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									NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012
            19-20 JUNE, OSLO, NORWAY


  NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                                          !                                                     WELCOME

Thank you for joining us in Oslo.

Nordic Venue Forum is a conference, workshop and networking event dedicated to the experiences, challenges and best-practice for
the sports, performance, arts, cultural and entertainment venue sector across the Nordic region.

Following our previous editions in Stockholm (2010) and Copenhagen (2011), we continue our rotation of the Nordic region as we
bring the event to Norway for the first time.

Bringing together both regional leaders and international experts, Nordic Venue Forum’s total focus is on driving revenues, diversifying
content, growing audiences and delivering compelling visitor experiences.

This year we’ll explore diverse aspects of the venue business and try to define:

        •   What’s the future for the major venue sector in the region?
        •   How do we engage and enthrall tomorrow’s fans?
        •   How do we get more people into our facilities – and keep them coming back for more?
        •   How far do we go with naming rights and commercial endorsements?
        •   What do our everyday customers – and our VIP guests – expect from us?
        •   How do we balance user needs with economic realities?

We look forward to exploring these questions – and many more – in public (and in private) over the next two days.

We hope you enjoy the debate!

Ian Nuttall
Nordic Venue Forum 2012


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    NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                                !                                   CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

Monday 18 June 2012

15.00!    Hotel check-in / Welcome desk at Quality Hotel Expo

Opening Tour: Telenor Arena
18.30!    Gather in lobby for walk (5mins) to Telenor Arena.
19.00!    Tour and Welcome Reception at Telenor Arena: Located in
          Fornebu – some 10km from the city center of Oslo – Telenor Arena
          is the largest indoor stadium in Northern Europe.
!         Originally conceived as a multi-purpose, fully-enclosed stadium, the venue
          opened in March 2009 as the home ground of Stabæk football club with a
          permanent artificial pitch. The venue has a capacity of 15,000 spectators for
          arena events, rising to 23,000 for concerts, with club seating for 1,200, 40 luxury
          boxes and an 800-capacity restaurant. After a series of ownership and tenancy
          disputes, Stabæk played their last game at the venue in November 2011 and the
          artificial pitch was removed. Today, the venue’s core business is focused on
          concerts, large exhibitions and trade shows. Our expert tour guide:
              • Øystein Flenning, Managing Director, Telenor Arena, Norway

21.00!    Return to Quality Hotel Expo

Tuesday 19 June 2012

08.45!    Registration & Networking                         !

09.15!    Welcome to the Forum by Ian Nuttall, Founder, Nordic Venue Forum

Session 1: The Big Picture
Market trends throughout the Nordic region. Our speakers include:
09.30!    Regional activity in the live entertainment market – A snapshot of ticket-buying trends in the
          concert, festival and event market from a leading supplier. What’s selling? And what’s slipping?
             • Kjell Arne Orseth, President, Billettservice AS / Ticketmaster Nordics, Norway
10.00!    From classical sports events to mass participation? The traditional ‘bid and subsidise’ model of
          hosting major sports events – backed by an economic impact survey – is subject to growing criticism. At the
          same time, the increasing political focus on health benefits of mass participation in sport and the need for
          social inclusion, points towards a new approach to evaluate the qualities (and demands) of specific events:
             • Søren Bang, Editor & Analyst, Idrættens Analyseinstitut (Danish Institute for Sports Studies), Denmark

10.30!    Coffee break!                                                                   Sponsored by Billettservice AS

Guest Speaker: Naming Rights
11.00!    Earlier this month, Tele2 – one of Europe’s leading telecom operators with 34 million customers in 11
          countries – was announced as the naming rights partner to the new multi-purpose, retractable roof stadium
          being built in the Swedish capital to augment the existing facilities in the Globe District. Scheduled to open
          in July 2013, the Tele2 Arena is the future home of Hammarby and Djurgården football teams. Tele2’s mission
          is to integrate mobile technology to enhance visitor experience and create an arena for the digital
          generation. Explaining the background to the new arena, the deal and some of the value-added services we
          can expect from sponsor activation, we welcome:
              • Per Lindblad, Sales & Business Development, Stockholm Globe Arenas, Sweden

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  NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                                  !                                CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

