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Issue 1 2009 _Read-Only_


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									VOLUME 8—ISSUE 1

                                           This year, there will be three scheduled   Kinney will soon be writing a fifth Di-
                                           book fairs. September 23rd-25th was the    ary Of A Wimpy Kid book.
                                           most recent book fair. December 15th-
                                                                                      Another very popular series would be
                                           17th will be the next book fair. On
                                                                                      the Twilight series. Stephanie Meyer
                                           March 17th–19th, the last book fair of
                                                                                      has the first half of her new book, Mid-
                                           the year will be held in our middle
                                                                                      night Sun, on her website. Around
                                           school library.
                                                                                      June, the first chapter of Midnight Sun
                                           The September 23rd-25th book fair con-     got leaked onto the Internet. Stephanie
                            EAGLES’ VIEW
                                           sisted of many popular books and se-       Meyer got very upset and wasn’t sure
                                           ries, such as the Vladimir Todd series,    if she was going to finish the book.
                                           the Twilight series, The Host, The         Let’s hope she does!
                                           Clique series, and, last but not least,
                                                                                   Many books of the Twilight series
                                           the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series.
                                                                                   were sold at the book fair on Septem-

                                           As you probably know, the fourth book ber 23rd-September 25th. Since the
                                           in the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series,     Twilight series has come out, many
                                           Dog Days by Jeff Kinney, is available   vampire related books have been pub-
                                           now. The book officially came out on    lished such as the Vampire Diaries se-
                                           October 12th, 2009. This series has be- ries, the Night World series, the Vladi-
                                           come very popular. Like the rest of the mir Todd series, and the Vampire
                                           series, it will be about middle school  Academy series. Are authors trying to
                                           student Greg Heffley and his trials and keep the vampire theme or are they
                                           tribulations, most of which are of his  simply trying to write what’s selling?
                                           own making. Rumor has it that Jeff

                                                                     By: Bayleigh Sauerwald

                                                                                               BY: Tiana Rooney
                                             Get Involved                               SPORTS:
                                                                                        -If you really love a sport and want
                                            Are looking forward to get into things      to try out, the best way to help you
                                            such as sports, clubs, or even acceler-     get ready is to practice with your
                                            ated classes? I will tell you every-        friends and family.
                                            thing you need to know!
                                                                                        -You do need to keep up your grades
                                            CLUBS:                                      and stay out of trouble. If you make
                                            -For most clubs all you need to do is       the team and get in trouble, you
                                            show up. Clubs are really easy to get       could be kicked off.
                                            into.                                       -Most coaches want a player who is
                                            -To be in Student Government you            at almost every practice and works
                                            must be elected by your class in order      hard. It shows that you really care
                                            to get in.                                  about the sport and want to be there.

                                                              INSIDE                  SCHOOL NEWS, COMMUNITY

                                                               ISSUE                  ENTERTAINMENT, & SPORTS
Organizing Tips: If You Need To Get Organized                                                      BY: Tatiana

        Are you one of those people who forgets homework in their locker, doesn’t come prepared to class,
has papers flying out of your locker, or loses IMPORTANT papers all the time? If you answered yes to any
of these questions I came just in time. I have the answers to all your problems in just two words GET OR-
GANIZED (It’s that simple.).
        Today I am going to give you some helpful tips to keep you on top of everything and maybe make
your life a lot easier and stress free.
         So let’s begin. I’ll start off with some easy tips, like organizing your locker.
              Get an organizer for your locker. You can get them at Rite Aid, CVS, and even Walmart. Basi-
                  cally, anywhere they sell school supplies.
              Take everything out of your locker one day after school and organize all your books. You can
                 even organize your books to be in order of your school schedule.
              Get magnets and put up some important letters or papers, or even a reminder. For example: It’s
                  an A day, or Have band lessons 6th period.
Now lets move on to organizing binders and notebooks.
Get dividers to divide up notes, class work, vocabulary and so on.
Write all your notes and class work neatly so you can understand what you wrote and so you can go back
to study from. It’s helpful to write your notes neatly so you can refer back to them.
***Other Helpful Tips
*During Lunch go to the library to get some work done.
**Stay after for the library to work on projects.
*** Go to extra help on Wednesday and Thursday if you need help on a subject you don’t understand.
****Have a piece of paper to write on at the end of very class. Write what you need to bring home that day
for homework or projects. You could also get a homework binder to put all your homework in for that day.
****Write all your homework in your planner and write all upcoming important events, like tests, quizzes,
school functions, etc.
****Have a mini schedule for dates of your club meetings or sports.
**** Make index cards or some type of studying system to help you review.
**** Last but not least, listen to the announcements for upcoming events, meetings and sports.
        There are a lot of ways to get organized. The thing is that you have to put in the effort to stay organ-
ized. But, just in case you need help you can come to me, Tatiana Belanich, for any help or more tips. Well,
gtg (got to go) and remember- Get Organized!!!

