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					SUNCURE ® 2100 SERIES UV CURABLE INKS – Provisional data
SunCure® 2100 series high performance UV curable printing inks, designed for sheetfed offset
printing of carton board, as used in the folding carton market.

Specifically designed for printing secondary food packaging
Robust lithographic performance                               Good ink/fount stability
Good dot reproduction                                         Good ink trapping properties
Excellent cure properties                                     Highly cross-linked cured films
Suitable for in-line or off-line varnishing                   Foil blockable, with selected foils
Good scuff and rub resistance                                 Low misting
These inks do not contain ITX and Benzophenone

SunCure® 2100 inks are formulated to give good printability on high-speed large format presses,
with excellent water balance properties and robust lithographic performance. The inks are
designed for printing of secondary carton board packaging, where the packaged goods are
contained in additional packaging or flow wrap. The inks are ITX-free and do not contain
Benzophenone, so meeting the requirements of a growing number of Brand Owners who are
specifying inks of this type for their packaging. These inks are not recommended for primary
packaging, where low migration products should be used. Full properties can only be achieved if
printing is conducted in a clean working environment and with good working practices.

Presses used for printing should be equipped with rollers, plates and blankets designed for use
with UV inks and sufficient lamps to ensure effective cure. The press and roller system should be
thoroughly cleaned to avoid the risk of cross contamination with inks used previously on the press.
An effective UV wash-up that is compatible with the rollers and blanket should be used to avoid
roller swelling or damage. Substrate choice can have a major influence on odour and taint
properties and substrates should be carefully selected.

SunCure® 2100 inks are designed to run on suitable grades of a wide range of substrates used in
the packaging industry including:

Coated papers and boards                          Polyethylene coated board*
Metallised Polyester coated boards*               Selected carton packaging plastics*

* It is strongly recommended that the Printer runs controlled trials to confirm performance in their
particular conditions before starting to print commercial work. Corona treatment to 38-44 dynes/cm
is recommended for plastic and filmic substrates, to ensure best ink transfer and adhesion.

A full range of SunCure® UV and SunCoat® Water-based Coatings is available for use with the
inks, to meet all carton finishing requirements.

Depending on press type and substrate, a number of SunFount™ additives are available for use
with the inks, to provide optimum emulsification and printing properties.

Ink Packaging and Storage
SunCure® 2100 inks are supplied in 3kg Black plastic buckets and are stable for two years when
stored in their original containers at temperatures between 5ºC and 25º, away from direct sunlight.
Inks returned from press should be re-used within three months.

For further detailed application advice, please contact our technical services.

Sun Chemical Europe                                           Technical Information
Cray Avenue, St Mary Cray, Kent, BR5 3PP, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1689 894000 Fax: +44 (0)1689 894020
SunCure® 2100 Series - Product References
                                                                              Light fastness
                                                                                                              Alcohol               Nitro             Alkali
Product                                Product Code                                ISO 2835*
                                                                                                            ISO 2837*           ISO 2837*          ISO 2838*
                                                                        Full Strength        5% Tint
Process Yellow                         SunCure 2100-EA1                        4               3-4                 +                 +/-                 +
Process Magenta                        SunCure 2101-EA1                        5               3-4                 +                  +                  -
Process Cyan                           SunCure 2102-EA1                       7-8              7-8                 +                  +                  +
Process Black                          SunCure 2103-EA1                       7-8              7-8                 +                  +                  +

* Test methods available on request

Safety, Health and Environment

SunCure® 2100 inks should be used in accordance with normal standards of industrial hygiene
and good working practice. Please refer to the product Safety Data Sheet for specific information.

SunCure® 2100 inks are made using Good Manufacturing Practice and in accordance with EuPIA
(European Printing Ink Association) Guidelines on Printing Inks Applied to the Non-Food Contact
Surface of Food Packaging Materials and Articles, June 2005. The inks are not intended for direct
food contact.

Printing inks, coatings and printing residues should be disposed of in accordance with Local, EU
and National regulations, for further advice please contact Sun Chemical.

Although the information presented here is believed to be reliable, Sun Chemical Corporation makes no representation or guarantee to its accuracy, completeness or
reliability of the information. All recommendations are made without guarantee, since the application and conditions of use are beyond our control. The product’s
performance and its suitability for the customer’s purpose depend on the particular conditions of use and the material being printed. We recommend that customers
satisfy themselves that each product meets their requirements in all respects before commencing a print run. There is no implied warranty of merchantability or
fitness for purpose of the product or products described herein. In no event shall Sun Chemical Corporation be liable for damages of any nature arising out of the
use or reliance upon this information. Sun Chemical Corporation expressly disclaims that the use of any material referenced herein, either alone or in combination
with other materials, shall be free of rightful claim of any third party including a claim of infringement. The observance of all legal regulations, final determination of
suitability of this product in use and manner contemplated and patents is the responsibility of the user.

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