Session II: Fan Engagement & Loyalty
11.30!    Many sports and entertainment businesses continue to base their growth on two highly unpredictable
          strategies: winning (either trophies or hit records) and discounting. Neither is sustainable in the long term.
          But, by putting the fans first, enlightened entertainment businesses are finding new ways to foster deeper
          connections, happier customers and stronger brand loyalty. Win or lose, these new fan-centric
          entertainment businesses are truly sustainable. Hear from our two experts who are changing the way
          entertainment is managed and delivered:
              • Mark Bradley, Founder, The Fan Experience Company, UK
              • Julian Jenkins, Head of International Marketing, Cardiff City FC, UK

Guest Speaker: Rethink! Embracing Culture for Long-term Change
12.45!    Aarhus has declared its candidacy to become the Danish host of the European Capital of Culture in 2017
          along with the host city from Cyprus. This is not a short term project, but a project that has a far-reaching
          vision and mission for Aarhus as a city, involving the entire region as well. Our speaker:
              • Trevor Davies, Head of Bid, European Capital of Culture in 2017, Denmark

13.15!    Lunch!                                                                     Sponsored by AEG Facilities Europe

Guest Speaker: Boutique – The future of venue design
14.30!    Investing in design is becoming the smart decision for entertainment venue operators. We’re told by social
          media marketeers that our future customers may be ‘paparazzi’ (who like to collect memories and event
          experiences) and ‘posers’ (who like to be seen, recognised and captured by the paparazzi). Catering to these
          future needs makes good business sense. No matter how small your venue, you can start segmenting from
          tomorrow – providing an aspirational visitor path for fans/patrons:
              • David Manica, President, MANICA Architecture, USA

Session III: Our Future Customers
15.00!    Combining digital marketing with social media channels offers endless opportunities to develop a new
          generation of ticket-buying customers. However, at the same time, the youth of this digital ‘golden age’ are
          less likely buy into the traditional ‘seats and stage’ model of entertainment. Our future customers want to
          be part of the show, creating their own content and enhancing their own venue experience! Our speakers
              • Steve Machin, Founder, Stormcrowd Ltd, UK
              • Pierre Tornkvist, Head of Marketing, House of Arts, Lulea, Sweden

16.00!    Afternoon break!                                                           Sponsored by Ungerboeck Systems

Session IV: New Faces & New Spaces
A selection of new venue projects will showcase emerging trends in design, finance and operations, including:
16.30!    Copenhagen Arena – “A distinct icon and generator of urban life”
          The City of Copenhagen has finally secured the funding and planning permission for a new multi arena. A
          design team has been appointed, construction works are planned to start in early 2013 and doors scheduled
          to for the public by the end of 2015. Hear more about vision and ideas behind the arena and the
          procurement process:
              • Claus Wiegand Larsen, Managing Director, ARENA CPHX P/S, Denmark
17.00!    House of Music, North Jutland – Combining concert experiences, artistic development and
          education under one roof, this new venue will be a landmark for the whole of the North Jutland region.
          Currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2013, the ‘house’ includes a 1,300 capacity concert
          hall, three smaller venues and rehearsal facilities and is promoted as “a dynamic public space that connects
          Aalborg's city centre with its harbour”.
              • Lasse Rich Henningsen, CEO, Fonden Musikkens Hus i Nordjylland, Denmark

17.30!    Round-Up/Close of day one

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    NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                              !                               CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

Tour & Networking: Ullevaal Stadium
18.30!    Taxi transfers to Ullevaal Stadium
19.00!    Tour of Ullevaal Stadium – The national football stadium of
          Norway has undergone numerous transformations and development
          programmes since it opened in 1926. Ullevaal is owned by AS Ullevaal
          Stadion, a limited company wholly owned by the Norwegian Football
          Association (NFF). Stadium operations are performed by a subsidiary
          Ullevaal Stadion Idrett AS, while another subsidirary Ullevaal Business
          Class AS (UBC) is responsible for operating the luxury boxes,
          conference centre and VIP guest services.
!         The stadium complex also includes retail, hotel and leisure facilities,
          along with the offices of NFF, the Norwegian Olympic Committee and
          many other of Norway’s sports federations – combining into one of
          the most comprehensive stadium and sports developments in the
          Nordic region. New capital investment programmes are underway and to
          take us through the business model of Norway’s national stadium are:
              • Jack Hemmestad Jnr., General Manager, Ullevaal Stadium, Norway
              • Elsa Doseth, General Manager, Ullevaal Business Class AS, Norway

20.30!    Networking Reception with drinks and canapés in the Business Class lounge at Ullevaal Stadium – And
          yes, before you panic, we may be showing some EURO2012 football on the stadium’s screens! (England vs
          Ukraine and/or Sweden vs. France)

22.30!    Close / Free time (Delegates can choose to return to city centre or hotel)

Wednesday 20 June 2012

09.00!    Registration & Networking                       !

