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									The Theif

By: Josh Posey

©Josh Posey 2011
Chapter 1

      Serge was a lonely boy. He was 14 years old, about to turn 15. He wasn’t tall,

but he wasn’t short. He had a slender body. He had pitch black hair that fell into

his face. All he had were the ragged old clothes that he was wearing. He barely

spoke. Serge lived alone in the town of Anova. He survived by doing small jobs and

work for random people in town. It made very little money, but that was all he

needed to pay for food. One day, as he was feeding a man’s chickens, his stomach

started aching and growling. He had no money to buy anything with and the little

money he was going to get from this is what he was going to buy new clothes with.

He hadn’t eaten in a day and was really in need of food. Then he got an idea. He

would have to be sneaky and not act suspicious in any way. He really didn’t want to

risk it but his stomach needed food. He walked over to one chicken and felt under

it for an egg. Nope, no egg there. He checked the next chicken. Nope. He checked

another. There was a nice, perfect shaped egg under this chicken. “Yes!” He

exclaimed. He slipped it into his pocket and went on checking for others. He found

three more eggs. Serge wondered if Mr. Cubbins would notice if any were gone,

since he was the owner of all of them. Serge decided that Cubbins was an old man

and wouldn’t notice if only four chicken eggs were gone. Now, what would Serge do
with these eggs? Should he wait and cook them later? Should he eat them now? He

was too hungry and had to eat them. He cracked open the first egg and ate it raw.

It was delicious! He had expected it to taste horrible. He quickly ate the other

three. Those had all filled his stomach up quite nicely. Now what was he going to do

with all the shells? He chose to just hide them under some bushes a bit away from

the farm. He was still thirsty, but he just dealt with it and planned on getting

something to drink later. He went on with all of his normal chores and continued

the day as usual.

Chapter 2

      Later on, as he was cleaning out the cow’s pen, he realized that cows have

milk! That turned out to be good, because he was very thirsty. He would have to do

it fast and unnoticed. He quickly grabbed a bucket and milked the cow until there

was about enough for two mouthfuls in the bottom of the old bucket. Serge didn’t

care if it hadn’t been churned or cleaned. He just drank it all right out of the

bucket. He had a full stomach of eggs and milk now. Serge was quite happy with his

day so far. That night, when Serge finished all of his chores, he went up to Old

Man Cubbins and got his pay. He pocketed the money and happily walked off,

listening to the jingle of the few coins in his pocket. He walked around town and
crawled into his makeshift bed of hay in some old farmhouse and went to sleep. He

woke up the next morning happy and ready for the day. He wondered where he

would get his next meal, but he decided to figure that out when he got the chance.

He got up and walked into the town square. It was very, very busy with all of the

people buying and selling goods. As he was making his way through the crowd,

someone’s bag got caught on his hand. The bag fell away from the person and Serge

caught it. He turned around, looking for the person that dropped it. Serge couldn’t

find them! He yelled for whoever dropped their bag but no one responded. He

figured that the person was already long gone and he wouldn’t have a very good

chance of finding them. Serge then made his way through all the people to a spot

where he could sit and look through the bag. As he was opening it up, he heard

someone yelling “Thief! Thief! That boy stole my bag!”

Chapter 3

      Serge looked up to find several people running at him. He got up and bolted

down the alley next to him. He came to a dead end. Serge saw the people come

around the corner. What was he going to do? There was an old crate there… And a

lamp post. Maybe he could get over the wall. He sprinted at the crate and then

hopped off of it, landing on the top of the lamp post. He was now six or seven feet
up off the ground. He looked over at the wall and saw a hole where the bricks had

decayed away. It was just at the right level where he could jump over to it, get his

foot in the hole, and propel himself over. The people were now almost under him. If

they got to him, they would surely tear him down and turn him in. He had to jump

for it. There was no other way.

