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									                                Minutes of Woodfarm High School Parent Council
                                               12 May 2011

Present:           Gordon Reid, Alison Anderson, Carol Shields, Fowzia Naeem, Irene McNeilage,
                   Jabeen Muhammad, Jan Wilson, Lorraine Allan, Oonagh Robin, Susan Crawford

Attendees:         Ann Stewart (Acting Head Teacher), John Stuart (Deputy Head Teacher),
                   Richard Phelan (Staff), Councillor Gordon Wallace, Jim Williams (Social Media
                   Expert), Anne McLean (ERC Quality Improvement Officer)

                   Megan Sangster (Minute Secretary)

Apologies:         Mike Battcock, Mohammed Shahid, Allan Hogarth, Colin Grant, Lorraine Kirk,
                   Councillor Jim Fletcher

1.       Welcome

Gordon R opened the meeting and welcomed all members of the Parent Council.

2. Approaches to learning and teaching – sharing good practice

David Braid from the Science department delivered a presentation exploring aspects of active
learning which are adopted to aid teaching of the S1 science curriculum.

The four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence were highlighted with examples regarding their
implementation within the department.

David B illustrated the use of software resources available to accompany textbook work,
explaining how this enhances lesson delivery through interactive resources.

Example pupil experiment work was available for PC members to view, illustrating aspects of
practical group work and problem solving techniques encouraged.

David B explained that collaborative working between the English and Science departments has
resulted in learning experiences being offered which allow young people to demonstrate literacy
skills in science. Opportunities are now provided to further develop group discussion skills in the
context of science.

David B was thanked by the PC for the presentation.

3. Presentation – Using ICT effectively

Anne McLean (Quality Improvement Officer, ERC) referred to expertise in the use of ICT
throughout the local authority, highlighting various ICT initiatives which are currently being
examined.       Anne M stressed the importance of using secure systems online to protect
individuals whilst enhancing the learning experiences available.

Ronnie Hillis (Deputy Head Teacher) was highlighted as a GLOW mentor within the school. It
was reported that the GLOW system has been piloted to teachers, pupils and now to cluster
primary schools, continually widening opportunities to access the facility. Anne M stated that by
June this year, all pupils and teachers throughout the local authority will have an active GLOW
account. It was explained that the next step would be to widen availability to the parent body.

It was agreed that the PC would be willing to pilot the system prior to full introduction to the
Parent Forum. This would involve PC members forming a GLOW group for online discussion of
PC issues, distributing the agenda and minutes. It was highlighted that access permissions
could be set on various levels for security of information shared this way. Gordon R suggested
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PCM 12 May 2011 – 19                                                                     13/05/11
                             Minutes of Woodfarm High School Parent Council
                                            12 May 2011

that the PC could then use the GLOW system to improve communication links with the full
Parent Forum, providing another source for promoting the work of the PC within the school.

Anne M highlighted the benefits of GLOW for parents, for example, the issue of GLOW specific
e-mail accounts, allowing input into e-portfolio’s of the young people and have the opportunity to
interact on the online community through discussion forums.

Anne M also explored various developments within the GLOW system, for example the potential
to host GLOW meetings worldwide as well as using GLOW blogs to help schools to develop
their websites.

Jim W (Social Media Expert) distributed a list of suggested online tools which the PC could
consider to assist with improving communication links with the Parent Forum. Jim W suggested
free and speedy communication channels such as twitter, as used by Mearns Castle High
School, to promote ticket sales for PC events. Anne M however highlighted security concerns
regarding the use of external agencies for secure communication and stressed that privacy
statements must be considered carefully. Anne M highlighted the survey facility within GLOW
that could also be safely used as pre-approved by the local authority.

After discussion, it was agreed that the majority of PC aims with regards to online
communication with the Parent Forum could be met using the GLOW facility.

Jim W highlighted that electronic communication should not be used to replace other forms of
communication, but instead to be used parallel to complement existing methods available.

