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                               SR. ORACLE/ETL ANALYST PROGRAMMER

     9+ years of experience in analysis, design, development and customization of Business
      Applications using Oracle Relational Database Management Systems (ORDBMS), Eagle
      Investment Application, Supply Chain and Business Intelligence
     Experience with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process in Supply Chain,
      Eagle Investment STAR and PACE Modules, ORDBMS and Data Warehousing domain–
      performing detailed analysis, interacting with end users, collecting business requirements,
      converting requirements to technical documents(BRS, SRS, SDS), programming and unit
      testing, integration, system testing and supporting UAT
     Worked as module leader, analyst/programmer, designer and developer across various
     Handled very large systems in terms of application and data up to the size of terabytes
     Expertise in Oracle SQL, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL (packages, functions, stored procedures,
      database triggers
     Expertise in Oracle Tools and Utilities such as SQL*Loader, Import/Export, TOAD,
      PL/SQL Developer
     Expertise in Database creation and management, performance tuning, maintenance
      and support
     Experience in UNIX Shell Scripts, Windows batch/FTP scripts, Control-M batch
      scheduling software
     Experience in Eagle Investment STAR Accounting and PACE data warehouse system
     Expertise in Business Intelligence, data warehousing, data modeling and ETL
     Expertise in DataStage7.5, Erwin
     Expertise in DEV,UAT and PROD environment built for Oracle/UNIX based modules
     Expertise in database purge and archive using custom code
     Expertise in job scheduling for complex systems using BMC Control-M software
     Expertise in migration of Oracle/UNIX/Windows components to UAT/PROD environment
     Expertise in Forms 6.0, Reports 6.0
     Experience in Supply Chain Management
     Experience in Oracle Application Express
     Strong problem solving and analytical skills
     Excellent verbal and written communication skills
     Self motivated, quick learner, team player and highly capable of working independently

     Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Bhopal,
     Attended Initial Learning Program conducted by Tata Consultancy Services in various
      technologies like Unix, C, C++, Java, Oracle RDBMS, Software Development Life cycle, Object
      Oriented Design and Methodology, System Analysis and Design, Data Communication and


     Certified in IBM Ascential Datastage 7.5.
     Oracle certified Associate (OCA)

Computer Systems: UNIX Servers, Digital Dec Alpha, Server 8400, Hp-UX B.11.11, 9000/800,

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Hp-UX

Programming Languages: SQL*Plus 8.1.7, Pl/SQL 8.1.7, SQL Server, Windows Batch/Ftp
Scripts, UNIX Shell Scripts, C, C++, Xml

Special Software & Applications: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, Oracle Applications 11i, SQL Loader,
Oracle Enterprise Manager, Erwin, NFS, Datastage7.5, Eagle STAR V6.0,9.1, Eagle PACE V6.0,9.1,
PVCS, Control-M Batch Scheduling System, File Watchers, Reflection, Forms 6.0, Reports 6.0,
Microsoft Office, Visual Source Safe, Toad, Pl/Sql Developer, MS Visio, Oracle Application Express 2.2

Module Leader, Jan’08 – Current

Northern Trust is a leading company providing investment management, asset and fund
administration and banking solutions to major corporations, institutions and wealthy individuals.
Global Investment Group (NTGI) of Northern Trust uses Eagle Investment System’s Accounting
(STAR), Message Center and Data Warehousing (PACE) applications. NTGI Systems get daily feeds
from external data sources such as AIP & Bloomberg. It also sends processed outputs to other
external vendors like Charles River & American Century Bank on a daily basis. NTGI systems have
complex job streams which run every day on a wide variety of software applications such as Oracle
10g, UNIX shell scripts, Windows batch jobs, Visual Basic, PERL, File watchers and Control-M Batch
scheduling software. All these jobs are either STAR jobs or PACE jobs. In 2008, Northern Trust
decided to upgrade the Eagle Investment Systems from version 6.0 to version 9.1.

      Member of environment and production support team
      Technical analyst for two big Purge and Archive projects (archiving data up to the size of 20
       GB every week) within Investment group
      Member of Eagle 9X Upgrade team
      Gathered business requirements for various reports for the new Eagle version
      Built development, UAT and production environments for Eagle 9X application
      Migrated Code and set up version management libraries for Eagle 9x application
      Worked extensively in PL-SQL and developed complex packages, procedures and
       functions using TOAD as well as SQL PLUS
      Developed PL-SQL batch jobs using collections/Dynamic Sql
      Worked towards reducing, balancing and parallelizing the Workload of Sql Statements.
      Identified potential inefficient queries using Explain Plan and worked on Performance Tuning
      Gathered Optimizer Statistics using DBMS_STATS for Cost Based Optimization, and used
       Optimizer Hints with SQL statements to Alter Execution Plan.
      Worked extensively on creating Clusters and Indexes
      Created Pl/Sql Tables, Record Types, Indexes on tables to improve performance

