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									Board Meeting Agenda                                                                              February 24, 2011
Our Mission: Noah Webster Academy assists parents in their stewardship of developing the hearts and minds of
children by creating a safe and nurturing environment of classical education that fosters patriotism, cultural literacy, moral
virtue, individuality, self government, and excellence, thereby, inspiring a lifelong love of learning, leadership and service.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative
aids and services) during this meeting should notify NWA at 426-6624 at least three working days prior to the meeting.

Time / Presenter                 Topic/Subject/Discussion                                      Items / Desired Results

7:00 – 7:05pm          Welcome                                                                Roll Call, Invocation, Pledge of
7:05 – 7:10pm          Agenda and Minutes Approvals:
Chair                  - Approve February 24, 2011 agenda                                     Approval
                       - Approve January 27, 2011 minutes                                     Approval
7:10 – 7:20pm          Open Microphone
Chair, Public          - Open time for the public to bring items pertinent to NWA before the board for input /
                       informational purposes, request removal of items from consent agenda, etc. Limit comments to 3
                       minutes. Individuals wishing to present to the board for longer periods may request placement on
                       the agenda by contacting the board Secretary or Chairman. The time allotted for public comment
                       may be shortened if there are no or few person’s present to comment.
7:20 – 7:30pm          Presentation
Tara Wagley            School LAND Trust Committee Report                                     Discuss/Approve
7:30 – 7:40pm          Action Item Review/Follow up:
Chair                  - Action item review                                                   Review
                       - Items for follow up                                                  Discuss
7:40 – 8:00pm          Financial Excellence:
Kevin                  - 2010-11 Financial Review
                            - YTD financial reports, January results                          Review/Discuss/Accept
Rick                   - Review requested ARRA report                                         Review/Discuss
Rick                   - 2010-11 Budget needs                                                 Review/Discuss/Approve
                            -  Review needed for remainder of the year –
                               Request for budget adjustment
                        - Fundraising Committee Report                                        Discuss
8:00 – 9:05pm          Administrative and Organizational Excellence:
Margo/Kevin            - Board Business
                           - Meeting Schedule                                                 Discuss
                           - Election of officers                                             Discuss/Election
                           - NWA Excellence
                                  - Committee Objectives                                      Review/Discuss
                                  - Director Objectives                                       Review/Discuss
                           - Charter Modifications
                                  - Timeline                                                  Discuss
                                  - PO President                                              Discuss/Approve direction
Time / Presenter           Topic/Subject/Discussion                            Items / Desired Results
                                - Executive Members                            Discuss/Approve direction
Rick               - Director’s Administrative Report
                        -   Enrollment                                         Review/Discuss
                        -   Scholar Activities calendar                        Review/Discuss
                        -   Proposed 2011-12 calendar                          Review/Discuss/Approve
                        -   ISQ – Satisfactory Survey                          Review/Discuss
                        -   Operations update                                  Review/Discuss
Margo              - Policies and Procedures Committee                         Discuss
Kevin              - Non-solicitation agreement                                Approve
Margo              - Board Member Employment (UCA 53A-1a-518)                  Review/Discuss/Approve
Margo              - Brad Daw disclosure                                       Discuss/Approve
9:05 – 9:35pm      Academic Excellence:
Rick               - Director’s Academic Report
                        - UPASS and other assessment review                    Review/Discuss
                        - RtI Report                                           Review/Discuss
                        - Special Education Report                             Review/Discuss
                        - Instructional Update                                 Review/Discuss
Megan              - Curriculum Committee                                      Update
Kevin              - Uniform Color Options                                     Discuss/Approve
9:35 – 9:50pm      Community Development:
Karen              - Parent Organization                                       Update
Linda/Matt         - Public Relations/Marketing Committee                      Update
Rick               - Update                                                    Review/Discuss
9:50 – 9:59pm      Closed Session
                   Closed session to discuss property, personnel, and legal
                   matters that are properly the subject of closed meetings.
9:59 – 10:00pm     Action Item Review/Reminders
10:00pm            Adjournment (May be adjourned sooner, pending the coverage of agenda items)

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