperwork are due on or BEFORE October 1, 2010.
    B. The fee for all choruses is $85 per student. This mandatory fee covers costs related to each student’s
       participation in the chorus program. Examples of expenses covered by the fee;
       1. Uniform rental and dry-cleaning
       2. Travel to and from local performance venues.
       3. Clinicians, accompanists, choreographers, equipment, and other expenses.
    C. The chorus program is also subsidized by music booster and chorus booster fundraising.

V. Uniform Information
   A. For Female Students
       The Choral Student/Parent night is September 16 at 7:00 PM in the PVHS auditorium. This is a mandatory
       meeting in which important information regarding the chorus program is relayed to parents and students.
       During CHOIR NIGHT, all female students are fitted for uniforms from 6-9 p.m. Female students who do not
       attend will not be issued a gown until they meet with the Director or Uniform Coordinator.
    B. For Male Students
       Male students will be fitted for uniforms by Men’s Wearhouse at Choir Night or a time when Men’s
       Wearhouse is available.
    C. Shoes
       In addition all students will receive concert shoes as part of their participation fee. The shoe sizes will be
       determined by “try on” during class and a bulk order for shoes will be made. Returning and graduating
       students are asked to kindly donate any concert shoes that no longer fit.
    D. Uniform Specifications/Concert Appearance
       1. Ladies:    Concert gown or Show Choir Dress
                     Nude hosiery or Tan hosiery and Dance Briefs (for show choir)
                     Black character shoes purchased/borrowed from Choral Dept.
                     Small Ear rings only
       2. Men:       Tuxedo/Tux Shirt/Bow Tie/Cumber bund
                     or (for show choir) Black Dress Shirt/Black Vest/Silver Tie
                     Black socks
                     Black character shoes purchased/borrowed from Choral Dept.
       3. Everyone: Hair pulled out of face- no wet hair.
                     Remove any tongue piercings.
    E. How to Care for Your Uniform:
       Some choral gowns and men’s shirts are machine-washable. Some are Gowns and Tuxedos are Dry Clean
       Only. Your uniform should be given to you having been freshly cleaned. If you wish to have your gown or
       tuxedo professionally cleaned or dry-cleaned after you receive it and through the school year, you may do so
       at your own expense.
       Please hang your uniform up between performances so that it does not become excessively wrinkled. Please
       keep your uniform in the garment bag provided to you. If you find that your uniform is wrinkled, please have it
       cleaned and pressed or press it yourself … ironed on a low heat. Your uniforms are tasteful and elegant;
       please take pride in your own appearance.
    F. Return of Uniforms at the End of the School Year:
       Since all uniform items (except for shoes, tights, and dance briefs) are property of the school, students are
       obligated to return these items the day after the Spring Concert. If a student does not turn in a uniform, the
       director will report that student for having an unpaid financial obligation in the amount of the replacement cost
       of the uniform ($100 for dresses and $150 for tuxedos). The student will not receive report card or diploma
       until the uniform is paid for or returned.