      Serge leapt as strong as he could. He grunted as he hit the wall. His foot

was now in the handhold and he was looking down the other side. There was nothing

on the other side of the wall to catch him. He was about fourteen feet or so off

the ground. If he did jump off, he would just be splattered on the road. There was

a cart going by though, driven by horses. If he could climb a window ledge or find a

way towards it, he could most likely jump on it and use it as a way down. So that’s

just what Serge did. He crawled along the windows and ledges until the cart was

just under him. He silently dropped down onto it and rolled off, back onto the


      He was free! He had accidently stolen a bag and then escaped with it. He

swung it over his shoulder and walked across town to his makeshift bed. He had to

stay away from the areas where the people might recognize him and find him.

When he made it, he sat down and began looking through the bag. He was surprised

with what he found. Inside the bag were a handful of silver coins, a brooch, and a
book. This was marvelous! With all of these, he would be fully fed for weeks! And,

he could also buy himself some actual new clothes. He felt bad for stealing all of

this from some unsuspecting person, but, if they had all of that in just this little

bag, they would most likely have a lot more at home. And it was all fair; everyone

has to find a way to survive somehow.

Chapter 4

      He began practicing. He had bought himself some nicer clothes so that

people wouldn’t shy away from him as much, thinking he was a poor orphaned

beggar. He would just wander around, accidently bumped into someone, and steal a

bag, or a scarf, or whatever while they were distracted. And every time he stole

something, he silently faded across the crowds of people so no one would realize

anything was different. There would just be some confused farmer looking around

for where he dropped it or whatever happened to it.

In one attempt of thievery, everything was going along Serge’s plans. He would

wander around and bump into this rich man that he had been watching and

pickpocket him. As he bumped into him and slipped the man’s wallet out of his

pocket, the man turned around to say sorry for bumping into the small boy. But the

man saw Serge making off with his wallet. So he chased Serge down and caught
him. When he caught up to him he grabbed Serge by his collar and picked him up,

bringing Serge inches from his own face. “Now you listen to me, boy.” The man said

in a tough, rugged voice. “You think this is how to survive? It’s not. You’re not gonna

get very far in life if you go around pickpocketing old fella’s like me. What’s your

name?” Serge looked him in the eye and replied “Aaron Erikson” in a calm,

persuasive voice. The man dropped him and took his wallet back. “I’ll be keeping my

eye on you… Watch out.” He said. Serge picked himself up and walked off. After

that, he didn’t steal anything for at least a month. His collection of coins and

jewels of different sorts kept him well fed. He just used old farms and cabins as a

home. A few times people caught him living in there farmhouse or their actual

home, but most of the time he just stayed back and silently watched. He was so

afraid of getting caught again… He almost gave up thieving. But how else was he

supposed to live when all the rich little kids got to stuff their faces. Was supposed

to starve? No, because that wasn’t fair. “Everyone has to find a way to survive” He

muttered to himself. Serge chose to go find a new hunting ground and leave this

old one behind. Too many people had caught him and found out about him. He was

still not very good at thievery. He needed a teacher-or at least some help.
Chapter 5

       As he was strolling around town thinking, a woman came up and asked him

“Do you have any idea how I can get out of here?” “Here?” replied Serge. “Yes,

here, this town. I would like to leave but I’m so lost I don’t know where to go!” said

the woman. “I’m new to this town and I need directions to my home in Branville.” “I

was planning on leaving” replied Serge “Maybe we could find it together!” “I don’t

know…” replied the lady. “We’d need to talk some things over first”. “Sounds good,

but what things like what?” Serge said to her. “Come.” She replied. They swiftly

walked off into the town. Eventually they arrived at Serge’s home. “So… You live

here?” she asked him. “Yep” He replied “But I’m usually not here. I just sleep here”.

“What’s this?” She asked, as she picked up his little bag of trinkets. “Don’t!” He

stuttered. But she had already checked to see what was inside. “What is all this?”

She asked him as she pulled out coins and a silver chain. “Some things I’ve

collected…“ Serge muttered. “Collected where?” She questioned him. “… I’m sorry.