09.15!    Welcome back

Session V: Operating Lessons
09.30!    What can we learn from day-to-day operations of established, growing and new venues? This panel explores
          new ways of working with events, fans and business partners in win-win situations. Panellists sharing their
          operating experiences include:
             • Michael Mansdotter, Managing Director, Odense Theatre, Denmark
             • Trond Backer, Marketing Director, Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Norway
             • Øystein Flenning, Managing Director, Telenor Arena, Norway

11.00!    Coffee break !                                                                  Sponsored by COLOSSEO!

Project Focus: The Culture and Commercial Partnership
11.30!    After serving as a legendary music venue for more than 30 years, Copenhagen’s Pumpehuset was reopened
          in September 2011. The house was heavily renovated to offer new technology, better acoustics and
          improved audience facilities. But, the most striking feature about the venue since its makeover isn’t its
          physical appearance… Part-owned by Nordisk Film Biografer, a division of the Egmont group – the largest
          entertainment company in Scandinavia – the venue is run as a"‘cultural-commercial partnership’; a unique
          collaboration that is the first of its kind in Denmark:
              • Ronnie Hansen, CEO, Pumpehuset, Denmark
              • Frederik Juul, CEO, Nordisk Film Live, Denmark

Session VI: Innovations Showcase
12.15!    Our regular round-up of innovations, emerging technologies and new ways of doing ‘arts venue’ business. In
          order to avoid “death by powerpoint”, all presentations are delivered in the quickfire pecha-kucha format

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   NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                                                                    !              CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

                (20 slides for 20 seconds) meaning the speaker changes every 6mins 40 seconds. Scorecards at the ready
                please! Our innovations include:
                    • Digital signage and integrated communications
                    • Social Media platforms integrated with online ticketing
                    • Venue Resource Management software
                    • and more...

Guest Speaker: Broadening the appeal
12.45!          Historically, the venue business has embodied a narrow focus on two core activities: firstly on the event
                calendar and secondly, ticket sales. This over-emphasis – and over-dependence – on the fundamentals has
                often been at the expense of other income streams.

                Today, leading venues are putting as much effort into new business activities as they have historically on
                ticket sales. By unlocking the opportunities in diverse activities – including, for example, real estate, tourism,
                destination marketing, naming rights, premium seating and hospitality sales – leading venue operators are
                finding new symbiotic relationships between content, customers and sponsors to create a virtuous circle
                and a stable, sustainable venue business. Our speaker shares some of a leading operator’s experiences:"
                    • Brian Kabatznik,VP of Business Development - AEG Facilities, Europe

13.15!          Lunch!                                                                              Sponsored by AudienceView Ticketing!

Session VII: The Red Carpet
14.15!          Venues are increasingly dependent on their premium seat and corporate clients but often under-invest in
                facilities, services and research on this valuable but highly demanding customer segment. How can we better
                understand the corporate client? How do we reach – and exceed – the premium seat customer’s
                expectations? Bringing us lessons in world-class hospitality sales and delivery is:
                    • Caroline McEleney, Head of Hospitality Sales, Manchester United FC, UK

Open Mic: Shared Goals, Diverse Opinions
15.00!          We close with an open-mic session with all delegates encouraged to offer their views, challenges and
                experiences for all to share. What’s the future for the major venue sector in the region? Are we seeing a
                market split into mega-venues and smaller, boutique venues (with the middle ground getting squeezed)?
                How do we get more people into our facilities – and keep them coming back for more? How far do we go
                with naming rights and commercial endorsements? How do we balance user needs with economic realities?
                And what can the arts world learn from the world of sports – and vice versa?

16.00!          Close of Forum

Closing Tour: Oslo Opera House
18.30!          Transfer to Oslo City centre
19.00!          Tour of Oslo Opera House – The stunning new Oslo Opera House has won
                worldwide acclaim for its architectural design and cultural impact. Situated in the
                Bjørvika neighborhood of central Oslo, at the head of the Oslofjord, the venue is
                home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. The angled exterior surfaces
                of the building are covered with Italian marble and white granite and make it
                appear to rise from the water – creating a tourist attraction since
                opening in 2008.