VI. Classroom Expectations
    Students who regularly demonstrate the Principals of Excellence will be successful in chorus class.
    A. Principals of Excellence
        1. Excellent Preparation
           a) Park View Tardy Policies apply to all ensemble classes
           b) A huge portion of being a musician is “self-discipline” and time management is part of self-discipline
               (also a necessary life skill!), thus, Students should be in seats with music binder ready to go when the
               bell rings.
      c) Each student is responsible to have and maintain their music binder and class materials (as outlined
          below in letter B. Required Course Materials) in EVERY class.
      d) Gum, candy, food and soda are NOT permitted in the chorus room please help everyone who uses
          our room to observe this responsibility. Water is not only permitted but encouraged in every class,
          every day.
      e) Part of preparation is focus and attention to the music and business of each ensemble. As you all well
          know, there is always personal “baggage” that drags our energy and attention away from what we are
          trying to accomplish, I believe that if we leave the baggage out in the hall and come into the choir
          room “empty handed” we will be better prepared to make music together. I can promise you two
          things … the baggage will always be waiting outside when we are done … and … it will seem to be
          easier to carry.
   2. Excellence in Responsibility
      EVERY ONE is an indispensible part of this department and their ensemble. They have auditioned, been
      selected for, and in fact, placed specifically where their voice is at its best and best enhances the
      ensemble, therefore we cannot do without you. Therefore …
      a) … please plan to participate fully in every rehearsal, growth activity and concert
      b) … performance dates are listed in this handbook and on the calendar on the directors website. Mark
          your calendars NOW and begin discussions with parents, employers, coaches and friends so that you
          can make these events a priority.
      c) … If you must miss a concert or activity … please be sure to follow the directions included below for
          having an EXCUSED absence.
      d) Please be responsible for and treat well the materials and equipment at our disposal.
   3. Excellence in Respect
      a) Respect of Oneself, Peers, Teachers and Directors
          (1) I will respect your skills and ideas … I request that you respect mine. We will follow all
               instructions from Administrators, Teachers, Guest Directors and Chaperones politely, the first
          (2) We are the voice of Park View and as such we MUST consistently present ourselves in the most
               positive and exemplary manner. Therefore, the behavioral policies of PVHS, Loudoun County and
               the Choral department are in effect at ALL times regardless of where we travel, stay or perform.
          (3) In class, in performance, in transit, socially, electronically at ALL times, foul language, obscene
               gestures, mean or degrading comments, toward ANYONE will not be tolerated and lead to
               immediate consequences
      b) Respect for the Ensemble and choral department as a whole (we are ALL in this together)
          (1) Students will participate fully and responsibly in all instructional activities.
          (2) Students will be present, properly attired, prepared and engaged in all concert opportunities.
          (3) Students will model, abide by and expect from others proper concert etiquette (see Etiquette)
          (4) Students will ALWAYS acknowledge their own performance and the efforts of others with respect,
               politeness and positive comments and responses.
      c) Respect for Equipment and Property
          (1) Students are not permitted to use equipment without Mr. Sweet’s permission.
          (2) All equipment and materials should be properly cared for, safe-guarded and stored during and
               after use
          (3) We have worked hard for the advantages we have, please be sure to, as much as possible, foster
               respect in others that will guard our materials, equipment and facilities from theft, vandalism and
          (4) Most importantly, Mr. Sweet’s office and the equipment therein are off limits to EVERYONE.
               Please do NOT enter, borrow or use the choral office without specific permission from Mr. Sweet.
B. Required Course Materials
   1. Students will be provided with a Music Folder or Binder and All Required Music.
   2. Students must maintain all music and materials in good condition
   3. If folder or music is lost or damaged students may be assessed a replacement cost.
   4. Students need to purchase and keep in their folder the following items
      a) One or Two #2 Pencils (to mark score)
      b) A yellow or pink highlighter (for text)
      c) 4 colored pencils - 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green and 1 Orange (to enhance score)
   5. Students are graded every day on participation … having the proper materials, every time, is an
      integral part of being prepared for class and thus a significant portion that daily grade.

    C. Consequences of Negative Participation
       1. At first - The student will be asked to support the class by correcting the behavior immediately.
       2. The next step - Director phone call to parents.
       3. If there are repeated difficulties – Director will phone parents and require detention and a signed (by
          parents) letter of apology to the ensemble and director.
       4. Finally – Director will phone parents to discuss the possibility of / or institution of Non- Performance
    D. Non-Performance Status
       If Student, Director and Parents cannot come to a satisfactory reconciliation of repeated Negative
       Participation then Non-Performance Status (referred to as NOPES) will be instituted as follows:
       1. Student and Parents will be notified of Non-Performance Status
       2. Students will be required to attend all rehearsals and all performances held during the NOPES period.
       3. Students will not sing with the ensemble during performances but will sit in a designated place and take
            notes in preparation to present a paper on the concert performance and content.
       4. The highest possible grade during the NOPES period is a “C” (since student is not participating
            /supporting the ensembles performance)
       5. A Parent/Student/Director conference is REQUIRED for removal from NOPES
       6. It is suggested that the student take it upon themselves to arrange the conference and make the changes
            necessary for improvement at the earliest possible moment (your ensemble needs you)
    E. Recognition for Positive Participation
       1. Students should expect recognition for exceeding classroom expectations, making improvement or
          providing outstanding service (including, but not limited to, awards at the end of the year).
       2. Students who are regularly demonstrating outstanding participation should expect their parents to be
          informed of their progress, abilities, accomplishment and possibilities.