      Extensively worked on Cursors, ref Cursors, Nested Conditional Statements, Co-Related sub-
      Developed various Eagle STAR and PACE jobs as part of upgrade. This includes creating
       Star events, profiles, developing Pace exporters/uploaders and File watcher jobs
      Developed complex UNIX shell scripts
      Developed Windows batch/ftp scripts
      Developed PERL scripts for data extraction from various external sources
      Created various job streams using BMC Control-M batch scheduling software
      Developed Entity Relationship Diagram.
      Tested the interface of Oracle 11g with existing applications for suitability.
      Supported the UAT and Production environment during User Testing and Conversion phases
      Worked with the off-shore team of 4 people and was the point of contact for night stream

       Oracle 10g/11g, Oracle 9i, Sql*Plus, Toad, UNIX, MS Office, Windows batch/ftp jobs, Control-
M, Eagle STAR jobs, Eagle PACE jobs, File Watchers

Module Leader, Dec’06 – Dec’07

McDonald’s is a leading fast food chain all over the world. Havi Global Solutions was building a SCR
(Supply Chain Release) solution to be used for the supply chain management across various
geographies. This solution would be built in various releases for different markets. SCR solution
provides functionalities for various functions of Supply Chain Management like supply planning,
demand planning and forecasting.

      Interacted with business users to get the requirements
      Analysed Supply Chain Management process for McDonald’s
      Designed the History Load Framework for the overall SCR solution for the new restaurants
       going to be live on SCR
      Developed the functional design document for creation of a generic module which can take
       forecast data from various sources depending on the market and publish the forecast at
       different geo as well dimension level
      Worked and coordinated with the offshore team and helped them prepare the technical
       design document
      Responsible for module delivery
      Led a team of 4 people, planned and assigned tasks
      Developed Oracle packages, procedures, functions using TOAD and PL-SQL Developer
      Worked extensively in PL-SQL and used Collections, Ref Cursors and Varrays
      Developed PL/SQL Tables, Record Types, Indexes
      Developed Unix shell Scripts to automate the History Load process
      Developed various user reports using Oracle Application Express (APEX)
      Developed Entity Relation diagram for History Load Framework process
      Carried out the performance tuning at query and database level
      Carried out the system testing phase and supported the UAT phase with off-shore support

       Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Sql*Plus, Toad, UNIX, Manugistics, MS Office, Oracle Apex 2.2

Senior Oracle Developer, Jun’06 – Nov’06

GE Aviation is a leading organization in the aviation sector. Its services range from performance
monitoring and analysis of aircraft engines to providing solutions to improve their performance.

      Analysed the current RMD-TAT system of GE Aviation
      Interacted with business users to get the requirements
      Developed the System Design Specification Document for calculating the Turn Around
       Time for RMD Data
      Created database objects such as tables, views, materialized views and index
      Developed packages, procedures, functions using PL-SQL for RMD-TAT development
      Carried out the performance tuning of Oracle packages at query and Database Level
      Developed Unix Shell Scripts to call Oracle processes
      Carried out the system testing phase and supported the UAT phase

       Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Sql, Sql*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, UNIX, MS Office

Team Leader for ETL/Staging, Jan’05 – May’06

Equifax is a leading credit rating organization in USA. It has a wide range of customers including
industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, telecommunications/utilities, brokerage,
insurance and government industries. Equifax proposed to build an Application Data Warehouse to
be used for advanced analytical reporting.

      Analysed the current OLTP system of Equifax (Interconnect)
      Prepared the Business Requirement Specification (BRS)
      Developed the System Design Specification Document for the Staging Area for getting
       the data from OLTP system to data warehouse
      Developed the System Design Specification Design Document for the ETL module
      Involved in installation of Cognos reportnet for the development environment
      Managed two modules Staging and ETL with a team size of 8
      Developed ETL jobs, Oracle PL-SQL packages, procedures and functions for Staging
       Area Development
      Performed unit and system testing for staging and ETL modules
      Maintained and supported the system after Go-live date

      Erwin, Cognos series 7, Datastage7.5, Oracle 10g, Sql, Sql*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD,
UNIX Sun-Solaris, MS Office, XML

Oracle Designer/Developer, Jan’04 – Dec’04

Hutchison3G is a leading telecom services provider in United Kingdom. It has several systems
dealing with the different processes such as ‘ADC’ for billing and Peoplesoft for connections among
others. The Commissions Data Preparation (CDP) project involved the creation of a Commissions
Data Store (CDS) that would be used for a variety of purposes. This system was planned to be a core
system for any analysis/reporting on the commissions as well as feeding data to other applications,
primarily the Commissions Calculation Engine (CCE).

      Analysed “3”s existing systems, which are developed using different technologies
      Gathered technical as well as business requirements of the system to be developed
      Prepared the System Design Document of the new System
      Designed and developed various Oracle PL-SQL procedures, functions and packages
       including performance tuning
      Gathered requirements of the new system to be migrated from SQL server to Oracle
      Migrated the entire SQL server database to Oracle
      Developed several audit reports using SQL reports for the analysis of application in terms
       of data and performance
      Designed and executed the test plans for unit and system testing

       Oracle 9i, Sql, Sql*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, UNIX Sun-Solaris, HP-UX, Shell Scripts, SQL
Server, SQL Loader, MS Office

Oracle Developer, Sep’03 – Dec’03

Homeowners Friendly Society operates a large, fully integrated, Oracle based policy finance and
administration system in a client server environment. The system handles the entire cycle of selling
and maintaining a wide range of financial products and associated policy information. LAS Migration
project was started after Homeowners acquired another company (UK Civil Services), which had a
legacy system to handle their financial products. The purpose of this project was to migrate the data
and functionality from a legacy system into the main administration system.

