IQ Does Not Seem by sinonaruto


									IQ Does Not Seem To Have Much To Do With
Success In Life or Human Endeavors

The other day I was discussing IQ tests with an overseas acquaintance, a gentleman who is
extremely bright and generally scores off the chart, 150 or so. That's pretty high, it's less than
one-in-a-million. Still, we both considered the real value of IQ scores, and the reality that most
of the highest achieving humans were much less than that. Most presidents of the US in fact are
120 to 130'ish, only President Eisenhower was an off the chart IQ candidate. Okay so, let's
discuss this some more if we might.

You see, when my acquaintance mentioned this, I told him that personally, I tend to agree with
your summation as to the value of IQ tests, as some many notable scientists had tested at 120.
Perhaps, the reason we, at our think tank, have that question on our application form has more to
do with the need of academics to tell us how smart they are, so we introduced that question to
satisfy that need. So, this brings me to another interesting question, one I also posed to my
acquaintance, namely; if he thought we ought to re-design the IQ tests, but how would we do
that? What should we include?

After all, if the current IQ tests leave so much to be desired, then why have them in the first
place. No that is not to say that we must completely ditch the IQ tests, they are valuable, and the
do work for some things, but maybe we could do better? And yes, there have been others who
have tried, take the multiple types of IQ theory, Howard Gardner's theory on intelligence. His
reasoning and logic does actually make sense, still is that enough? Would that suffice in all

In the case of recruitment for a think tank, what makes sense there? Should we perhaps use the
IQ test, plus another test to add to it? So, let's say as long as the individual was 120 IQ + would
they would be qualified? Would they need some other mental abilities - such as? And how could
we test those secondary attributes of the mind? Are you beginning to see the challenges here?

You see, I guess I concur that intelligent quotients are problematic, I believe my acquaintance is
correct, thus, I concur, as there are many 145 + IQ folks signing up for our think tank, but quite
frankly many of them can't think their way out of a cardboard box from China (usually recycled
and flimsy). Now then, I suppose that achievement is one way we've often used, but that can be
fleeting also, as many super IQ folks aren't all that concerned with human accolades as they see
what they are worth, why they are used, and how they end up trapping the mind to fulfill some
goal of a mindless society.

So, what other criteria can be used, and is there an app for that? Can we use Big Data to discover
the smartest and most mentally fit amongst us? How can we be sure, that those who score high
on such tests are actually capable of leading the human race forward? Yes, I know, as always I
have provided my readers with more questions than answers, but if you'll use your superior
intellect, maybe you might have the answer? Please consider all this and think on it.

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