VII. Concert Expectations
     A. General Expectations
        Chorus is a participation based activity … to receive a superior grade … you will need to exhibit superior
        participation. Simply following classroom expectations is not sufficient. As you will discover each and every
        one of you has a unique place in the ensemble. When you are out of place or missing all together, the
        ensemble cannot be at its optimum sound or level of ability and cannot offer a superior performance. Thus,
        students and parents must make concert performances a high priority.
        This typically involves advanced planning with family members, coaches, and employers. Please read
        carefully the following policy for concert attendance. Students and parents are accountable for following this
        policy in the event of an absence. Students with unexcused absences from concerts have no opportunity to
        make up the lost points.
        In general, students are to be on time, wearing appropriate concert attire, with music prepared and
        memorized. Students must follow acceptable performance behavior (as outlined below and covered in class)
        and remain respectful to fellow performers, chaperones and audience members at ALL times and in ALL
        Please review the procedures for requesting absences and making up work below
    B. Requesting an Excused Concert Absence
       1. If a student wishes to request an excused absence for an upcoming concert, he or she must
          give Mr. Sweet a minimum of 3 weeks notice by submitting a note written and signed by the
       2. Students are not excused from concerts for …
          a) … birthdays or anniversary celebrations.
          b) … performances or participation with other non-Park View groups, sporting activities, work
               commitments, pre-arranged family travel, etc. Mr. Sweet reserves the right to deem an absence
               unexcused but always in accordance with school and choral policy.
    C. Making Up an Excused Concert Absence
       1. If a concert absence is deemed excused, the student must make up the lost grade and award points by…
          a) … performing all concert music by memory for Mr. Sweet. The student must create the performance
               by recruiting other members of the choir to perform the music. Mr. Sweet will play the piano if
               necessary, but it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that all vocal parts are represented by at
               least one voice. The make-up performance must take place within one week of the excused absence.

        b) The student may wish to choose to write a 5 page research paper that will include (but not be limited
           to); information on a certain poet and composer combination (from the concert material), why that
           particular piece of music/poetry is significant in the composers/poets life and why it is significant to
           our choral experience and performance.
D. Unexcused Concert Absences
   1 An absence is unexcused in the following cases:
      a) The student has an unexcused absence from school on the day of a concert.
      b) Mr. Sweet does not approve the request to miss a concert, based on choral and/or school policy.
      c) The student does not submit a note requesting an excused absence within the 3 week time frame
         (prior to the concert).
      d) The student asks to be excused after already missing the concert.
E. Special Circumstances
      If you are truly ill, then you should be absent from school. Assuming the absence is excused by the
      school then your absence from the concert is excused. If you get sick late in the day after already having
      attended all or part of school, then Mr. Sweet will requires a parents and possibly doctor’s note in
      order to excuse your absence.
      On extremely rare instances, someone is involved in a family situation that is a true emergency. In this
      case … a parent note is required the next time the student attends chorus class, with a complete
      explanation for the absence. If applicable, the student will be granted an excused absence.
        REMEMBER … If there is an emergency situation the night of a concert, please call Mr. Sweets cell
        and leave a message notifying him of your situation ASAP 703-209-9138
       Transportation problems are not acceptable excuses for missing concerts. High school students must
       learn how to manage their own schedules and to think ahead. Students and parents are given concert
       dates at the beginning of the school year.
       As a concert date approaches, work through and provide for family/work/sports schedules that might
       make transportation to the concert problematic. It is the student’s responsibility to make Mr. Sweet well
       and quickly aware of any potential transportation problems so that a carpool situation can be arranged.
       Mr. Sweet can and will assist the student in finding a ride if given the opportunity.
        as possible) and take it to the school. If you have money for the fare, pay the driver and Mr. Sweet
        will reimburse you. If you don’t have money, ask the driver to wait while you come into the school
        building, and Mr. Sweet will give you money to pay the driver.
F. Concert Etiquette:
   1. Concert Etiquette Off-Stage
      The hardest part of any concert is getting the audience to accept and abide by certain standards of polite
      concert etiquette. The best way to encourage and achieve this behavior from the audience is to lead by
      example. Therefore, while off stage as members of the audience, we will …
      a) You may NOT talk or leave the auditorium during another ensembles performance. Remain in your
          seats and listen to each performance quietly and attentively.
      b) Remain for the entire concert.
      c) If you must leave after your group performs I will need a note from your parents with their signature
          explaining the circumstances
      b) Grant your fellow performers the courtesy of appreciating and respecting their hard work and
          performance with appropriate comments and applause (even after the concert is over!)
      d). Turn off or turn in all electronic communication and music devices. At NO TIME should they be heard
          or seen during a performance.