20.30!          Official close of programme

20.30!          Dinner (option) – please confirm at registration desk if you would like
                to join us (venue tbc)

* Invited/Subject to final confirmation. Programme correct at 13 June 2012. Subject to change. E&OE

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  NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                                   !                                        SPEAKER PROFILES

TROND BACKER, MARKETING DIRECTOR, KILDEN                         and exhibition centre in Norway. Reflecting on his time
PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE, NORWAY                                   in this role, he says that he “…spent five years turning it
                                                                 upside-down in every way!” A lawyer by training,
Trond M. Backer is the Marketing Director                        Øystein worked as a legal trainee in Haavind, one of
at Kilden Performing Arts Centre in                              Norway’s top firms.
Kristiansand, Norway. He holds a Master’s
degree in Economics and Marketing from
the Norwegian School of Management, and                          RONNIE HANSEN, CEO, PUMPEHUSET, DENMARK
has extensive marketing experience from
                                                                 Ronnie Hansen, 28, is the youngest CEO in
the travel industry and from non-profit organizations.
                                                                 the Egmont Group. Previously, he served as
His main focus had been on brand building, positioning,
                                                                 Head of Commercial Activities at top
sales/fundraising and creative marketing. Prior to joining
                                                                 Copenhagen venue VEGA, and also has
Kilden, Mr. Backer worked in executive level positions at
                                                                 experience with independent concert
several companies, including the international
                                                                 promotion with a roster including Aphex
development organization Strømme Foundation,
                                                                 Twin, Diplo, Skream and Benga and the likes. Ronnie,
Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, and the
                                                                 who earned a BSc in International Business and Politics
Norwegian ferry cruise liner Color Line. Backer holds
                                                                 at Copenhagen Business School, has a background with
several board positions.
                                                                 The Royal Guards, having completed two years’ military
                                                                 service between 2003 and 2005. Today, in addition to his
MARK BRADLEY, FOUNDER, THE FAN                                   role as CEO at Pumpehuset, Ronnie serves as Voluntary
EXPERIENCE COMPANY, UK                                           Project Manager for the non-profit foundation behind
                                                                 one of Europe's biggest music festivals - Roskilde
An author and expert in service excellence                       Festival.
& customer service and an agent for
change in the football industry, Mark's USP
is an ability to use the ‘real customer                          LASSE RICH HENNINGSEN, CEO, MUSIKKENS
experience’ to expose organizational                             HUS I NORDJYLLAND, DENMARK
weaknesses, highlight opportunities,
                                                                 Lasse Rich Henningsen joined Musikkens
entertain and inform but, most significantly, as a wake-up
                                                                 Hus i Nordjylland as CEO in April 2012.
call for industry. The Football League has credited The
                                                                 Prior to joining Musikkens Hus, Lasse –
Fan Experience Company with increasing family
                                                                 who graduated with an MSc in Business
attendance at fixtures by over 12% in the 4 years since
                                                                 Administration and Business Law from
they together established the Family Excellence Awards.
                                                                 Aalborg University in 2003 – served in
Mark is now working with the SPL (Scottish Premier
                                                                 various management positions in the entertainment
League), the FAI (Airtricity League) and The FA where
                                                                 business industry, including 7 years at The Music
his programmes are creating a catalyst for change and
                                                                 Business Organization (MBO) A / S, most recently as
delivering real benefits.
                                                                 COO and director of the firm's Business & Legal
                                                                 Affairs. Lasse also worked as Project Manager (Music
ELSA DOSETH, GENERAL MANAGER, ULLEVAAL                           Releases) at The Eurovision Song Contest, and at T.G.
BUSINESS CLASS AS, NORWAY                                        Management (responsible for Booking, Live
                                                                 Productions / Tour, and Promotional activites for a wide
Elsa Doseth has been working at Ullevaal                         roster of talent). Lasse, 35, is married with three
Business Class (UBC) since October 2006.                         children.
Initially joining as Director of
Arrangements, Esla was promoted to the
position of General Manager in December                          JULIAN JENKINS, HEAD OF INTERNATIONAL
2010. Before joining UBC, Elsa serves as                         MARKETING, CARDIFF CITY FC, UK
Director of Sales and then Director of Sales and
                                                                 Julian Jenkins has amassed over 10 years’
Marketing at Hotel Continental, Oslo (1996 – 2004), and
                                                                 experience in the football industry, carving
as General Manager at Quality Hotel Hafjell (2004 –
                                                                 out a highly successful career in a variety of
                                                                 off-the-field roles. Julian joined Cardiff City
                                                                 Football Club in 2001 as Head of Media &
ØYSTEIN FLENNING, MANAGING DIRECTOR,                             Communications, later returning to the club
TELENOR ARENA, NORWAY                                            as Head of Customer Services & Ticketing. Now Head
                                                                 of International Marketing and Development, Jenkins has
Øystein Flenning is General Manager and                          since won a number of awards nationally, with
Managing Director at Telenor Arena, where                        international recognition for innovation and excellence
he has worked since August 2010. Prior to                        in his field.
this Øystein spent five years as General
Manager/Managing Director at the
Exporama Centre, the second largest fair
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  NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                                  !                                       SPEAKER PROFILES