Page 2
                                        LOCAL BEACHES

The beaches in Rocky Point-                                The beaches in Miller Place-
Friendship Beach                                           Woodhull Landing Beach-       Directions to get to the
                                                           beach- From the KFC on the corner of rte 25A and
Directions to get to the beach- Take Broadway to King
                                                           Hallock Landing Road, go down the road and make a
Road (right), then make a left turn at Garland. Go to
                                                           slight left which becomes N Rocky Point Landing Rd.
the end of Garland, make a slight left onto Friendship.
                                                           Turn left at Lower Rocky Point Rd, then make a right at
Then, go to the end of Friendship where you will come
                                                           Woodhull Landing Rd. At the end of the road is Wood-
to a merge with Twilight. Make a slight right and go
                                                           hull Landing Beach.
into the parking lot and you will end up at Friendship
Beach.                                                     Cedar Beach- Directions to get to the beach- From KFC
                                                           make a right on Rocky Point Landing Road, bear left at
Broadway Beach
                                                           the Rocky Point fire house. Continue on Lower Rocky
Directions to get to the beach- Take Broadway all the      Point Landing Road past Valley Rd. Keep going straight
way down to the end where you will find a parking lot      for about a mile and then you will pass McNulty’s.
too, and there is Broadway beach.                          Make a right before the Getty Gas Station, then make
Hallock Landing Beach                                      a right at Harbor Beach Rd. After that, go straight
                                                           and then you will come to a booth and head right to the
Directions to get to the beach- Take Hallock Landing       beach.
Road north (by KFC in Rocky Point) all the way to a fork
make a slight left and take it to the end.                 P.S. GET THERE EARLY DURING THE SUMMER SEA-
                                                           SON BECAUSE IT WILL BE PACKED!!!!

                                            BY: Robert Thomas

                                                                                           And many more!
      Ben and                                                                              I found this infor-
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                     Vanilla HEATH® Bar Crunch - Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunks of
                     HEATH® Bar Crunch
                                                                                             By: Lucas Hess

 VOLUME 8—ISSUE 1                                                                                          Page 3
  Parents vs. Cell Phones
What’s the deal? Are you constantly begging your mom or dad, but you’re always getting the same ag-
gravating answer? Well, it’s time for you to know, what is up with parents versus cell phones. Let’s
face it, for those of you that are about to go into middle school or those of you who are already in mid-
dle school, you’d think its mandatory for you to have a cell phone. Clubs, possibly forgetting things at
home you need next class, it can happen! Here is the defense for both teams:
For the Parents
   It’s hard. When you get a phone, you are addicted to it, no doubt. That can get your parents a little
        aggravated. They just got you this great gift, but now, you won’t part from it.
   Cell phone bills eat up your parents’ money, which is definitely not a great thing, with or without
      this harmful economy.
   Buying them. That’s not exactly your decision. Their money, not yours. If your parents decide to
      work out a win/win situation with you that’s great! But let them decide. It’s the year of technol-
      ogy and prices are rising, let’s not forget!
For the Phone
   You are in middle school and it is a good age to get a cell phone not only for school reasons. Here
      is a tip: Show your parents you like to use the home phone.
   When you leave a club meeting, even though clubs end around 4:00, you will probably still see a
     ton of people with phones telling their parents now is the time to pick them up. When you don’t
     have one, it’s not that great, huh?
                     So pick your side, but the big question is WHO WILL WIN?