I had to find a way to live somehow.” Serge told her. “So, I started pickpocketing

people and made enough money so that I could keep myself fed, get myself new

clothes, and keep myself alive.” “Interesting,” The woman replied, “My name is

Ellen. What’s yours?” “Serge,” He replied. “Serge? That’s an interesting name.
What’s your last name?” Ellen said back to Serge. “I don’t have one.” Serge replied.

“But, everyone has a last name! You have to have one.” Ellen protested. “Not me. I’m

just plain old Serge.” Serge replied again. There was a long, awkward pause after

this. Eventually, Ellen spoke up. “Where are your parents?” She asked him. “I have

none.” Serge explained. “But everyone has parents!” Ellen tried to argue. “Well then

I guess I do, but there dead for all I know.” Serge told Ellen. “Hmmm…” Ellen

muttered. She had no idea what to say. Serge had no parents, no last name, no

home, no friends and no one to help him. “You’re like a ghost.” Ellen told Serge. “You

barely exist and you live unseen and unfound.” “Yes.” Was all Serge could say back.

Was he really like a ghost? Floating around the city with no one knowing him? Going

around, pickpocketing the un-expecting and sneaking into houses like a shadow to

take their own riches? He imagined himself as a ghost reaping on the townspeople

of their money and gold. “I am.” He told Ellen.

Chapter 6

      Serge kept those thoughts in his head and went on pickpocketing. He

practiced and practiced with Ellen. He would give her his bag or a necklace and she

would roam the city. He would eventually find her and just take it. Sometimes she

would catch him; sometimes she wouldn’t even notice it was gone. She even picked

up some skills from Serge. They would take turns stealing from each other. Serge
sharpened his skills and kept training. Eventually, pickpocketing Ellen got way too

easy. He went onto live prey. The townspeople bored him. He began to just relax at

home while Ellen went and practiced. Sometimes he would keep an eye on her in

case she got caught so he could help her. No one ever suspected her though, due to

the fact that she was a young woman. She eventually became as good as Serge. “I

thought you wanted to leave for Branville” Serge asked her one day. “I gave up on

that.” Ellen explained. “I have a new friend and no desire for that town anymore.”

“Oh.” Serge replied. “Well, maybe we should go there anyway.” “Why?” asked Ellen.

“People are starting to notice us,” Serge replied, “And you wanted to move anyway,

so why not?” “Good point,” Ellen said, “Though, we should make one big run before

we leave. Got any ideas?” Serge thought about it for a few minutes. “You know that

man, Mr. Shel?” Serge asked Ellen. “Hmm,” thought Ellen, “Yes! The old bearded

man that lives in the white-bricked house?” “That man exactly,” Serge answered.

“Why would we steal from him? He’s just a poor old man!” Ellen argued. “Poor? Ha!”

laughed Serge, “He has to be one of the richest men in this city. He is the kings’

best friend, since age 8. Or so I’ve heard. He is from a very rich family, the

Bagge’s. His house is the only one in the city made out of pure white bricks, he has

guards everywhere, there are several statues, and he has his own fancy pond on his

property! It’s all fenced off; the guards and fence have to be protecting
something, don’t they? So let’s find out and get outta this place.” Ellen thought

about what Serge had said. It did seem like the man was rich, and they were going

to leave anyways, so why not just go for it? “Alright,” Ellen told Serge, “Let’s do it.

When should we leave?” “I’m not too sure,” replied Serge “But we should have

stolen and left by midnight.”

Chapter 7

      They began planning their great heist. They would of course have guards

watching over the whole perimeter. Somehow they needed to distract them. Mr.

Shel’s fortress lived near the edge of the town. That would definitely make it

easier. “Hmmm…” Serge thought aloud “What if we find some men in town, and have

them distract them for us?” Ellen thought about it for a while. “Like who? We

couldn’t just go and hire a couple guys so we could break in.” “Sure we could.” Serge

replied with a smile. They finished their plan and repeated it over and over and

over in their heads so as to not make a fatal mistake. They were ready.