Anne M will report back to Ann S in June regarding progress for the introduction of GLOW to the
PC for piloting in the new school session.

Anne M and Jim W were thanked by the PC for their input into the discussion of communication

4.       Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting. This was proposed
by Susan C and seconded by Carol S.

5.       Matters Arising

There were no matters arising that were not already covered in the Agenda.

6.       ERC Consultation – Draft Local Improvement Plan

The Draft Local Improvement Plan was distributed to PC members and is available online. Ann
S highlighted that the Local Improvement Plan outlines high level areas for improvement. The
list is extensive but it is not intended that every school should include every strand or even key
area. It is for the individual school to identify, through their self evaluation procedures, targets
which will have the biggest impact on school improvement.

Ann S highlighted that the plan has been discussed with the Senior Management Team and
staff and pupils are currently being consulted on identifying priorities for inclusion in the school
improvement plan.

Ann S requested that any PC feedback on proposals can be submitted via e-mail to the school.
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PCM 12 May 2011 – 19                                                                     13/05/11
                            Minutes of Woodfarm High School Parent Council
                                           12 May 2011

Ann S stated that there will be a continued focus on maintaining high achievement and
attainment levels.
It was suggested that there will be action taken to develop the extra-curricular programme
available to pupils throughout the school (not just the PE department) and encourage pupil
engagement more readily.

7.       Chairperson Report

Ann S stated that the Parent Council Chair Meeting will be held in Mearns Castle High School
on 18th May. Volunteers to attend were requested as Mike B (Chairman) cannot attend.

Ann S reported that Mike B has been invited to attend the next Thornliebank Parent Council
meeting on 8th June. It was agreed that a joint cluster meeting with the Woodfarm PC may be
preferable during school year 2011-2012.

Ann S informed PC members that Mike B will not be able to attend Graduation on 9th June. Ann
S requested a PC member volunteer to deliver a brief input into the ceremony on Mike’s behalf.
It was agreed that Mike B will be asked to contact PC members to arrange this.

8.       Head Teacher Report

Ann S reported that S1 and S2 Parent Focus Group events have taken place, with a turnout of
approximately 10 parents per group. It was highlighted that during the S3 Parents night, there
are 5 15 minute slots available for parents to take part in a consultation exercise in the
Contemplation Room. It was suggested that this method of data collection will be compared
with the Focus Groups to see which is more effective for future use.

Richard P attended a co-ordinators meeting (Parental Involvement). At the meeting Richard
highlighted the work currently taking place in Woodfarm High School. Minutes of the meeting
will be posted on the website once available.

It was stated that the text messaging service is now operating.

Ann S reported that parental responses regarding the introduction of a school blazer for S1
pupils, to be followed up throughout the year groups, have on the whole been positive. The
Primary 7 transition evening will be held on 17th May and our uniform policy will be highlighted
as part of the induction. It was agreed that new S1 pupils should be encouraged to wear a
school blazer, however it has been noted that this cannot be a compulsory uniform element.
Oonagh R highlighted that it may take a few years for full implementation throughout all year
groups. Jabeen M reminded PC members of the possibility for blazer re-cycling to cut costs of
purchasing new blazers.

Ann S informed PC members of a new pre-order facility available to pupils for lunchtimes. It
was highlighted that parents are encourage to use the online payment facility to minimise cash
being brought into school.

The Prom dress event was well attended; however the limited choice of dresses available was
slightly disappointing. Alison A stated that approximately 14 dresses were sold on the night.
The evening was relatively successful despite being arranged at short notice. It was suggested
that the event should be planned earlier in advance for next year to ensure enough time for

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PCM 12 May 2011 – 19                                                                  13/05/11
                             Minutes of Woodfarm High School Parent Council
                                            12 May 2011

Inclusion: An additional area has been provided to enhance opportunities for group work and
targeted support. This will allow us to be more pro-active in our work with young people.