FREDERIK JUUL, CEO, NORDISK FILM LIVE,                          of International Business Development for UltraStar
DENMARK                                                         Entertainment. Steve recently founded Stormcrowd –
                                                                global consulting and media for the live and digital
Frederik Juul is newly appointed CEO of                         entertainment sectors.
Nordisk Film Live; a completely new
division within Nordisk Film, and their first
foray into enter the live entertainment                         DAVID MANICA, PRESIDENT, MANICA
business. Frederik’s first act was to open                       ARCHITECTURE, USA
Pumpehuset and recently Denmark’s                               David Manica has forged a vision for some
biggest theatre and musical production has been                 of the world’s highest-profile stadium,
presented – and will open in November, 2012. Frederik           arena and convention projects. Prior to
is former CEO of Sandrew Metronome Denmark and                  establishing his own design studio in 2007,
has held managing positions in Danish advertising.              David worked for thirteen years as a
                                                                Senior Project Designer and Managing
PER LINDBLAD, HEAD OF SPONSORSHIP SALES,                        Director of Design at HOK Sport (now Populous);
STOCKHOLM GLOBE ARENAS, SWEDEN                                  responsible for leading the design of over $5 billion
                                                                construction on some most recognized facilities in the
Per’s career in sports and entertainment                        world. As President of MANICA Architecture, his recent
sponsorship includes leading roles at the                       projects include the concept design for the new Inter
following organisations: Sales Director at                      Milan Stadium (Milan, Italy), the Guangzhou International
Live Nation (2006-2009); Sales Manager at                       Arena (Guangzhou, China) and the new AEG operated
Swedish Rally / Stockholm 750-year                              Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai, China).
Anniversary / Eurovision Song Contest /
Stockholm Horse Show (1999-2006) and Sales Manager
with Eventum (1997-1998). He took up his current                MICHAEL MANSDOTTER, MANAGING DIRECTOR,
position in 2009.                                               ODENSE THEATRE, DENMARK
                                                                Michael Mansdotter has been the Artistic/
LEIF LONSMANN, HEAD OF MUSIC, DANISH                            Managing Director at Odense Theatre
RADIO/DR BYEN, DENMARK                                          since 2010. Prior to joining Odense, he
                                                                held the same post at Jomfru Ane Teatret
Leif began his career at the Danish                             Aalborg, from 2001 to 2010, and served as
Broadcasting Corporation (DR) in 1978.                          artistic director at Limfjordsteatret
He has worked as a radio producer and                           between 1998-2001. A trained actor, Michael earned his
documentarist and held key positions in                         Master in Public Administration in 2008.
Strategic Management, Research &
Development, Staff Training and HR
Development. Leif has worked as an advisor and                  CAROLINE MCELENEY, HEAD OF HOSPITALITY
consultant for international institutions, governments          SALES, MANCHESTER UNITED FC, UK
and media institutions, assigned by UNESCO, DANIDA,             Caroline McEleney is responsible for the
SIDA, the European Institute for the Media and the              sell-out of the stadium"in all Executive Club
International Association of Community Broadcasters. In         seasonal facilities and Matchday VIP
1998, he was appointed Radio Director at DR and                 Hospitality."Caroline"joined the MUFC
boosted DR’s three FM networks with the addition of a           in"October 2008 and has introduced a
24-hour culture and music radio channel plus more than          proactive"culture"to the sales function;
30 digital radio services. He was appointed Director of         recruited"a strong,"effective sales team encouraging
Music in 2008, with responsibility for DR’s orchestras,         them to"source new business opportunities and
ensembles, music programmes and concert hall.                   has"introduced new, innovative routes to market."This,
                                                                in addition to the delivery of targeted marketing
STEVE MACHIN, FOUNDER, STORMCROWD, UK                           campaigns, helped to sell out all seasonal inventory at
                                                                Old Trafford for season 2011/12. Caroline continues to
A pioneer of the European live                                  recommend improvements to the hospitality facilities
entertainment space, Steve Machin boasts                        and product offering to maintain the ultimate goal of
a wealth of experience in ticketing strategy                    stadium sell out.
and marketing. In particular Steve is an
evangelist for the powerful role that the
live experience plays throughout a fan’s                        IAN NUTTALL, FOUNDER, NORDIC VENUE FORUM
relationship with an artist and how that relationship can       (XPERIOLOGY), UK
be nurtured and developed through technology.                   Ian Nuttall is a leading global sports and
Previously, Steve served as Head of Music Services for          entertainment facility consultant,
Ticketmaster Europe and before that ran UK National             specialising in the feasibility, planning,
Operations for Channelfly (MAMA Group). While at                 design, operations and management of all
Ticketmaster, Steve introduced the concept of dynamic           venue types – from stadiums and arenas,
pricing to European concert promoters and initiated the         through to convention centres and concert
charity ticket auction program used by iTunes. Most             halls. In addition to his ongoing commitments as a
recently Steve worked with Tixdaq and before this as VP         sports business writer and international conference