            2. Concert Etiquette On-Stage
               Even from the stage we can encourage and model proper concert etiquette. Therefore as members of a
               performing ensemble we will …
               a) From beginning to end maintain excellent stage presence.
                   (1) Relaxed concert position (as taught in class)
                   (2) Watch the conductor and be alert for his direction.
                   (3) Smile... lean forward... look like you are enjoying yourselves.
               b) Do not react to mistakes ... maintain your poise and continue
               c) Graciously acknowledge your audiences applause with a proper bow ... (we will discuss this in class)
               d) Remain focused and attentive between each song
                   (1) During the interval between songs - review in your mind what we have discussed about the piece
                       we are about to do.... BE PREPARED.
               e) Maintain your stage presence EVEN as you enter and exit the risers
                   (1) Enter the risers quietly and after entering turn and face the audience with a smile
                   (2) Do not acknowledge someone calling your name or shouting, continue to smile and look pleased
                   (3) When finished with your portion of the concert, exit the stage and return to your seats where you
                       will continue to be exemplary role models for the audience.
               f) At the ultimate conclusion of the concert acknowledge ALL performances and performers with
                   positive and uplifting comment only. No inappropriate or overtly negative comments will be tolerated.
                   Time will be given during class for analysis and critique, which will be offered in the spirit of
                   appreciation for hard work and the ultimate improvement of the choral department as a whole.
        G. Importance of Punctuality
           1. PVHS students are given a specific “call time” arrival time for costume check, warm-ups and seating.
           2. Students are to be on time. Students who are late will not receive full credit for the Concert Grade.
           3. In order to be considered on time, students must arrive by “call time.” Arriving at performance time is too
              late and is not acceptable.
           4. Students who are not properly dressed for the performance will not perform and will not receive credit for
              the performance (see Uniform Specifications/Appearance). Students should arrive fully dressed with
              shirts tucked in, jackets and ties on, hair and make-up completed, etc.
           5. Heavy traffic is no excuse for tardiness on the evening of a performance. We live in an area that is
              plagued by heavy and often unpredictable traffic. Plan ahead to be early, avoid being late!
           6. Doors open to the general public between 6:30 and 6:45 p.m.

VIII.       Ensemble Expectations
            The term “ensemble” comes from a French term meaning together, and choral groups are called ensembles
            because they can ONLY accomplish their purpose … together! This has many levels of meaning in a musical
            organization … it can refer to performing together, rehearsing together, working together and yes, living
            together! An ensemble must be able to do anything as a group without fear of embarrassment or
            harassment. The rehearsal space and performance venue must be one of the safest places on earth, where
            we are able to do any exercise, attempt any kind of music, deal with any text or language with no
            embarrassment or hesitation. This can only happen when we are all in this together!
            Therefore, the Ensemble Expectations are as follows:
            A. PVHS Choral Ensemble members will treat each other with utmost respect for person, property and
                reputation, at every opportunity and in every arena in and/or out of school
            B.. PVHS Choral Ensemble members will do everything possible to uphold the superior reputation of, fellow
                choir members, their ensemble, the choral department, the choral director and Park View High School at
                every opportunity and in every venue in and/or out of school.
            C. PVHS Choral Ensemble members will behave as exemplary audience members at every opportunity and
                in every venue in and/or out of school.
            D. PVHS Choral Ensemble members will NEVER participate in ANY activity that does not protect the dignity,
                privacy, safety and reputation of fellow students, parents, teachers, directors, administrators and staff in
                this or any other school!
            E. Not abiding by these expectations will call for immediate institution of Non-Performance Status or
                possible dismissal from the choral department.

