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					                         PERSON SPECIFICATION
                             Communications Intern

                                                         Essential   Desirable
Technical skills and experience
Experience of proof-reading                                 
Experience of working to a house style                      
Experience of using Microsoft Office or equivalent          
Experience of using website content management
Knowledge of HTML                                                       
Experience of using social media, especially Twitter                    
Personal management
Efficient and effective personal management skills,
including the ability to meet deadlines
Keen attention to detail                                    
Communication skills
Good standard of written and spoken English                 
Ability to present arguments and evidence in a clear
and concise written form
Ability to edit text for web and print publications         
Strong spelling and grammar                                 
Organisational and management skills
Experience of working under pressure with competing
Ability to work independently with minimal supervision      
Ability to work with others as part of a team               
Additional criteria
A degree level qualification                                
A commitment to the basis and values of our
                             JOB DESCRIPTION

Job title:                   Communications Intern

Responsible to:              Communications Manager

Salary scale:                £15,106 (pro rata)

Purpose of job

Inclusion is looking for a Communications Intern to support the Communications
Manager in maintaining its strong public profile through helping to produce and
disseminate communications products and services.

Principal tasks to be undertaken

      Contribute to Inclusion’s websites to a high standard and in line with
       Inclusion’s house style, and best practice in web usability and design
      Keep all areas of the Inclusion website up to date and relevant.
      Edit contributed copy and select images for Inclusion website.
      Help staff team to update Inclusion website content where necessary.
      Keep Indus Delta website up to date, source and write up news stories,
       upload job adverts, answer customer queries, moderate discussion forums.
      Send out Indus Delta Newswire, our weekly news update email.
      Liaise with external web developers on maintenance, bugs, fixes, upgrades,
       developments for all websites where necessary.

E-briefings and Labour Market LIVE

      Work with the Communications Manager to ensure that Inclusion provides a
       high quality, informative electronic news service that informs a wide group of
       stakeholders of new developments across social policy fields, and attracts
       new customers to our products and services.
      Source and write up news for e-briefings and the website; lay up e-briefing
       content in HTML for sign-off by Communications Manager where required;
       distribute to mailing lists, update mailing list details where necessary.
      Work with Communications Manager to produce and disseminate monthly
       ‘Labour Market LIVE’ bulletin, formatting charts and upload to website.

House style, templates, proofing

      Support Communications Manager in maintaining Inclusion’s brand and
       encourage all staff to do so. Work within Inclusion’s templates to insure
       consistency of output. Work to the house style at all times.
      Support the Communications Manager in proofing subscriber products,
       reports, events programmes and marketing to ensure they meet our high
       quality standards.


      Send out hard copies and PDFs of Inclusion’s Think Tank reports, e-briefings,
       magazine to existing mailing lists.

Working Brief

      Support Communications Manager in proofing articles and the final laid up
      Send out commissioning emails on behalf of Communications Manager.
      Carry out interviews for the magazine where required.
      Source photos for articles where necessary.
      Send out PDF to mailing lists.
      Look after mailing lists.
      Upload PDFs of Working Brief to website.
      Send out one-off hard copies where relevant.

Inclusion handbooks

      Research and update content where necessary.
      Support the Communications Manager in developing new handbooks.

Information and database management

      Develop mailing lists for our existing products, researching and updating
       customer details, grouping contacts where relevant.

Internal communications

      Maintain a bank of customer testimonials by monitoring events and research
       customer feedback forms and following up ad hoc positive comments sent to
       staff members, requesting permission to use comments in marketing.
      Support Communications Manager in keeping staff team up to date with
       Inclusion’s activity.


      Keep Inclusion’s Twitter feed up to date with news sourced from e-briefings
       and Inclusion’s announcements, retweet other policy leads comments.


      Help to promote the policies and objectives of Inclusion.
      Participate at Inclusion’s conferences and events.
      Undertake other tasks relevant to the purpose of the job as required.
      Work within our Equality and Diversity policy.

Inclusion undertakes national events. Those wishing to apply for the post must be
willing to travel on occasion. However, own transport is not essential.
Conditions of contract

This is a full-time fixed-term position for three months. Interns are entitled to paid
holiday commensurate with the length of their internship. Sick leave will also be paid.

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