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   NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                                    !   SPEAKER PROFILES

speaker, Ian provides highly-valued, specialist consultancy
to the sports and entertainment venue sector. Utilising
his unrivalled network of industry contacts and
specialists he delivers strategic results on any consulting

Kjell Arne Orseth was appointed Managing
Director of Billettservice, Ticketmaster’s
Norwegian subsidiary in 2005. Previously,
Mr. Orseth worked for seven years as MD
of Filmweb; responsible for the start-up
and development of the award winning
film, cinema and ticketing portal: Before that
he has served as Marketing Director of Oslo Cinema
Group, as Marketing Manager at the Museum of
Contemporary Art in Oslo and as an Officer in the
Norwegian Air Force. Kjell Arne Orseth earned an MSc
in Economics and Business Administration from the
Norwegian School of Economics and Business
Administration (NHH) and is a graduate of the
Norwegian Air Force Officer’s School. One of the
pioneers of the Norwegian e-commerce industry, Kjell
Arne Orseth and has served on industry executive
committees such as the Norwegian ‘E-forum’.

Pierre Törnkvist has been working as head
of marketing at Kulturens hus since the
grand opening in January 2007. Previous to
this he was working as a project manager &
editor at the Luleå University of
Technology. Also during this period he has
been running a minor marketing agency as a side
project. He is educated in systems science as well as in
different areas of marketing which has given a broad
understanding of how to run marketing efforts with new
technology. He is also an internationally well-known
heavy metal musician and has had recording contracts
since the age of 18, the last one at Universal Music.

Speaker Profiles list correct at 13 June 2012. E&OE

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CONTACT:   US +1 816 421 8890   UK +44 (0)20 7147 1852   PRC +86 136 0049 3567

  NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!                                                                   !                                        SPONSORS & PARTNERS

AEG                                                                                              COLOSSEO
AEG, the Anschutz Entertainment                                                                  COLOSSEO introduces a
Group, is the world’s most successful                                                            unique integrated solution for
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venue business in Europe includes London’s The O2, Berlin                                        entertainment effects in the arena, while being operated by
and Hamburg’s O2 World, Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe,                                              significantly smaller amount of personnel. Systems are easy to
Rotterdam’s Ahoy, Glasgow’s Hydro Arena (opening in 2013),                                       use and to operate, and there is no need for dependence on
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development located along the Thames River. AEG Facilities                                       advanced technology guaranties higher security and delivers
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eminent venues worldwide including Shanghai, New York, Los
Angeles, Sydney and São Paulo. AEG’s live events division has                                                                
promoted some of the greatest artists including Paul
McCartney, Bon Jovi, George Michael and many others.
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AUDIENCEVIEW TICKETING                                                                           Analyseinstitut) is an
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AudienceView Ticketing provides a fully                                                          set up by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The primary
integrated, web-based ticketing, CRM                                                             objective of The Danish Institute for Sports Studies is to
and fundraising solution to more than                                                            enhance and develop a broad range of social science research
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worldwide. Supporting both in-house                                                              sports and stimulate public debate around central questions
and hosted ticketing models,                                                                     related to these initiatives.
AudienceView’s white-label solution
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                                       NVF2012 Sponsor Sinage_PR.indd 3   04/06/2012 12:52