                                        Written By: Una Cooper
                              Twilight VS Harry Potter
The amazing Harry Potter series, written by the fabulous J.K Rowling, was always enjoyed. When Rowling
published a new book it was sure to be one of the top sellers. Then, in 2008, the vampire book, Twilight
came out and was sure to kick Harry Potter off the charts. Soon critics were hooked on the hit series and
were hungry for more. More and more people started wanting more vampires and less wizards, Twilight fans
find Edward Cullen too adorable for words. Robert Patterson was with Daniel Radcliffe in his movie Harry
Potter and the Goblet of Fire and soon after that he became one of the most loved characters around. Be-
cause Twilight was very popular people decided that they wanted more. Authors wrote books like The Vam-
pire Diaries by L.J. Smith and The Vladimir Todd by Heather Brewer. When Harry Potter came out they
didn’t make very many TV shows or books about wizards. It goes to show that Twilight was so much more
popular than Harry Potter when it first came out.
So, the fight still goes on between Twilight and Harry Potter. They are both enjoyable series and, maybe,
when the new movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out it will be more popular than Twilight
considering this movie will be one of the best movies yet!

                                          By: Gillian Dorsi

                                                                       The Warriors Saga
  Books of the Less Popular Kind                                     Books By: Erin Hunter
          By: Sarah Maza                             Book one - Into the Wild: This book starts with an ordinary
                                                     house cat named Rusty, dreaming. He dreams of being in
                                                     the wild, catching a mouse, his mouth watering at the
                                                     thought of that fresh mouse taste. As this adventure contin-
We’re always talking about what’s popular. How-
                                                     ues danger surrounds him, when the deputy Redtail gets
ever, that doesn’t mean that if something isn’t      killed. But, Tigerstar, a warrior , tells an interesting story. Is
popular it isn’t any good. There are thousands of    it really true or is he just lying to the whole clan in order to
good books out there, but I’d like to talk about     gain power over them? This mysterious, adventurous, ac-
Heartland. Heartland is a book series about a        tion-packed story is sure to keep you flipping the pages. It
horse farm. The people who run the farm help         might even get you wondering what your pet cat thinks
horses to gain back human trust so they have         about all day while waiting inside.
nothing to fear. Once the horses have finished       Book two- Fire and Ice: In this book the danger keeps grow-
their training they go back home, safe and sound,    ing as Firepaw becomes a warrior and new name is Fire-
not being afraid any more.                           heart. The winter is coming and Greenleaf is nowhere near.
                                                     As kits and cats- even Bluestar gets sick with Greencough
                                                     Yellowfang. The medicine cat tries her best to treat the
                                                     many cats who are getting sick, or hurt. Graypaw, or now
                                                     known as his warrior name Graystripe, falls in love with
                                                     Sliverstream, a Riverclan cat, which is against the warrior
                                                     code! This addition to the series will really surprise you
                                                     with unexpected deaths, a forbidden love, and ton of action
                                                     as the story should be still on your mind after you read the
                                                     last page.
                                                     After reading book one and book two you’ve still got more
                                                     than 25 books to go! Keep on reading!
                                                                                           By: Kristen Savastano
                                                                 By: Monica Treutle

9- When 9 first comes to life, he finds himself in a dark world where all humans are gone. It is only
by chance that he discovers a small group of the “people”, 1-8, taking refuge from scary machines
that roam the earth wanting to get rid of them. Despite being the less experienced of the group, 9,
(the person), convinces the others that hiding will do them no good. They must take the offensive if
they want to survive, and they must discover why the machines want to destroy them in the first
place. By the end of the movie 9, there are only a few left, but slowly the earth is starting to return
to normal.
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – This meaty movie is about Flint      Lockwood, a young inventor
always trying to impress his dad. He is determined to make something of himself, so he creates a
machine that can transform water into food. But, during the little town’s grand opening, the machine
goes haywire and it starts a spaghetti and meatball mess.
Michael Jackson’s This Is It- This is Michael’s dream, he always wanted a movie all about himself.
Well his dream came true. Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie came out on October 28th. This is the
movie about the concert he would have performed if he didn’t pass away. Almost all of his best
songs, This Is It: the movie, the concert, the thing to see! It’s sure to be a Thriller!

