Three arrested on robbery complaint

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					MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2005
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  Three arrested on robbery complaint
            By CLAY REDDICK            from the chase                                         license plates           Rodrigo Garza, 21, and San-
         LAREDO MORNING TIMES          led investiga-                                         belonging to          dra Espinoza Ramirez, 20, both
                                       tors to the 4000                                       Cantu Melen-          of the 4000 block of Bear Claw,
   Police arrested a three people      block of Bear                                          dez’s parents,        were arrested and charged with
last week following an investiga-      Claw, police                                           they said. Inves-     third-degree felony possession
tion into an Oct. 17 robbery com-      said. Officers                                         tigators also         and theft of a motor vehicle, a
plaint.                                staked out the                                         found          21     state-jail felony.
   Tuesday, patrol officers arrested   location Thurs-                                        pounds of mari-
Alonzo Julian Cantu Melendez, 34,      day, and at        ESPINOZA                            juana in 22
of the 1600 block of Bear Claw         about 9:30 p.m.,
                                                                                 GARZA        packages and
Lane, after a chase, police said. He   the house was searched.               an AK-47 assault rifle. The street
was charged with evading arrest.          Police recovered a 2003 Mer-       value of the drugs was estimated
   An investigation stemming           cury Marquis with Tamaulipas          at $10,688.

  Man’s killers leave messages for
 two leaders of Sinaloa drug cartel
           By VICENTE RANGEL           been shot 18 times, with most of      cardboard with handwritten mes-
          SPECIAL TO THE TIMES         the wounds on his left side. In ad-   sages, one for Joaquín “El Chapo”
                                       dition to a dozen cigarette burns     Guzmán Loera and Edgar “La
    NUEVO LAREDO — The                 on his left arm, his left shoulder    Barbie” Valdéz Villarreal and the
killers of a man wanted on mur-        was fractured and he had several      second one only addressed to “La
der charges in Laredo left mes-        large bruises on the upper part of    Barbie.”
sages for leaders of the Sinaloa       his chest. He was also missing            Both men are leaders of the
cartel, according to state police.     several toenails.                     Sinaloa drug-trafficking cartel,
    Luis Edgar Menchaca Romero,            The victim was identified by      which is vying with the Gulf Car-
29, was found dead Thursday            his mother at 10 a.m., about five     tel for control of Nuevo Laredo’s
morning inside a 1998 Pontiac on       hours after his body was found.       illegal drug trade.
the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo.         She said she had seen media re-           Officers didn’t release the con-
    Authorities also announced         ports describing the vehicle, and     tents of the messages but said the
that Menchaca Romero had been          she thought it might be that of       one addressed only to “La Bar-
a police officer assigned to special   her son, who had been missing         bie” warned of dire consequences
operations until he left the de-       since he was charged with mur-        for his people and said the killers
partment two years ago.                der in the Sept. 25 death of Con-     were sending the victim to Valdéz
    Pedro Leonel Montelongo, a         sepción Rocha in a Taco Palenque      Villarreal along with Lucio “El
state       law      enforcement       parking lot.                          So” Manriquez.
spokesman, said an autopsy                 Officials said investigators at       The fate of Manriquez was not
showed Menchaca Romero had             the scene found two pieces of         immediately known.

‘Fiddler on the
 Roof’ plays 3
  days at LCC
          Opera begins

    Experience the magic of the
Broadway masterpiece “Fiddler
on the Roof” when the Laredo
Community College Opera
Workshop presents a three-day
run of the cherished musical be-
ginning Thursday.
    Sponsored by the LCC Music
and Dance Department, the local
production of “Fiddler on the
Roof” will be presented Thursday,
Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in
the Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez
Fine Arts Center theater.
    Admission is $5 per person
with proceeds benefiting student
scholarships and future Opera
Workshop productions.
    Joseph C. Crabtree, opera
workshop director, said the col-
lege production is based on a
touching musical that was a hit
on Broadway and on the silver
    The musical is set in the small
Jewish village of Anatevka, Rus-
sia in 1905 and is concerned pri-
marily with the efforts of Tevye, a
Jewish dairyman, his wife, Golde,
and their five daughters to cope
with their harsh existence under
Tsarist rule.
    “While watching the show, the
audience is drawn into the story
of this man whose traditions are
being challenged. He must decide
which ones must be saved, and
which can be bent a little,” Crab-
tree said. “It goes from moments
of pure joy and fancy where you
are laughing, to more somber mo-
ments where the realities of the
world grab and hold you. You will
laugh, cry and cheer.”
    For more information, contact
the LCC Music and Dance De-
partment at 721-5330.

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