      Serge had already scoped out the house and figured out how they would get

inside. There were vines crawling up and down the sides of the walls. Some looked

strong enough to hold Serge and Ellen, so they would have to do. Above the spot he

decided on, there was a ledged window that would be easy to climb in. All they
needed now was to find some distraction. They found two poor men walking along

the street. “Hey,” Serge asked them “You in need of a job?” The taller of the two

looked up. “What kind of a job?” He wondered. “Just some distraction” Serge told

him. “What’ve you got to offer?” Serge threw a silver chain that he had found in

other adventures to him. “You got yourself a deal. I’m Matt and this is Darrien. ”He

said as he made a gesture to the other man. “We’re brothers.” Matt told Serge as

if he knew what Serge was going to ask. “Let’s go then.” Serge said as he turned

around. The others followed him silently. He felt like such a leader. It invigorated

him. He felt ready for anything.

Chapter 8

      When they made it to Shel’s home, Serge and Ellen ducked behind a crate

and watched as Matt and Darrien made their appearance. Their show even made

Serge chuckle. With their arms over each other’s shoulders and waddled out,

screaming songs, pretending to be drunk. It worked quite well. All of the guards

went out, over to the side where the dancing pair was. They watched, amused at

the sight in front of them. Ellen and Serge skirted around to the side they planned

to climb up. Draped in their black clothes, they could hardly be seen. Everything

was a success, so far. Serge sprinted for the wall towering over them, with Ellen
following. Serge decided to test the vines before starting his climb. The vine he

tugged on immediately tore down. “Oh…” Serge muttered under his breath. This

would be harder than he thought. Eventually he found one strong enough to hold

him. He began his ascent. Within a minute he had reached the window. He hauled

himself up and came face to face with a little girl. She began yelling. “Someone’s in

my room! Help! Ahhhhhhhh!” She screamed to the whole world. Serge panicked. He

could hear footsteps rushing down to the small girl’s room. He had to get out. He

swung himself out of the window and began climbing down. He could hear Ellen

screaming for him to hurry up. They had to leave. Now. His heart was racing so fast

he couldn’t think. All he heard were screams and his heart pounding. He jumped

down. A 20 foot fall and he just jumped down. Ellen screamed as he fell. Serge

knew that he needed to roll from the fall so he wouldn’t hurt himself as much. He

did roll from it, but he still heard a crunch as he hit the ground. He looked at his

ankle to find it bent at a strange angle. “It’s broken,” Serge told Ellen. “Go! Don’t

let them catch up to you!” Serge was already caught. In seconds they were on top

of him. As they dragged him off, he could see Ellen sprinting away in the distance.

They dragged him inside. “How many of you are here?” He heard a man with a

strong, clear voice say. “Just me…” Serge muttered before passing out.
Chapter 9

      Serge woke up in a cell. He was in a prison! This was bad. One of the guards

walked up to his cell with food and water. “Ah, you’re finally awake. Good. Here are

your rations. Now stay quiet so I don’t have to make you quiet.” Serge didn’t like

this man at all. “Get comfy,” The man told him. “You’re gonna be here for quite a

while.” “Ugh.” Serge said aloud. His fifteenth birthday was coming up and he would

spend it in this cell. “Great.” He said aloud again. The guard began rattling the bars

of the cell in response. He lay down on the floor and passed out. This was all too

much for him to bear.

Chapter 10

      Serge awoke to loud banging and looked up to find Ellen standing over the

guard, who was either dead or knocked out. He couldn’t tell which. Ellen took the

keys and unlocked Serge’s imprisonment. He was finally free. It seemed like years,

even though it was barely two days. Ellen gestured to him and took off. Serge ran

to catch up and they both fled the city. They would take a break from thieving and

start new in a town somewhere else. No one knew where they were going, even
themselves. As a man was pacing around the streets, he caught a glimpse of them

running away.

That was the last time anyone saw them.

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