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SSP Improves Efficiency with Labour Scheduling Software


									                                                                                                         WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT


 SSP Improves Efficiency with
 Labour Scheduling Software
 SSP realises sales forecasting
 and labour scheduling benefits
 with the use of Rostima software.
        SP is the worldwide "travel   our bottom line. One of the

 S      retail" arm of Compass
        Group PLC, managing food
 and beverage facilities in
                                      ways for us to do this was by
                                      implementing a software solution
                                      that would allow us to better
 airports, railway stations, bus      manage our workforce and help
 terminals and roadside locations     us forecast the staffing issues
 in over 35 countries.                which our organisation faced”.
     In 2003, SSP UK approached           The Rostima implementation
 Rostima to help them improve         focused on analysing transaction
 their workforce management and       data, labour and operational
 enhance the efficiency and           requirements across the entire
 effectiveness of their retail        retail estate. Data was provided   • Reduction in paid hours               scheduling based on marginal
 operations. The Rail division        by SSP UK Rail and various         • Increase in sales per worked          cost analysis.
 covering more than 250 railway       analyses based on customer           hour                                    SSP UK Rail has become
 stations and over 30 major           flows were carried out. Staff      • Improved staff utilisation          more efficient and effective with
 brands was chosen as the focal       details and forecast sales were    • Assigning shifts whilst meeting     reduced labour costs, boosted
 point for the initial pilot.         fed from HR and Point of Sales       all staff requirements              revenue, outstanding customer
     Roger Worrell, SSP UK Rail       systems to Rostima. Improved       • Greater visibility in forecasting   service and improved staff
 Finance Director said, “We had       sales forecasts and better           trading profiles based on           satisfaction. The focus has now
 several staffing and human           aligned rosters were                 demand variables                    widened across the entire SSP
 resourcing issues that needed        automatically generated to meet    • Reduced staff turnover and          operation.
 conquering in order for us to        business requirements.               absenteeism by aligning staff
 streamline our business, increase        Using Rostima software, SSP      preferences                         Contact
 efficiency and most importantly      UK Rail was able to realise the    • Improved vacation planning             Rostima
 make savings and increases on        following benefits:                • More consistent approach to  

RETAIL TECHNOLOGY JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2006                                                                                                        29

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