                                     The Vampire Diaries
               The Vampire Diaries is a show on CW11. This show has a relation to Twilight in the
way of romance, lying to the one you love and adventure. If you think there is nothing quite like
Twilight, well, you are wrong. When you are watching this show you will think of love right away.
This show is based on the book by L.J. Smith.
       If you watch it, you can review the show yourself. There is a website that you can go to
and make reviews: http://blogs.vampirediaries.net. You can also get info on the show and book, so
you can catch you up on what you missed. The website offers opportunities to meet people from
the show and to get prizes if you join the fan club.
        The Vampire Diaries is on Thursdays at 8:00pm and is on CW11. This is the show you can
really sink your teeth into!
                                                                            By: Michaella Maddalena
              T()P TEN VIDE() G@ME$
1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
2. Super Mario 64
3. Pokémon Diamond
4. Pokémon Pearl
5. Sims 2
6. Dance Revolution
7. Nintendogs
8. Pokémon Ranger
9. Cooking Mama
10. Shrek 2

1. Halo 4
2. Call of Duty
3. Grand Theft Auto 4
4. Spiderman 3
5. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
6. 2k7 Major League Baseball
7. Midnight Club 3: Dub Addition Remix
8. Simpsons: Hit and Run
9. Star Wars Battlefront 2
10. Guitar Hero 5

                                      By: Nick Roalef
                                                                           By: Zack Dietz

A lot of fans have their own opinions on who is the best player in the NFL. I have my own list
right here. In this chart you will see the players’ names, position, height, weight, and a short
                       description on why they are on my list. Here it is:

      Name               Position            Height             Weight               Why?
  Tom Brady New            QB                 6’4”              225 lbs.        Brady had his ca-
                                                                                reer cut short last
  England Patriots                                                              year, but expect a
                                                                                major comeback.
  Peyton Manning           QB                 6’5”              230 lbs.        Manning has had
                                                                                ten 4,000 seasons.
 Indianapolis Colts                                                            Expect it to become
                                                                                 eleven this year.
  Adrian Peterson          RB                 6’1”              217 lbs.         Peterson was a
                                                                               breakout at Okla-
 Minnesota Vikings                                                             homa and has been
                                                                                a breakout in the
  Larry Fitzgerald         WR                 6’3’’             217 lbs.       Fitzgerald is one of
                                                                                 the best wide re-
 Arizona Cardinals                                                             ceivers in the game.

   Phillip Rivers          QB                 6’5’’             228 lbs.       Rivers has Antonio
                                                                                Gates and Chris
     San Diego                                                                 Chambers to throw
     Chargers                                                                    to this season,
                                                                                which is a good
   Andre Johnson           WR                 6’3’’             223 lbs.         An elite receiver
                                                                                 who has loads of
                                                                               potential. Unfortu-
  Houston Texans                                                                nately, the Texans
                                                                                don’t have a great
  Brandon Jacobs           RB                 6’4’’             264 lbs.          He is one of the
                                                                                biggest, most pow-
                                                                               erful running backs
  New York Giants                                                               in the game. He’s
                                                                                my favorite and a
                                                                                 great role model.
   Maurice Jones-          RB                 5’6’’             208 lbs.       Jones-Drew hasn’t
      Drew                                                                      gotten over 1,000
                                                                                yards so far, but
    Jacksonville                                                                 this year will be
      Jaguars                                                                        different.
   Reggie Wayne            WR                 6’0’’             198 lbs.        Wayne is another
                                                                                veteran receiver
 Indianapolis Colts                                                              who has glory.

    Drew Brees             QB                 6’0’’             209 lbs.       Brees almost broke
                                                                                the passing yard
                                                                                record last year,
 New Orleans Saints                                                            and might this one.

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