IX.         Grading Procedures
            A. Daily Participation – 5 grades over two weeks – worth 20% and count 1x
               1) Students are expected to be on time, in seat with folder and pencil before the tardy bell rings.
               2) Be on task, respectful, and attentive at all times
           3) Use proper singing posture and technique
        B. Cumulative Participation – 1 grade every two weeks – worth 100% and count 1x
           1) This grade is based on the cumulative score of the daily grades and …
           2) … it is also based on a Self-Reflection/Evaluation Grade Sheet (see sample included with
               handbook). This evaluation sheet will add 12 points to the Group Participation Grade
        C. Singing / Sight Singing/Choreography Tests - These grades will all count 2x
           1) Sight reading: at least 3 grades per nine weeks (taped or in class)
           2) Score testing: at least 3 grades per nine weeks (in class solo or small group)
           3) Choreography tests: as needed
        D. Written Tests/Projects - One project and one test each Semester, they count 3x
           Includes all materials covered in class and/or projects assigned by the teacher
        E. Concerts / Rehearsals – Concerts and Pre-concert Dress Rehearsals count 4x
           Chorus adheres to the following policy: Members of all performing ensembles are to be present at all
           public performances except in case of personal sickness or extenuating circumstances approved by the
           director and/or the principal.
           1) Absences will be deemed excused or unexcused according to the policy outlined above.
           2) If the excuse policy has not been activated within two days after the student returns to school
               the absence becomes unexcused and the student will receive a failing grade for the concert
               and lose eligibility for choral points.
           3) Dress Rehearsals attendance is required in order to participate in the concert.
           4) All Students must remain for and participate in the entire concert. Special Permission must be
               secured from Mr. Sweet to leave a concert early
           5) Students will maintain proper conduct in rehearsal (as discussed in class) and assist with audience
               decorum throughout.
        F. Concert Expectations: Students are to be on time, wearing appropriate concert attire, with music
           prepared and memorized. Students must follow acceptable performance behavior (as covered above)
           and remain respectful to chaperones.
               A ~ Exceeds expectations
               B ~ Consistently meets expectations
               C ~ meets some expectations
               D and F ~ Below expectations

X. Service Hours and Student Recognition
   Students who serve the chorus program beyond minimum requirements are recognized for their efforts. All choral
   students who earn 400 points will receive a PVHS letter for chorus. For every multiple of 200 points above the
   400 Stars and/or Bars will be awarded.
    Service is an important part of membership in the choral program. All students are encouraged to support the
    choral program through their time and efforts. Parents can also offer service hours to be added to their students
    account (up to 5) if they wish. In order to be eligible for a choral letter and advanced awards a student must have
    There is also a Senior Choir Member of the Year Award that includes a monetary award to be used for advanced
    study after graduation.
    A copy of the Choral Awards Point Sheet is Included with this handbook