Consultation: Young people are currently responding to the Director’s dialogue, an online
consultation on the content of e-portfolios.

Staff forums have been introduced to provide opportunities for staff to be involved in identifying
targets for improvement for inclusion in the School Improvement Plan.

S2 standardised testing took place in March. Ann S highlighted that results have been received,
including a detailed breakdown of pupil performance to analyse and identify next steps in

Ann S reported that the Easter School was well attended. A blanket charge of £10 was set for
entry to any class over the running period; however, fees were waived for those with free meal
entitlement. Most payments for Easter School were made online. Ann S stated that Pauline
Mooney is in process of consulting with pupils regarding the success of the study facility.

Ann S highlighted that S4 mentoring is in place and is currently gathering feedback from pupils.
It was suggested that in order to improve success of the scheme, it should be implemented
earlier in the school term.

Ann S highlighted a variety of sporting activities and successes for the month of March. Also
success at the Paisley Sheriff Court Mini Trials event was reflected upon.

Pupils attended the Go Greener event in Rouken Glen Park on 27th March to promote the eco-
activities of the school to the wider community.

Ann S highlighted the success of the Prefects Dinner hosted in March, themed as “what I want
to be when I grow up.”

The Woodfarms Got Talent show was held on 31st March and the winner and runner up will
perform at the ERC talent contest to be held on 17th June.

Ann S reported that pupils were involved in postcard writing during English classes to raise
funds for Malawi (£500 raised in total).

The Lets Dance event which took place on 18th April was well attended and raised £500 for
school funds.

It was reported that the Ski Trip to Italy from 11th to 17th December is now fully booked, mainly
consisting of S1 to S4 pupils.

Ann S stated an energy committee will be set up next year to consider renewable energy ideas.

A coffee morning will be held on 14th May to raise funds for the French Trip in June. PC
members have been invited to attend, entry costs £1.50 and the morning will run from 10am to

Ann S invited PC members to attend the Primary 7 parents evening on 17th May to explain the
role of the PC to the new S1 parents.

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PCM 12 May 2011 – 19                                                                    13/05/11
                            Minutes of Woodfarm High School Parent Council
                                           12 May 2011

Ann S invited PC members to the S1 awards ceremony on 2nd June at 7pm to highlight
achievements in meeting the capacities of Curriculum for Excellence. Irene M agreed to attend
and any further volunteers should be made known to Ann S.

Ann S reported that the post of Head Teacher will be re-advertised at the end of May with the
view of appointment before the end of June in time for the new term starting in August. Susan
C requested 3 PC members who have had interview training to volunteer to assist in the leating

Invitations to the Graduation on 9th June have been sent to all PC members.

The PC thanked Ann for her support to the PC as Acting Head Teacher for the school term.

9.       AOCB

Jan W suggested the PC consider using the company Music Magpie (
to raise funds for football strips. The company can be contacted once 100 CDs and DVDs with
barcodes have been collected and in exchange will provide football kit (i.e. 16 strips and 1
goalie). Jan W highlighted that the company can also personalise the badge on the kit and
offers a choice of 5 basic designs.

Ann S distributed an update from Pauline Mooney (Deputy Head Teacher) regarding Prefect
Election procedure suggestions. It was highlighted that the PC will be given the opportunity to
have a role in the selection of Head Boy and Head Girl positions.

Ann S stated that the senior school tie should be available for purchase from the mid May this

Jabeen M and Fowzia N suggested that a coffee morning drop in service could perhaps be
arranged offering an opportunity for parents to contact the school on a more personal basis.
Ann S stated that there is already a drop in service in June for parents with children who are
offered additional support for learning and this could be extended. Ann S also reported that
there are suggestions of introducing a year-specific booklet to parents to highlight key areas
they may require knowledge on regarding the particular year group their child will be entering.

10.      Date of Next Meeting

The next PC meeting and Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 8 September
2011 at 7pm in the Conference Room.

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PCM 12 May 2011 – 19                                                                 13/05/11

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