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AudienceView’s strong growth trajectory and momentum                                             Ungerboeck Software is the
from 2011 has continued this year – we’ve added 40+ new                                          proven world leader in
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550+ venues in 13 countries. In our continued effort to                                          for the events industries.
provide our customers with leading-edge ticketing technology,                                    Ungerboeck’s fully integrated
we launched AVTiki in October of 2011. AVTiki is an                                              software is used by all types of venues, for example stadiums
innovative distribution channel for online ticketing through                                     and arenas, as well as in all segments of the events and meeting
Facebook, providing organisations with access to a social                                        industries worldwide, and serves over 30,000 users in 35
network that boasts millions of users worldwide.                                                 countries, and in 6 languages. By using Ungerboeck Software
                                                                   you can tremendously improve your efficiency thanks to a
                                                                                                 streamlining in processes and a focus on adding customer
                                                                                                 value. These benefits can increase your Return on Investment
                                                                                                 (ROI) and also save time and money.
Billettservice AS is Norway’s number
one supplier of ticketing services;
offering a broad assortment of events
via effective sales channels. Through                                                            TELENOR ARENA
their co-operation with Posten Norge
AS and Reitan Servicehandel,                                                                     Telenor Arena is a
Billettservice ASdistributes tickets through all post offices,                                    multipurpose arena
Narvesen and 7-Elevens outlets in Norway. Customers can                                          for sports and
also book or purchase tickets at, one of                                   entertainment
Norway’s most popular websites in the field of live events.                                       situated at the peninsula of Fornebu, just outside Oslo, by the
Billettservice AS offers event organisers a total solution;                                      beautiful Oslo Fjord. The arena has a maximum capacity of
including ticket booking systems, distribution, call centre,                                     25,000 spectators for concerts and 15,000 for football/
CRM, marketing and secure payment facilities. With systems                                       athletics making it the largest indoor stadium in Northern
for control and scanning of tickets with printed barcodes, e-                                    Europe. Opened in March 2009, Telenor Arena has quickly
mail marketing solutions and system for managing season                                          become a sought-after venue for major entertainment acts.
passes, Billettservice’s comprehensive solutions are perfectly                                   The arena has hosted a variety of events, including the
suited to most organisers in the event and entertainment                                         Eurovision Song Contest 2010, shows by AC/DC, Tina Turner,
industry. Billettservice AS is owned by Ticketmaster, the                                        Andre Bocelli, Metallica, and Roger Waters, and major sporting
world’s largest ticket company; allowing the firm to combine                                      events like The Solberg Extreme Motorshow and the Oslo
local market knowledge with the international strength to best                                   International Horse Show.
suit the needs of national and international event organisers.

  !                                                                           12
   NORDIC VENUE FORUM 2012!               !                   SPONSORS & PARTNERS


                                12-14 NOVEMBER 2012
                                WARSAW, POLAND
       NEWSFLASH! Building on the success of TheStadiumBusiness
       Summit, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new
       Design & Development Summit – entirely focused on project planning,
       design, construction and fit-out – in Warsaw from 12-14 November.

       TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit is this year’s
       essential meeting for those delivering the next generation
       of stadiums, arenas and sports destinations...

                                                                      SIGN..        .
                                                      PLANNI NG... DE
                   Exc   lusively
                                                  GEMENT.     ..
                                    P ROJECT MANA
                 N...    FIT-OUT...
 CONSTRUCTIO                                                    nd arena
                                                       adiums a
                                              ..for st
                                AINA BILITY .

                     FULL DETAILS NOW ONLINE

!                          14

!                          15

                          YOUR HOST
                          Nordic Venue Forum 2012 is organised
                          by Xperiology, the event and
                          advisory specialist to the global sports
                          and entertainment sector.

                          For more on our events and services
                          visit our website


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