XI. Student Leadership
    Student ownership within the choral department is a very important part of the choral experience. Therefore,
    students are given the opportunity to serve in leadership positions where they can; through staff meetings, peer
    interaction, advice from director and personal experience, help guide the department to a higher standard of
    excellence year after year. Officers are expected to attend ALL events and assist the Choral Booster Board as
    needed. These leadership positions are as follows;
    Choral President - The president or co-presidents will help oversee the entire choral organization. They will help
                       define, articulate and evaluate self-generated departmental goals. They will plan department
                       wide events. Plan and preside over officer meetings. Establish committees to plan and
                       execute social and other activities. Communicate with Ensemble Vice Presidents concerning
                       difficulties and needs. Then, in consultation with the Director and Vice Presidents reflect,
                       evaluate and problem solve.
    Vice-President -    There will be a vice president for each ensemble who will communicate all pertinent choral
                        information to his or her ensemble, assist the Choral Booster VP for Fund Raising with
                        organization and management of fund raising events, give leadership to all other choral
                        activities and form the President’s staff
    Section Leader-     Each voice part in every ensemble will have one student leader. This section leader will be
                        responsible for …
                        - developing and perfecting pitch, rhythmic, dynamic and textual accuracy in his or her
                            vocal parts in every musical selection
                        - Listen for and help “fix” part errors within the section by example or polite practice within
                            the section. (using sol-fege, the piano, outside school time … etc … etc …)
                        - Ask the directors help in “fixing” anything that they and the section cannot repair together.
                        - Ultimately they will be responsible for accuracy within their section
    Secretary -         The secretary for each choir will …
                        - Take roll at all concert and required events
                        - Help maintain student point sheets
                        - Create sign-up sheets and help file choral forms
    Historian -         Historians from each ensemble will work together to keep a pictorial record of the years
                        activities to be condensed into a scrap book presented at the Awards Night and stored in the
                        chorus room
    Librarian -         Will help the Director collect, file and catalogue all repertoire in the choral library

XII. Choral Auditions
     Students interested in chorus should sign up for chorus with their guidance counselors at the time designated by
     the guidance department. After you have signed up you are assured of a place in chorus. However, auditions held
     each spring will determine your final placement in an ensemble.

XIII. The Park View High School Choral Boosters Organization
      Park View High School Choral Boosters is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to promote and encourage
      community/area support of the Choral Program by providing volunteer and financial support. Additionally, the
      Choral Boosters support and fundraise for a senior choral student scholarship program.
      Membership in the Choral Booster organization does not require active participation or regular attendance at
      monthly meetings, though both are encouraged. Choral Booster information can be found on the choral web site.

    Ad hoc committees are developed throughout the school year and these will present many opportunities for
    volunteerism. The majority of these opportunities are made available at meetings or via e-mail communications.
    To receive regular information about choral volunteer opportunities, please be sure to include a current e-mail
    address when completing your student forms at the start of the school year. The Choral Boosters truly appreciate
    any assistance parents are willing to provide in support of the Choral Program!

    If you have more questions about how you can become involved in the Park View High School Choral Booster
    Organization, contact
    Mrs. Jodi Kinney, President. Choral Booster Board of Directors:
    David Sweet, Choral Director: or
    Choral Program Website.

                Self-Evaluation Cumulative Grade Sheet

1. Excellent Preparation – 4 points

                I was on time to class and began working when directed

                I had my music folder, pencil and all other required materials

                I was willing to try everything asked and maintained a positive attitude

                I was focused and not distracted during class (baggage was outside)

2. Excellence in Responsibility – 3 points

                I used proper breathing, Posture and vocal technique in my singing

                My behavior contributed positively to rehearsal and did not distract others

                I was aware and made note of upcoming rehearsals and events so I could
                plan accordingly.

3. Excellence in Respect – 3 points

                I listened to and watched the director as asked and tried to sing the
                musical interpretation and expression as led

                I practiced superior musicianship and mature behavior and a helpful
                attitude to my peers and director.

                I kept my materials, school equipment and my “space” clean and

4. Evidence of a Growing Musicality – 2 points

                I tried to listen to the whole ensemble as we performed and make good
                musical decisions based on my growing musical perceptions.