      Analysed Homeowner’s existing CDB system, which was developed using Developer 2000 as
       the front end and Oracle 8i as the database
      Developed the Systems Specification Design Document for Closures module of CDB
      Gathered technical and business requirements for system migration and mapped it with the
       existing system on Oracle Forms & Reports
      Designed and developed various Oracle procedures, functions and packages for merging
       the two systems
      Customized existing forms/procedures to meet the new requirements
      Designed the test plans for unit testing and system testing and executed the same

       Oracle 9i, Sql, Sql*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, Forms 6.0, Reports 6.0, MS Office, Windows NT

Oracle Designer, Jul’03 – Aug’03

Prudential Life Insurance is a leading organisation that provides Insurance and pension solutions.
The purpose of this MPP Migration project was to migrate the MPP scheme to ADMINISTRATOR,
which is an oracle, based system developed by AQUILA Group Holding Company limited, UK.
AQUILA Group Holdings is the leading supplier of Pensions administration solutions to the insurance
and financial services, corporate and public sector pensions markets in UK and Ireland.
ADMINISTRATOR is a pension administration package that offers functionality to support a wide
variety of administration needs.

      Performed the requirement analysis of Prudential’s existing systems, which were based on
       a number of platforms ranging from mainframes to spreadsheets and needed to be migrated
       to Aquila’s package ADMINISTRATOR
      Studied Aquila’s ADMINISTRATOR package at a high level to understand the functionality of
       the target system
      Developed the migration strategy document for the whole project at a high level
      Assessed extracts files, which needed to be loaded into the ADMINISTRATOR tables in the
       form of flat files and determined the specific target sources
      Gathered requirements on full system mapping, file and data items descriptions,
       building of structure diagrams and assessment of transformation difficulty level

       Oracle 9i, Sql, Sql*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, Informatica, MS Project

Oracle Developer, Jan’03 – Jun’03

CitiBank’s Indian operations have been divided into various COST CENTERS and Sub COST CENTERS.
The payroll output is extracted and bifurcated into various cost centers, and then it is sent to the
respective cost center database in the form of flat files.

The entire earning component like Basic, DA, HRA, Conveyance, Special Allowance, Night Shift,
Overtime etc. goes into Various Debit files. Net Salary, Total Deductions, Funds contribution etc.
goes into various Credit files. Once uploaded and reconciled, they are posted to the various books of
accounts. All the files are protected by unique Check Sum Logic, so as to ensure sanctity of the data.

      Performed the requirement analysis of Interface with Accounts Package
      Designed and Developed the Application Interface
      Developed Oracle Packages, stored procedures, functions
      Developed several Oracle forms and reports
      Prepared and maintained scripts for creation of database objects such as tables, views,
       indexes etc
      Implemented CHECKSUM Logic to ensure sanctity of data while transferring from TCS to CITI
      Performed Gap Analysis of the system for prospective Clients

       Oracle 9i, Sql, Sql*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, Forms 6.0, Reports 6.0, MS Office

Oracle Developer, Jan’02 – Dec’02

SBI Capital Markets is India’s leading organization, which deals with the finance and equity market.
Leave module developed by TCS facilitates Date-wise Maintenance of Master Parameters, leave
transactions of employees, processing (year end processing of different types of leave applicable in
SBI CAPS) and to arrive at the opening balance for the subsequent year.

      Performed requirements analysis to successfully carry out the interfacing of leave module
       with the payroll module
      Developed Oracle packages, procedures, functions and Triggers
      Developed various oracle forms and reports
      Identified problem areas in the project and provided designs for solving them
      Handled year end processing of leaves for two consecutive years (2001-2003)

       Oracle 9i, Sql, Sql*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, Forms 6.0, Reports 6.0, MS Office

Oracle Developer, Jun’00 – Dec’02

Indian Institute of Bankers is the premier professional body of all banks and financial institutions of
India. PAYSYS Package developed by TCS deals with the Payroll processing of an organization. The
Package facilitates Date wise Maintenance of Master Parameters, Arrears Processing (Backdated
calculation of Salary), Transaction Management (Employee related changes).

      Performed requirement analysis, database design and development of salary and Loans
      Developed Oracle packages, procedures, functions and triggers
      Involved in the year-end processing of payroll system for financial years 2001-2003
      Performed Gap Analysis of the system for prospective clients
      Involved in Interfacing of Loans modules to existing Payroll System
      Enhanced the system to incorporate the changes that were made by the Government of India
       regarding the calculation of perquisites on loans, given by the employer

       Oracle 9i, Sql, Sql*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, Forms 6.0, Reports 6.0, TOAD, MS Office


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