   Total possible for Cumulative Self-Evaluation Grade – 12

                                  CHORAL AWARDS POINT SYSTEM
                                                                    Current Year                2010
                                                                               th    th    th     th
Name: _____________________________________________           (circle one)    9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Performance Participation Points
 Each In School Choral Concert attended (3 this year)        30 points                 ____________
 Each Choral Concert Rehearsal attended (3 this year)        20 points                 ____________
 Each “Extra” Choral Performance (schools, caroling, etc)    10 points                 ____________
 Any performance attended (ones you weren’t in)              05 points (each)          ____________
 Any Unsuccessful Audition (musical, dramatic, dance)        05 points (each)          ____________
 Each Successful Audition (Not Including PVHS Musical)       10 points                 ____________
 All-County Chorus Participation                             25 points                 ____________
 All-District Chorus Participation       (none this year)    50 points                 ____________
 Honors Chorus Participation                                 75 points                 ____________
 All-State Chorus Participation                              75 points                 ____________
 District Festival Participation                             20 points                 ____________
                           Excellent Rating                   15 points                 ____________
                           Superior Rating                    20 points                 ____________
 Spring Trip / Festival Participation                        25 points                 ____________
                           Excellent Rating                   20 points additional      ____________
                           Superior Rating                    25 points additional      ____________
 PVHS Musical Roles:                     Chorus part         25 points (one only)      ____________
                                                 Small Role   50 points (one only)      ____________
                                                 Lead Role    75 points (one only)      ____________

Class Participation Points

   Officers:            Choral President                     75 points                 ____________
                         Vice – President                     60 points                 ____________
                         Section Leader                       50 points                 ____________
                         Secretary                            45 points                 ____________
                         Treasurer                            45 points                 ____________
                         Librarian                            40 points                 ____________
   Multi-Musical Ensemble Membership                         10 points (per ens)       ____________

Personal Participation Points
 Private Music Lessons                                       10 points (one only)      ____________
 Music Theory Class Membership                               10 points                 ____________
 Tri-M Music Honor Society Membership                        25 points                 ____________
 Fundraisers: General Participation                          10 points                 ____________
Selling or Raising more than $150                             20 points                 ____________

Totals     (Mr. Sweet will calculate totals                   Totals this year          ___________
                                                              Totals of all years       ___________

●   Completed 20 Service Hours (listed on reverse)                                      ___________
●   “A” Average in chorus all terms                                                     ___________

200 points will receive:           Certificate                400 points will receive:                 Letter
600 points will receive:           Star                       800 points will receive:                 Bar
Multiples of 200 above 800         Additional Bar

 The majority of points must be earned through school-sponsored events.
 Unexcused absences from required concert will cancel ALL points for THAT term
-> List all performances attended and auditions on the back for approval by Mr. Sweet
                             Receipt of Handbook and Policies Form
                (Sign and Returned with Participation Fee on or before September17th 2010)

_________________________________________________________                                         ____
(Print name of Student)

_______________________________________________________                                           ______
(Print name of Ensemble(s)

By my signature given below I acknowledge that I understand and agree to all of the policies, guidelines
and standards of conduct as stated in the Park View Choral Handbook. I further agree to follow any
additional policies, guidelines and standards of conduct that may be presented by Mr. Sweet or any other
authorized authority including (but not limited to) trip chaperones, parents, substitute teachers and
supervisors during concerts or rehearsals while I am a member of the Choral Department. I understand
and accept that infractions of these policies, guidelines, standards of conduct, or any other inappropriate
behavior, may result in lowered grades and / or disciplinary action, including dismissal from choral
activities, early travel home at my parent’s expense, and or dismissal from the Choral Department.
In addition, I have made note of the calendar of events and will make every effort to fully support my
ensemble by participating in all required events.

______________________________________________.               ______________________
(Students Signature)                                                (Date)

By my signature given below I hereby give permission for my son / daughter

 ______________________________________________, to participate fully in the Park View
High School Choral Program. I am confident that he / she will follow the policies, guidelines and
standards of conduct as stated in the Park View High School Choral Handbook whether supervised or at
free time. I understand and accept that infractions of these policies, guidelines, standards of conduct, or
any other inappropriate behavior, may result in lowered grades and / or disciplinary action, including
dismissal from choral activities, early travel home at my expense, and or dismissal from the Choral
In addition, I have made note of the calendar of events and will make every effort to assist my student in
fully supporting his or her ensemble in attendance with all required events.

______________________________________________. ______________________
(Parent / Guardian Signature)                                       (Date)

Parent(s) Contact Information:

____________________________________                _________________________________
(Work)                                              (Home)

____________________________________                _________________________________
(Cell)                                              (Accurate Parent E-mail Address)

This information will be kept in strict confidence by Mr. Sweet and the PVHS Choral Boosters for use in
contacting and communicating with parents via e-mail or phone!

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